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IPC Revolutionary Movement's Goals
IPC Operations:
IPC Revolutionary Movement's Goals
Written on March 24, 2002
Revised on January 24, 2007

IPC Immortal Guards Banner

IPC Revolutionary Banner

In the name of Iran and All Iranian Freedom Fighters

IPC Banners

* IPC Immortal Guards Banner is Purple because The Original Persian Imperial Immortal Guards Elite Force colors were Purple. At center of the banner, there is the Persian Lion with the Persian Straight Sword. Behind the lion is the Holy Sun with Mitra, the Persian Sun Goddess' face visible in the sun, to protect the lion.

* IPC Revolutionary Banner is Red because The color of Revolution and Sacrifice is Blood Red. At center of the banner, there is the Persian Lion with the Persian Straight Sword. Behind the lion is the Holy Sun with Mitra, the Persian Sun Goddess' face visible in the sun, to protect the lion.

To view all IPC Flags and Banners, and to gain more information, read:

Iran Politics Club Flags and Emblems


IPC Revolutionary Movement is an absolutely separate political entity than the IPC itself. "IPC Revolutionary Movement" is independent of The "Iran Politics Club". To be a member of "IPC Revolutionary Movement", one must be a member of "Iran Politics Club"; however, a member of "Iran Politics Club" (IPC), does not have to be a member of "IPC Revolutionary Movement". One can say, that to be a member of the movement is like taking it to a second level or a higher level of struggle.

For instance, any person with any ethnicity and political ideology can become an IPC Member, but only those IPC members who are sympathizers, affiliates or members of the opposition, can become the members of the "IPC Revolutionary Movement".

The Definition and The Constitution of the Iran Politics Club has been stated in the IPC Website:

Constitution of Iran Politics Club

So have in mind that "The Movement" and "The Club" are Two Separate entities. They are not necessarily related to one another.

Now, we shall define the IPC Revolutionary Movement:

Definition of The Movement

When we started this movement, by no means, we had any intention of creating yet another political party or organization! There are already "Hundreds of Political Parties" out there! We had no intention of creating another one! We did not start this movement to "Divide", yet we started this movement to "Unite". The whole purpose of The Movement was to give our best effort to unite the separated links of the opposition, to unite the sympathizers, affiliates, members, and ultimately the leaderships of the variety of the opposition groups.

IPC Revolutionary Movement

IPC Revolutionary Movement members belong to "All" different Iranian political parties and organizations. In other words, IPC Revolutionary Movement members are members and sympathizers of various opposition groups. IPC Revolutionary Movement is a sample of Iranian Opposition. IPC Revolutionary Movement represents Iranian Opposition.

IPC Revolutionary Movement is not a specific political group or a party with a specific unified agenda or constitution. The Movement is made up of "All Opposition Members". All the members of this movement are in fact members of the opposition.

Internal Organization of The Movement

IPC Revolutionary Movement does consist of a variety of opposition members from a variety of opposition organizations and political parties. There are existing members of the Monarchist, Republican, Social Democrat, Socialist, Muslim, Communist and of course Nationalist opposition groups and parties amongst our sympathizers, affiliates and members. All our members are from a variety of the different political ideologies among the political spectrum of Iran, yet they are working together in the spirit of The Solidarity amongst the opposition forces.

Basically, any person who picks up a Gun or a Pen and uses it against the Islamic Republic of Iran and for the Freedom of Iran, is our brother and sister.

IPC Operations

Our opposition members, sympathizers and affiliates from Iranian Opposition inside, in coordination and coalition with the opposition movement outside, had successfully completed these actions below. In a way, The IPC Revolutionary Movement is IPC's Operational Branch. This movement has opposition members and sympathizers outside and inside Iran. IPC Operations are divided in three parts:

IPC Operations Teams

I. IPC Operations outside Iran (The External Team)
II. IPC Operations inside Iran (The Internal Team)
III. IPC Operations in transaction between inside and outside Iran (The Liaison Team)

IPC Operations includes using all political methods, all tools, all usage of materials, to achieve our strategical goal which is the overthrow of Islamic Republic of Iran by "All Means" possible. We consider all forms of struggle for freedom, as our natural rights. Our ultimate goal is to use all methods of struggle such as:

Political protests, Distribution of Goods, Political Assemblies, Riots, Armed Struggle, Repossession of Masses' financial funds from regime's banks and other financial institutions, Revolutionary elimination of any of the regime's elements, all to agitate a variety of "Riots", an over all "Rebellion", "Walk Outs" and "Mass Work Outs" to at last in combination with "Armed Combat", create a mass uprising and a general "Revolution" to over-throw the reactionary regime of the Mullahs.

