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Iranian Elections or IRGC Revolutionary Guards’ Coup?

Inside Iran’s IRGC: Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps
Iranian Elections or IRGC Revolutionary Guards’ Coup?
Ahreeman X
April 3, 2008

Insignia of the IRGC Qods Force

Let us talk about the latest Iranian Elections (both Presidential and Parliamentary).

According to the latest information from Iran (IPC Operations inside Iran), on the regular basis, the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps aka Sepah Pasdaran) practically takes over the control of the various oil platforms in the Persian Gulf region and forces the oil workers to fill up a number of oil tankers and send them to China for free!

IRI Coat of Arms

These actions are indeed in returns for Chinese aids to the Iranian Nuclear program. These are shady underground deals made by the Sepah! So basically Sepah Pasdaran is a government within the government! Iranian Oil workers and officials are not a bit happy about these transactions, because naturally neither the oil industry nor people of Iran receive any revenue from these undercover transactions!

IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Allah Emblem

This is yet another reason for Iranians to ask from themselves:

Elections or IRGC Coup?

Was the last presidential election held in Iran, a real election or was it a coup by Sepah Pasdaran? In fact, it seems like Sepah Pasdaran had made a coup, took over the Iranian Government and appointed Ahmadinejad as their spokesman!

IRI Square Flag

A sham election conducted by an only for show government. A theocratic government run by Mullahs decides on who can run and who cannot run for the Islamic Elections! Only three fractions of Hezbollah can run for the elections: Fundamentalists (Janati and Mesbah Yazdi’s crew), Moderates (Rafsanjani’s crew) and Reformists (Khatami’s crew). All other political parties of Iran are banned for political activities inside Iran and they are in exile. A few irrelevant political parties which exist as the satellite side kicks of the Reformists are also allowed to conduct business as semi dead entities and are still allowed to exist inside Iran. These whores of opposition are:

Jebhe Meli Iran (Iran National Front)
Nehzat Azadi Iran (Iran Freedom Movement)
Other Meli Mazhabi Groups (National Islamists)

Today, Sepah Pasdaran is beyond the reach of the Iranian laws! Every time a group is above the laws of a nation, such as the SS in Nazi Germany, then that causes a great problem in the structure of that nation’s government. In today’s Iran, Sepah Pasdaran and particularly Niruye Qods (Qods Special Forces Units of The Islamic Revolutionary Guards) are beyond and above the law! In the past they were doing as they pleased and without any permission necessary from anyone; however, today they practically control the government. Furthermore, they have appointed their own president in Iran, named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!

Hezbollah Flag

Today’s Islamic Republic of Iran had evolved from a theocratic dictatorship to a military controlled regime via IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps), headed by the Qods Special Units Force!

Islamic Republic of Iran, has a specific yearly budget for every major Islamic Terror Group including but not limited to Hezbollah of Lebanon, Al Jihad, Al Hamas, Al Jihad al Islamiya' Egypt, PLO, Afghan Shiite Militia, Tajik Islamists, Iraqi Mahdi Army of Al Sadr, Bosnian Muslim Para Militia and more.

Islamic Republic of Iran via IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps), funds, arms, and trains the above groups.

Every year, Islamic Republic of Iran spends more money supporting global Islamist Terrorism and exporting Islam, than feeding, finding employment and housing the Iranian Under Class!

Imam Above IRGC

A while back, IRI had changed its Revolutionary Guards commander. Iran's Supreme Spiritual Leader (Velayat Faqih) Grand Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, had replaced the commander of the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps), which United States had labeled as a terrorist group.

IRGC commander in chief “Yahya Rahim Safavi” was replaced by “Mohammad Ali Aziz Jafari”, Khamenei on public television presented no reason for this exchange:

"Regarding your valuable experience and shining background at different times, and varied responsibilities in the Guards, I appoint you (General Jafari), as the commander in chief of the IRGC.”

Khamenei also mentioned that Safavi, who commanded the Guards for 10 years, would become his senior adviser on armed forces affairs.

