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The Question for Muslims and People Worldwide
Nicholas Ginex
February 14, 2020

This is Nicholas Ginex response to Dr. Ahreeman’s post, Baha’i versus Islam on Revision of Quran, dated February 9, 2020 and resides on:

Baha’i versus Islam on Revision of Quran

Dr. Ahreeman’s response was made to an IPC post I wrote titled, Revise the Quran to Stop a World Crisis. It was posted July 12, 2017 and may be accessed via:

Revise the Quran to Stop a World Crisis

There is a wealth of information provided by the above two posts, which link to previous discussions. My post revealed the efforts of the founder of the Baba’i Faith who was born in Persia as Mirza Husayn-Ali and surnamed Baha’u’llah (the glory of God). He is considered the only serious reformer of Islam who realized Islam cannot be reformed. He believed he was vested with authority from God to annul all previous mandates (of Allah) in the Quran and it was this belief that gave credibility to his founding of the new religion, Baha’i.

The Question

The purpose of my response is to cut through the enormous amount of information both Dr. Ahreeman and myself have provided in the above referenced posts. It will be instructive to read and become familiar with those posts. I do not want to rehash the wonderful alternatives given by Baha’i founder to replace Islam. Rather, I will address an effective way that may improve the Islamic religion. Muslims and their Islamic leaders must change Islamic ideology so that they can function and be harmoniously integrated with freedom loving countries. Failure to do so, Islam will continue to thrive and eventually cause destruction as free countries of the world realize they have no alternative but to eliminate Islamic ideology.

The question for Muslims and people worldwide, how best can Islamic ideology be changed without resorting to forceful measures?

Dr. Ahreeman identified people who over the decades advocated change like, Ali Sina, Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Spencer, Ibn Warraq, and other critics of Islam. To educate myself about what they have advocated, I read some of their writings so that I may learn something and hopefully, arrive at a realistic and practical answer to the question posed above.

Proposed Solutions by Islamic Historians and Scholars

Dr. Ali Sina

Faith Freedom International – Ali Sina

Mr. Sina has provided a remarkable amount of time and study to reach a viable solution to deal with the destructive ideology of Islam. After many years of reflection and countless debates he has provided a Five Step Plan to Defeat Islamic Terrorism in One Year.

Five Steps to Defeat Islamic Terrorism in One Year

1- Do not elect clueless politicians who think Islamic terrorism is a fact of life. It is not. It can be defeated if there is a will.

2- Stop the immigration of Muslims. It is more likely for Muslims to radicalize when they immigrate, and especially their children pose a greater risk.

3- Shut down the mosques and ban the practice of Islam. How can we allow a subversive parallel government hostile to us to operate under our protection?

4- Unless Muslims denounce Islam, they must be deported. All Muslims believe in a terrorist creed and a terrorist prophet. All of them are potential terrorists, especially their children.

5- Speak the truth about Islam without the fear of being called Islamophobe, which is a fallacy devised to silence us. We must protect our lives, not the sensitivity of those who want to kill us.

The first four steps indicate: (1) stop Islam by not electing clueless politicians, (2) stop the immigration of Muslims, (3) shut down mosques, and (4) deport Muslims who refuse to denounce Islam. It is the fifth step that I support, which is, (5) speak the truth about Islam. The other steps do nothing but try to isolate and stop Islamic expansionism, which today is not possible.

The 5th step has possibilities but lacks the ways that truth can be effectively told. Truth about the reasons Islam is a destructive religion is a form of education. However, that requires Muslims and people in all countries to be educated about why Islam is destructive. I will not entertain how that can be achieved here because this was addressed in the post,

A Needed Movement: Religious Reformation of Islam

Brigitte Gabriel

ACT for America – Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte has presented an approach which is to inform Americans how they can take action to address the issues that affect America’s national security. She wants Americans to become involved to understand Islamic terrorism is a global problem. She works actively with an organization, Act for America, which has a million members nationwide. This is an admirable endeavor to encourage Americans to take action, but so far, I have not learned enough to find out if this organization is courageous enough to identify why Islam causes discontent and terrorism wherever it resides. To help people worldwide to understand the Islamic threat is not enough.

Not having read her books, Because They Hate, They Must Be Stopped, and RISE, she informs readers why Muslims hate, they must be stopped, and actively confront the rise of Islam. What I look forward to reading in her books is WHY Islam advocates bigotry, hatred, violence and murder of innocent people who have other beliefs. That is, the Islamic problem must be defined before it can be stopped. To merely report the terrorist murders and destruction of holy places of worship is not enough. People throughout the world must learn to understand the root of the problem is the Qur’an.

