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Part Three

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran
(651 AD - 873 AD)
Ahreeman X
February 5, 2007 = 2565 Shahanshahi

Part 3

Chapter 8 - Persian Houses Against or Pro Arab-Supremacy
Chapter 9 - Babak Khoramdin and The Red Shirts
Chapter 10 - The Reward and Punishment Policy of Arabo-Muslim

Chapter 8 - Persian Houses Against or Pro Arab-Supremacy

The Persian Houses Against or Pro The Arab-Supremacy

I would like to quickly glance through the local rules of the few Persian Houses during the occupation years and the Anti or Pro Arab-Supremacy stands which they took. These Persian Local Houses often acted as the resistance and hostile towards the Arab Occupation or they cooperated with the Arabo-Muslim Occupiers. Let's analyze a few important ones of these houses.

House of Bavand
Stand: Against or Indifferent to Arabo-Muslim Occupation.
Central region of ruling was State of Tabarestan (today's States of Mazandaran and Golestan).
About 651 AD, Bav, son of Shapour and the grand nephew of Khosrow The First, left Ctesiphone and refuged in Tabarestan. A sub branch of Sassanid Dynasty, this house gathered the support of the local masses behind them and expanded its region to Talesh in Daylam State, also westward to Qazvin and Shemiran.

House of Alavi
Stand: Against or Indifferent to Arabo-Muslim Occupation.
Central region of ruling was State of Tabarestan (today's States of Mazandaran and Golestan).
Starting at 809 AD, Hassan Alavi was the starter of this house, next came Mohammed ibn al Zeid and then Hassan ibn Al Ali.

House of Taher
Stand: Cooperated with Arabo-Muslim Occupation.
Central region of ruling was State of Khorasan.
By 813 The Khorasanian army under Taher Ibn Al-Hussain besieged and conquered Baghdad for Caliph Al-Ma'mun. Ma'mun murders his brother Al-Amin. At 820 AD Al-Ma'mun appoints Taher Ibn Al-Hussain, the governor of Khorasan and the east. He establishes a dynasty that retains effective control of the region until dismissed by the Saffarids.

House of Qaren
Stand: Against Arabo-Muslim Occupation
Central region of ruling was State of Tabarestan (today's Mazandaran and Golestan).
This house was also a sub branch of Sassanid Dynasty. They started their rule, way back from the appointment of their governorship by Khosrow First, of Sassanid, and eventually they continued their rule throughout the Arab Occupation. They established themselves around the Caspian Sea Shores. Maziyar, one of the most famous Freedom Fighters of Iran was a Prince of Sassanid and of this house.

Al-Muqanna' (Hashem) and "The White Shirts"

An Aryan Parthian from Khorasan, Hashem Ibn Al-Hakim was from the famous Persian city of Marv or Margiana of Khorasan (present Turkmenistan). The reader must have in mind that the state of Khorasan, back then, was many times larger than its today's boundaries. This was during Caliphate of Mahdi, 775 AD -785 AD. Have in mind that Barmecide Wazirs were in power until 803 AD, also the campaign against the Neo Mazdakite and Neo Manichean sects were on going by the Arabs. Arabs gave the name Al-Muqanna' to Hashem, because the meaning of this term is "The Veiled One" and Hashem was often having a veil on his face to not be recognized by the Arabs. The word "Maqana'a" (form of Hejab) also thrives from this word. Caliphate accused him of "Muharebat" (Declaration of Partnership with Allah). The story behind Hashem's veil and masking his face, goes like this:


When Hashem was a child, he caught the epidemic disease of SmallPox and he ended up having a Pockmarked Face and he became blind in one eye! He grown to have a very ugly face; therefore, he made a costumed mask of silk, more like a veil to cover his face. The veil was a gold color silk material fabric. To wear the veil would also help Hashem to cover his identity from the Arabs.

Al-Muqanna' the veiled prophet on throne and amongst the White Shirts in Khorasan

Hashem was also familiar with different sciences and chemistry; therefore, he used to rub some phosphorus on his face. The combination of phosphorus and the golden silk veil made his face to glow at night and this eventually became one of his miracles for his followers and the public! Hashem also created a very large size artificial Moon! There was a specific Well in the city of Nakhshb in Transoxiana, where Hashem was located. Every night by the order of Hashem, this Artificial Moon would rise up in the sky and shine and then by his order it would disappear! It is pretty obvious that again he used phosphorus and chemistry to make the moon glow, yet the secrets of Hashem's Artificial Moon are still not known to the scientists! This rising of the New Moon and making it disappear, became Al-Muqanna's second Miracle.

Al-Muqanna's feast
A Black dancer is entertaining the party while Zolaikha anxious to see inside, sneaks at the back. Zolaikha was obsessed with Al-Muqanna' and wanted to become his lover.

