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Allah, We, Our and Us
Book of 9 Chapters in English


Allah, We, Our and Us
Book of 9 Chapters in English
Nicholas Ginex
December 16, 2014

Jihad Al Akbar, Allah O Akbar
(Holy War is Great, Allah is Great)
“Hear, See and Speak No Evil of Islam!” (Obama’s Monkey See, Monkey Do Liberal Administration)
Jihadi Muslim Sword Warrior: “Stay quiet and you’ll be OK!” (Muhammad Atta 9/11/01)

"Knowledge without action means nothing."
(Nicholas Ginex)

Nicholas Ginex

“Nicholas Ginex is a valuable author, scholar and philosopher. His writings are enlightening and informing to the open minds. His views are about universal love and peace for the mankind and all creatures throughout the universe. Reading Ginex books are essential for the philosophy, history and science buffs and enthusiasts.

Ginex is an explorer in time and space, travelling with the warp speed throughout the universe, seeking for the truth of the universe. Can you catch up with Ginex? The only way you can, is if you have an open mind!”
(Ahreeman X)

Allah, We, Our and Us

“Allah, We, Our and Us, the most controversial book of Nicolas Ginex is now available online for free exclusively in IPC “Iran Online Library”, the largest Iranian online library in the world. Take advantage of this opportunity, read it, inform and enlighten yourselves. This book is in English and archived in the Iran Online English Library.”

Allah, We, Our and Us, the most controversial book of Nicolas Ginex

Before reading the book, review these contents:

Table of Contents Index
* A Few Words by Ginex
* What is in the Book: Contents and Chapters
* Foreword
* Allah, We, Our and Us: Online E-Book Version

A Few Words by Ginex

This book is dedicated to those courageous men and women who, throughout the ages, have faced adversity and death to enlighten us with the truth about God.

The books I have written have come into fruition only through the influence of many wonderful people who have entered my life.

The cover of this book strongly compelled me to write and impart knowledge that must be shared with you.

I am ever grateful for the blessings in my life. The knowledge I have acquired I humbly impart for millions of people around the world. They are the ones who will bring hope for a peaceful world by being proactive to encourage and, if necessary, pressure Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religious leaders to unify their beliefs and teach the Word of God – love one another.

Stoning Women in Islam
A Persian woman is getting buried from the waist down so she will not be able to move and escape the stoning while the good Muslims stone her to death! Sister of Zeynab, the Iranian female moral police in chador (right) and two Basij Militia members (top and left) are burying the woman and preparing her for the stoning to come. By the words of Allah, the Sharia Law of Islam sees fit for the women to get stoned to death as the proper punishment!

What is in the Book: Contents and Chapters

In this book you will read about:

1.0 Traditional Islamic Beliefs
2.0 The Qur’an’s Beauty and its Flaws
3.0 Who Is Allah, We, Our and Us?
4.0 The Purpose of the Qur’an
5.0 Judaic and Christian Abominations
6.0 There is Only One Universal God
7.0 The Judaic, Christian and Islamic God
8.0 Protesters Initiate the Arab Spring
9.0 A New Spiritual Awaking


Book Reviews
List of Figures
List of Tables


1.0 Traditional Islamic Beliefs
1.1 The Traditional Belief of Unity
1.2 The Oneness of God
1.3 Muslims Surrender Their Lives to God
1.4 The Five Pillars of Faith
1.5 The Five Pillars of Islam
1.5.1 The Canonical Prayers
1.5.2 The Obligatory Fast in Islam
1.5.3 The Supreme Pilgrimage of Islam
1.5.4 Remitting the Zakat Pleases Allah.
1.5.5 The Important Act of Jihad.