The funny thing is that just a while before this event, in two separate occasions, a couple of different groups amongst the IRGC Generals and High Ranking Officers were mysteriously fallen as victims of flight accidents! From time to time, Buddy Holly Planes full of these not so obedient generals falls down from the skies of Iran and these generals end up joining Allah in heavens!

In other words, Imam Khamenei is trying to make a statement:

Hear yee, hear yee,
Even though Sepah (IRGC) assumes that they run Iran, yet beware that Imam does always run the Sepah. Get bold and independent, and then face your demise by the power of Allah via Buddy Holly plane fulls!

Sepah may run Iran, but they should never forget that they must answer only to Imam.

IRGC History

IRGC was created after the 1979 Islamic Revolution because the loyalty of the regular armed forces was in question. The high ranking and low ranking officers were suspected opponents of the regime. IRGC’s job was to protect and serve the Islamic Revolution and Values.

IRI Constitution clearly states that:

“The IRGC is responsible for protecting the Islamic revolution, values and its achievements. The conventional military forces are tasked with protecting the nation’s independence and territorial integrity.”

Before 1979, many officers were trained in the US or Europe, so they were naturally suspected foreign agents! That was an important factor for the creation of a special force, similar to Nazi Germany’s SS Units. A force ideologically driven and faithful to the Islamic Regime until the end!

So the result was the creation of the two parallel military institutions with different responsibilities.

IRGC Organization, Structure and Numbers

IRGC has its own sea, land and air forces. IRGC has these branches:

IRGC Land Force
IRGC Air Force
IRGC Naval Force
Basij Paramilitia
Qods Special Force

IRGC has over 125,000 regulars and about 20 infantry divisions. IRGC Land and Air Force has about 100,000 regulars. IRGC Air Force controls Iran's strategic missile force and has an estimated one brigade of Shahab-1/2 with 12-18 launchers, and a Shahab-3 unit. The Shahab-3 unit estimated 1 battalion with estimated 6 single launchers each with estimated 4 Shahab-3 strategic IRBM Missiles.

IRGC Naval Force are about 20,000 strong including over 5,000 Marines (one brigade).

IRGC Naval Forces are equipped with coastal defense weapons such as HY-2/CSS-C-3 Seersucker SSM batteries and some artillery batteries. They own about 50 patrol gunboats including 10 Chinese Houdang fast attack crafts.

There are about 5,000 IRGC personnel attending other tasks.


IRGC Basij Paramilitia are about 400,000 in numbers. Basij is a volunteer-based force, which consists of 100,000 regular soldiers and 300,000 reservists. IRGC has armed, intelligence, reserve and special forces units. IRG is officially recognized as a component of the Iranian military (under Article 150 of the IRI Constitution).

Qods Force

The IRGC Qods Force are special forces units. Qods are responsible for the creation of the Hezbollah branch in Lebanon (1980s) and Bosnia (1990s).

Qods Special Forces are over 5,000 in numbers with 1,000 hard core elite members. Qods’ mission is to organize, train, equip, and finance foreign Islamic revolutionary movements. Qods Force maintains and builds contacts with underground Islamic militant organizations throughout the Islamic world. Qods Force reports directly to Imam Khamenei. Qods’ present commander is Brigadier General Qassem Suleimani.

Qods’ business is to export the Islamic Revolution globally!

Qods Operations Branches are in this manner:

West (Western Nations)
South Asia (Pakistan, India, etc.)
Central Asia (Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, etc.)
North Africa (Sudan, Libya, etc.)
Middle East
Lebanon Special Branch
Iraq Special Branch

Quds Force has specific plans and operations and some of these plans and operations are of the most interest and priority than the others:

Hezbollah Operations in Lebanon
Hezbollah Operations in Palestine
Hezbollah Operations in Jordan
Hezbollah Operations in Afghanistan
Iraqi Kurdistan Operations
Kashmir Operations
Baluchistan Operations

IRGC and Politics

IRGC is also a political force. For instance, General Mohammad Ali Aziz Jafari, the new commander of the IRGC erected by Imam Khamenei has a history of political activism!