In a way, Hashem was like Babak, aware of the public's limited intellect and he was well aware that if he wanted the faithful fighters who would fight along side of him, to free Iran, he had to use a gimmick far more strong than just to stir up their Nationalistic Feelings! He needed the weapon of Religion to arm his followers with it; therefore, he created a sect and he became the Guru of this sect! Hashem always believed that his mission was to revive the legend of Behzadan (Abu Moslem). He was a son of Khorasan, same as Abu Moslem and he risen the Revolutionary White Flag, the same way that Abu Moslem risen the Revolutionary Black Flag. He was a determined Nationalist, same as Abu Moslem was. He even believed that the times are much better and his hands are much untied to make an uprising, than Abu Moslem's were! Some called the "White Shirts" by the name of "Sarbedaran" (Sar-be-dar-an, meaning "Compatriots with their Heads in the Noose" aka "Noose-heads"). As long as the punishment for being a White Shirt was an automatic public hanging; therefore, they believed to already have their heads in the noose! Many years later, when Mongols invaded Iran, The Second Sarbedaran Movement used many of Al-Muqanna's Original Sarbedaran tactics against Arabs, to fight against the Mongol Oppression.

Zolaikha disoriented and confused about Al-Muqanna's secrecy and not unveiling himself to her! Al-Muqanna' and Zolaikha's romance is famous in Khorasan's literature.

The Uprising of Al-Muqanna' (the Veiled One) in Khorasan happened during 775 AD - 780 AD. His followers used to wear white shirts and his official flag was a white flag. He was perfectly aware of the symbolism, imagery and use of the sects, religion and cultism to get the public behind him, yet in reality Hashem was a flaming Nationalist who despised Islam and Arabo-Muslim and he saw no other choice but to create a sect to gather the superstitious every day people of Iran, behind him to revolt against the oppression of Arabs.

Finally Al-Muqanna' unveils and Zolaikha in a state of shock faints. Al-Muqanna' inquires: Weren't you the curious one?

On 776 AD, Al-Muqanna' (the Veiled One) conquered Khorasan. This was a big blow up in the face of Mahdi the Caliph! Eventually Mahdi started the Bukhara Wars (Bukhara, a famous city in Khorasan, and today's nation of Uzbekistan). For years The White Shirts were fighting the Arabo-Muslim, yet the numbers were no match and Mahdi appointed many Arab Armies, also a few Persian Traitor Armies (Iranian Muslim), to suppress Hashem's revolts. On 780 AD, The Bukhara wars were lost. Al-Muqanna' and his "White Shirts", which had started the struggle in 775 AD, had finally defeated. The occupying combination of Arabo-Muslim, Persian Traitors (Iranian Muslim), and other Half-Breeds entered, occupied and retaken the Khorasan. The massacre of the White Shirts and the POW's of the war started and Hashem knew that Caliph would have a lengthy painful death in mind for him! He used the power of chemistry again! Al-Muqanna' and his whole family and close comrades, all went in to the large barrels of very strong Acid and they got melted in to nothingness! They transformed to liquid. This action yet raised another story and miracle among the masses, that Al-Muqanna' disappeared in to heavens and he shall return once more to save the Persians from the Barbarian Beasts of the Deserts. When he returns, all Arabo-Muslim and the Persian Traitors will be eliminated! And the legend of Al Muqanna' went on for centuries....... There goes the story of yet another son of Khorasan.

Moment of Unveiling of The Veiled Prophet, Al-Muqanna'. At first Zolaikha faints but later she bows to the glory and wisdom of Al-Muqanna'.

Going Back in History, to the Roots of Mazdakites

Mazdakites were in fact, the first Communists in the world. In early days, Mazdak started a rebellion and even at a certain point, the Sassanid Emperor "Qobad", chosen the Mazdaki (Mazdakism) Religion as the official religion of the court. This decision was to lower the influence of the Zoroastrian Clerics, "The Mubeds" in the Imperial affairs. After Qobad, lost his Crown because of his Mazdaki Ideologies, and after his second return to Iran, he started to cool down about his Mazdaki Ideology. He did not officially support them, yet he left them alone to practice their sect. Next, when Khosrow Anushirvan (Khosrow I), came to power, he slaughtered and jailed the Mazdakites. We need to mention here that Khosrow Anushirvan, is one of the greatest Emperors of Iran, and Iran extremely progressed during his rule. Yet he also knew that he could not fight the power of Zoroastrian Temple and he had to eliminate Mazdakites for political reasons. He needed the alliance of the Mubed-e Mubedan (The Grand Mubed). He did remember that what could Mubeds do to the courthouse, if the court decides to contradict the Temple. He learned his lesson from Qobad's destiny. Many, accuse Khosrow Anushirvan of being a brutal Killer! His title was Khosrow Anushirvan The Just (Dadgar), yet many claim that he was way unjust! They claim that he slaughtered the Mazdakites, also killed his prime minister Bozorgmehr. To eliminate the Mazdakites for the national security of Iran and to put water on the fiery revolt of Mazdak which endangered the fundamentals of the Empire, was Anushirvan's national duty and murdering Bozorgmehr is nothing but a fairy tale, that Anushirvan is mistakenly accused of. In fact it was Khosrow Parviz (Khosrow II) who eliminated Bozorgmehr. Khosrow Anushirvan (Khosrow I) is the reason that Persian Empire became the most powerful super power of the era. The economical progress, social organization, foreign policy, conquests, constructions and judicial organization of the empire was all done by his hands. But the skeptics always fail to see all the good that he done and they manage to see his slightest flaws!