2.0 The Qur’an’s Beauty and its Flaws

3.0 Who Is Allah, We, Our and Us?
3.1 The Qur’an Refers to More than One Creator
3.2 When Was the Qur’an Written?
3.3 We, Our and Us Identify a Party of Men
3.3.1 The Qur’an Sanctions a Party to Forbid Evil
3.3.2 Religious Leaders Preserve Muhammad’s Honor
3.3.3 The Qur’an Begins with Intimidation and Fear
3.3.4 The We Party Abrogates God’s Commands
3.3.5 The Qur’an Sanctions Fighting and Killing
3.3.6 The Qur’an Promotes Suspicion and Animosity
3.3.7 The Qur’an Advocates Terror against Christians
3.3.8 The Qur’an Incites and Advocates Hatred and Violence
3.3.9 The Qur’an Commands Muslims to Kill for God
3.3.10 The Qur’an Incites Anger and Creates Enemies
3.3.11 The Qur’an Commands Muslims To Behead Disbelievers
3.3.12 A Party of Men Use the Qur’an to Command Atrocities
3.4 The Qur’an’s Ten Commandments
3.5 The Only Scripture that Describes Heaven

4.0 The Purpose of the Qur’an
4.1 The Rise of an Islamic Empire
4.2 Islam Spreads by Conquering Other Countries
4.2.1 Muslim Conquests under the First Caliph
4.2.2 Muslim Conquests under the Second Caliph
4.2.3 Muslim Conquests Under the 3rd and 4th Caliph
4.3 Islam Spreads into the Western World
4.3.1 The Intolerance of Islamic Extremists
4.3.2 What Prevents Muslims from Worldly Successes?
4.3.3 Abominations by Fanatical Muslim Extremists
4.3.4 Qur’an Assessments by Former Muslims

5.0 Judaic and Christian Abominations
5.1 The Evils of Judaism
5.1.1 God is Used to Commit Murder.
5.1.2 The Impulsive Sin of Moses
5.1.3 Abominations in Judaic Scripture
5.2 The Evils of Christianity
5.2.1 Religious Intimidation Is Much Milder Today
5.2.2 Burned at the Stake, a Spirit Surfaces
5.2.3 A Former Dominican Friar and His Beliefs
5.2.4 Religious Domination over Science
5.2.5 From Religious Heretic to Sainthood
5.2.6 The Mutual Benefits between Church and State
5.2.7 Abominations in Christian Scripture

6.0 There is Only One Universal God
6.1 Jesus Proclaims a Revelation
6.2 Is Amen a Word, Jesus, or a Revered God?
6.2.1 So be it, Amen and Verily
6.2.2 Is Amen Jesus or an Egyptian God?
6.3 The Attributes of Amen
6.3.1 The Lord of Truth
6.3.2 Amen, the Just of Councils
6.3.3 Amen, God of Righteousness and Justice
6.3.4 Amen, God of War
6.3.5 Amen, God of Perception
6.3.6 Amen, Heals and Responds to Prayer
6.3.7 Amen, God of Mercy
6.3.8 The Attribute of Love.

7.0 The Judaic, Christian and Islamic God
7.1 Two Profound Verses in Scripture
7.2 The Trinity Controversy
7.3 The Word of God.

8.0 Protesters Initiate the Arab Spring
8.1 The Tunisian Revolution
8.1.1 The Egyptian Revolution
8.1.2 The Libyan Civil War
8.1.3 Political Protests Spreads to Other Arab Regions
8.2 The Root Cause of Arab Discontent and Conflict
8.2.1 The Qur’an is the Source of Discontent and Violence
8.2.2 Muslim Atrocities Documented in Just One Month
8.2.3 History confirms the Qur’an’s Use for Islamic Expansion
8.2.4 Many Muslims find Islam Intolerant and Reactionary.
8.3 The Solution to Arab Discontent and Violence

9.0 A New Spiritual Awaking
9.1 Recommendations for Religious Leaders
9.2 Key Thoughts to Apply for a Spiritual Awaking
9.3 Actions for Religious Leaders and Worshippers
9.4 Needed Changes to the Holy Scriptures
9.5 Religions Must Change to be Relevant for Humanity

Appendix. Muslim Atrocities in Just One Month
Index - Allah, We, Our and Us
Author Bio

List of Figures
Figure 1. Islam Ka’bah and Muslims in Prayer.
Figure 2. Rise of the Islamic Empire from 632-750 CE.
Figure 3. The expansion of Islam in the Eastern World.
Figure 4. Islamic expansion around the world.
Figure 5. Muslims inciting terror, hate and violence.
Figure 6. A woman about to be stoned to death.
Figure 7. A woman stoned to death by Muslim extremists
Figure 8. Jesus proclaims Amen as the Beginning of the Creation of God.
Figure 9. Nefertari receives Truth from Isis
Figure 10. Anubis presents to Pharaoh Amenhotep II the Symbol of Truth.
Figure 11. The Egyptian Symbol of Truth.
Figure 12. Jesus Refers to Himself as the Son of Man.
Figure 13. Islamic objective is to dominate the world
Figure 14. Scripture evolves as man gains knowledge