In 1999, when the Iranian students uprisings and revolts had turned to mass protests, General Jafari was one of the 24 corps commanders who, in an open letter to President Seyed Mohammad Khatami, had warned him that if he would neglect to suppress the protests, then they would take the matters into their own hands.

In 2002 General Jafari stated:

"The IRGC is not just a military organization, It is also a politico-military organization. The corps is different from the military. Today, America is issuing threats and, unfortunately, there are groups that are prepared to sacrifice the main goals and principles of the revolution in pursuit of their own political aims. That is why the corps has expressed its views."

What does this mean?

It means that Jafari clearly declares to the Supreme Leader that the same as Khomeini, Imam Khamenei must also grant the IRGC, a much broader political role!

So bit by bit, IRGC started to gain control of the Iranian politics. In 2007, IRGC officer Alireza Afshar was appointed as the Interior Ministry official in charge of the elections!

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is very proud of his Basij history and he calls himself, “A Basiji Teacher”! Dr. Ahmadinejad, a simple Basiji professor!

If US Government is serious about branding IRGC, as a terrorist group, then they require to freeze all the IRGC assets in America. Technically IRGC owns no assets in USA; however, they own all types of indirect accounts under various foundations and organizations or private accounts in USA and the west.

IRGC and Hezbollah in America!

Another interesting yet awkward issue is that the United States has allowed various IRGC and IRI elements to roam around USA freely and pose as scholars!

* Ahmad Rezai son of Mohsen Rezai (Ex IRGC Commander and Secretary of Islamic Expediency Council) comes and goes to US as he pleases. He holds speeches and declares IRGC as a “Patriotic Army” and his Daddy as a “Patriot”. He claims that his dad has been misunderstood! On the other hand his dad in Iran releases a note to the press that:

“Anyone who is concerned about my son's (Ahmad Rezai) statements in USA, they need to speak with the Ministry of the Intelligence.”

So what does this mean? This can only mean that Ahmad Rezai was on an official visit to US.

Ahmad Rezai goes back to Iran and right away becomes his dad’s secretariat or office director!

* Mohsen Sazegara, one of the founding fathers of the IRGC had visited US Universities such as Yale and conducted scholarly speeches! Sazegara declares IRGC to be originally a well-intended organization to protect the revolution and the Iranian people! He declares himself as a global good will ambassador!

* Akbar Ganji, an Ex IRGC Intelligence Officer, responsible for torture and murder of various Iranian opposition members during the mass arrests and executions by IRI, suddenly becomes the present hero of the Reform Movement, worshipped by Reformist Hezbollah, but furthermore, praised by the US Government as an opponent of the regime!

During the internal conflicts between the Fundamentalist and the Reformist Fractions of Hezbollah in Iran, US Government had pushed for Akbar Ganji to be released from the prison, ended his hunger strike and issued him an American Visa to enter United States, conduct political rallies and protests with other fishy characters and organizations (all of them Ex employees of the Mullahs) in America!

While Akbar Ganji was praised for writing a couple of books and vacationing in Hotel Evin, by the:

Reformist Fraction of Hezbollah (Khatami’s crew)
Jebhe Meli Iran (Iran National Front)
Nehzat Azadi Iran (Iran Freedom Movement)
Hezbe Melate Iran (Iran Nation’s Party)
Other Meli Mazhabi Groups (National Islamists)

and all of them Bull Shiite Exiled and Inxiled groups in cahoots with IRI, The Hezbollah Media in USA such as:

Jahanshah Javid and The Iranian

had also served their purpose!

Jahanshah Javid and The Iranian, which serves as a tribune for the Reformist Hezbollah in America, had cheered and celebrated the release and entrance of this Iranian Hero (Ex Fundamentalist Pasdar and Present Reformist) to America!

