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Part One

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran
(651 AD - 873 AD)
Ahreeman X
February 5, 2007 = 2565 Shahanshahi

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Part 1

Chapter 1 - Early Conflicts
Chapter 2 - Yazdgird III Letter To Omar
Chapter 3 - Rostam Farokhzad
Chapter 4 - Yazdgird's Hopeless Struggle


In the name of Iran and all lovers of Iran

I dedicate this book to all Nationalist Martyrs of Iran assassinated by the terrorist regime of Islamic Republic.

I have decided to write this historical book due to a few different reasons:

I. This is an obscured and shady area of Iranian History, which has often revised, twisted or hidden from Iranian Youth.

II. Iranian Youth must learn of the true historical events occurred during these years.

III. Iranian youth needs to recognize about how their Nationalist Ancestors fought to free Iran from Arabo-Muslim oppressors.

IV. Iranian youth must get informed about what Arabo-Muslim Bedouin had done to their country and ancestors; also, about how Islam entered Iran.

As an average Iranian, do you know your own Iranian historical heroes? Do you know who Rostam Farokhzad and Yazdgird were? Have you ever even heard of Yaqub Leis Saffarid? "Who on earth is Yaqub," (you may ask me)? "Are you talking about our local grocer, Yaqub? Who is Yaqub" (you ask)? "Not much (I gently reply), he is the only reason that you still speak Persian instead of Arabic! That's all he was and that's all that Yuqab is! He is only, the liberator of Iran and the greatest Iranian who ever lived" (I reply)! But have you ever heard of him?

Do you know who Pantea, Apranik and Artemisia were?

Famous Historical Persian Women

But I am sure and I guarantee that you know perfectly about who Mohammed, Ali, Hassan, Hussein, Imam Reza and other Arab Murderers who killed your ancestors were! I bet, you either know these murderers or worship them! But do you know your own Persian History and Heroes?

Enlighten yourself to true history of Iran:

Iran History Index

Well, you are in the right place and you are listening to the right person. I am the history teller, I am the keeper of the culture. My purpose is to protect and serve the Persian Culture. So sit down, relax and pay attention, because I am about to unveil the curtains from one of the least known and most twisted, revised and hidden periods of the Iranian History! This is the history they do not want you to know and they will never teach you in school. This is the forbidden history of Iran, kept hidden from you by Islam and Muslim!

This is the first time ever, that the complete history of Iran during these 222 crucial years is compiled in one historical document. I chose to do this task, as my national and personal duty to the Iranian Youth, to Mother Persia, and to The Civilized World.

I have made a solemn oath to The Iranian Soil and to The burning ashes and Spirit of Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh, my mentor and master to continue carry the torch of researching, documenting, teaching and expanding The Persian Culture.

Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh, A Legend

I shall do this until the last breath of air fills my longs. My way, is The Way of Aryamanesh......

L. Ring of Power: Every Persian Shahanshah had to receive the Ring of Power from Ahura Mazda's hand, so his reign would be legal and blessed.
R. Achaemenid Lion Emblem: Was an official emblem of the Persian Empire and a famous Aryan Icon in pre-Islamic Iran.

History is a Science

Modern History is factual based. History is a science, or at least modern historians are approaching to history with a scientific method. Every month we discover new historical facts and we must proceed updating the old information. History is a progressive science, not an ancient dogma! Historians should write history only in accordance to this fact. History is a science, which should get updated on regular bases, or the readers will fall in dark well of falsity. I have always been a firm enthusiast of writing the latest version and facts of history. As soon as a new discovery occurs, I always try to change and update the documented history in accordance to these facts, other wise, that written history will belong in the trashcan of time. I am a firm believer of the scientific and up-to-date approach to history rather than the same old boring stories told to us from generation to generation. The bottom line is to avoid Dogma, history is not religion, and history books are not holy books to remain unchanged and dogmatic. Always look at history as a progressive science, each day we discover something new about the events, which occurred in history. This is the only way, one can learn from the history. Facts are what we are concerned about. So this is how we seek and reach for the truth.

How we reach to Historical Truth
The Method and The Logic

Science is not Absolute => Science discovers New => Science Changes => Science Progresses => Science Evolves

History is not Absolute => History discovers New => History Changes => History Progresses => History Evolves

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The First Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation Era: 651 AD - 873 AD

For different periods of Iranian History, read 8000 Years of Iranian History:

8000 Years of Iranian History

This is the era that we will vastly dig into it. We can also call it the "Struggle For Independence of Iran" Era. These are some of the darkest years of Iranian History in the aspect that our beloved land was enslaved by Arabo-Muslim invaders or as we call them The First AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government). This was their first invasion of the land of Aryans; however, we can also look at these years as some of the most enlightening years in our history, because during these years Iran gave birth to some of the most sincere Persian Nationalists in her history. These are the years to remember all the braveries, struggle, and also all the treacheries and Treason!

A Sassanid Elephant Unit and Clibanarius

To learn the actual historical events of our land, especially during this period, is a necessity for any Persian Youth; so if we even transfer the true knowledge of Persian History to one brainwashed youth whom got brainwashed during the 28 + years of Islamic BrainWash by IRI, then we have accomplished a lot.

28 + Years of BrainWash

Now if we manage to transfer this knowledge to a vast number of Iranian Youth, then for sure we will accomplish our mission. When one teaches history to two others, and then the two others to four others and those four in return to eight others, on and on, person to person, the truth will get out and spread every where. Truth cannot be hidden from the youth, it will come out one way or another. The best method is the word of mouth. During these days of crisis, we are so fortunate to have the luxury of using a tool called Internet. Internet is the fastest way of communication and transfer of knowledge from two different geographical points on earth. We can use this tool to spread the true history of Iran from exile all the way to over seas inside Iran, and mass educate our youth by providing them their true history of their land. Only by doing this, we can expose the falsehood of stories which been forced into their fragile minds for 28 + years of brainwash.

