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Chapter 10. Iran Historical Maps
Qajar Persian Empire, Qajar Persian Kingdom, Pahlavi Iran Kingdom

Chapter 10. Iran Historical Maps
Qajar Persian Empire
Qajar Persian Kingdom
Pahlavi Iran Kingdom

168 Iran during Fath Ali Shah Qajar 1797 - 1834 Map

169 Western Iran during Fath Ali Shah Qajar 1797 - 1834 Map

170 Eastern Iran during Fath Ali Shah Qajar 1797 - 1834 Map

171 Fath Ali Shah Qajar Persia 1808 Map

Qajar Empire
Qajar Dynasty: 1794 AD – 1925 AD
Qajar Empire (1794 AD – 1797 AD) during Aqa Mohammad Khan Qajar, the only worthy Shah of Qajar and the last Iranian Emperor (Shahanshah). Aqa Mohammad Khan saved the integrity of Iran with the skin of his teeth. He kept the enemies of Iran (Ottoman, Russian and British Empires) at the bay.
This map is the Qajar Empire’s aftermath, during Fath Ali Khan (1808 AD). Iran still owned majority of her Imperial landmass.
After Aqa Mohammad Shah, Qajar Empire had become Qajar Kingdom. Aqa Mohammad Khan was the final Shahanshah (Emperor) of Iran. Rest of the Qajar rulers were Shahs (Kings).

172 Fath Ali Shah Qajar 1814 Map

173 Qajar 19th Century Iran Map

Qajar Kingdom
Qajar Dynasty: 1794 AD – 1925 AD
Qajar Kingdom (1797 AD – 1925 AD)
Aqa Mohammad Khan Qajar was a worthy Shahanshah and he kept the borders of Persian Empire intact and secure, but other Shah's of Qajar were not worthy and caused the greatest damage of all, to Mother Persia.

Loss of Land Mass after Aqa Mohammad Khan
During Qajar Reign, Iran had lost most of her land mass including:

Pakistan (Baluchistan Half)
Part of Russian Caucasia (Ossetia)
Bahrain Island (originally lost during later Zand Dynasty Era)

174 Russo-Persian War 1803 Map 1

175 Russo-Persian War 1803 Map 2
Russo-Persian War
Russian Attacks
Persian Attacks
Russian Charge
Persian Retreat

176 Qajar Persian Territorial Losses of Gulistan 1813 and Turkmanchai 1828 treaties Map
Abbas Mirza the Persian General Prince fought bravely and even had some early victories but Fath Ali Shah never sent the supplies promised to him, so Persia lost the war to Russia.

177 Qajar Caucasus Territorial Losses Map

178 Iran 19th Century Territorial Changes Map

179 Western Iran 19th Century Territorial Changes Map

180 Eastern Iran 19th Century Territorial Changes Map

181 Persia Qajar 1921 Map

182 Qajar and Pahlavi Territorial Changes 19th and 20th Centuries Iran Map

183 Qajar and Pahlavi Territorial Changes 19th and 20th Centuries West Iran Map

184 Qajar and Pahlavi Territorial Changes 19th and 20th Centuries East Iran Map

185 Bahrain Map

Case of Bahrain Island: A Walk through the History
Persian Empire had historically owned the Bahrain Island since the Achaemenid Era (559 BC - 330 BC). In 1521 Portuguese Empire seized the Bahrain Island. During the Shah Ismail I Safavid (1501 - 1524) Iran did not have a strong navy, so Portuguese started to rule the Persian Gulf. They fabricated a puppet Hormoz Kingdom as their protectorate and together they seized the Bahrain Island. They ruled Bahrain for over 80 years. Shah Abbas I The Great (1587 - 1629) came to power and revived and upgraded the complete Persian military including the navy. In 1602 Shah Abbas kicked the Portuguese and their puppet Arab rulers out of Bahrain and Persian Empire re-seized the control of Bahrain for 2 centuries.

