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On Women's Rights in Islam

A Question for Muslim Women?
On Women's Rights in Islam
Ahreeman X

1st Edition: April 1, 2007
2nd Edition: May 19, 2018

I was just watching a program on TV about a Jordanese husband who kidnapped 3 of his sons from US and took them to Jordan, and the mother did not have any rights whatsoever over there. Eventually the whole family moved there, and then gradually the Arab father started to beat the American mother, she was a prisoner in the family home, which was huge and with 11 other people living in it. Finally she escaped with her 3 sons, through connections and months of planning, etc. Just like "Not Without My Daughter" Movie which was based on a true story of an American woman marrying an Iranian Muslim man and being tricked to go to Iran with her child, and then trapped in a country with no respect for Women's rights. She finally escaped. So I was watching this documentary type of a deal on Court TV. This case is officially a criminal case here.

A Word of Advice

If you are a Non Muslim western woman, marrying a Muslim eastern man and then allowing him to take your family to Near East either for a vacation or relocation, then more power to you, but then again good luck getting your kids back! There is nothing wrong with marrying an eastern man from Near East, but the problem is marrying a Muslim man from Near East. The key word here is "Muslim", get it?

After watching this Doc, it all occurred to me at once, and I had to write it all down on the paper, well in my case type it all up on the keyboard! So here it goes:

A Question comes to mind. A Question from Women who are still Muslim is that if you are aware of these facts in Islamic Countries:

Facts of Life in Islamic Nations

1. When it comes to inheritance from parents and executing the "Will" in Islam, women count as half of the men. The brother inherits twice the sister.

2. Women count as half of the men when it comes to being a witness in a court of law. The testimony of two females equals one male! So hypothetically if you go to an Islamic country and murder someone and the plaintiff has a female witness to this murder, but you fabricate a male witness, then you will get away with murder because a male witness counts twice as the female witness!

3. Women do not get the custody of children as primaries in Islamic countries. Men always get the custody of the children unless the mother can prove that the father is either psychotic or cannot provide for the children.

4. In a true Islamic country, women should wrap themselves up in some sort of hejab, covering head to toe even in the heat of the summer, so the men will not get turned on by looking at their bodies! The true Islamic doctrine dictates that every female body part should be covered in public, except their eyes (so they can see). Even if they do not cover their whole body, women should specifically cover their hair's, because female hair may cause an arousal in men; therefore, it cannot be tolerated. The Islamic logic dictates to women to cover themselves up, rather than men to cover their eyes up, so they will not get an erection as Peeping Toms! Islamic societies are the ultimate chauvinistic environments, which are still existing in the world! Islamic Societies are something out of the 7th Century AD, the Dark Ages where half of the population (women) are enslaved by the other half (men)!

5. Women cannot have as equal positions in the job markets as the men do. By the Islamic laws, they are not allowed to have certain positions, and even if through struggle, they manage to occupy some of these positions, then the men in high places will do anything to destroy them!

6. Women in Islam cannot be judges, certain judicial positions, military, fire workers, certain police positions, and etc. In a real Islamic country, women basically cannot make it to the big time corporate positions or high political offices, and if they do, they will be brought down by 101 different treacheries, because according to Islam, their place is in the kitchen, bare foot and pregnant. The Islamic logic presented for not allowing women to gain equal positions as men, is that: Due to "Hormonal Imbalances" during certain times of the month such as "Period", women become emotional, fragile, irrational, uneasy and angry (PMS); therefore, incapable to make logical decisions. Therefore women should not be allowed to gain important and critical positions.

7. Women are the same as the property of men. Women are second class citizens. A man can marry up to 4 legal permanent wives (Aqdi) and as many temporary wives (Siqeh) as he desires (Shiite Islamic Legal prostitution).

8. In the Islamic societies, women are inferior creatures. Women should obey their men, they cannot leave the country without the permission of their husbands, they cannot even poses passports without the permission of their husbands and if not married, they need the permission of their fathers. Just picture how pathetically humiliating it is for a 50 year old woman, living in an Islamic country, with no husband and no father to be asked by the government agents to provide permissions from your men and elders to achieve a passport! I am aware of a few actual cases.

9. Technically women have been created from one rib of the men, the same as Eve was made of an Adam's rib. Women according to Islam are "Naqes-ol Aql" (Quran), meaning that they own not fully functional brains as men do! Women do not play with a full deck; therefore, it is up to men to direct them and format their whole lives for them!

10. Women cannot sing and their voices cannot be heard on Islamic TV, Radio, and Broadcast as artists and vocalists, because it may sexually arouse men! That is why Persian female singers should either sing in the concerts with all female audience or go outside the country to sing!

11. Women cannot participate in many International Athletic Competitions. Women are not allowed to compete in sports events (such as Olympics) where men also participate. According to Islam, sports events must be segregated. Even in segregated Islamic All Female Sports Events, women must wear full hejab! How can they run, or play sports with the entire shroud that they are wearing? They are too heavy to move! Picture a Muslim female soccer, basketball or volleyball team! How can they play with a ton of Hejab covering their bodies?!