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Chapter 1 - Early Conflicts

Early Conflicts

Reader must keep in mind that the first Arabo-Muslim Invasion of Iran actually started at 635 AD and it continued until 651 AD when Yazdgird III had murdered. The Arab Invasion lasted 16 years. Public often is wrongly under this impression that Arabs invaded Iran and took over Iran quickly in a year or two. This is absolutely false. The invasion continued for 16 years, yet the almost complete occupation, practically started from 651 AD. We call the period between 651 AD - 873 AD, the First Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation of Persian Empire because from 651 AD, Arabs practically were controlling Iran. However always remember that that the Persian-Arab Wars actually started at 635 AD, and lasted for 16 years.

A Sassanid Armored Knight and a Standard Bearer

Persian-Arab Wars: 635 AD - 651 AD

The very first conflicts occurred at a border town, North West of Persian Gulf named Hafir. Walid the Arab General led the Arab forces against Hormoz the Persian Sassanid General. Iranian forces were defeated at this battle at 635 AD.

For better understanding of the geographical locations named in this book, review:

Iran Historical Maps: Persian Sassanid Empire - Part 5

Iran Historical Maps: Arab Muslim Invasion Occupation - Part 6

Iran Historical Maps: Saffarid Kingdom - Part 7

Iran Historical Maps: Mongol Invasion Occupation - Part 8

At the same time Muslim Barbarians invaded Roman Empire (Eastern Roman Empire or Byzantine Empire). By 635 AD Damascus the capital of Sham (Syria, a Roman Colony then) was in shambles. Muslim were invading the colony from all directions and pillaging everything in site. By 636 AD, Barbarians defeated the powerful Byzantine Army at Yarmuk River, this practically delivered Sham (Syria) to the Muslim. Muslim occupied Damascus and Islam like a plague captured the whole Roman colony of Sham. This was the first major defeat of Romans from Savage Arabs. Eventually Arabs took over the whole African and Asian colonies of Rome or better said Byzantine, and if they had a sophisticated navy they would invade Europe too! Imagine as the result, Greece and Italy would have also become a couple of backwarded Muslim Nations by now! Think of the depth of devastation!

A Sassanid Disk and Sun Standard Bearer

At this point a Persian General Shirzad created a blockage on the path of Arabs, but when Arabs conquered Sham, all hopes of this blockage working at South, was lost. After the death of Abu Bakr the first Arab caliph, Omar became in charge as the second caliph. Have in mind that after Abu Bakr, the rest of the 4 caliphs of Rashedin at the golden age of Islam, did not die by natural causes, they were all murdered by treachery and due to dissatisfaction of oppressed masses conquered by Islam. Omar, Ottoman and Ali, all were murdered by hands of rebellious groups due to treachery or simple unhappiness of people. Masses were simply not happy with the way Islam was running the Islamic Empire.

* * *

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Chapter 2 - Yazdgird III Letter To Omar

Yazdgird III Letter To Omar

A Glance Through "Arabo-Muslim Imperialistic" Intentions Towards Iran

The date in which this letter has been written is after the Battle of Qadesiyeh. As you know, a natural disaster, a massive sandstorm blown on Persian troops and practically blinded them and took their battle vision. The sandstorm directly blown on their front and caused the loss of this battle. Later on Muslim caliph mentioned that Allah sent the massive SandStorm in Persian Faces, so they lost the battle, Allah was the protector of Muslim against Ajams (what Arabs call Persians, meaning retarded). Battle of Qadesiyeh did not just cost us a great loss due to a natural disaster, yet it also cost us the life of our greatest Persian Hero, Commander in Chief of Persian Army, General Arteshbod "Rostam Farokhzad." Tazi (Arab Hounds) killed Rostam in this battle. Rostam and his men fought until the last drop of their blood and at the end, even after he lost his sword, he fought Arabs with bare hand and his shield. Rostam and his selected squad killed as many Tazi as they could, yet finally it was destiny for our hero to die for Iran. Tazi savages rushed and attacked him in all directions and killed that great Persian soul, Ahura Bless his soul, Rostam was the symbol of Persian Empire and Iranian Glory.

Reasons For Defeat

After the battle of Qadesiyeh, Persian Armed forces scattered all over the place, Yazdgird III, Shahanshah of Iran, Shah-e Shahan fled East to gather fresh troops and put together a new Army to confront the Barbarian Beasts. Yazdgird knew that the odds were all against him. Persian Empire had almost a 70 years war with Roman Empire, the whole Military forces were tired and exhausted, there was a massive social disorder in the government, there were conflicts among the courthouse, governors, cabinet, Mubeds (Zoroastrian Clerics) and others. The distance between social classes was also not a help to this conflict!

Iran's social order was nonexistence. But the most important element of our defeat was traitors. Treason of Persian Traitors for money and rank, treason of Roman Servants to undermine the Persian Empire, treason of Arab Worshipers to betray Iran for promises of future position, for promises of equality of social classes (which were false, because after Arabs took over Iran, they made Persians, slaves or second rate citizens), and treason of Arab Worshiping Persian Neo Muslim.

Salman Farsi - Greatest Iranian Traitor of All Times

One of these Arab Worshiping Persian Neo Muslim was the greatest Persian Traitor, Salman Farsi who was an Ex Mazdaki (First Communists in The World) and after Persian Shahanshah arrested and executed Mazdakis, he fled to Arabia and became Mohammed The Arab Prophet's Left Hand. Salman practically adopted all The Brotherly Loved Theories of Mazdakism for Islam.

Salman Farsi the greatest Persian Traitor to Iranians, is one of the greatest heroes and a holy saint to Arabo-Muslim, Half-Breeds and Iranian Muslim (Persian Traitors)! Muslim know him as "Hazrat-e Salman"! This is the calligraphy of Salman's name, because imagery representation is forbidden in Islam.

Salman was a major Theoretician of Islam. Salman established the political Ideology of Islam. Mohammed with the help of Salman, Ali (4th caliph of Rashedin) and Abu Bakr (1sth caliph of Rashedin) wrote the Quran and practically stole most of the verses from book of Mazdak, Mitraism (ancient Persian Religion), Bible, Torah, and even parts of Avesta, the holy book of Zarathustra Spitmata, The Persian Philosopher. The rest of Quran is basically creations of Mohammed's delusional, epileptic, and schizophrenic mind. Quran was the result of Mohammed's opportunistic charlatanism and con artist behavior depending on mood of the day and daily opportunism in Arabia. What Salman did to Iran, no other Persian ever done to Iran! Salman is the number one Persian Traitor, an opportunist who sold Iran to Arabs for personal and political gains.

