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Muslim Florida Massacre
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The Muslim Florida Massacre

Ahreeman X on Muslim Ramadan Killing of Americans in Florida
The Muslim Florida Massacre
Ahreeman X
June 12, 2016

The Ramadan Killer in Traditional Islamic Beanie and Garb
Omar Mateen, Afghan Muslim Gay Killer, an ISIS Affiliate
Good and Proud Muslim taking an arrogant selfie.

The Ramadan Killer

Happy Ramadan everyone! This year’s Ramadan is going out with a Big Bang! Islamist Terrorists have burned a Hindu Priest alive in Bangladesh, killed a bunch of Jews in Market Deli in Israel, beat up a waitress of the Muslim origin for serving alcohol in a restaurant in America and now killing 50 American gays and injure another 53 gays in a Gay Night Club in Florida, America! What a Ramadan indeed!

The Ramadan Killer in Western Suit and Tie to blend in the society
Omar Mateen, Afghan Muslim Gay Killer, disguises as a good American
Good and Proud Muslim taking an arrogant selfie.

Omar Mateen, the Muslim Gay Killer will surely go to the Islamic heaven and get his 72 virgins, because he did not only kill gays but he killed them on Ramadan! Omar Mateen will always be remembered as “The Ramadan Killer” and will be worshiped by the brainwashed little Muslim boys around the Muslim world!

It is the most honor for a Muslim Martyr to declare Jihad and massacre infidels (particularly gay infidels) on the Holy Month of Ramadan!

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected!
Beware of the Allahic Virus which is in the Quran!

Well happy Ramadan, Rama Lama Ding Dong to the Muslims and the Liberals to allow Muslims to grow in numbers and become strong in America and the west! As usual, Liberalism is the best friend to Islamism! I have always stated that:

“Liberalism is a weak immune system which invites the Virus of Islamism to enter and destroy a healthy and civilized, democratic social body!”
(Ahreeman X)

American liberals are so ignorant of the nature of Islam and Muslims until one day they wake up to the beautiful sound of Azan (Muslim call to prayer) in Arabic coming from their neighborhood Mosque in every corner of every city in America:

Ashhado Ana La Ellaha Ella Allah ……
Ashhado Ana Muhammad Al Rasul Allah ……
(There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet …)

One day they wake up and open their eyes to see that America is run over by Muslims (like we did in Iran on 1979), but by then, it will be too late because you will live under the “Islamic Republic of America” or the “American Caliphate”! Welcome to Islam, religion of peace, Allah-u Akbar!

While America is fighting a politically correct war, worrying over water boarding, Muslims are beheading and mass murdering Americans everywhere! This is liberalism in action!

Once again Muslims are killing Americans and Hussein Obama the Muslim President of America has refused to refer to the terrorist as “Islamist Terrorist” and the act as “Islamist Terrorism”, instead he referred to it as “Terrorism”! Well, actually it is amazing that Hussein referred to it as even “Terrorism”! He usually refers to them as “Work Place Violence”, “Domestic Violence” or whatever else except “Islamist Terrorism”.

I truly hate to say what I am about to say, because I do not care for any segment of the American Society to get hurt; however, maybe something good will come out of this! How you ask? Because Liberals, Gays and Gay Liberals, specifically Bernie Sanders supporters always defend Muslims! Now they will begin to understand what truly Islam, Quran, Hadith and Muslims feel about gays!

A while back they asked a Muslim American Imam on gays. Imam stated that I don’t know if we should throw gays off the tall buildings or burn them alive! This is Islam and Muslims on gays!

It is time for LGBT community to wisen up on what Islam is and who Muslims are! There exists no Bad or Good Muslims but we only have:

Types of Muslims

True Muslims: Who are ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and IRI who follow Quran (words of Allah) and Muhammad, word by word.

Ignorant Muslims: Who are the majority of cattle-like Muslims who have never read Quran, Hadith or any Islamic text, yet they call themselves Muslims because their parents and grandparents were Muslims! These idiots consider themselves “Moderate Muslims” and believe that “Islamist Terrorism” has nothing to do with Islam and Quran, yet these buffoons have never read any Islamic text, or else they would have known that:

What is in Quran?

A fourth of Quran is about killing Jews, Christians, Fire worshipers (Zoroastrians) and other Infidels (atheists).

A fourth of Quran is about belly and under belly (what to eat and who to bang including incest).

A fourth of Quran is ignorant Arab superstitions.

And the final fourth of Quran is stolen from Torah, Bible, Avesta and other Holy books.

Any literate person or educated person can pick up a Quran and read what type of garbage is in it, but Muslims are so ignorant, so fanatical and so illiterate that they never read Quran but they call themselves Muslims (typical Muslim)!

This is only the beginning and there will be so many other “Islamist Terrorist” acts to come to America. Something really big will happen and only then the Americans will truly comprehend the depth of the Islamic threat to America and to the world!

Donald Trump will have a field day over this episode. Yes, Temporary ban of Muslims must go to effect until the simpleton American Government can figure what the hell they are willing to do with Muslims! Of course you can allow the heads of state, diplomats, businessmen and other safe Muslims in but definitely not Muslim refugees with ISIS counting to send agents amongst them.

Just like there are no good Nazis and no good Communists, there are also no good Muslims, because Islam is far worse than Nazism and Communism combine!

What west refers to as “Good Muslims” or “Moderate Muslims” are in fact “Ignorant Muslims” who never read the Quran or else they would have never remained Muslims!

Islam Contradicts Democracy

It is time for ignorant Liberals to wake up from their politically correct dreams about Islam and Muslims. This is not migration, but this is an Islamic Invasion and when it is all done, America will become an Islamic Shiite hole like Europe! Your culture, history, language, traditions, celebrations and democracy will be destroyed because that is what Islam and Muslims do!

Islam is about theocracy. Sharia’ Law, caliphate, rule of Caliph over society, jihad against infidels, world conquest and forced conversions!

Islam is in direct conflict with democracy. One can never become an American and also remain Muslim unless one is ignorant of what is written in Quran!

One must be Muslim or American but not both!

I have already lost one country to Islam and Muslims (Iran), I am not planning to lose another one (America)! Stupid Liberals must comprehend that Guns do not kill people but Muslims kill people!

No Islam, No Allah Arabic Sign
No Islam, No Allah English Sign

Educate yourself to what truly Islam is, because American Liberal Educational System will not:

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected: Part 1

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected: Part 2

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!: Part 1

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!: Part 2

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Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!


Dr. X

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