Akbar Ganji, Jahanshah Javid and similar criminals (Ex Fundamentalist Hezbollah and present Reformist Journalists) must understand that the present wheeling and dealings with US Immigration and Administration to roam and operate in states, will not change anything about their destined future! Once the Islamic Republic of Iran falls and we will establish a free, secular, democratic federal republic of Iran, then every single past and present agent of this regime around the world will be kidnapped and dragged back to Tehran for trials (Mossad Style with Nazis)! All of you will be put on trial and all of you will be severely punished. Fundamentalists, Moderates or Reformists makes no difference, same Shiite. Hezbollah is Hezbollah:

“Kill them all, let Allah sort them out!”

So enjoy your present fame and fortune as Reformist Heroes, Symbols of Resistance, Liberal Pacifists and American Con Artists or Journalists, because the Iranian Opposition has big plans for your future. Soon or late, all of you will face the masses of Iran in public trials (broadcast on Public TV) in Tehran. In the future, you will not be able to hide behind the mask of Reforms, Pacifism, Brotherly Love, and other Bull Shiite!

In the future, you can’t continue calling the Iranian Opposition members (such as myself) racist and sexist or other nonsense. In the future, people like me; will make sure to rip a new anus for yous! I will promise you that we will meet in Tehran. You can run and hide but we will kidnap and drag you back to Tehran and put you on trial as Hezbollah and then hand you to the masses of Iran to rip you a new one. For now, enjoy your lives in America!

For more information, read:

Hezbollah Lobby in America

Hezbollah Front Businesses in America

So IRGC are an ideologically driven force set up shortly after the 1979 Islamic revolution to act as guardians of the Islamic Republic of Iran. IRGC has a separate command structure from the regular Iranian military forces and answers directly to Imam Khamenei.

IRGC Businesses

IRGC also has a growing business interest, including but not limited to an engineering subsidiary named “Khatam Al Anbia” which has taken on several oil and gas projects in Iran, the world's fourth largest oil producer. “Khatam Al Anbia”, the engineering tentacle of the IRGC Octopus, employs over 40,000 people, and in only one month it had won three different contracts worth 7 Billion Dollars.

IRGC is involved with various shady businesses such as drug, alcohol, luxury material, weapons, and other black market trafficking in Iran and the region.

IRGC has practically the monopoly and control of the Iranian coastline alongside the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea in south and the Caspian Sea in north. IRGC owns over 150 different business ranging from defense industries to smuggling and underground black market deals.

US Superficial War on IRGC

US Government brands the IRGC as a foreign terrorist group, a move that enables Washington to target its financial activities. Tehran had laughed at DC’s accusations and threats and shown the finger to DC. The US Administration threat is a part of a larger plan to isolate Iran over its nuclear program.

George W. Bush had clearly stated that:

“IRI’s nuclear intentions will put the region under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust."

So far, all US efforts to push Iran into submission to UN sanctions and demands to suspend uranium enrichment, the part of Iran's atomic program that most worries the West because the process can be used to make fuel for power plants or material for warheads, have been a waste of time.

Mullahs clearly say that they will not stop their legal nuclear program:

“Nuclear Energy is our natural right.”

IRI says its program it entirely peaceful and aimed as a mastering atomic technology program to generate electricity and power. It seems like US is doomed either way!

Not to invade Iran is catastrophic and to invade Iran will also result in a campaign, which will make the Iraqi campaign, look like a Sunday School class! The Iranian campaign will be a nightmare for US Military. Besides, this action will leave a negative result amongst the Iranian population, whom by majority love America. Iranians are practically the only nation in the region who love America.

Almost all the nations of the region have a government friendly to US and people who hate America, but Iran is a sole exception! Iranian government is the enemy of America, but Iranian people are so friendly to the western ways and they love America. This is another reason, why an Iranian invasion would result in a change of heart by the Iranian people! US does not want to risk that!