Salman's Tomb is a holy Muslim Shrine in Madaen (Ctesiphone) near Baghdad, Iraq. It is an irony that Salman is buried in a city that he helped to destroy (Ctesiphone, capital of Persian Empire)! Muslim from around the world come to visit Hazrat-e Salman (Saint Salman) Shrine! It is very rewarding to betray Iran for money, position, power and sainthood!

There was a 4 months distance time between the battle of Qadesiyeh and the Battle of Nahavand. During those four months, Omar ibn al Khatab (2nd caliph of Rashedin), caliph of Muslemin sent a letter to Yazdgird III, supposedly to make Yazdgird convert to Islam, join him and make Bey'at (join The caliph, accept him as his master and accept Islam). Below is what Omar sent to Yazdgird and what Yazdgird answered him in return. Omar and Yazdgird were sending letters to each other via messengers on fast horses. It is amazing how Yazdgird never ever sold Iran for any price. Yazdgird was very young but he was an extreme Nationalist. All the odds were against him, the Persian Administration was in shambles, Military was tired, exhausted and scattered due to 60 years of war especially during Khosrow Parviz Era, the social order was exploding, every governor was singing separatist songs of joining Rome or joining Arabs and basically everything which could go wrong was going wrong (Murphy's Law). Most of all, Rostam was dead, one element who could keep Persian forces together, the most popular Persian Commander of them all was dead now, but would all of these have made Yazdgird to Bey'at with caliph? Would these events make Yazdgird to join caliph, accept him as his superior and bring Islam? Not in a million years! Yazdgird said it many times to his Adjutants, he rathered die as a proud Persian than to bow to a barbarian savage desert creature from Arabia. Yazdgird openly considered Arabs, beasts from deserts of Arabia and semi sub human. Arabs were bounded to destroy Persian superior culture and the whole Persian Empire, they were bounded to destroy everything Persian and steal whatever they could.

Salman Farsi Mosque is one of the holiest mosques of Islam in Madaen (Ctesiphone). Salman is highly respected as a close follower and confidant of Prophet Mohammed. Ali was prophet's right hand and Salman was prohpet's left hand.

There were reports of how Arabs were mass murdering prisoners of war, raping women and children, enslaving young girls and sending them back to Arabia, burning Persian libraries, buildings, schools, and every single book that they could find! For Arabs, Quran was the only book needed! Arabs ripped in pieces, the massive Persian rugs of Ctesiphone (Baharestan Carpet) in thousands of pieces and divided it between themselves, they sent horse and camel backs full of jewelry, gold, silver, Persian rugs with gold stitched into them and other valuables to Arabia. Arabs encountered so much wealth than they have never seen in their lives before! All they knew was desert sands, flaming sun and camels of Arabia and promises of Mohammed to win battles and take whatever they wanted from Persians or die and become Martyrs in Jihad, go to heaven to get 70 virgin girls (Huri), 2 young boy slaves and rivers of Milk and Honey and other loots. Read:

Ctesiphone in smoke, fire and blood - Book Review

Arabs invaded Iran and they saw wealth beyond their imagination! They pillaged Iran like there was no tomorrow! Yazdgird knew perfectly that the odds were against him and Iran. Yazdgird knew that Persian Civilization is about to face the greatest challenge to its own survival, much bigger than invasion of Alexander the Drunk Homosexual Maniac! Yet, he never sold Iran, unlike many others who did. What Arabs done to Iran after the take over is well known in history and you can read about it in historical section of the website, they practically enslaved the nation for 222 years, they ransomed (Jaziyah) anyone who wasn't Muslim and did not want to become Muslim, they converted Persians to Islam by force and whoever did not convert, got murdered by Arab Swords. Many Persians fled Iran to India and they still live there as Parsi people of India and they kept their religion Zoroastrianism. The rest is history.

The First Contact

Once before, Arabs tried to convert another Shahanshah of Iran by a letter. Mohammed The Arab Prophet and caliph sent a letter to Shahanshah of Persian Empire, Khosrow Parviz. Mohammed commanded Persian Emperor to accept Allah and Islam as his savior. This action was a great insult to Khosrow Parviz.

"How can a barbarian Savage of the desert order me to join him, pray to his God and accept his religion, me the King of Kings, The Persian Emperor," Khosrow Parviz said!

Khosrow Parviz Sassanid (Khosrow II)

So, he sent two messengers to capture the Arab Thief for this insult and bring him to Ctesiphone for punishment. Have in mind that Khosrow Parviz did not even consider Mohammed and Islam a threat at the time. He only sent a couple of guards to drag Mohammed to Ctesiphone for punishment, but not an army! Eventually those guards went to Arabia and for Mohammed's power of speech and promises joined him and stayed in Arabia. This incident was so small that it was forgotten and Khosrow Parviz never even sent another crew to Arabia for capturing Mohammed. He was too busy fighting Rome and running the Empire which was stretched from Chinese borders in East all the way to Syria in West, and from Yemen in South all the way to Kazakhstan in North.

Khosrow Parvizes Biggest Mistake

Mohammed was too small and too irrelevant for the Persian Emperor to even give him a time of day! This was Khosrow Parvizes biggest mistake ever. Shahanshah of Iran had to eliminate Mohammed and all his small band of followers back then before they have gotten a chance to become so large in numbers. Back then he could easily launch an offensive to eliminate Mohammed and all his Muslim bandits. At the time Muslim were only invading local Arabian tribes, robbing Caravans, stealing merchants' properties and creating a small territory by taking over a few Arab tribal lands and properties. They were not even strong enough to invade the Persian Protectorates or Allies in the Arabian Peninsula, because they were afraid of Persian Government's reaction. Right then, was the time for Khosrow Parviz to eliminate Mohammed and his band of thieves before they had a chance to built an Empire on Blood and become so powerful and large at Omar's time. If Khosrow Parviz would have taken this Islamic Threat seriously and cleaned them out back then when Persia was powerful, then the Arab invasion of Iran would have not occurred during Yazdgird's time, when all the odds were against Persian Empire, when it was "the worst of times!"

Queen Shirin and Shahanshah Khosrow Parviz Sassanid (Kaveh Farrokh's design).