12. Women in true Islamic countries cannot participate in any public fashion, modeling, and beauty pageants, unless they live in Iran and then they can participate in fabricated fashion shows were they are displayed with colorful hejabs covered from head to toes as Islamic models!

13. Women in Islam cannot be true Artists playing any musical instruments in front of men, or paint any body parts as painters or many other artistic limitations. Have you ever seen a Muslim Ballerina, Dancer, or world class Piano player? The answer is simple: Music, Art and Beauty is forbidden in Islam!

14. Until this day, in many backward Islamic nations of North Africa and Middle East, Female Genitalia Mutilation are normal practices! Before the girl reaches the puberty age, they circumcise her clitoris so she will not have sexual urges to lose her chastity and virginity! This act scars Muslim women for the rest of their lives, even after the marriage, because they will not be able to enjoy sex the same as the men do. This inhuman practice is popular in Sudan, Somalia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and many other Islamic nations.

15. Honor Killings of women are still a popular practice and tradition in backward Islamic nations. According to Islam and Laws of Shari'a, if a girl or a woman found having sex outside the marriage, then the only path to restore the prestige of her family is for a family member to kill her!

16. In Islamic nations when a girl or a woman gets raped, the society often flogs, prisons, stones, hangs and executes the female rape victim and they either let the rapist men to go free or cut them a few easy months of jail terms! When a woman gets raped, she is disgraced and it is her fault that she got raped. The Islamic Logic dictates that the woman must have somehow invited this rape upon herself by not wearing proper hejab or being promiscuous and flirty!

17. In many Muslim nations, women still cannot run for any political office, neither can they vote in any elections! Not that elections held n these countries are true democratic elections, but only a show displayed for the world to see! Take a look at Saudi Arabia and mostly the rest of the Arabian Peninsula nations.

18. Until this day, in many Islamic countries, women do not even have the basic rights such as obtaining drivers licenses and driving vehicles, going to soccer stadiums, going to movies and theatres! Take a good look at the Arabian Peninsula and particularly Saudi Arabia, the most backward Islamic nation in the world, the most oppressive anti women nation in the world and the central heart and birthplace of this dangerous political ideology named Islam!

19. In Islamic societies, women are basically segregated from men. They must not mix with men. They have their own schools, section in public transportations and mosques and many other public places.

20. Women are the same as cattle, sheep and properties of primarily their fathers and secondarily their husbands.

And many more limitations …

I can keep on going until the Hell freezes over but not enough time or paper to put down all Islamic atrocities against the women!

So are you, the Muslim women are aware of these facts and limitations?
If so, then are you justifying them by admitting that you are a second class citizen and human being?

The Natural Conclusion

Women do not have any rights whatsoever in Islam and Muslim nations.

The closer the laws of the Islamic nations are to the true Islamic Laws of Shari'a, the more the women are oppressed and treated as cattle!

Yes, true Islam is what is happening in Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. True Islam is what is happening in Palestine, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and the rest of the North Africa and Middle East. The True Islam is what is happening specifically in the backward nations of the Arabian Peninsula, especially in Saudi Arabia. Islamic Republic of Iran maybe one of the few Theocracies in the world aside Vatican; however, when it comes to women's rights, compare to Arab nations, Iran is a progressed and advanced nation!

As bad as women's rights are stumped on in Iran, but the true Islamic nations of the Arab world are twenty times worst than Iran!

If Iran treats women as second class citizens, then the many Arab nations treat their women as stray dogs!

Just because some Muslim countries are light on the Shari'a Laws, it does not mean that they are behaving in accordance to the true Islam. True Islam of Mohammed is Taliban in Afghanistan, were they behave the same as the good old times of Mohammed in Saudi Arabia back in the 7th Century AD.

As I have stated before,

There maybe some Moderate Muslims; however, Islam in its nature is a Fundamentalist and Reactionary Political Ideology, posing as a Religion.

Personally, I could understand why the older generation of Muslim women due to tradition, lack of education, or the fact that they have just accepted that they are inferior to men, may remain Muslim and accept their place in Islamic nations. What I cannot comprehend is that why modern women in Islamic societies take this insult and abuse in the name of Religion and Islam?

Islam is a religion for the men to enslave the women.

Women in Islam by Admzad
I could have not put it better in to words,
than this excellent Graphic Art by my comrade Admzad.

Admzad Iran Political Graphic Art

The Question?

These Questions to Muslim Women comes to mind:

1. Are you aware of the above facts, which are the exact orders of Quran and Islam?
2. And if your answer is yes, then why are you still a Muslim Woman?
3. Are you too illiterate to comprehend your rights under Islam?
4. Have you accepted your roles as cattle in the Islamic Societies?
5. Or are you too dumb to comprehend that you are doormats in Islamic societies?
6. Or have you convinced yourselves that you are too weak to "Change" anything?
7. Specifically Persian Women inside IRI: Help me to understand why?

My Question for Muslim Women remains:

Muslim Women, why are you still Muslim?

The Exposer of the True Face of Islam,
The Defender of Women's Rights,

Dr. X

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