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Iranian Population Inside and Outside Iran
2010 Demographics


Iranian Population Inside and Outside Iran
Ahreeman X and IPC
July 25, 2010

Azadi (Shahyad) Circle, Tehran, Iran


I wanted to do this project for a long time. It has been quite a time that I have meant to research, study, gather data, conduct analysis, calculate, create data lists and document this project; however, time did not allow me to actually do it. Let’s face it that Iranian scholarly community had failed to create even a semi accurate population data list for the records. This lack of sufficient information had caused the thirsty researchers and students to not be able to quench their thirsts for accurate information. There was simply an urgent need to document an accurate population data list for the Iranians inside and outside Iran. As an international community, how can we attend to more important tasks without having the knowledge of our population in the globe? This knowledge would help us to develop various proper political, economical, social, cultural and technical plans for the future.

Public demands and they have the right to know the truth. It is essential to research, study, prepare and document an accurate statistical list of data on Iranian population inside and outside Iran. So far all resources were flawed, outdated and terribly inaccurate; therefore, I took the challenge and together with IPC colleagues, we have documented the most accurate population data on the Iranian population inside and outside Iran.

Why Census Results are Inaccurate?

Census inside and outside Iran is flawed. The system, the organization of questions and the results are all flawed.

Iranians have a mistrust of government starting from even before IRI, at the Imperial era. Everyone was afraid of speaking politics and a slight critic of the government, set aside reporting private issues about their household (such as census). The tradition has become worst during the theocratic regime and the tradition carried on abroad and to USA.

Many Iranians do not file census and the ones who do file, write their race as white. In the past, census had a space for race and another space for ethnicity but now it is only one for race.

Today, various Iranian organizations ask the Iranians to classify themselves as “Iranian Americans” or “Persian Americans” in the Census. Iranians could not write “Iranian American” under the ethnicity even if they intended to do so. There is no ethnicity box in the census form! Surely they will not write “Iranian American” under the race, because “Iranian American” is not a race but an ethnicity. Iranians by majority are white; therefore, they classify themselves as white. Besides, who wants to be marked by the US Government as an Iranian target?

Iranians mistrust the Iranian government and they surely hate to fill up and file any census and questionnaire organized by the Iranian government or any other demographical or geographical institute. This is why the Iranian statistics in general (inside Iran) are basically estimations.

Iranians have a mistrust of the government and that includes any government. They surely hate to report the details of their lives to any government. Due to this mistrust, they either do not file census or if they do, they do not do it accurately. Iranians are not only mistrusting the governments, yet they also mistrust the media and organizations who urge them to file census. For instance, the Iranian Americans in general mistrust both the US government and Iranian Government, yet they mistrust mostly the Iranian American Media (Websites, TVs, Radios, Publications, etc.) who urge them to file census! Put yourselves in the shoes of an average Iranian American and explore his mind.

What does an Average Iranian American Think of Census?

The average Iranian American asks these questions from himself:

* Why US Government is so interested in my private life?

* Why certain Iranian American Media are so anxious to report my private life to the US Government?

* Why certain Iranian American Media are so interested to dig into my private life?

* Why certain Iranian American organizations are so fascinated to know the details of my life?

* Why are IRI Lobby Groups in America (NIAC, AIC, PAAIA, etc.) and IRI Media in America (, Payvand, etc.) which are all in love with Obama’s Appeasement policies towards IRI, are so supportive of Census and practically forcing the Iranian American community to participate in Census?

* Will all these information somehow ends up in the hands of IRI?

* Why should I hand over the details of my private life to the US Government on my own will, when I am even concerned about the possible mail monitoring, phone taps, audio and video bugs and other surveillance devices setup by the US Government at my home?

* What guarantee do I have that the same thing which happened to the Japanese, German and Italian Americans during the World War II (camps) will not soon happen to the Iranian Americans and me?

* By filing Census, will I become a good sacrificial lamb on the way to the slaughterhouse?