The original version of Yazdgird's letter to Omar was written in Pahlavi Sassanid Persian and Omar's letter to Yazdgird was in Arabic, obviously both parties had translators at the time. Later on, both these letters translated by historian scholars to today's Persian (1980s). At this point, (now) I took the initiative to translate both letters to English.

Here's the text from these letters which they carry significant historical value:

The Historical Letters

Omar's Letter to Yazdgird

From: Omar ibn al Khatab Caliph al Muslemin
To: Yazdgird III Shahanshah of Persian Empire

Yazdgird, I see not a fruitful future for you and your nation, unless you accept my offer and commit Bey'at (Joining with caliph and bringing Islam). Once upon a time your land ruled half the known world but what has it come down to now? Your troops are defeated in all fronts and your nation is bound to collapse. I offer you a way to rescue yourself. Start praying to a mono God, a single God, the only God who created everything in the universe. We bring you and the world his message, he who is the true God. Stop your Fire Worship, command your nation to stop their Fire Worship, which is false; join us by joining the truth. Worship Allah O Akbar (Allah is Great) the only true God, The creator of universe. Worship Allah and accept Islam as your salvation. End your Pagan ways and your false worships now, and bring Islam so you can accept Allah O Akbar as your savior. By doing so, you will find the only way to your survival and peace for Persians. If you know what is best for Ajam (Arabic term for Persians meaning Retarded and Weird), you will choose this path. Bey'at is the only way.

Allah O Akbar


Caliph al Muslemin
Omar ibn al Khatab

And here's Yazdgird III, famous response to Omar:

Shahanshah Yazdgird III

Yazdgird's letter to Omar

From: Shah of Shahs, Shah of Persia and Beyond, Shah of many Kingdoms, Shah of Aryans and Non Aryans, Shah of Persians and many other races as well as Arabs, Shahanshah of Persian Empire, Yazdgird III Sassanid
To: Omar ibn al Khatab, Caliph of Tazi (Persian term for Arabs, meaning Arabian Hound Dogs)

In the name of Ahura Mazda, creator of Life and Intelligence,

You in your letter wrote that you want to direct us towards your God, Allah O Akbar, without having the true knowledge of who we are and what do we worship! It is amazing that you occupy the position of caliph (Ruler) of Arabs, yet your knowledge is the same as a lowly Arab rambler, roaming the deserts of Arabia, and same as a desert tribal man!

"Little Man", you offer me to worship a sole and single God without knowing that it has been thousands of years that Persians worship the mono God and they pray to him five times a day (ancient Zoroastrian way)! In this land of culture and art, this has been the normal path of life for years.

When we established the tradition of hospitality and good deeds in the world and we waved the flag of "Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds" in our hands, you and your ancestors were roaming the deserts, eating Lizards for you had nothing else to feed yourselves and burying your innocent daughters alive (an old Arab tradition, cause they preferred male children to female)!

Tazi people have no value for God's creatures! You behead God's children, even the POWs (Prisoners of War), Rape Women, bury your daughters alive, attack the Caravans, mass murder, kidnap people's wives and steal their property! Your hearts are made of stone, we condemn all these Evil which you do. How can you teach us Godly Ways when you commit these actions?

You tell me to stop my Fire Worship! Us, Persians see the Love of Creator and power of inventor in the light of Sun and warmth of Fire. Lights and Warmth of the Sun and Fire makes us see the light of truth and warmens our hearts to the creator and to one another. It helps us to be kind to one another, it enlightens us and makes us to keep Mazda's Flame, alive in our hearts. Our lord is Ahura Mazda and it is strange that you people also, just discovered him and named him Allah O Akbar! But we are not the same as you, we are not in the same level as you. We help other human beings, we spread love among humanity, we spread Good throughout the Earth, we have been spreading our culture but in respect for other cultures throughout the whole world for thousands of years, yet you in the name of Allah invade other men's land! You mass murder the people, create famine, fear and poverty for others, you create Evil in the name of Allah. Who is responsible for all this catastrophe?

Is it Allah who commands you to murder, pillage and to destroy?
Is it you the followers of Allah who do this in his name?
Is it both?

You have risen from heat of the deserts and burnt out infertile lands with no resources, you want to teach people the love of God by your military campaigns and the power of your Swords! You are Desert Savages, yet you want to teach Urban people like us who lived in the cities for thousands of years, the love of God! We have thousands of years of culture behind us, a powerful tool indeed! Tell us? With all your military campaigns, barbarianism, murder and pillage in the name of Allah O Akbar, what have you taught to this Muslim Army? What knowledge have you taught the Muslim, that you also insist on teaching it to non-Muslim? What culture have you learned from your Allah, now that you want to force-teach it to others?

Alas, Oh Alas...... that today our Persian Armies of Ahura have been defeated from your recently Allah Worshiping Armies; Now, our people have to worship the same God, the same Five times a day, but forced by the sword to call him Allah and pray to him in Arabic, cause your Allah only understands Arabic!

I suggest, you and your gang of bandits pack up and move back to your deserts where they are used to live. Take them back where they used to the burning heat of the sun, tribal life, eating Lizards and drinking Camel Milk. I forbid you to let your band of thieves loose in our fertile lands, civilized cities and our glorious nation. Don't turn these "beasts with hearts of stone" loose, to mass murder our people, kidnap our women and children, rape our wives and send our daughters to Mecca as slaves! Don't let them do these crimes in the name of Allah O Akbar, put a stop to your criminal behavior.

Aryans are forgiving, warm, hospitable, and decent people and everywhere they went, they have spread seeds of friendship, love, knowledge and truth; therefore, they shall not punish you and your people for your pirate ways and criminal acts.

I beg you to remain with your Allah O Akbar in your deserts and do not move close to our civilized cities, for your believes are "Much Fearful" and your behavior is "Most Barbaric"!


Yazdgird III Sassanid

* * * * * *

In the past, "Sa'ad ibn al Vaqas" General of "Omar ibn al Khatab" The caliph, also had sent a similar invitation letter to Submit to Allah, for Persian Armed Forces' Commander in Chief, "Rostam Farokhzad". Rostam's respond to Sa'ad's letter was also amusing yet in the similar format as Yazdgird's letter. Another time, we will inform you of that famous letter.