Robert Bruce Spencer

Jihad Watch – Robert Spencer

Robert has written several books, which are identified on the given IPC link and is the Director of Jihad Watch, an anti-Muslim blog. He wrote an instructive blog on the link,

Robert Spencer's Quran Commentaries

Which gives a comprehensive review of the Qur’an. This is commendable, but in a search as to if he ever advocated revision of the Qur’an, I could not find anything except that it is a holy book, is the word of Allah, and cannot be changed.

As with Brigitte Gabriel and Dr. Ali Sina, much was written about what is in the Qur’an and that Islam is a destructive religion worldwide. However, there appears to be a reluctance to attack the source of the Islamic problem, which is the Qur’an itself. This is understandable since Muslims, from their child-bearing years are indoctrinated with the Qur’an. Such indoctrination will affect the intellect of any human being as it did with the Muslim-American President, Barack Obama. Raised in a Muslim family and indoctrinated in his early school years, Barack has during his presidency shown an affinity for Muslims and advocated that Islam is a religion of peace. He passed an order that all negative writings in military manuals be removed and was amenable to providing Iran with 150 billion dollars to conclude the Obama-Iran Nuclear Deal. The post titled, Obama, the First Muslim American President may be read via:

Obama, the First Muslim American President

As a non-Muslim, raised as an American with Christian values, and educated without any indoctrination in any religion but only religious instruction just before puberty, I am grateful to have an open mind to objectively assess my religious teachings as well as other religious beliefs. It is not with animosity towards Muslims and their scripture that I am outspoken about Islamic terrorism and destruction but it is through my love for all people that I take time to try to resolve the terrorism crises experienced in many countries.

Ibn Warraq

Writings - Ibn Warraq

Ibn Warraq is the author of Why I am not a Muslim, Defending the West, Why the West is Best, What the Koran Really Says, and other works, such as Leaving Islam: Apostates Speak Out, Virgins? What Virgins? And Other Essays. I placed an Internet search as, “Ibn Warraq + revise the Qur’an” and did not receive any hits, only references to many of his books. Ibn Warraq learned the Qur'an by heart in Pakistan and claims he didn't understand it. Upon his studies of Islam in England he was influenced by a Christian lecturer who provided an objective understanding of Islam. Ibn Warraq, an Islamic scholar, has written why Islam causes discontent and terrorism wherever it resides. But here again, I was not able to find if he believed that the Qur’an is the root of the problem and that a reformation is urgently needed. Perhaps, here too, memorizing the Qur’an had affected his ability to “see” that if the Qur’an is NOT revised, Islamic terrorism and destruction will continue to exist.

In Dr. Ahreeman’s post under the heading Critics of Islam, he wrote the critics for decades have

“tried every which way they could to educate, modernize, revise, (or any other trick up their sleeves) Islam and Muslims but it all failed.”

As a result, Dr. X concluded,

“That is why we are down to Anti Islam.”

This conclusion does not SOLVE the problem. As long as the Qur’an, a manual of terror continues to exist, discontent, hatred, bigotry, and murder will prevail.

Unfortunately, all former Muslims have been indoctrinated with the idea that the Qur’an is the word of Allah and to think of revising it is punishable by death. Fear is a positive deterrent. Dr. X you offered the rational that,

“Islam is everything, is a set of laws, is judicial, is political, is government and is a way of life! It is all set for the Muslims on how to live to the detail, what do you want to revise? The whole ideology?”

To change an ideology requires a Reformation of the Islamic religion. This CANNOT be done by education alone; it is slow and unreliable as the level of education with unbiased and objecting thinking is not permitted in Muslim institutions of learning. As you indicated, the majority of Muslims are uneducated and their only exposure to learning is the indoctrination of the Qur’an early in their childhood years.

A successful reformation requires the above critics named, and others, to loudly advocate the TRUTH about what is in the Qur’an. People and Muslims around the world must understand WHY an Islamic Reformation is needed. Writing articles, preaching and debating does not accomplish anything to resolve the Islamic problem. As you so eloquently indicated, knowing the truth and just writing articles and books about the horrors of Islam only
” turns to failure or more like it turns to Bull Shiite.”