Mazdakism, Mazdaki Religion-Ideology and History

Let's talk a bit about the history of Mazdakites. Briefly spoken, Mazdak was son of Bamdad and he created a religion by mixing the ideologies of Zoroastra and Mani (prior Persian Philosophers and so known as prophets), Hinduism, also getting ideas from Plato and his Republic. So,

Mazdakism = Zoroastrianism + Maniism + Hinduism + Republicanism of Plato
Mazdakism = Pre-Communism or Original Communism

Mazdak documented his political ideology as a religion or a sect. People who followed him were named Mazdakites. Mazdak was a free thinker, yet practically he based his ideology in reforming the whole Persian Empire's Internal system; furthermore, he became very extreme in his ideology. Mazdak's ideology was based on:

* Equal Distribution of Wealth among the citizens of the Empire.
* Equal distribution of Property among the citizens of the Empire.
* Equal distribution of women among the citizens of the Empire.
* Equality between the different social classes.
* Economic and political harmony between the social classes.
* Sharing the fruits of society between the different social classes.
* Transmigration of Souls and Reincarnation

As you see, this Ideology of "Share" and "Pre-Communism" was absolutely not digestible for the 5th and 6th Century Persian Empire's officials! Mazdak turned this to a Class Warfare! Mazdak started a war among the social classes. You might also be amazed about the sharing of women! There were Harems in Iran and the wealthy owned harems, the same as everywhere else in the world during that era. But by no means, this meant that women did not have rights. Actually women's rights was extremely progressed in Persian Empire. Women ruled the nation as Empresses. The perfect examples are Purandokht and Azarmidokht of Sassanids. Women also had official positions in the courthouse, as cabinet ministers, as military commanders and as other administrators. Women's rights in Iran during the Sassanids at 7th AD was far more progressed and far ahead than any Islamic Nation Today at 21sth century including Islamic Republic of Iran!


So Mazdak wanted to share everyone else's wives! Obviously Governors, Mubeds, Feudals and Large Land Owners, also Aristocracy did not go for that! A Class War had started between the Peasants and lower classes who practically lost their social status on one side and the Upper classes on the other. The middle classes in Iran were like a vanishing element! The distance between the social classes were on the rise, Iran was going towards basically an upper and a lower classes system. The middle classes were disappearing fast! There was obviously a need for reforms, to avoid the social injustice and outbreaks of the later years, yet Mazdak's Ideas were far from a "Social Reform", his ideas were basically causing a "Social Revolution" in the Persian Empire. Khosrow Anushirvan decided to save the empire from a Communist Revolution by Mazdakites. He arrested, slaughtered and exiled the Mazdakites.

So basically, this is how it went historically:

Mazdakites Historical Periods

I. Qobad I, (1st Ruling) 488 AD - 496 AD
Qobad decided to lower the Zoroastrian Temple's Influence in the Empire.
Mazdaki Religion became the official religion of the court by Qobad.
Mazdakite Reforms turned to Revolution.
A Class Struggle occurred.
A Full pledge Class Warfare started to form.
The Title of Shahanshah was taken from Qobad.
Qobad got arrested and jailed by the Aristocracy, Upper Classes and Mubeds.
Qobad escaped and ran out of Iran by the help of his allies like Siyavash.
Qobad ran to Hithies Land and refuged to Hithies.
Qobad made a deal with Hithies Khaqan (Khan).
The Khaqan (Khan) wed his daughter to Qobad, gave him an army and supported him.
The Khaqan (Khan), in return wanted Qobad to take his crown back and then pay a yearly amount of money from Persian treasury to the Khan.

II. Jamasb, 496 AD - 499 AD
Jamasb, Qobad's brother was appointed Shahanshah (King of Kings or Emperor).
Jamasb started to treat the masses with absolute justice and fairness.

III. Qobad I, (2nd Ruling) 499 AD - 531 AD
Qobad returned with the help of Hithies.
Qobad becomes conservative in his ways.
Qobad does not arrest the Mazdakites nor supports them, he stays indifferent toward them and leaves them alone to practice their sect, yet under control!
Qobad pays his due to Hithies Khaqan.
Qobad behaves in accordance to the will of the Aristocracy, Feudals and Zoroastrian Temple.

IV. Khosrow I (Anushirvan), 531 AD - 579 AD
Khosrow I, decides that Mazdakites do worry the Zoroastrian Temple.
Khosrow I, decides that Mazdakites' existence is a direct threat to the security of The Empire.
Khosrow I, arrests, jails, slaughters and exiles Mazdakites, reposes all the properties that they repossessed from the Upper Classes and freed all the wives whom they kidnapped from others.
Salman Farsi, A famous theoretician of Mazdakites, escapes to Arabia
Salman Farsi makes a solemn oath to get revenge from Iran and Iranians.
Salman Farsi, together with Ali and Mohammed writes the Quran and begins to establish the Religion-Political Ideology of Islam, he inputs all his Mazdaki Communist ideas into Quran.

Salman Farsi and Creation of Quran!