Shahanshah Yazdgird III Sassanid

...... and this was how Tazi Barbarians invaded the Aryan Land in the worst time possible and collapsed our ancient civilization to rubbles, yet they could never take our self dignity from us, simply because, Persians did not make Good Obedient Slaves! We overcame that catastrophe and we shall overcome the second Arabo-Muslim Invasion of our land, the Nightmare of 1979. Invaders come, invaders go, but Iran remains Forever and Solid. Always remember that "One dead Persian, worths more than Ten live Arab Worshipers."

Empress Purandokht Sassanid, oldest daughter of Khosrow Parbiz and older sister of Azarmidokht and Turandokht, ruled Iran as head of the Empire.

Learn Your History,

"Without sufficient knowledge of the past, how can you build the future?!"

Iran is Eternal
Iran will live forever

* * *

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Chapter 3 - Rostam Farokhzad

Rostam Farokhzad

On 635 AD, Omar appointed Abu Obayd ibn al Mossana to be in charge of the Persian Campaign. An intense battle between the Arabs and Persian armies occurred, Euphrates River was the battle scene. The Persian Commander in charge of whole Persian Army was no one else but the Great Persian Hero, symbol of solidarity Arteshbod (Grand General/Field Marshal) of Persian Forces, Rostam Farokhzad. This battle was won by Persian Forces, and Arabs were chased all the way back to Arabia, yet Rostam Farokhzad was called upon to get back to the main land and capital, there were all kinds of treason, mutiny and rebellion going on against the Sassanid Rule. Even Sassanid Royalty, Sassanid Governors and Generals were creating Axis with Arabs or separated single rebellion against the government of Persian Empire at Ctesiphone (Sassanid Capital near today's Baghdad). After the death of Khosrow Parviz (Khosrow II) at 628 AD, until the governing of Yazdgird III at 632 AD, there were seven major Sassanid Royalty ruled over Iran only in a 4 years time frame! 7 Emperors/Empresses in only 4 years! This should give you an idea of how bad was the internal situation, more like an anarchy! Two of these seven rulers were women, Purandokht (dokht = daughter, Purandokht = daughter of puran) Sassanid (630 AD - 631 AD) and Azarmidokht Sassanid (631 AD - 632 AD). Purandokht, Azarmidokht and Turandokht were the three daughters of Khosrow Parviz Sassanid, and two out of three ended up ruling the Empire as the Empress. For more information, read:

Iran Dynasties and Monarchs of 8000 Years

My point here is that women used to Rule Iran as Empresses, yet now look at the value of women in Islamic Republic of Iran which is equal to zilch or Zero! Another Islamic Present, given to our glorious Persian Culture.

Arteshbod Rostam Farokhzad

The burden of all this anarchy and instability due to internal problems was laid on Rostam Farokhzad as the wise Commander of Persian Forces and of course the young Yazdgird III. The reason for the disastrous situation was the almost 70 years of war with Rome which broke our economy and our back. Internal traitors and rebellions also helped to stir up the problem. The internal corruption and dictating rules of Mubed-e Mubedan (Grand Zoroastrian Clerics) and Mubeds (Zoroastrian Clerics) was another issue which helped speeding up Iran's travel towards anarchy. Rostam was faced to save an Ancient Empire from absolute collapse. Rostam Farokhzad was a great Nationalist and Compatriot of Iran, faithful to Yazdgird III the young Emperor, this was due to the fact that deep inside, Rostam knew that Yazdgird was a Nationalist and a lover of Iran. There was nothing else more important for Yazdgird but to save Iran from this internal and external anarchy. The destiny had handed the young Yazdgird, a broken Empire in its worst days, Yazdgird was the most unfortunate of all Emperors of Persia, and now he had to pay for "The Sins of The Fathers"! On the bright side, Yazdgird had Rostam on his side. Yazdgird could always count on Rostam's advice and trouble shooting. Yazdgird and Rostam did not often had much of a chance to conference and debate with each other because both of them were often fighting or gathering troops on two different areas of Persian Empire and apart from each other. They both had love and respect for one another and they both knew how bad was the situation and how they were needed at different fronts. Yazdgird was always looking up to Rostam as a wise commander, big brother, and a patriot. Rostam knew that he had to chase Arabs all the way back and defeat them, and when he had to come back to Ctesiphone, he knew that he just lost a golden opportunity, the last opportunity to save the Empire!

Arteshbod (General) Rostam Farokhzad, commander in chief of the Sassanid Imperial Army.

This chance gave Arabs a fantastic opportunity to rest, regroup and a year later, once more, Arabs started their invasion.

On 636 AD Persian Troops faced the Battle of Qadesiyeh. The site is on the flat plains near the Euphrates River of present Iraq between Kufah and Abu Sukhair. This is where Rostam faced Sa'ad. Persians fought bravely yet by the end, Derafsh Kaviyani, the Persian Sassanid Banner was captured and torn by Arabs. They torn all the ancient jewels of off the banner and took them as loots of war. Derafsh itself was destroyed.

Empress Azarmidokht Sassanid daughter of Khosrow Parviz and younger sister of Purandokht, ruled Iran after her older sister as head of the Empire.

Princess Turandokht Sassanid the youngest sister of Purandokht and Azarmidokht and daughter of Khosrow Parviz Sassanid.

At 636 AD, Rostam Farokhzad Arteshbod of Persian Empire faced the most important battle of the campaign. Rostam Farokhzad and his selected Immortal Guards (Guard-e Javidan, a Persian Elite Force) plus the Persian Infantry and Cavalry on one side and Barbarian Savages under Sa'ad ibn abi al Vaqas one of the most bloodthirsty Arab Generals on the other side got ready for the battle. Persian Military was a traditional organized force, yet Arabs were fighting a hit and run commando warfare! Omar the second Caliph ordered Sa'ad to as much as possible not to take prisoners and slaughter all Persians, they did not have time to take prisoners, cause they had to move forward in many directions as fast as they could and commit a commando warfare. It seemed like the nature was not even with Persians! A sandstorm like no other came from the desert and hit Persian Military straight on the face, Persians blinded by the sandstorm scattered and crippled as an army and ultimately, Arabs under Sa'ad ibn abi al Vaqas defeated the Sassanid army in the battle of Qadesiyeh (near Hira), Arabs gained the whole west bank of Tigris River from today's Iraq, off of Persian Empire. This was not the only damage to Iran, yet the greatest damage of this war was the loss of Arteshbod Rostam Farokhzad. When Sa'ad invited Rostam to surrender his arms and forces, and bring Islam, so he will be saved, Rostam laughed at his letter and in the face of his messenger and said:

"This soil (pointing at the Persian Soil on the ground) is my blood and veins, I cannot give it away, I need it to live as my life-source."
(Arteshbod Rostam Farokhzad)

Great words of wisdom from a great Nationalist. Later on, Arabs used all kinds of treachery in this war and finally Rostam ended up fighting Arabs until the last drop of blood in his body. When all was lost and the Persian forces scattered due to the sandstorm, Rostam kept up the faith and the spirit of Persian Guards and fought Arabs with a small circle of his closest Immortal Guards. When night came, Arabs done a sudden night attack and rushed into Rostam's strong hold. Eventually Rostam got killed by the hands of Helaal The Arab, a commander of General Sa'ad ibn abi al Vaqas.

Yazdgird III of Sassanid

Later, all that the Persian forces could do was to defend Sabat near Ctesiphone. Sa'ad ibn abi al Vaqas with 60,000 troops marched into Sabat, Persians put up a fierce battle but at the end, the commandship fell and the capital exposed wide open to Arabs. Yazdgird III decided that the battle is lost and there is no sense defending Ctesiphone, so he fled to Halvan.

The Glory of Ctesiphone

Ctesiphone fell at 638 AD. Arabo-Muslim Invaders practically pillaged the whole capital. Picture this, Arabs entered Ctesiphone, this city was if not the most, then one of the most important cities in the world back then in 7th century. Persian Empire was the stronger one of the two super powers of the world back then. Ctesiphone back then was like the New York City of today.

Ruins of Ctesiphone, once the mighty capital of Sassanid and the most glorious city of the known world.

Imagine a city, the capital of Persian Empire drowned in luxury, jewelry, glorious buildings, structures, palaces and dams, a city so rich and so wealthy full of so many structures that the whole world was envious of it! Ctesiphone University, Library and Theatre were world famous. Ctesiphone was a cultural city and center for global scholars, philosophers, scientists and artists. Imagine such city, and then picture a group of savages from Deserts of Arabia, promised by caliphate that if you win, you can take whatever you want, steal everything that you can, rape as many Persian women as you can, kill as many Persian men as you can, kidnap as many underage young girls and boys as you can and ship them back to Arabia to become slaves, over all, you can do as you please with Persians as long as you make sure to send caliphate and Arab Court's share, back to Arabia. And if you die, you will go to heaven and Allah will grant you 70 Huri virgins, couple of pearly white boys, rivers of milk and honey and every other luxury that you can desire! It's a win win situation! Arabs of desert grasped this offer without thinking twice! What did they have to lose? They had nothing to lose to begin with!

Sky view of Ctesiphone during partial archeological reconstruction.

Imagine a massive numbers of barbarians, some half naked and burned by desert sun, some bare footed, yet most of them well equipped by battle gears sent by Rome to undermine Iran! Imagine how Rome tried to supply these savages and support them against Iran, but later, it backfired on them and the beasts, also invaded Rome! No civilization was safe from this plague, years later, Islamic Beasts went as far as fighting Chinese at their borders and fighting French in the heart of France! No place was safe from Islam!

The Fall of Ctesiphone

Picture a group of nomads, similar to desert rats or half beasts, who been eating lizards and drinking camel milk to survive, equipped with a new political ideology called Islam, were promised the key to the Persian Heavens if they would win the war, and if they would lose the war and die, they were promised the keys to heavens in the sky and over there, 70 naked female virgins, 2 young virgin boys, rivers of milk and honey and all delicious food and luxury, was waiting for them! Imagine these savages entered such city and saw the glory and wealth of Ctesiphone. It was like sending a bunch of Mongols from Gobi Desert for the first time into New York City and tell them that the city is yours and you can do what ever you please. Picture that and then imagine what Arabs done to Ctesiphone!

An Eagle door-top in Ctesiphone

Arabs stole all the Imperial Jewelry, they broke and tore all the crowns, thrones, scepters, jeweled swords, valuable silk and precious stone stitched clothes. They were ripping apart anything valuable in many pieces and spread it amongst themselves. There was a famous Persian Rug which was the finest of Persian Art work (Baharestan Carpet), according to some historians, this rug was as large as thousands of square feet, possibly over 12,000 Square Feet, made with the finest wool, silk, gold threads and precious stones. Gold Threads and Silk were stitched into this rug. This rug was the centerpiece in Ctesiphone Hall of the Ctesiphone palace of Sassanids. Arabs practically tore up this masterpiece in about 400 pieces and first wrapped each piece on a soldier's back and later wrapped them on horses and camels stolen from Persian Army's backs and shipped the pieces to Arabia. They even broke down the hand made, wall and ceiling ceramics and tile works of the Ctesiphone Palace and other valuable buildings and shipped them back to Arabia. They destroyed all the ceilings of the monuments and palaces, which were made with jewelry, silver and gold colors and shipped them back to Mecca and Madineh. When Arabs saw all this wealth and Madaen (Arabic Name for Ctesiphone) they were shocked, they even broke and stole the pieces of construction from balconies and Ceilings of the main palace (Ivane Madaen). Arabs took what they could and killed as many as they could (remember, no prisoners of war), cause they had their hands full with Qanimat (Loots and Prize), they raped as many as they could and sent the rest of the young girls and boys to Arabia as slaves. Thousands and thousands of Persian young girls were shipped to Arabia to become concubines and sex slaves for caliphate and the courthouse, also the wealthy Arab WarLords who supported and financed this war, would their shares of the loots and underage girls and boys! Young boys were sent to Arabia for both sexual purposes and s working slaves.

Arabs killed all the men, raped all the women, enslaved all the young girls as concubines and all the young boys as sex slaves and servants and sent them back to Arabia. Stole all the wealth, destroyed whatever they could not steal and then Burned the city to the ground. Before the invasion, Ctesiphone of then, was similar to New York City of today, but after Arabs were done, there was nothing left of Ctesiphone but a pile of rubbles. Today, ruins of Ctesiphone (Madaen) are near Baghdad.