Dr. X, I am aware of the many books and articles written by scholars, journalists, and objective writers who have reported the atrocities by Islamic followers. There is a wealth of such information that reveal Islam is a rogue religion that inflicts hate, bigotry, violence and murder wherever it settles. But knowledge of what Islam has done to innocent people does Not solve the dilemma of the Qur’an as the source of discontent. What is needed is ACTION by Muslims and people around the world to constantly expound the TRUTH about the dangers of Islamic ideology. I have often said that,

Knowledge without action means nothing.

To successfully initiate such ACTION, it would be a boon if the IPC audience of College Students, High School Students, Young Professionals, Opposition Members and Intellectuals become part of the Islam Reformation Movement. But this action would only be a drop in the bucket. What is needed are leaders in government, business executives, and wealthy humanitarians who recognize the Islamic problem and are willing to provide the dollars to communicate an extensive campaign to organize an effective Islam Reformation Movement.

To advocate an Islam Reformation Movement is Not to be taken as a sermon but a plea to all people who love the human race even with its faults. Trashing the Qur’an and isolating Muslims does nothing to effect CHANGE but allows the Islamic problem to continue to persist.

Throughout History, Religions Have Undergone Change

History has shown that change in religious ideology is possible but requires a powerful leader or an army to reverse the ingrain religious dogma instilled in unsuspecting minds. Over thousands of years, the Egyptians believed in a multitude of gods until in 1375 BCE a powerful pharaoh, Amenhotep IV, with intelligence and vision, combined the worship of the sun god Ra with a personal god called Aton. Refer to Future of God Amen via,

Future of God Amen

Pages 116-126. One hundred years later, during the reign of Ramses II, the Priesthood of Amon wrote hymns that revered the Creator and Maker of All there is. He is the first universal God and His name is spoken in many houses of worship today by saying Amen.

The Hebrew religion developed from Egyptian religious beliefs, which embodied the concepts of a hereafter, a soul, and the first universal god. Lo and behold, Moses walked out of Egypt with the belief in one god and by 950 BCE, the first Yahwist document, known as the Torah gave birth to Judaism.

Another Change in Religion occurred with the Hebrew religion with the destruction of Israel around September 8, 70 CE. The Jewish nation was totally decimated and its people scattered by the Roman armies. It was estimated by Flavius Josephus that over 1,100,000 Jews died and 97,000 were captured. To hold on to and save the beliefs that they had inscribed in the Torah, several Hebrew priests wrote what are now known as the Christian Gospels. Refer to Future of God Amen via,

Future of God Amen

Pages 248-251. Here again, we can see that a religious ideology can be changed by giving birth to another that has become a world religion. But it took a powerful force exerted by the Roman Empire to cause the beliefs of the Christian religion to take form.

Lastly, the Islamic religion was conceived by Muhammad after his exposure to the beliefs of the Judaic and Christian religions. This religion was not a change of a former religion that progressed into a higher spiritual belief to teach moral values but was developed by a group of fanatical religious-military men to gain control of the minds of its followers. The book Allah, We, Our and Us describes how Islam became a religious empire and may be accessed by going to:

Allah, We, Our and Us

It provides an overview how Islam was spread by force with use of the sword and gives a detailed critique of the verses in the Qur’an that incites bigoty, hatred, violence and the murder of people who have other beliefs. This religion was an outgrowth of Judaic and Christian beliefs and may be why these two religions are cited in the Qur’an as having gone astray and its followers persecuted and murdered by Islamic terrorists even today.

Now, I do not advocate force that requires the annihilation of an entire people. With the advent of nuclear capabilities possessed by Iran and the United States, their use would mean the killing of millions of people and possibly, destruction of one of the most beautiful planets in our solar system. However, I do emphasize that Change is possible but has not yet happen because of instilled fears that continues to frighten Muslims and Islamic scholars indoctrinated with the Allah threat in the Qur’an. This is not uncommon, to maintain control, many scriptures of other religions include the threat of death to anybody that attempts to alter its verses.

Many scholars and writers about Islam have described, through the decades, the indoctrination of Islamic ideology has caused the minds of human beings to be instilled with bigotry, hatred, and violence that has caused the destruction of countless countries and the murder of millions upon millions of innocent people. I was fortunate to find a website titled, List of Islamic Terror Attacks. It tabulates the total number of Attacks and the number of people killed and injured by Islamic terrorists by Country, City, and Date. I invite all people to refer to this list,

List of Islamic Terror Attacks

It is provided to impress IPC readers with the horrible fact that Islam is a rogue religion, a bully that seeks to dominate all religions. Having viewed this list, all readers should be profoundly affected and motivated to not only Understand the Islamic Problem but also, to Solve the Islamic Problem. Here, I again implore all people who have the intellect to understand the problem to act and solve the problem. Solution is to Revise the Qur’an.