One of the close comrades to Mazdak, was "Salman Farsi" and as we know, Salman fled to Arabia and made a solemn oath to take revenge from Iran and Iranians. Salman was one of the theoreticians of the Mazdaki Sect. He taught and transferred all his Pre-Communist ideas to Islam. He became one of the main theoreticians of Islam. Salman, along with Ali (The Fourth Caliph and head of Shiites), Mohammed, and somewhat Abu Bakr, combinely wrote the Quran. Mohammed was illiterate, he could not read or write, but he was a very wise man, way ahead of his time in Arabia. He saw the opportunity of using Salman's Mazdakite Ideology for the benefit of promoting his own Ideology, which was Islam. Mohammed was basically speaking and debating to document the Ideology of Islam, and Ali with Salman were actually writing the Quran. There were also other contributors among the literate Arabs, yet they played a minor role. So Mohammed, Ali, and most importantly Salman, sat down and together copy/pasted, and stole parts and verses from Book of Mazdak, Bible, Torah (Old Testament of Jews), Avesta (Book of Zarathustra), and Ideas from Ancient Aryan Religions of "Vedaiism" and "Mitraism". They created a collage from all these books, inputted their own twisted fanatical oppressive Male Chauvinistic backward ideas in between the stolen verses, and created a deranged, badly compiled and gathered pile of nonsense called Quran. Then they claimed that Allah came to Mohammed in his visions and brought him the Quran!

Salman Farsi, the greatest Persian Traitor of all times

The reality was that Mohammed, an epileptic patient, often went to the "Famous Cave" and often went into his "Epileptic Seizures", and While dropped on the floor, shaking in a hysterical neural epileptic attack, and while foam was rushing out of his mouth, he saw visions, sounds and lights, also he heard sounds from the above! The Schizophrenic Epileptic mind of Mohammed, saw and heard Allah, Angels and other prophets, each to come to him and nominate him as the missioner of God! In a way, every time he wanted to add a special verse to Quran, and every time, it was for his political benefit or social benefit to add a few verses, he went into his special "Cave Trans" and came out of the cave, telling his buddies Salman, Ali and others about his dialogue with Allah! Right away Ali and Salman documented these delusions, also Salman kept on adding more Militant Mazdakite Communist Ideas in between Mohammed's gibberish! So finally this abomination had finished and named Quran! In a way, Quran is the result of Mohammed's personal delusions and opportunism!

Now that we have a background idea about the history of Mazdakites, we shall continue with our saga.

* * *

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Chapter 9 - Babak Khoramdin and The Red Shirts

Babak Khoramdin and "The Red Shirts"

Babak was son of Atropatgan (Azerbaijan). Babak, as the rest of the Persians during occupation era, also had an Arabic name. All Persians during the 222 years of occupation had to also choose an Arabic name for themselves. Babak's Arabic name was Abdullah. In youth, he was a simple farmer working for another farmer who owned his land, named Javidan.

L. Babak Khoramdin in battle gears
R. Babak Khoramdin in formal gear

Later on in life he self educated himself and he developed an Anti Arab attitude. He grew to become an amateur philosopher and an intellectual. He chose to become a Mazdakite (Pro Religion/Sect of Mazdak). In fact, he had a very progressive mind, yet he had to draft members for his cause by using a religion as a social tool.

Babak in surface was a leader of a pro Mazdaki Sect, yet underneath, his intentions were to end Arab Supremacy of Iran, get the Arabs out of Iran and the Islam along with them. He established to gather a group of Revolutionaries around him. They were pro armed-struggle to free Iran. Babak's followers wore Red Shirts; therefore, they were called "The Red Shirts". Babak made a coalition with Sepahbod (General) Maziyar of the House of Qaren in Tabarestan and General Afshin, the Persian commander of the Arab forces.

Babak's Castle in Azerbaijan

From 816 AD to 837 AD, for 21 years, the Revolts of Babak and his sect of "The Red Shirts" or as Arabs call it The Khoramiya (Mazdakite sects of the Khoramiya, dualists who believed in the transmigration of souls and reincarnation) against the landed nobility and Arabs in Azerbaijan, and from 827 AD, also in Western Persia, went on. For 21 years the Red Shirts, made life hell, for the caliph and the occupying force of Arabs. Ma'mun The Arab Caliph could not get rid of Babak and his Red Shirts. Babak and his Red Shirts slaughtered over 500,000 Arabo-Muslim soldiers, mercenaries, sympathizers and other half-breeds who were pro Arabo-Muslim Rule. The Muslim Caliphate had lost commando battles after commando battles against these Partisan Compatriots; furthermore, a half million of its man power! Mutasim became caliph and he chose a totally different approach to capture Babak. He knew that Babak is too smart and well trained to be defeated in the battle, so he had to use Treachery Arab Style!

What was the best Treachery that Arab's could use against Persians?

As always, the best method for Arabo-Muslim to defeat Persians and the best tool for them to use, was "The Persian Traitors"! Persian Treachery had become a tradition among the Persians!

Babak's Castle on top of the mountain, impossible to be captured.