These are not humor or jokes, but they are actual questions which are circulating in the minds of the Iranian Americans and Iranians in general. In fact at the present time which the US Government under Obama is becoming more and more in charge and control of every aspect of the American lives from owning and running the automobile companies, banks, insurance companies, healthcare and possibly media, the average Iranian American becomes more paranoid!

Obama’s Socialist Regime and administration are sticking their nose in every aspect of the American lives. The size of the government and its role is mass expanding and challenging the Free Markets and the fundamentals of the American Constitution. US Government under Obama reminds us of the golden age of the USSR Government under the Russian Marxists and today’s glory days of the Communist Chinese Government overseeing every angle of the Chinese citizens’ lives. The only difference between Obama’s Regime and the Chinese Regime is that China is a “Totalitarian Capitalist” Regime but Obama’s Big Government is a “Marxist Islamist” Regime with Socialist Economic agenda and Islamist Apologist policies! In fact China is becoming more capitalist than America! While China is mass experimenting with Free Markets and becoming a global superpower, Obama is experimenting with Marxism while Social Engineering America; furthermore, destroying America’s myth and leadership in the globe and reducing America to a 2nd rate European Socialist Government!

If you were an Iranian American living under Obama’s Big Socialist Government, would you trust to share the details of your life with this government? Our fundamental and constitutional rights including but not limited to the first and second amendment rights are in jeopardy!

Yes, the above are the actual questions which are asked by the Iranian Americans!
Here are some of the reasons that census inside and outside Iran are inaccurate:

Reasons for Inaccuracy of Census

* Census questions are wrongly prepared and organized (both inside and outside Iran)
* Many do not fill up and file census
* Iranians mark themselves as White and racially they are correct
* No space for ethnicity in US Census so people can’t write Iranian American or Persian American
* Silent majority inside and outside Iran does not file census or statistics
* Iranian underground (immigrationally challenged) population (outside Iran) does not file census
* Mistrust of governments avoids Iranians to file census. Can you blame them?
* Mistrust of Iranian media and organizations who urge Iranians to file census

Do you really believe in the Census Results?

So do you actually believe in census results? If so, then how can the total Iranian American population in America be 1 million when only Los Angeles County’s Iranian residents are 1 million strong?!

CIA World Factbook and Other Online Sources are Flawed and Outdated

Just take a look at them and see obvious mistakes. See how far off they are on statistics. They are outdated, flawed and full of blunders. No wonder that historically, CIA has always managed to come up with the wrong data, assessments, analysis and decisions about Iran.

Scientific Method of Population Calculation

On the other hand, I sincerely believe in the scientific method of population calculation. Scientific research, data gathering and calculation are the key to discover accurate information on population. Now I will elaborate on the scientific method:

From where do we collect our information?

Our information is based on our research sources:

Research Sources for Population Calculation
* Official Sources: Census, Immigration Agencies, Geographical Institutes, Statistical Data
* Unofficial Sources: Various Demographic Information
* Opposition Sources: Inside Information from various opposition groups, orgs and parties
* Inside sources: Amnesty, Refugee Rights, Human Rights and Women’s Rights orgs.
* Academic Sources: University faculty, staff and students from inside and outside Iran
* Cultural Sources: Ethnic, Religious and Cultural orgs.
* Average Calculations of all available official and unofficial data
* Statistical Estimations and projections based on latest population data

What groups do we include in our population samples?

We analyze, calculate and include all proper and possible population groups in our population samples. For example these are the population groups included in our population samples of the Iranian Americans (largest Iranian population group outside Iran):

Iranian Americans
Immigrants (Citizens, Residents)
Asylums (Political, Religious, etc.)
Workers (Employment Visa)
Students (Student Visa)
Legal Entry but expired visas
Illegal Entry

* Note 1:
In above groups are not included the foreign citizens of Iranian Ancestry such as Parsis of India, Iranis of Pakistan, American borns of the Iranian origins and Ajams of Arabian Peninsula.

