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Islamic Sharia Laws Enforced in Iran
Parvin Darabi
February 23, 2008

Islamic Religious Laws in Today’s Iran

Penal Code, Islamic Republic of Iran
Learn the Law, you can represent yourself in any Islamic court

Offense against Islam, prophet and the Imams

Article 513, The punishment for insulting or criticizing, Islam, the Prophet Mohammed, his entire family, or his representatives known as Imams is death by hanging in public.

Article 514, The punishment for insulting or criticizing, Imam Khomeini, the Islamic Republic or the leader of the Islamic Republic will be from 6 months to two years in jail.

Article 515, The punishment for insulting or criticizing the leaders of the three branches of the government of Islamic Republic (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary) is from 6 months to 10 years imprisonment.

Note: Article 513 is the main reason that the Islamic countries have stayed in the dark ages. When one cannot criticize a religion, a culture or a way of life there will be no room for progress. All human progress has been the result of searching for a solution to a problem. If there is no problem there cannot be a solution. Muslims believe there is nothing wrong with their religion, their prophet and their way of life, therefore why should they change anything. So they continue to live in the dark ages.

Article 297 Retribution for Murder

The compensation for murdering a Muslim man to his family is as follows.
The murderer has the right to choose one of the following.

1- 100 healthy camels not considered very thin.
2- 200 healthy cows not considered very thin
3- 1000 healthy sheep not considered very thin.
4- 200 set of new suits made from Yemeni fabric (heleh) gold
5- 1000 Dinar where every Dinar is equal to one Mesghal 18 carrot gold
6- 10,000 Derham, where every Derham is equal to 12.6 Nokhod Silver

If the murder occurs in the four forbidden Islamic months of Rajab, Zighadeh, Zihajeh and Moharam, the above compensation for murder will increase by 1/3.

The retribution for murdering a Muslim woman is 1/2 of the Muslim man.
There is no retribution for murdering a non-Muslim or a Kaffir.

The murderer will be given one year to compensate the family of victim if the murder was premeditated. Two years if it was manslaughter.

Note: Muslims always praise the Islamic laws for making things so simple.
Kill a man and all you have to do is to pay his family 100 healthy camels or 200 cows, or 1000 sheep. How does one define a healthy camel not very thin?
I suppose the victims family can take them to a vet and have them tested.

After the September 11th disaster I read in Newsweek Magazine what a difficult time the people in charge were having in determining the compensation each family was to receive. At such occasion the Muslims will say: "see how wonderful Islam is? How simply we can determine the amount of compensation?" Since this was a premeditated murder the families will be compensated by either the price of 200 cows or 1000 sheep for every man and half of that for every woman who died on that horrific day. All the families would have been compensated in less than one week and there would be some left over money to use for other disasters. There is no need to consider the victim¹s profession, his or her earning potential, their education or their age or family structure. And by Islamic laws the families can wait for an entire year before they could be paid. Islam certainly makes everything so simple.

Article 480, Compensation for injury to the face

1- If the injury is only to the skin and there was no blood, one camel
2- If the injury is through the skin with some blood, two camels
3- If the injury is deep, but is above the bone membrane, three camels
4- If the injury is deep and has cut the bone membrane, four camels.
And so on and so forth.

Article 494, Retribution for crimes against a corpse.

1- Removing the head 100 Dinar
2- Removal of both hands or both feet 100 Dinar
3- Removal of one hand or one foot 50 Dinar
4- Removal of one finger 10 Dinar

This compensation will not be given to the heir of the dead but will be used for the dead person to pay his debts or to pay for charity on his behalf.

Note: So if a person dies and has a lot of unpaid debts, lets cut him up and collect enough compensation to pay all his debts and/or make a large contribution to the Islamic Mosque.

Today in Iran

The marriage age for girls has been reduced to 9 years of age.

"The most suitable time for a girl to get married is the time when the girl can have her first menstrual period in her husband's house rather than her father's."
Ayatollah Khomeini

"The specific task of women in this society is to marry and bear children. They will be discouraged from entering legislative, judicial, or what ever careers which may require decision making, as women lack the intellectual ability and discerning judgment required for theses careers."
Ayatollah Mutahari

Men sit in front of the bus while women sit in the back. Married couples are not allowed to sit together in the public transportation.

Men and women are not allowed to swim, ski, play tennis, or perform any sports together, even if they are related to each other.

Married couples, brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons and other kin related must have the proof of kinship at all times, even when walking the streets.

Single women are not allowed to rent a car, hotel room, travel alone or marry foreigners without the permission of the governmental officials.

Women are only to see female doctors and dentists and are to be taught by female teachers and professors. In a country that education is denied for women, it be difficult to find female of any profession. This only proves that the Islamic Republic has no respect for women and their lives.

Men cannot study gynecology and obstetrics. Men are not allowed to examine the reproductive part of women.

Women who slightly break the rules of hijab are given a document to sign which requires them to admit to prostitution and for this they are flagellated 150 times.

People are not allowed to have music, dancing, parties or any other social gathering even in the privacy of their own homes.

The only thing married couples are allowed to do together is to bread and they have been quite successful at it. In the past 29 years the population of Iran has doubled from 35 million to nearly 70 million with approximately 6.5 million living abroad.

The only things the Islamic Republic has brought to the Iranian people are poverty, pain and misery. We, the freedom loving Iranian people, condemn the barbaric Government of Islamic Republic and ask for helping hands from all freedom fighters all over the globe in order to separate church and state in Iran, to establish the Universal Human Rights as declared by the United Nations 1948 General Assembly, to bring about the equality between men and women of Iran and to abolish the sexual apartheid.

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