On 837 AD, The caliph, Al-Mutasim, sends his army to Azerbaijan under General Afshin to put down the twenty year rebellion of the Khoramiya under Babak! Even though Afshin was in coalition with Babak and even though Afshin had an understanding with Babak, yet he was too concerned about his position in the Arab court, his military position in the Arab Army and his social status in the Persian Occupied Territories! Afshin became very afraid of the circumstances of his actions! He was afraid of the Mutasem ol bi-Allah The Caliph of Muslemin. Afshin knew that Mutasem meant business, and he was destined to get rid of Babak. Afshin knew that he had to make a choice! In the past, Afshin was in cahoots with Babak and he had left Babak's hands open to do as he pleased in his campaigns against the Arabs, yet now, he had to make a decision between his position in the Arab Hierarchy and promises of a promotion, or the wrath of Mutasim.

Babak Khoramdin leader of the Red Shirts, rising the Red Banner and charging for the revolution.

Mutasim, unlike Ma'mun, was a very determined man in his will, and he was very serious about this issue. Finally Afshin obeyed Mutasim, and led the forces of Arabo-Muslim toward Azerbaijan. Afshin knew better, than to fight Babak. Fighting Babak, meant a long and miserable commando warfare for another 21 years! Instead, Afshin decided to trick Babak; therefore, he pretended to be a friend and pretended to wanting to debate in a neutral spot, yet with a prior plan, he arrested Babak, who came without his many bodyguards, for a dialogue! Afshin betrayed Babak, Iran and the cause. In front of Babak's unbelieving eyes, Afshin ordered the arrest of Babak, then he ordered to tie him up and send him to Caliphate in Baghdad.

When Babak was taken to Baghdad in chains and shackles, Mutasem told him that he would kill him in a slow torturous way! Mutasem told him that he would make Babak to feel the pain that all those half a million Arabo-Muslim suffered by his hands! Picture horrifying dungeons of Caliphate's Castle. Now picture Babak hanging from chains with one side wrapped around his waist and the other connected to a ceiling hook. Picture four limbs shackled and pulled in four different directions with excruciating pain, while Babak is hanging in mid air! Then Mutasem told him:

"You made a mockery of the office of Caliphate, you destroyed half a million of my faithful subjects, you made Ma'mun, the last Caliph to take the hope of capturing you, to his grave! You stood in front of us for 21 years like a solid wall, and now the time of destiny has come. I shall make an example of you, so there will be no other Persian, ever again, to defy The Rule of Islam in Iran".
(Caliph Mutasem al bi-Allah Abbasid)

First, Mutasem, faced Babak, and stared him in the eyes, a betrayed, tortured, and beaten Persian warrior glanced back at him with tired eyes. Mutasem spoke:

"These are the arms who fought soldiers of Islam for 21 years, in the name of Allah, I will cut the arms of the infidel."
(Caliph Mutasem al bi-Allah Abbasid)

Then, took his sword out and cut Babak's both arms. Babak had tears in his eyes from the unbearable pain, yet he refused to give him the pleasure of screaming! The pain got so huge, that he screamed:

"Why, Oh Why you betrayed The Mother Land?!" (referring to Afshin, selling out Iran).
(Babak Khoramdin)

Even at this unbearable moment of pain, he was primarily mourning the betrayal of Iran by Afshin! Next, Mutasem spoke:

"These are the legs, which roamed around the land of Allah freely, and without any fear of Allah and Caliphate. Now, I will cut these legs"!
(Caliph Mutasem al bi-Allah Abbasid)

Then he raised the blood dripping sword and with massive hateful blows, he cut Babak's both legs. At this moment, Babak was practically in a coma. Next, Caliph spoke:

"This is the head which master minded all this defiance of Caliph, the representative of Allah on Earth. I will cut this head."
(Caliph Mutasem al bi-Allah Abbasid)

With one heavy blow of the sharp sword, he cut Babak's head and the blood of Babak squirted all over the place.

Now picture the headless, armless, legless torso of Babak hanging in mid air with blood dripping off of it …

Finally Caliph calmed down and brought down his sword, while the blood was dripping from it, and while the blood of Babak was all over the floor. Every one of Caliph's subjects were looking at him with unbelieving eyes and simply could not believe the amount of hatred unleashed in such way! Caliph continued:

" I want the whole nation of Persia to see the results of treason to Islam. From the West, to the East, Persians must see, how we deal with the infidels. I order you to take his head to Khorasan (furthest east of Persia) and put it on a spear-top in the middle of a main circle over there, also, take his body to Samereh (furthest west of Persia, and present Iraq) and hang it by the rope upon the gallows in a public display."

Caliph, went on:

"Ajams, must learn, how to be a faithful Muslim." (Ajam = an Arabic term for Persians, meaning a retarded or a weird looking and behaved person)."

Mutasem ol bi-Allah representer of Allah on planet Earth, left the dungeon full of blood, while the armless, legless, and headless, body of one of the greatest freedom fighters of Iran was hanging and swinging from the chains and hooks..........blood dripping from his body was all over the floor, all Red like the Red of his "Red Shirts".

This was the end to a great revolutionary. This is the end of true lovers of Iran!

Mutasem slaughtered Babak, so he could choke the voice of freedom in Iran! He was dead wrong. Babak died but his blood had grown hundreds more like him! The blood of Babak was like the water, feeding the hungry young revolutionaries' hunger! Babak died, and one hundred more Persian Revolutionaries risen from Babak's Blood.