We consider all acts of violence and non-violence against the Islamic Regime, also all actions to damage the Blood Thirsty Theocratic Dictatorship of IRI, as our natural rights. We consider our members which are in fact opposition members, as Revolutionaries and Freedom Fighters of Iran, we also consider all pawns of this regime as an occupying force which occupies our land or the AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government). As a result, we recognize our struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran as an "Act of War". We, the Nationalists of Iran in addition to all opposition movement are at war with Islamic Republic of Iran. We see all actions fit, to fight this war.

Rule of Four

Back in the early days and even today in IPC Op. we have the "Rule of 4". The Rule of 4, tells us that each person must only know 3 others, so in an operation, the maximum number for each person to know is 3; therefore, each 4 persons from the Op. know each other! Why is that? So when one gets caught and tortured, he can only confess up to 3 other names, and not the whole Operation! The Rule of 4 is the key! The Rule of 4 saves lives.

What Have We Done (The Present Activities)
As of this date, we have done these political tasks:

The distribution of goods inside Iran, as follows,

Hard Copies of IPC Political Organizations, Web pages print outs
Hard Copies of IPC Political Articles, Web pages print outs
Hard Copies of IPC Historical Articles, Web pages print outs
Hard copies of IPC Cartoons, pictures, political arts print outs in format of 4 Graphics per page
Contributed From variety of Artists/members print outs
Revolutionary books
Political books
Philosophy Books
Political Bulletins
Political Pamphlets
Political Flyers
Revolutionary Manuals
Combat Manuals
Fire Arm Manuals
Political Exposing of regime documents
Political News Papers
Political Magazines
Political Instructions

Our members inside Iranian Universities and the Main Cities, in coordination with our Political Liaison Members, who travel in and out of Iran, have printed, copied and distributed these documents.

What Will We Do (The Future Plans)
Near Future Plans:

I. To expand the transfer of political, cultural, historical and traditional flow of information to inside and outside Iran via Internet. To raise the level of political and historical literacy of our youth, for re-creation of their National Identity. To mass educate and inform the youth inside Iran, about their history and culture, which they have been denied to by 28 plus years of Islamic brain wash, isolation, and control by the fundamentalist Islamic Regime of The Mullahs.

II. To re-establish the flow of Funds, Hard Copy Books, Electronic Copies of political instructions (CD ROMs), Manuals, Combat manuals, Warm and Cold Weapons including Fire Arms, from outside to inside Iran.

III. Reinstallation of all transfer roots of opposition from Europe and Asia to Iran.

IV. Reinstallation of our massive Cyber political network in full gear.
"The network is now operating, but in 6th of its full capacity. We hope to use the full potential of this network. This communication network, connects all our political circles around Iran to the main circles in the main cities of Iran and from there to the main cities in Europe and America which in turn all these circles connect to San Diego circle in California."

IPC Network consists of a combination of Video Net Meeting, Net Meeting, Instant Messaging, Voice Chat, and short Wave Operations.

V. Reassignment of worthy opposition members to sensitive positions of international travelers and carriers of goods to Iran and trainers of commando Warfare inside Iran. In other words, to draft a few good men to act as Opposition Liaisons and Combat Trainers who operate as the connectors between the inside and the outside opposition.

The Ultimate Goal is to jump-start a social uprising and a political revolution.

There are already a few good political liaisons operating for the movement, yet we need to restart these missions in a large level frame of operations.

The Geography
Areas of distribution as of this date

I. The Selected major Universities of Iran
II. The Selected Private Sector of Iran
III. The Selected Large Cities of Iran

The Movement's Status
IPC Revolutionary Movement does consist of All members of Iranian Opposition inside and outside Iran. IPC Operations runs by opposition members inside and outside Iran. IPC reserves the right to work, advertise, draft and interact with all opposition members inside and outside Iran.

* Our Tactics: As we see fit

* Our Strategy: Overthrow of Islamic Republic of Iran by "All Means" possible and establishment of a legal, free, and democratic government of Iran recognizable by masses of Iran and the international community.

* Our present status: At war with Islamic Republic of Iran

Our Salutes
We would like to give our regards and respect to all Hamrazman and The Freedom Fighters who lost their lives for freedom of Iran and all Hamrazman who are fighting sincerely to free Iran. We would like to give our salutes to all freedom fighters of Iran who sacrificed their lives for Iran and have been murdered by the hands of The Oppressive Fundamentalist Theocratic Dictatorship of Islamic Republic of Iran. We would like to thank all Hamrazman inside and outside Iran who devote their lives for freedom of Iran.

Glory to all freedom fighters of Iran
Success to opposition and resistance

Long live Iran
Long Live Freedom

IPC Operations inside, outside and in transaction to Iran
(The Internal, External, and Liaison Teams)

IPC operating since March 30, 2000
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