* Note 2:
- Arabs refer to Iranians and people of Iranian ancestry as Ajam.
- Ajam = Weird and Deranged Person (In Arabic)

Which Scientific Method Systems do we use for Population Calculation?

To figure the most possibly accurate and logically realistic numeral values for the population samples, we use two different method systems:

a. Statistical Methods
b. Mathematical Estimation Methods

Now we will elaborate on both method groups:

Statistical Methods

Statistical Methods used to figure each population value:

* Mean
Mean is a numeric value figured by the sum of all observed population samples in a list, divided by the number of population samples in the list.

In formula:

List = a
Sum a / # a

* Median
Median is a numeric value separating the higher half of the population samples in a list from the lower half of the samples. If the number of observations in the list is odd, to figure the Median, we have to organize, arrange and list all observed samples from the lowest to the highest and then pick the middle one. If the number of observations in the list is even, to figure the Median, we have to organize, arrange and list all observed samples from the lowest to the highest, then figure the Mean of the two middle number values.

In formula:

=> = Then
If {a, b, c} and [a < b < c] => Median = b
If {a, b, c, d} and [a < b < c < d] => Median = (b+c) / 2 Or Mean of b and c

* Mode
A set of population data consists of various lists. Each list consists of various observed sample values. Mode is the value which occurs most frequently in a set or a list of population data.

In formula:

=> = Then
In {a, b, b, c, d} and {b, b, b, c, d, e, f} => Mode = b

* Note:
Mode can be Unique or Not Unique and a list can be Bimodal or Multimodal.

Mathematical Estimation Methods

* Probabilities
By having the knowledge of the past population numeric values, plus using the complex systems and formulas, we can draw statistical and mathematical conclusions for the possible present and future occurrences of the population numeric values.

In formula:

=> = Then
U = Union
If (a U b) = {c} and (d U e) = {c} => (a U b) = (d U e)
If {a} < {b} and {b} < {c} => {a} < {c}

* Proportions
By having the knowledge of the past population numeric values plus the use of mathematical proportions, we figure the present or future numeric value of a population unit. A Proportion is a mathematical statement in which states that two numeric ratios are equal. Proportions are written in the form of two equal fractions. Proportions can be written in two ways:

a / b = c / d
a:b = c:d

For instance:

Iran Population 2007 / Tehran Population 2007 = Iran Population 2010 / X
X = Tehran Population 2010

When 3 numeric values are present, we can always figure the X variable.

These were our research sources and the scientific population calculation methods which we use.

A Sample Comparison

Back in 2007 we published:

Iranian Population 2007
Iranians Inside = 70,000,000
Iranians Outside = 6,400,000
USA = 2,400,000
Washington DC = 60,000
California State = 1,100,000
Los Angeles County = 900,000
San Diego County = 70,000
Orange County = 35,000
Israel = 100,000

Compare it to today:

Iranian Population 2010
Iranians Inside = 75,000,000
Iranians Outside = 6,950,000
USA = 2,650,000
Washington DC = 66,000
California State = 1,300,000
Los Angeles County = 1,000,000
San Diego County = 75,000
Orange County = 40,000
Israel = 107,000

*      *      *

Now let’s expand and elaborate our statistics:

Iranian Population Inside and Outside Iran 2010

* Note:
These numeral statistics are for Iranian born residents and citizens living inside and outside Iran. They do not include foreign born Iranians (Iranian Ancestry).

2/3 of the Iranian population inside Iran are under the age of 30.