Arab Commanders always had a taste for young Persian boys! Whatever Arabs could not steal, they burned and destroyed. After the Arabs were done with Ctesiphone, there was only a pile of burnt out rubbles left of that city. Ctesiphone was burning for weeks and weeks. Smoke and Fire filled up the skies of Ctesiphone. Anywhere they found resistance, they burned Persian men alive with the resistance building that they were in it, everywhere they found a few men resisting occupation in villages near capital, they burned down the whole village with all men, women, and children alive in the village!

Ruins of Ctesiphone, The Ancient Capital of Sassanid Persian Empire, near Baghdad still exists. At 638 AD, Ctesiphone used to be the wealthiest, most prestigious and the most glorious city in the world. Ctesiphone, to the envy of Rome, Egypt and Arabia, was the center of Culture in the civilized world. By 651 AD, The Muslim Arab Barbarian Beasts, burned Ctesiphone to the ground. Arab Savages mostly murdered all the men, raped all the women, kidnapped young girls and sent them to Arabia as concubines (female slaves), and enslaved the young boys. They tore apart the gigantic famous Persian Carpet in the main palace, made of silk, gold threads, and jewels in to hundreds of pieces, then stole it and took it back to Arabia. They stole everything that they could find, including jewels, precious metals and everything else valuable in the capital and then after the rape and slaughter which went on for days and weeks, they burned The Glorious Ctesiphone to the ground.

The Book Burnings

The book burnings started, they practically burned all our books in the glorious world famous Persian Library of Ctesiphone. The Persian documented history, science, literature, poetry, music and scripture of centuries and millenniums were burned to ashes by Arabo-Muslim. The only book needed in Islam is Quran, so they burned everything else! The book burnings continued for days and weeks!

Baharestan Carpet

Tabari, the historian writes that Ali was the one who originally suggested cutting the Baharestan carpet into many pieces, not Omar. Of course Iranians have been told that Omar was responsible for this catastrophe! Omar wanted to keep the carpet intact and in one piece; however, Ali pointed out that Arab Troops may "speak in dissatisfaction" an even revolt, so Omar changed his mind and ordered the carpet to be torn in over 400 pieces. Ali then sold his own piece of the Baharestan carpet for twenty thousands derham.

Ctesiphone University, Library, Theatre and Art Centers were all pillaged to the bones and then burned to the ground.

Other cities had the same faith. Gondi Shapour (today's Jondi Shapour in Khuzestan) and her world famous University and library were similarly destroyed and the massive collection of books were burned by the Tazi. Most of Sassanid records, books, artwork, scholars' research, scientific work, philosophy documents and other works were burned to ashes and this is why today we do not have the knowledge and access to much of our ancient and pre-Islamic historical, philosophical, scientific and artistic documents and records. Shapour The Great had built this magnificent city and its university to the envy of the world, for Arabs to completely destroy it!

At least, today there is a town named Jondi Shapour and it barely revived and restored herself after the invasion; however, Ctesiphone of today is only a pile of rubbles!

Same magnitude of destruction occurred in cities of Estakher, Ecbatana, Nahavand, Pasargad, Persepolis, Susa (Shush), Neyshabour and other major cities.

There were so much to pillage that Arabs had to draft Black Slaves and Persian Workers and great number of horses, donkeys and camels to carry and transport all the loot back to Arabia.

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Chapter 4 - Yazdgird's Hopeless Struggle

Yazdgird's Hopeless Struggle ...

Arabs were beheading Persian resistance and freedom fighters or Prisoners of War by such speed, that rivers of blood were running inside the major cities of Iran! No Prisoners Policy was the protocol, because between battles, massacres, rapes, pillages, shipment of loots and human goods back to Arabia, the Arab Army had no time to capture prisoners! This is how peaceful the religion of Islam was (and is today)!

Imperial Persian Cavalry during battle exercises.

Then came the victory at Jalola, near Ctesiphone. Later, Generals, Piruzan (Firuzan) and Hormoz tried to stop the massive numbers of the bloodthirsty savages but failed at these points. At this point, Yazdgird was a broken man mourning the death of Rostam and mourning the situation of Iran. Yazdgird always kept his spirit up and kept the spirit of the commanders and his troops up, he had a great teacher who taught him how to deal with the men, under stress. Alas the teacher was not around any more, Rostam became a legend but at a time that Yazdgird needed him most, he was not around. Rostam died so Iran could live. Yazdgird ended up leaving Ctesiphone and gathered troops to confront Arabs in Jalola, yet another natural disaster, flooding of rivers in Mesopotamia, famine, rebellions and mostly Persian Traitors were digging deeper and deeper graves for Persian Patriots! Yazdgird done what he could but Jalola turned to a defeat. He left to Raga (Rey) and he gathered 15,000 men, mostly tired, broken and defeated men from different fronts but still with high spirits. The men got ready for Battle of Nahavand.

Two Friends, comrades, warriors and Great Nationalists of Iran:
L. Rostam Farokhzad
R. Yazdgird III Sassanid

Battle of Nahavand (In Hamedan State) is what Arabs call it "Fat'h Ol Fotuh" (victory of all victories), this was mother of all battles for Arabs. From 640 AD onward a numerous groups of Arab Armies freshly from Arabia joined the battles and the Inland Campaign of Persia started by Arabs. During this year they invaded Khorasan Khashtarah (State) and then came mother of all battles at Nahavand in Khashtarah of Ecbatana (Hamedan). At 641 AD the battle for Nahavand started. By this time Arabs were crossing the natural defenses of Zagros Mountains, East of Iran. Nahavand was lost and this meant a major turning point towards defeat of Persia. 642 AD brought Shush and the rest of Khashtarah of Khuzestan, also Neynava under Arab rule.

At this point, many of the governors, local rulers, administrators, aristocracy, military commanders and other officials, all over Iran, were making separate deals with Arabs! Persian Traitors who been betraying Iran since the beginning, now were cashing in on their treason!

While Arab fresh cavalry were arriving from Arabia every month to the aid of the invading Arab Army, yet Yazdgird could barely gather a rag tag resistance army to defend Iran! The main army was destroyed and scattered and now Yazdgird was doing his final efforts to fight a losing war!

