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Chapter 3. Iran Historical Maps
Achaemenids, Greco-Persian Wars, Greco-Macedonian Occupation, Seleucids

Chapter 3. Iran Historical Maps
Achaemenid Persian Empire 2

Greco-Persian Wars
Alexander Greco-Macedonian Invasion Occupation
Seleucid Empire
Arsacid Parthian Kingdom

032 Greco-Persian Wars 502 BC - 449 BC Map
Achaemenid Dynasty: 559 BC – 330 BC
Greco-Persian Wars: The Large View

033 Greco-Persian Wars: The Greek World 500 BC - 479 BC Map
Greco-Persian Wars: The close-up View

034 Greco-Persian Wars Map

035 Greco-Persian Wars Routes Map

036 Greco-Persian Wars Campaigns 1 Map
War Tactics and Strategies Battle Map

037 Greco-Persian Wars Campaigns 2 Map
Routes and Battles Map

038 Greco-Persian Wars 499 BC - 479 BC Campaigns 2 Map
Greco-Persian Wars (499 BC – 479 BC) States Battle Map

039 Greco-Persian Wars Battle of Thermopylae 480 BC Map

040 Greco-Persian Wars Battle of Salamis 480 BC Map

041 Peloponnesian War: Athens and Sparta Map

042 Peloponnesian War Athens and Sparta 431 BC - 434 BC Map
Athens versus Sparta
Athenian League versus Spartan Allies

043 Peloponnesian War: Athenian Allies vs. Spartan Peloponnesian League Map
Forming Alliances at the beginning 431 BC

044 Peloponnesian War Athens and Sparta 431 BC - 404 BC Phases Map

045 Greco-Persian Wars: The Greek World, Rise of Macedonia 336 BC Map

046 Persian Empire road system Map
Persian Empire’s Royal Roads South 521 BC – 486 BC

047 Persian Empire royal roads Map

048 Persian Empire Antique 1907 Map

049 Persian Empire (West) Antique 1907 Map

050 Persian Empire (East) Antique 1907 Map

051 Alexander’s Empire 330 BC - 323 BC Map
Routes of Alexander’s Conquest of the Persian Empire

052 Alexander Conquest of Persian Empire Map
Greco-Macedonian Occupation of Persian Empire

053 Alexander Greco-Macedonian Empire Map

054 Alexander Greco-Macedonian Occupation of Persian Empire 330 BC - 312 BC Map

055 Seleucid Empire and the Parthian Kingdom 250 BC Map
Parthia was originally a part of Seleucid Empire, then became an independent kingdom and then an empire. Arsacid Dynasty were the ones who finally kicked the Seleucid Greco-Macedonians out of Persia and returned Persia to the Persians again.

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