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Shiite Imams (Sh*t Imams)

August 16, 2011

c this:

What the Shiites say about their 12 Imams?

What the Shiites say about their 12 Imams?

Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters in Islam, below is some of the lies
that Shi'ites say about their 12 Imams, as some of you might have
already known that the Shi'ites are different in many aspects of Islam
..... But I'll tell you that the Shi'ites are Not Muslims since they insult
Islam with all of their superstitions and lies about their 12 Imams, here
are some of the many things that the Shi'ites say about their Imams.

It's the fault of their filthy lying Mullahs!

"All the Imams are infallible just like the prophets. The Shi'ites derive
their religion from their immaculate Imams"

Well this is a clear statement of kufr from the Shi'ites, as you can see
they admit that they derive their religion from their Imams, well this
means that if a Shi'ite Imam made something that in the Qur'an was
lawful, forbidden, the Shi'ites would follow their Imams... by this
statement the Shi'ites have taken themselves outside Islam.

Yes totally outside Islam!
If GOD wanted divine Imams, he would not have chosen Prophets & he'd
have said so it in HIS BOOK! But he did chose Prophets & he did NOT talk
about Imams, vassalaam!

"By listening to the voice of a person, the Imams can tell if the person was
destined to go to hell or to heaven; they would thus answer his questions

Dear Brothers and Sisters, as you can see the Shi'ites make their Imams
out to be some God-like being, can't they see that this is Shirk (worshiping
other than Allah, or associating partners with him).

Total SHIRK & MULLshit, designed to empower the Mullahs!

"The Imams possess all the knowledge granted to angels, prophets and

Well here is more shirk from the Shi'ites... How can an Imam, who is just
a human, know the Unseen??? Only Allah knows the Unseen, and think about
this... The Imams were not even Alive at the time of all of the prophets so here
is a major contradiction in the Shi'ite faith!

Pure MULLshit, designed to raise the power of Mullahs:
Imams were Gods, v r in direct contact with them tru the hidden1;
therefore, v r gods, so obey us & pay us money!

"The Imams know when they will die, and they do not die except by their own

Now, this is a clear statement of kufr. Only Allah knows when a man will die!
And these Shi'ites say that their Imams can control when they die?? This is major
kufr and shirk for any one to believe in all the things that the Shi'ites say about
their Imams!

Pure MULLshit.
So Hoseyn chose to get all his kids butchered on purpose?! For what, so the
Mullahs can make money out of it for centuries to come?! Pure MULLshit!

"The Imams have knowledge of whatever occurred in the past and whatever
will happen in the future, and nothing is concealed from them"

Subhanallah!! Only Allah knows the future for any person to say that these
Imams know the Unseen is committing Shirk and takes himself outside Islam.

If IMAMs knew everything, then they must've known what KK Mullahs were,
so they would've warned pee-pole against the Mullahs in the 1st place!

"The Imams have knowledge of all the revealed books, regardless of the
languages in which they were revealed"

As you can see these Shi'ites have elevated their Imams to a God-like level,
and the Shi'ites say that there is nothing wrong with this!!! Now can we see
why the Shi'ites are different to us Muslims!

"God-like level": this is the whole idea!
Done by the asshole Mullahs to gain control & power & money, very simple!

"No one compiled the Qur'an completely except the Imams, and they
encompass all of its knowledge"

So since the Qur'an was not compiled by the Imams then does that mean
that the Quran is fabricated????? These Shi'ites want to even destroy Islam
... look at what they say, they even insult the Qur'an!! And it is a well known
fact that the Shi'ites have their own Qur'an

Y not, when the Mullahs put words in God's mouth, y can't they write their
own Qoran? They have no shame/vojdaan/naamus & have proved so in KIRAN!

"Signs of the prophets are possessed by the Imams"

The Shi'ites have once again elevated their Imams to a very high level. The
Imams they refer to are only human! So why do the Shi'ites worship them.

SHIITs are brain-dead, following their filthy evil & power hungry Mullahs,
who have invented a new religion to profit from.

"When the Imams' time comes, they will rule in accordance with the ruling
of the prophet David and his dynasty. These Imams will not need to ask for
presentation of evidence before passing their judgments"

The Shi'ites even think that their Imams can do what ever they want!! Here
they say that their Imams can just pass judgment on anybody! And they say
that their Imams will not rule by the Qur'an but will rule by the laws of David!!
(All Muslims must rule by the Qur'an and Sunnah). This is a proof that the
awaited Imam of the Shi'ites is not the one that Muslims believe in but he is
indeed the Anti-Christ (A'war al-Dajjal). The one that all Jews are waiting
for him.

Mullahs r all Kineh /Nefrat /Kesaafat /greed, always have been & will be.
Power has always corrupted humans & will always do so.

"There is not a single truth possessed by a people save that which
originated with the Imams, and everything which did not proceed
from them is false"

The Shi'ites have proven themselves to be non-Muslims please dear
brothers and sisters look at what these Shi'ites are saying, understand
that the Shi'ites are really NOT Muslims!

Very simple, Mullahs r in contact with the hidden Imam, so tru him
they know everything & r Gods & must be obeyed & made rich & powerful!

Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters, above is only a small fraction of what
Shi'ites say about their Imams... there are many many Shi'ite books claiming
the same thing as above about their Imams. So my Brothers and Sisters how
can we call these Shi'ites 'Muslim' after what they say about their Imams, If
a person worships Idols and does not follow the Qur'an is he a Muslim????
now the Shi'ites worship their Imams and they raise their Imams word over
the Qur'an (they say that their Imams word abrogates the Qur'an), so dear
Muslims make du'a that Allah guides us on the straight path and exposes the
lies that the Shi'ites attribute to Islam, Ameen!

How true!

I'm surprised that they don't mention that "IMAM's piss was shafaa/medicine"!
Can u imagine anybody saying this? Yet the Mullahs have done so!
I 1der how many Mullahs claimed that their piss was shafaa, coz they saw Mahdi
last night & he touched his shumbul; or even better, his shumbul was holy &
should be kissed!

Well there r advantages to daamdaari : u can do anything u want to gaav/olaaq!

So wake up pee-pole!
Don't let the Mullahs pee all over u & ur lives!
Become humans again & learn to THINK!

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