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Muhammad Compared!
Lawrence of Persia (LOP)
April 23, 2018

True Face of Muhammad the Prophet
A Realistic Portrait of Muhammad

A simple and brief comparison of Muhammad to the founders and leading figures of other major religions.



Buddha lived around 500 BC in Nepal, on the Indian side of the Himalayas. He never claimed to be a prophet and made no teachings about any god. He meditated and taught about the spiritual nature of man.

Buddha was not a ruler, conqueror, enslaver, polygamist or pedophile.



It is uncertain exactly when Zarathustra lived. The most modern estimates place him in the 600s BC, about a hundred years before Cyrus the Great. Other estimates place him further back in time.

Like Buddha, Zarathustra never claimed to be a prophet and made no teachings about any god. He wrote and taught about the spiritual nature and qualities of man.

As his philosophies and teachings decayed and were corrupted over time, the spiritual qualities of man that he wrote about were personified as gods and goddesses, many of them deities from previous Persian religions that the growing priesthood of Mobeds brought into Zoroastrianism.

Eventually one god, Ahura Mazda, was promoted to being all-powerful and the other gods and goddesses were demoted to being angels or demons (later on Christianity did a similar thing to the gods and goddesses of pagan peoples that were brought into Christianity).

The monotheistic Zoroastrianism of the 600s AD with an organized priesthood of Mobeds and a special status as the state religion of Persia was a degenerate form of the original teachings of Zarathustra.

Zarathustra was not a ruler, conqueror, enslaver, polygamist or pedophile.

Zarathustra, the Real Story



I do not believe that Moses was a prophet of God or that the Hebrew Scriptures are any divine revelation from God to man.

Moses was in a way the leader and ruler of the Jews as they journeyed home to Israel from captivity in Egypt.

Moses was not a conqueror, enslaver, polygamist or pedophile.



I do not believe that Jesus was the son of God or a prophet of God or that the New Testament of the Bible is any divine revelation from God to man.

Although his followers repeatedly asked Jesus to become involved in the politics of his day and lead the Jews in expelling the Roman conquerors he steadfastly refused, saying "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's". Jesus confined himself to spiritual teachings.

Later Popes and Bishops of the Catholic Church did indeed interfere in government and oppress people in the name of Christianity. But this was in contradiction to Christ's actual teachings. And this was ended by the Enlightenment (over two hundred years ago) which broke the political power of the Catholic Church and enabled Western European civilization (including and in fact led by America) to leap out of the Dark Ages.

Islamic countries have never had Enlightenment and are still in the Dark Ages! After all, how many Iranians reading this chose to remain in Islamist Iran or to live in any single one of the more than thirty Islamic countries in the world?

Jesus was not a ruler, conqueror, enslaver, polygamist or pedophile.

Muhammad the Prophet, True Face
Another Realistic Portrait of Muhammad the Prophet


I do not believe that Muhammad was a prophet of God or that the Quran is any divine revelation from God to man.

Muhammad was a polygamist (one who has many wives) and a pedophile (one who has sex with children). He had twenty-one wives and two slave girl concubines. For a list of these women see the article Quran on women in IPC!

Muhammad's admiring Muslim biographers Abu Dawud and Tabari both record that in his first year at Medinah after fleeing from Mecca, Muhammad consummated his marriage to Aisha, a young girl (jariyah) only 9 years old! In this day and age people in any civilized country would consider Muhammad a pedophile and a rapist for marrying and having sex with a little girl child less than ten-year-old, yet this is still practiced in some Muslim countries! Muhammad was actually illiterate.

Most of the people of Mecca ignored Muhammad when he first started preaching. However, they became annoyed when he started insulting and defaming their religions and they tried persuading him to stop this offensive behavior. Muhammad grew alarmed at the growing hostility against him. He slunk out of Mecca one night with a gang of his followers and fled for his life.

Ever since that incident, Muhammad was determined to take revenge on the Meccans. He escaped to Medinah, which had a sizeable Jewish population, and started plotting his revenge. This was the beginning of Muhammad's trail of violence, hatred and bloodshed, which his Muslim biographers have documented in detail:

Surprise raids and attacks on trade caravans and tribal settlements, the use of plunder thus obtained for recruiting an ever growing army, assassinations of opponents, blackmail, expulsion and massacre of the Jews of Medinah, attack and enslavement of the Jews of Khaybar, rape of women and children, sale of these victims into slavery after rape, trickery, treachery and bribery employed to their fullest extent to grow the numbers of his religion Islam which ironically was supposed to mean Peace'!
(Islam more accurately means 'Submission'.)

Muhammad organized 86 expeditions and he led 26 of them himself.

Muhammad is the only founder of a major religion who was himself a ruler, conqueror, enslaver, bandit, polygamist and pedophile.

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