During the late Zand Dynasty era, Persian Empire once again had become weak. Ali Morad Khan Zand (1782 -1785) Restored his kingdom but lost Bahrain Island to the Arabs under the British influence. British caused the separation, independence, and later created the protectorate of Bahrain. Britain took advantage of Iran’s weakness during the late Zand Dynasty.

Aqa Mohamad Shah Qajar (1794 - 1797) started the Qajar Dynasty, united Iran under one flag and created a once more strong Iran. After the loss of Bahrain by Zands, in just 13 years later at 1796, Aqa Mohammed Khan revived the Persian Empire and created a powerful Qajar Dynasty. He kept the Russians, Ottoman Turks, British and other enemies of Iran at the bay. He kept the integrity of the Persian Empire, yet due to lack of a powerful navy, he could not regain Bahrain. After Aqa Mohammad Shah, the Qajar Dynasty declined! British had finally caused the separation of Bahrain as a puppet independent state.

After the occupation of Iran by the allied forces at WWII, Britain would not let go of Bahrain, so Reza Shah the Great wrote a letter to the Allied command to return Bahrain to Iran. At the same time the British started using one of their famous tactics (Divide and Conquer) to start agitation between Shiite and Sunni population in Bahrain to start a riot and find excuse to regain control. Once again they reestablished a puppet Arab regime in Bahrain.

In 1957 the Iranian parliament declared Bahrain as the 14th province of Iran with two empty seats allocated for her representatives. The Arab backlash was huge. Mohammad Reza Shah even pushed for people of Bahrain to conduct a referendum to remain with Iran or become independent. Arabs refused and saw the danger of losing control. Finally British fabricated a UN poll which demanded independence for Bahrain.

Later at 1971 Bahrain became an independent Nation (another British fabricated nation). Shah of Iran made an agreement with the British and due to this agreement Bahrain was lost yet 3 islands of Abu Musa, Lesser Tunb and Greater Tunb had become officially Iranian territories. Even though Iran had regained the 3 islands in the Straight of Hormoz region, yet it was during the Pahlavis and reign of Mohammad Reza Shah which Iran had officially and finally lost Bahrain. A UN Mandate granted Bahrain independence.

Once again the British have managed to chop off another state of Iran and fabricate an independent nation!

Important Note
Arab Iranians' Race and Language
Many Azeri Iranians are not Turks but they speak the Turkish Tongue.
Many Khuzestani Iranians are not Arabs but they speak the Arabic Tongue.
Same way,
Many Bahrainis are not Arabs but they speak the Arabic Tongue.
In fact many Bahrainis are Iranian or Iranian rooted.
The above people are not Turks or Arabs, but they speak Turkish and Arabic due to the centuries of Turkish and Arabic Imperialism occupying their lands.

186 Pahlavi 1979 Iran Map
Pahlavi Kingdom and After (1925 - Present)
Reza Shah The Great and After
This is a 1979 map of Iran.
Today's Iran is a fraction of what she used to be! Reza Shah The Great (Father of Nation) and Pahlavi Dynasty, had done much good for Iran and practically dragged Iran out of the Dark Ages and in to The Industrial Age and Modernization Era. Pahlavi's efforts were much, yet the Old Glory was never recaptured!

Iran is still a very large country.
Today’s Iran
is 7 times larger than United Kingdom
is 5 times larger than Norway
is 4.5 times larger than Germany
is 4 times larger than Iraq
is 4 times larger than US State of California
is 3 times larger than France
is 2.5 times larger than US State of Texas
is 2 times larger than Turkey
is 2 times larger than Pakistan
United States of America is about 6 times larger than Iran.

Let us make a pact that from this moment on, we will not allow Iran to become smaller, yet in the future we will expand her territories and revive The Persian Empire.

187 Iran-Iraq War 1980 - 1988 Map

188 Iran Map

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