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Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind
A Nicholas Ginex Book in English


Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind
Book in English: 4 Chapters

Introduction: Ahreeman X
Author: Nicholas Ginex
September 26, 2020

Nicholas Ginex Eccentric Secret Path in which Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind
AI Robot: Keep it Secret; Only Inform those who want to Evolve!

The Future Depends on the Humanistic Uses of AI

We are now moving towards the future. Future is what you make of it. You steer this ship. The Future can destroy you or progress you in peace and harmony. The future can be prosperous. The future world is built by you. The disastrous or greatness of this future is in your hand. There are crucially important decisions to be made by the humanity about the possible future. Be wise in your decisions.

Nicholas Paul Ginex is a critical thinker who ponders deeply about the problems facing the mankind in the 21st century. One such issue is the AI.  The author states the problems in regards to AI, conducts a complete analysis, trouble shoots the possible upcoming disasters, puts forward solutions, sees a vision on how mankind can intelligently draft AI to progress him but not to enslave him, and paves the path for a smart and constructive future for the mankind.

The Man – Machine Contact
Nicholas Ginex Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind Book

Eccentric Path

Ginex puts forward an eccentric yet radically scientific path forward to the future world. This path maybe strange to many but innovative by using AI in such a way in which every American can be given the opportunity to use their gifts and to enjoy a quality of life that has never before, been achieved by the entire population of a country!

Nicholas Ginex Fireplace Chat
Nicholas Ginex Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind Book

Journey Through the Mind

This book is a journey through the mind of Ginex. In this journey he warns of the Chinese hi-tech threat, Chinese accomplishments in hi-tech, The Big Brother is Watching, Tech Giants’ Oligarchy, Dangers of Oligarchy Controlled Society, and the job loss.

Ginex seeks a balance between the technology and the nature, progress and humanity, benefits of the hi-tech and the human salvation, evolution and spirituality.

Ginex elaborates on how the humanity can use AI intelligently without being used by the AI; furthermore, how the humanity can control the hi-tech evolution rather than becoming a pawn in the hi-tech scenario. The author digs deep in to the economic aspect of the AI evolution.  The author does some critical thinking and puts forward solutions on how the society may need constitutional changes to adapt to the future world. We must be wise to create and maintain a balance between the labor force and the AI force.

In conclusion, Ginex attends to philosophical aspects of this issue and other human issues in general. He brings forward subjects such as beginning of the universe, atom, UFO, extraterrestrials, Anti-Gravity and Zero Point Energy. Ginex is on a constant search for solutions to solve human problems.

AI Robots Processing and Computing
Nicholas Ginex Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind Book

Author’s Focus Points

Author is basically focusing on these issues:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact on American jobs.
2. AI solution recommended for the American economy.
3. AI can be used to balance the American economy.
4. Constitutional laws may be needed for AI implementation.

Nicholas Ginex Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind Book Front Cover


Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind Chapters

Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind Chapters Index



Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind

I. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence
1.0 China Leads the World in AI Implementation
1.1 The Chinese Innovator, Kai-Fu Lee
1.2 China can Surpass U.S. AI Implementation
1.1 The Promise of AI Has Serious Implications
1.2 The Future of Work
1.3 Defining the Problem
1.4 The Surveillance Capitalists
1.5 The Surveillance State

II. Understanding the AI Impact
2.0 Wealth of the Top 10 Billionaires in America
2.1 Results of the Wealthy Donations
2.2 How Two Billionaires Use Their Net Worth
2.3 Artificial Intelligence and the World Economic Forum
2.4 Multibillionaires Are a Potential Threat to the Freedoms and Well-Being of Americans
2.5 Evaluating the Net Worth of American Workers and Multimillionaires.

III. Mankind’s Future with Artificial Intelligence
3.0 A Way to Achieve a Future for Mankind
3.1 Improve America’s Educational and Religious Institutions.
3.2 A way to Resolve the Inequality of Net Worth in America
3.3 Simplistic Income Calculation for Workers
3.4 Calculation of Worker Incomes Using U.S. Net Worth
3.5 Benefits Using the U.S. Capitalist AI Fund
3.6 U.S. Capitalist AI Fund Resolves Inequality Using GDP
3.7 Artificial Intelligence Requires Constitutional Changes
3.8 AI Can Correct the Imbalance of Incomes and Renew the Future
3.9 Final Thoughts for Americans as We Enter a New Era

IV. Conclusions

Legacy of a Father

The Beginning of the Universe
The Beginning of the Universe Began with the Electron 
The Basic Building Block of Matter
Tewari Confirms Nikola Tesla’s Memorable Quote
A Philosophical View of Consciousness 

Disclose Extraterrestrial Technology for Humanity
1.0 Disclose ET UFO Technology for Mankind
2.0 Paul Hellyer Video with Jim Sparks
2.1 What do the Keepers want us to know?
3.0 Jesse Ventura Interview with Dr. Steven M. Greer
4.0 Define the Problem
4.1 The Problem Exists on a Military and Industrial Level
4.2 The Problem Exists Psychologically
4.3 The Truth Will Set Us Free.
5.0 Solve the Problem
5.1 Disclose UFO Technology
5.2 Promote Public ET Communication
5.3 Actively Engage Your Local Representative and Our President
5.4 Ginex Letter to President Trump – 2020
6.0 A World Movement for Zero-Point Energy
6.1 A Request for all Readers of this Article
6.2 Dr. Steven M. Greer Letter to Trump and Putin
7.0 Conclusions
8.0 Appendix. List of Persons Murdered

Author Bio


Nicholas Ginex Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind Book Back Cover

“Nicholas Ginex is a valuable philosopher, Egyptologist, scholar, author, and a scientific person. Inside IPC (Iran Politics Club), he needs no introduction and outside IPC, all you need to know is that he is a true American Patriot, Concerned Global Citizen and a Lovely Humanitarian. Nicholas is well educated and radically logical. He seeks the truth, exposes corruption and offers solutions. His writings are strongly recommended to read.”
(Ahreeman X)

“Knowledge without action means nothing!”
(Nicholas Paul Ginex)

“Knowledge and Love Leads to Wisdom.”
(Nicholas Paul Ginex)

Overall, this book focuses on the technological, economic, social and philosophical issues, challenges and benefits which AI will present. Ginex states issues, challenges, benefits and puts a path forward which provides smart progress for the mankind. Ginex vision of the future is worth reading and pondering about.

Nicholas Ginex the author, philosopher, scholar and seeker of the truth
Nicholas Ginex Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind Book

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Now you are ready to read the book:

Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind Book

Enjoy the book:

Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind

Welcome to the Future World.

Dr. X


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