L. Babak Khoramdin, a close-up view
R. Babak Koramdin's face

The Mazdakites believed that Mazdak's wife "Khorame" had escaped the atrocities in Ctesiphone (Madaen in Arabic) and later on appeared in city of Rey; therefore, the people who followed her were named "Khoram-dinan" (meaning, pro religion of Khorame). So Babak had chosen the last name of Khoram-din for himself because he was a pro Khorame's appearance in Rey. He became, Babak Khoramdin and his followers were called Khoram-dinan or as Arabs called them Khoramiyah (Khoramiya). Babak's Revolutionaries wore, Red Shirts and raised the Red Flag and Banner; therefore, they were referred to as the "Red Shirts". The very pronunciation of this term used to put fear in the hearts of Arabs! Red Shirt meant an unbelievable Persian Warrior with animal-like agility, fierce, speed, and super powers who could live and fight in the mountains and woods of Azerbaijan (Atropatgan) and Western Iran for years without the need for much food or water! Arabo-Muslim and their Half-Breed Persian Traitors were horrified of the Red Shirts! The Red Shirts kept on raising the Red Flag and kept on fighting for a while, yet without Babak's Military Genius and Spiritual Leadership, it was a lost cause........ finally, on 838 AD, Babak and The Red Shirts' Revolts was suppressed in Azerbaijan, but the legend of Babak lived on.........

The "Persian Treachery" and The "Persian Holocaust"

I would like to speak a few words about this horrible tradition of "The Persian Treachery"! It is amazing that Persia had always owned the greatest warriors and freedom fighters of the region and they kept on fighting the Arabo-Muslim Oppressors for decades, yet the Arabs always managed to defeat the voice of freedom, and they always managed to do it with the same tactic! The tactic was to use "The Persian Traitors" and "The Persian Treachery" to defeat Persian Freedom Fighters. Through the history of Persia, we can always see this element of treachery. We can always find a few rotten apples, and eventually we can always notice the birth of a new sub culture of "Persian Treachery". These Traitors were the ones who caused the collapse of Persian Empire and the mighty Persian Military, by the hands of Arabo-Muslim, or at least they were one of the most effective factors for this catastrophe.

Persian Traitors, were also one of the main factors that the "Persian Holocaust" had happened. Hundreds of thousands of Persian Civilians' Death, Massacre of Women and Children, Mass rapes of the Persian Women, Enslaving of tens of thousands of Persian Women and migrating them to Arabian Peninsula, was all and all due to the participation of these Persian Traitors.

Persian Traitors, sold Iran, for money, wealth, position, and promises of better economical and social status. Then there were those Persian Traitors and Half-Breeds whom their faith to Allah made them to join hands with Arabs, and caused them to betray their fellow Persians. Arabs by themselves could not possibly win all these wars, mass murder all these Persians and later on oppress and mass murder all these freedom fighters! Throughout the history, we witness the cooperation of these Persian Neo Muslim, Persian Muslim and Persian Sellouts, who participated with Arabo-Muslim thorough the years to destroy Iran and Iranians. The Sub Culture of Persian Treachery, became documented and popular and eventually it became the base to establish the new phenomenon of a new breed of our population whom are the "Iranian Muslim"!

The end results of the betrayals of these Persian Traitors is the Destruction of Persian Culture.

* * *

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Chapter 10 - The Reward and Punishment Policy of Arabo-Muslim

"The Reward and Punishment Policy" of Arabo-Muslim

Eventually betraying Iran, had paid off pretty well, and every day, we witnessed the birth of more and more Iranian Muslim! The combined element of Arabo-Muslim forcing Islam down the Persian throats, and also the pay offs for betraying Iran by Arabs, worked as a combination of "The Reward and Punishment Policy" of the Arabs towards Persians. It worked this way:

The Punishment:
To not to be a Muslim, Arabs would punish you, jail you, lash you, charge you with heavy taxes (Jaziyeh), Exile you and make you leave your home, like they done to Parsis of India who fled Iran to India, or ultimately behead you by the sword of Islam.

The Reward:
Now, on the other hand, if you would become a good Muslim and betray your fellow Persians, give away to the occupying regime, the freedom fighters' names, or act as an informer, possibly join forces with the Arabs and fight side by side the Arabs against your fellow Iranians, then Arabo-Muslim would reward you with all kinds of positions, wealth, better social or economical status, or at least if you were a person in high positions, you could remain in your position and keep your status, only if you would cooperate with the occupying regime. Eventually it paid off to be a Muslim, a good so called moral and productive member of the society and citizen of the Islamic Empire.

Does this sound familiar? Wasn't the same thing that also occurred in 1978? Weren't Jebhe Meli, Hezbe Tudeh, Nehzat Azadi and other Meli Mazhabi the Neo Persian Traitors, Half-Breeds and Converted Muslims? If we don't learn from the history, then the History repeats itself, doesn't it?

The Persian Traitors are the direct creation of this Arabo-Muslim Policy of "Reward and Punishment". This is the policy that went deep in the souls of our fellow Iranians. This is the policy that we witness over and over causing brother to betray the brother, until this very day in Iran!