Arab campaigns continued with Campaigns to the coast of Makran and southeast Iran at 643 AD. Between 644 AD - 656 AD a number of interesting events happened, Murder of caliph Omar ibn al Khatab at 644 AD, beginning of the caliphate of Ottoman, Continuation of the conquests in north and east Iran and then North Africa, Intertribal conflicts within the Islamic Empire over who will rule, were among some of the most important ones. From 645 AD Arabs began their Sea Campaign against Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire), but as I mentioned, they could never gather a powerful navy to back up the land force and they could never land the land force by the portable bridges or ships to take over Constantinople, otherwise we would have the Muslim Italy and the Islamic Greece now. Italy and Greece of today would be the same as third world Muslim countries! Arabs would destroy Europe just like they destroyed Persian Empire and created the Backwarded Islamic Iran as today's Islamic Republic of Iran.

649 AD - 650 AD meant the Conquest of Persepolis, the capital of south central Iran (Khashtarah of Pars) and center of Zoroastrianism. Persepolis was the summer capital, but the fall of Persepolis was a heavy blow to Zoroastrianism.

The Last Efforts to Save Persia

After Nahavand, a broken Yazdgird defeated and disappointed by all the treason, fled to Espahan (Esfahan), then Kerman and next Marv (in todays Turkmenistan) to gather fresh troops for the next battle, yet he did not get a chance and a Persian Traitor, a wind-mil attendant sold Yazdgird for a fist full of gold, he killed Yazdgird, and by killing him, he killed Iran's last hope for independence. A late night rushing to Yazdgird's sleeping quarter and attacking him by surprise done the trick. The last Emperor of Sassanid was the most unfortunate of them all! Since he opened his eyes and since birth he saw treacheries, rebellion, oppression of Mubeds (Zoroastrian Priests) corrupting the sincere words of Zarathushtra Spitmata for their own personal gains, the ever expanding distance between social classes, and treason of governors! He took over an Empire which was all broken apart after the 70 years of war with Rome, he took over an Empire with major economical problems, unhappiness of the masses and corrupted officials. He took over an empire with drastic distance between her social classes.

He struggled to make the wrong, right, he tried to get Iranians to work together and rebuild the Empire before a total annihilation of Persia. He fought all his life to do this task, unfortunately Arabo-Muslim Invasion backed by Rome did not give him a fair chance. Persian Traitors, on top of the list Salman Farsi, the left hand to Mohammed The Arab Prophet who betrayed Iran and was one of the major theoreticians of Islam, betrayed Iran over and over. Separatists, Treacherous Governors, Persian Traitors and converted Muslim, natural disasters like sandstorms at the battle grounds and floods in the cities, all and all joined together to prepare Iran for her death! The end of First Persian Empire, the end of Sassanid Empire. The last blow to his soul was the death of Rostam Farokhzad, his big brother, his comrade in arms, his friend and his most faithful compatriot. When Rostam died in battle, Yazdgird went deep in depression, but he never lost his motivation to free Iran. He fought until death stopped him.

Yazdgird III was the first freedom fighter of Iran during the invasion/occupation years.

Yazdgird III, the last Sassanid king, was murdered in cold blood on his retreat to Marv, Khorasan (Today's Turkmenistan) to gather fresh troops for saving Mother Persia.

Yazdgird III

At first Yazdgird was fighting a war with Arabs but afterwards when the war was lost and Iran was occupied, he started a Resistance Struggle against the occupying force.

Centuries later, Hakim Abolqasem Ferdowsi, the great Persian poet and reviver of Persian Language released the poetry book of Shahnameh (Book of Kings) without using a single Arabic word! He truly revived the Persian language, which was on the edge of extinction. Ferdowsi to Iran is like Shakespeare to England. In this poetry book, Ferdowsi quotes a rhyme from Rostam Farokhzad just before engaging in the battleground,

Rostam Farokhzad, a legend

Rostam Farokhzad:

"Ze shire shotor khordan-o susmar
Arab ra be jayi residast kar
ke taj-e- kian ra konad arezu"

"From drinking camel milk and eating lizards of the desert,
Arab got so bold, that now,
Dreams of capturing the Persian Crown!"

(Arteshbod Rostam Farokhzad)

Alas, that this tragedy came true....

Persian Casualties of War

Let us concentrate on the Persian casualties of War. Persians fought bravely, but they were facing an uncivilized barbaric force from desert, a force which was hungry for victory. A force which had nothing to lose! A group of Bedouin tribal savages which lived in hot deserts, eating lizards and drinking camel milk to survive with nothing to lose. These savages were promised heaven on earth (Persian Empire) if they would win the war and live, also they were promised heaven in after life if they died in war and went to other side, rivers of milk and honey, 70 female concubines and even 2 boy toys, a total of 72 virgins in heaven! What was there to lose? They were a savage barbaric force out to destroy civilization on Earth and Islam gave them the permit to do so!

Let's look at some numbers and understand how intense were the battles. I call this tragedy the Persian Holocaust:

Persian Holocaust

Persian Casualties of War Statistics
They speak of how Persians embraced Islam with the open arms and smiling faces!
Here are some statistics:
Battle of Qadesiyeh: 500,000 Persians Died
Battle of Jalola: 100,000 Persians Died
Battle of Estakhr: 40,000 Persians Died
Battle of Nahavand: 400,000 Persians Died in only 3 Days
Ecbatana (Hamedan) and Raga (Rey): Sa'ad ibn al Vaqas, Muslim General killed 1/2 the population
Neyshabour: Hassan and Hussein (Imams of Shiite), Caliph Ali's (1st Imam of Shiite) sons, killed 1/3 of the population
Gorgan: 10,000 Persians Died in only 1 Day
Khorasan, Mazandaran, Azerbaijan: Muslim killed Hundreds of Thousands of Persians in battles and then raped women, mass slaughtered men, pillaged, destroyed or burned everything.

The resistance against Arabo-Muslim Occupation went on for years...
Is this how Iranians accepted Islam with open arms?!

"Shame on those Iranians who still worship the murderers of their ancestors!"

Please tell me:
Was this how Iranians greeted Arab Liberators and accepted Islam with open arms?
Was this "The Persian Holocaust"? Next page

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