To put head in sand and give up to the threat that Allah proposes to those that want to change the Qur’an is to let stupidity prevail. Knowledge without action means nothing; only with people rising up all over the globe can Islamic religious leaders be shamed for their deadly religion and come to realize that rather than Muslims be unaccepted by people in many countries it is best to revise the Qur’an.

There are many people who don’t give a damn about religion. But this is a shortsighted view of the fact that religious beliefs have value for millions of people. The idea of a God has taken hold and this God is conceived in many ways, including being the beginning of Consciousness in our Universe. It is in the nature of mankind to believe in a force beyond their power that they can turn to with hope and deliverance from pain. That is why a practical alternative to the deadly beliefs advocated in the Qur’an must be pursued. That alternative is a need to revise the Qur’an and give hope for millions of Muslims to be better directed to be the best they can be and love all people.

I have said enough about why the Qur’an must be revised. The subject question is raised again; Are there Islamic religious leaders and scholars who can objectively evaluate what’s in the Qur’an and have the intelligence, perceptiveness and courage to revise the Qur’an? There was one such man by the name Baha’u’llah (the glory of God) who founded the Baba’i religion. As Dr. X wrote in

Baha’i Cult Contradictions
28 Contradictions of Baha'i Doctrine

“Muslim clerics saw the growth of the Baha’i religion as a threat; therefore, Bab the Founder, was prisoned, exiled, tried and executed by the blessing of the Mohammad Shah Qajar, supervision of Nasser Edin Shah Qajar (back then crown prince) and by the order of Amir Kabir, the great prime minister of Iran.”

Dr. X gave a comprehensive history of the Baba’i religion and its leaders and described it as a cult. Yet, he indicated that

“Bahaism is one of the most rapidly expanding religions in the United States.”

On a personal level, he has written,

“Bahais are most likely the most prosecuted and persecuted religious group in IRI. Basically, if you are a Baha’i in Iranian jails, you have to either renounce your religion or you will be executed. This has happened to some members of my own family. You see, my Grandmother's two sisters and their daughters have married to Baha’i Mobaleqs and that’s how some of my family members are Baha’is. So, I am well aware of Baha’i persecutions in Iran. I have many Baha’i friends, they are all good people, decent people, powerful and wealthy, highly schooled and great Persian Hospitality, but this does not change the fact that they act as Robots with no Free Will and awaiting orders from Israel Head Quarter to reach their Mahfel (gathering)!”

It is to be noted that Dr. X does believe that Baha’i rights must be protected and wrote,

“We (IPC Revolutionary Movement, Student Movement and Iranian Opposition) will continue working with Baha’i and fighting for Baha’i Rights in Iran. Secularism, Federalism and Democracy must be established in Iran or we will have problems until the end of the world!

My personal point of view on the other hand, is that Baha’ism like any other religion is a cult, yet a Large Size Cult. A cult does not allow the brain to do Free Thinking therefore the brain cannot Evolve!”

There are faults with all religions and the only reason I have written that the Baha’i religion was a fundamental start to reform the Islamic religion was that it was conceived by a Muslim who wanted to break away from the atrocious mandates, warnings, and admonishments given in the Qur’an. I indicated in the article, Revise the Quran to Stop a World Crisis, referenced above, what Dr. Ali Sina wrote about the precepts of the Baha’i religion. I was impressed and could understand why even relatives of Dr. X were followers of this religion.

I agree with Dr. X that religions can become so controlling that they encourage indoctrination even before the mind reaches the age of reason, which I would say is around puberty. But hey, religion exists and has captivated the minds of millions of people worldwide. The only way humans will be able to think for themselves objectively about the world they live in is to be highly educated with the thoughts of our greatest writers whose aim is to teach us how to learn from their own experiences and knowledge.

To assist in imparting such knowledge, I wrote a paper that emphasizes that all students be exposed to the teachings of many religions by examining and comparing how godly beliefs originate. I end this long article, which I have tried to be succinct, by inviting all IPC readers to read a paper I wrote, Provide History of Religion and God. It is available via:

History of God and Religion

History of God and Religion - ERIC


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