Afshin betrayed Babak and in turn, Ibn Al-Tahir of Taherids betrayed Afshin and the Persian Treachery went on and on and on........... things became as bad as brother betrayed brother, for instance Kuhyar betrayed Maziyar, and this is how Arabo-Muslim controlled Iran for 222 years. Even until this day The occupying half-breed AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Regime) of Islamic Republic, has been controlling the Persians with the same policies and tactics of "Reward and Punishment", since the Reaction of 1979!

House of Qaren, More Elaboration

Now, we shall elaborate more on the House of Qaren, a branch of Sassanid Dynasty. Let's travel to Tabarestan (today's Mazandaran) and meet the House of Qaren. The famous House of Qaren was started by General Qaren [in Persian: Arteshbod = General or Field Marshal, Sepahbod = Lieutenant General], The Sassanid Sepahbod. Generations of Qaren were ruling in Tabarestan for decades; at one time the Tabarestan Mountains were called The Qaren Mountains.

The Tales of Two Generals: Vandad Hormoz and Shervin

Vandad Hormoz was the third generation of the House of Qaren. During his era, Caliph of Baghdad, sent his missionaries to Tabarestan and they practically seized control. The harsh treatment of Tabaris started and the high taxes, discrimination against Persians in their own land, also the oppression became unbearable. People of Tabarestan took the case to Vandad Hormoz of the House of Qaren. Vandad Hormoz knew that his participation in the revolts would mean the end of the House of Qaren, but he simply could not turn the oppressed masses of Tabarestan down. Speakers of The People started a lengthy conference with Vandad Hormoz and in return Vandad Hormoz consulted the other local Persian Governors and Aristocracy, like "Sepahbod Shervin" and "Shahriyar". Combinely, they decided on a certain date to attack the Caliphates Adjutants in Tabarestan. Finally they attacked the Arab forces and killed Caliphates' Adjutants. This episode has happened during Caliphate of Mahdi 775 AD - 785 AD. When the rebellion started, no one could stop it!

Vandad Hormoz

Tabarestan Revolts

Let me give you a record of Arab Casualties:

Arab Commanders:

Omar Ibn Al Al'a with 6000 troops in Ruyan
Ali Ibn Al Hesani with 500 troops in Velashgard
Nasr Ibn Al Omran with 500 troops in Gilan Abad
Saeed Ibn Al Va'laj with 1000 troops in Saeed Abad
Hazm Al Sa'di with 1000 troops in Kolar Abad

All these Arabo-Muslim got slaughtered in One Day with the combine effort of Vandad Hormoz, Shervin, Shahriyar and the oppressed masses of Tabarestan. The riots expanded to the neighboring state of Daylam (Gilan) and soon most of the Caspian Sea Shores were covered by the rebellion. The depth of this one day rebellion was so large and so fierce that it has been written that in one day, all women who were forced married to Arabs, Persian Traitors, and other Half-Breeds, either killed their husbands or surrendered them to combine Persian forces! In one day, as planed, Persians rushed the streets of Tabarestan and killed any Arabo-Muslim, or Persian Traitor that they would find anywhere in public! Mass executions of Persian Traitors and Arabs went on, all the way until the dark.


Islamic Inquisition of Persia

Mahdi was one of the most blood thirsty Caliphs ever. It was during his era, that the Islamic Inquisition of the Persia started full power! Mahdi created a special task force under the leadership of "Al Areef". The Interrogator "Al Areef" was to find any Persian who was against the Arabo-Muslim occupation of Iran and eliminate them. Any Non-Muslim, Political Opposition, or Freeman was a candidate for interrogation and public execution. The first state of Persian Empire, state of Mesopotamia (present Iraq) with the capital of Ctesiphone (Madaen) which was practically burned to the ground, was the first candidate for "Al Areef's" Inquisitions. Ctesiphone was once the envy of the world and the most beautiful city in the world. Persian Empire was the most powerful Super Power of the time and Ctesiphone was its capital. What Arabs done to Ctesiphone cannot be told or written in words! Imagine today's Washington DC or New York City become leveled to the ground! Afterward, the animosity toward Persians had started in Mesopotamia which through the years, it turned to a full pledge Inquisition and at Mahdi's time The Inquisition was at its height! As long as being a Zoroastrian was a Major Crime, then many people changed their religion to Mani's Religion (a Persian Philosopher and Prophet), Manichean sect and Maniism became very popular in the state of Mesopotamia. Al Areef did not care, he executed Zoroastrians, Mazdakites, Manicheans, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and any other Non-Muslim who was recognized as the enemy of caliphate; therefore, enemy or a threat to Mahdi and Muhareb to Allah (declaring to be God)!

The Tabarestan Campaigns

First Campaign
As soon as the news of Tabarestan revolts reached Mahdi, he sent his blood thirsty commander "Salem Al Forqani" with a massive multiple armies to Tabarestan. A major battle occurred at "Ahlam", Vandad Hormoz offered to give his famous personal valuable White Horse plus its Jewel stitched Saddle, to the first person who would bring "Salem Al Forqani" dead or alive to him! Vandad Izad, his son accepted the challenge and the mission! Despite the rejection and avoidance of Father that believed, he was not professional enough to do the task, Vandad Izad, left for Salem Al Forqani. Eventually his troops attacked Salem and Vandad Izad killed Salem. The news reached Vandad Hormozes camp and father became very impressed about his son's courage!