List of Tables
Table 1. The Ninety-Nine Names of Allah.
Table 2. The 'Loves' of God in The Qur’an.
Table 3. The Ten Commandments in the Qur’an
Table 4. Throne Names of Pharaohs with "Amen" or "Amon."
Table 5. Is Love in the Ten Commandments?

Nicholas Ginex the author, scholar and philosopher


This book informs people around the world of a manmade cancer that may lead to the destruction of many lives and possibly our earth. It should be of great interest to Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religious leaders for they are part of the problem that has caused division among God-loving people. That division is the use of the belief of God by Religious and Ruling Authorities (RRAs) to control their followers with the objectives to acquire the wealth and resources of other countries.

Today we are witnessing that Muslim terrorists groups are aggressively and forcefully achieving the RRA objectives with greater frequency. Islamic religious leaders follow the belief revealed in their Holy Scripture, the Qur’an, which indicates they have the only true religion. This belief is so ingrained in the minds of all Muslims that they believe they are commanded by Allah to unify their belief for all people. Differences by Muslim religious followers over the beliefs held by other people have resulted in bigotry, hate, violence, and the killing of innocent people in many, many countries.

In fairness, this book identifies many abominable verses in the Judaic and Christian scriptures. It is therefore imperative for religious leaders to read this book carefully to gain a clear understanding why
they must work together to unify their Judaic, Christian, and Islamic beliefs in one God. After all, they all truly pray to the same God. It is their scriptures that must be improved to further the moral and spiritual growth of mankind. This is a challenge that can be successfully accomplished if they work together to unify their beliefs in the one-universal God and teach the Word of God.

To begin on a practical course of action, all believers of the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religions must loudly proclaim that they disavow the teaching to kill people who believe in God in a different way. They must hold their religious leaders accountable for the abominable behavior that endorses hate, violence, and the killing of innocent people by putting them in locked cages as you would for any mean, unreasonable animal. Only the people themselves can effect change. Religious leaders will be resistant to change due to inculcated dogma that they cannot let go of. They will need the assistance of daughters and sons of God; people who are gifted with perceptive, intelligent minds, and loving hearts. This book focuses on the Islamic religion due to the many groups of fanatical men who believe they follow the Word of God in the Qur’an. To present a fair assessment of why there are large numbers of Muslims that believe they follow the only true religion, it was necessary to present the views of two highly respected Muslims who have both authored a history of Islam. They have served as excellent resources to reveal the prevalent views many Muslims are taught and devoutly believe.

Upon presenting traditional religious beliefs of Muslims, this book provides a clear, objective understanding of the Qur’an by letting the Qur’an speak for itself. Whole suras are given so that the reader is assured they read a truthful and honest appraisal of the Qur’an. Any defense by Muslim Imams, Caliphs, and Mullahs to refute the findings and conclusions of this book are welcomed. It is only through open discussion with honest and truthful efforts can there be any beginning to establish world peace.

It is incumbent upon religious leaders and followers of the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religions to be open to change whereby they can agree on the worship of one-universal God. God does not subjugate His followers to bow down to Him and control their lives, but to honor Him by developing their mental and spiritual gifts, embrace knowledge, and obey His command – love one another.

To read and view the historical maps of the Arabo-Muslim invasion and occupation of the east (Persian Empire) and the west (Roman Empire), review:

Atlas of Iran Maps: Chapter 6: Arab Muslim Invasion Occupation

An Informing debate of Nicholas Ginex to review:

Debate: Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X (Philosophy of Existence)

Allah, We, Our and Us: Online E-Book Version

Now you are ready to review this astonishing and informing book by Nicholas Ginex. Enjoy and happy reading:

Allah, We, Our and Us

This book is dedicated to those courageous men and women who, throughout the ages, have faced adversity and death to enlighten us with the truth about God.

We recommend this valuable book:


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