Iranian Population 2010
Iranians Inside Iran 75,000,000
Iranians Outside Iran 6,950,000


Ethnic Groups of Iran 2010
Rank Ethnic Group Percentage of Population
1 Persian 55 %
2 Azeri 18 %
3 Kurdish 8 %
4 Gilak 5 %
5 Mazandarani 3 %
6 Lor 3 %
7 Baluch 2 %
8 Turkmen

2 %

9 Arab

2 %

10 Qashqai 1 %
11 Other: Armenian, Jew, Assyrian, Georgian, Gypsy, Black, Indian, etc 1 %
T Total 100 %


Population of Iranian Cities 2010
Rank City Population
1 Tehran


2 Mashhad 2,600,000
3 Esfahan 1,720,000
4 Tabriz 1,510,000
5 Karaj 1,500,000
6 Shiraz 1,320,000
7 Ahvaz 1,040,000
8 Qom 1,020,000
9 Kermanshah 840,000
10 Urumiyeh 620,000


Population of Iranian Counties 2010
Rank County Population
1 Tehran 14,500,000
2 Esfahan


3 Mashhad 3,080,000
4 Tabriz 1,714,000
5 Karaj 1,510,000


Population of Iranian Provinces 2010
Rank Province Capital Population
1 Tehran Tehran 15,000,000
2 Khorasan Razavi Mashhad 6,021,000
3 Esfahan Esfahan 4,918,000
4 Fars Shiraz 4.698,000
5 Khuzestan Ahvaz 4,655,000
6 East Azerbaijan Tabriz 3,779,000
7 Mazandaran Sari 3,100,000
8 West Azerbaijan Urumiyeh 3,034,000
9 Kerman Kerman


10 Gilan Rasht 2,551,000


Population of Iranians Abroad 2010
Rank Country of Residence Population
1 USA 2,650,000
2 Turkey 857,000
3 UAE 565,000
4 Iraq 268,000
5 India 166,000
6 UK 158,000
7 Canada 131,000
8 Germany 129,000
9 Israel 107,000
10 Kuwait 86,000
11 Qatar 78,000
12 France 66,000
13  Australia 64,000
14 Sweden 58,000
15 Lebanon 54,000
16 Syria 53,500
17 Russia 53,000
18 Bahrain 51,000
19 Pakistan 43,000
20 Holland 33,000
21 Tajikistan 32,500
22 Japan 27,500
23 Oman 27,000
24 Greece 21,000
25 Armenia 17,000
26 Austria 16,000
27 South Korea 14,000
28 Philippines 13,500
29 Egypt 12,000
30 Spain 11,500
31 China 11,000
32 Denmark 10,500
33 Switzerland 6,500
34 Italy 6,200
35 Belgium 6,100
36 Norway 6,000
37 Portugal 5,500
38 South Africa 5,400
39 Morocco 3,300
40 New Zealand 3,200
41 Libya 2,700
42 Cyprus 2,100
43 Finland 2,000
T Total


O Other Countries 1,017,000
GT Grand Total 6,950,000


Iranian Population in Cities Abroad 2010
Rank City Country Population
1 Los Angeles USA 536,000
2 Dubai UAE 321,000
3 New York USA 115,000
4 London UK 105,000
5 San Francisco USA 100,000


Iranian American Population in Cities 2010
Rank City State Population
1 Los Angeles California 536,000
2 New York New York 115,000
3 San Francisco California 100,000
4 Washington DC District of Columbia 66,000
5 San Diego California 40,000
6 Houston Texas 32,000
7 Dallas Texas 28,000


Iranian American Population in California Counties 2010
Rank County Population
1 Los Angeles County 1,000,000
2 San Francisco County 130,000
3 San Diego County 75,000
4 Orange County 40,000
O Other Counties 55,000
T Total 1,300,000


Iranian American Population in States 2010
Rank State Population
1 California 1,300,000
2 New York 166,000
3 Texas 130,000
4 Virginia 83,000
5 Maryland



For more information on Iranian and global races and ethnicities read:

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology

This would bring us to the end of our research. We hope it will be a service to the statistics enthusiasts and knowledge seekers. As a global community, to properly plan our important tasks and future agenda, we must be aware of our numbers.

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