Second Campaign
Caliph furious about Salem, sent his commander "Farashe" with 10,000 fresh troops to Tabarestan. Sepahbod Shervin and Vandad Hormoz made a plan to run away from the Arab Organized Forces and make them to follow the Persian forces. After they got the Arabs where they wanted, then they would surround them with only 400 men and slaughter them by a rush. They chose this strategy because the Persian Rebels did not have the manpower to fight an official organized battle. Finally the plan worked. Vandad Hormoz and Shervin beheaded the Arab commander Farashe and sent his head with an Arab soldier messenger to Baghdad for Mahdi! They slaughtered the Arabs with the passion. The Arab Armies defeated and scattered all over the place. Finally a major group of them gathered around and retreated to Baghdad. At this point Mahdi was much furious.

Third Campaign
"Ruh Ibn Al Hatam" and his troops were sent to Tabarestan and got defeated because of the commando warfare of the Tabari Forces.

Fourth Campaign
"Khaled Barmecide" of the Barmecide Family was sent with his troops to Tabarestan. Khaled was Persian and he knew better that fighting against Tabari Commandos in Mountains and Jungles of Tabarestan is an impossible task! It would take a lengthy campaign and finally he would get eliminated or assassinated! So he made peace with Vandad Hormoz and Shervin.

Fifth Campaign
Qasam Ibn Al Sanan was sent to Tabarestan with his massive troops. Qasam's troops were defeated and scattered due to hit and run, night invasions, surprise attacks and "Anti Offensive" commando warfare of Tabaris in the Tabarestan Woods and Mountains.

Sixth Campaign
Yazid Ibn Al Mazid and his Armies were sent to Tabarestan. Yazid decided to make a peace negotiation with Vandad Hormoz, to save the further annihilation of his Arab Troops!

Seventh Campaign
Hassan Al Qahtabeh the famous General with his special Army was sent to Tabarestan. He also decided to make peace with Vandad Hormoz!

Tabarestan was becoming a Dead Lock and a Talisman which would not unlock! Mahdi was getting out of his mind, he became obsessed with conquering Tabarestan. Finally Mahdi sent his wise son Hadi to Tabarestan to sign a peace treaty and to invite Vandad Hormoz to Baghdad to serve the caliphate in Baghdad. Hadi signed the peace treaty and promised that Caliphate Adjutants in Tabarestan will be appointed of fair and just men. Vandad Hormoz was tired of war and he signed the treaty and went to Baghdad to serve the Caliph. The new Adjutants to the Caliph in Tabarestan seemed to be fair. Eventually Mahdi died and Hadi became Caliph. During Hadi's era, "Vandad Aspan" who was the brother of Vandad Hormoz and the governor of Tabarestan started a conflict with Caliph's Adjutants in Tabarestan!

Vandad Aspan observed that caliphs Adjutant is over expanding his authority; therefore, he beheaded him! Hadi in return wanted to behead Vandad Hormoz, who was living in Baghdad at the time. Vandad Hormoz, pleaded that Vandad Aspan is his enemy, and he wants Caliph to kill him, so he could run Tabarestan by himself, forever! Now, if Caliph would send him to Tabarestan, he would bring Vandad Aspan's head to the Caliph! This was of course a trick! Hadi made Vandad Hormoz to swear to Quran (he converted to Islam at the time) that he would remain faithful to Caliph, Vandad Hormoz did that and he left to Tabarestan, but switched side and once more joined the rebellion! An oath to Quran meant nothing to Vandad Hormoz, who was as Pure of a Persian as they came! Hadi passed away and Harun Al Rashid came to power, also Harun had a half Persian son from a Persian Mother Ma'mun. Harun eventually got involved with a full pledge riot in State of Sistan and then Khorasan. Harun came up with an idea to keep the sons of Sepahbod Vandad Hormoz and Shervin in Baghdad as guests but in fact as kidnapped assets to avoid the Generals to riot in Tabarestan. By doing this, he would guarantee himself a peaceful Tabarestan, so he could concentrate on the Sistan and Khorasan Campaigns. This was the policy of Harun Al Rashid until he passed away in Khorasan, next came Amin his son and then Tahir over threw Amin and brought Ma'mun his half Persian brother and other son of Harun to power.

It was amazing how Persian commanders would invade Baghdad and change Caliphate from one dynasty to another (Abu Moslem) or among the same dynasty from one Caliph to another (Tahir)!

After Ma'mun came to power, he decided to visit Iran. He met General Vandad Hormoz in Rey. He wanted to purchase a lot of land in Tabarestan, but Vandad Hormoz told him that it is a very nasty action in our culture to sell Persian Lands! After a long negotiation, Vandad Hormoz as an act of generosity and good faith, just granted Ma'mun the deeds to a large amount of lands and villages, as gifts and he named them "The Ma'muni Lands". Peace finally came to the region. After Vandad Hormoz passed away, his son Qaren took his place and after Shervin passed away, his son Maziyar took his place.

Ma'mun sent his new adjutant "Hani Ibn Al Hani" to Tabarestan and Hani was not interfering with political affairs and was collecting a fair amount of tax. So meanwhile peace had restored in North Iran. Next page

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