So US Government has decided to declare the IRGC as a terrorist organization. An organization which has been designed and created by the Mullahs and Hezbollah Central in Iran, to operate as the military wing to protect and serve the political Islam.

IRGC’s ultimate goal as an organization, is the global Jihad (Holy War) and forceful take over of the infidel world (Non Muslim) and the resurrection of the Islamic Empire.

The elite Qods Force of the IRGC have been behind countless conspiracies and terror missions worldwide covering various operations in Bosnia, Lebanon, Iraq, North and South America.

When DC branded the IRGC as a terrorist organization, the IRI officials came to its defense. One was Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati who stated in a sermon:

“The IRGC are not separate from the Iranian people, are you (US Government) introducing the 70 million people living in this country as terrorists?"

How can US Government handle the IRGC?

IRGC Octopus and its Tentacles

IRGC is involved in every aspect of Iranian lives, economy and politics including but not limited to:

Oil Industry
Import and Export Businesses
Borders, Air Ports and Sea Ports’ Customs
Illegal trafficking of goods
Legal trafficking of goods
The nuclear program
Global arming, funding, training and supporting of the Islamist Terrorist Organizations
Murder of US soldiers in Iraq

How can the United States Government keeps a blind eye on the massacre of the marines in Lebanon and 101 other Hezbollah atrocities around the world against the American people and American benefits? How can you make heroes out of criminals (Reformist Liberals)? There is a force, which is actively fighting the IRI and Hezbollah, and it is called the Iranian Opposition. Reformist Hezbollah are not Regime’s opponents, but they are a fraction of Hezbollah. There exists an internal conflict between the different fractions of IRI. This does not automatically declares the Reformists as the freedom-loving pacifist anti regime forces!


CIA Cinderella's Millions and 1001 Persian Prince Charmings

Washington - Tehran Cat and Mouse Games - Then and Now!

US - Iran Situation Analysis - Advice to the US Government

US Imported Democracy and Rise of Islamism! - Repeated Advice to the US Government

End Words

The question remains,

How can the United States Government declares IRGC as a terrorist group, but then at the same time allows Ex IRGC and Hezbollah members to roam around freely in America, conduct scholarly speeches and be celebrated as Symbols of Reforms and Solidarity? This is the greatest oxymoron of them all! This is beyond belief! Only in America indeed!

US branding the IRGC as a terrorist organization and UN Security Council Resolutions which passed in connection with Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs, identifying several corps officers and call for restrictions on their overseas travel and assets are basically for show! Legally, Corps Commanders have no bank accounts in US and the west. They also do not travel to US or the west. All of these efforts result in a big zilch because they are not fundamental but they are superficial.

US and UN are playing a game and putting up a show to make the public believe that they are punishing the IRGC. The reality is that they are playing both ends! In Persian, we have an expression, which says:

Ham az tubreh mikhoreh, ham az akhor.
(US Administration plays both ends!)

Another one says:

Siyasat madar o pedar nadareh.
(Politics has no parents, he is a bastard!)

Today, US and UN are playing sanction games, political musical chair games, pin the IRI donkey and ring around the IRGC, as show punishments. They play a cheesy game of politics, which clearly means that they do not mean business.

Today, at the same time in Iran, the recent personnel moves and political maneuvers, proves that IRGC had already made its big political move on both presidential elections and parliamentary elections!

While US, EU and UN Administrations are turning the blind eye and having a cozy, warm and comfortable sleepy dream in their king size beds, IRGC had already swallowed the Iranian political system, made a military coup and had successfully changed the regime of Iran from a theocracy to a military one!

So, were they General Elections? Or was it in fact a military coup conducted by IRGC, appointing their own president (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) in the general elections and appointing their own representatives (Ultra Fundamentalists) in the Majlis Elections of March 2008? You be the judge?

While opposition and the west have been talking about a regime change in Iran, IRGC had already committed to one and successfully made it possible. Cheap talks from the west and all action from IRGC. Praise be upon Allah. Go figure….. And there’s your prayer …….


Dr. X

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