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IRI, Anti Opposition Activities in Southern California
Ahreeman X and IPC Operations
March 10, 2007

IPC Operations' Official Announcement

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Since 1979, Islamic Republic of Iran has set aside a fixed budget for fighting the opposition's main head quarter, which has been The Southern California. This yearly budget started very small in early years, yet eventually it has been risen very high. This year's budget of Islamic Republic of Iran to fight the opposition in Southern California has been set for approximately $180,000,000.00. For a government of a nation in economical despair and social disease, to spend these amounts of money for survival of its own neck, is absolutely necessary!

While Mullahs of Qom, guzzle down nation's budget in various chunks and send it to their Swiss, Canadian and Cayman Island Bank Accounts, the past working class labors of Iran, whom are the present Under class Unemployed Masses of Iran, do starve with dignity, yet not in silence!

IRI has all kinds of money set aside for yearly budgets to Export Islam. These budgets are including but not limited to:

IRI Yearly Budgets for Export of Islam

1. Hezbollah of Lebanon Operations
2. Al Hamas, Al Jihad and PLO Operations in Palestine
3. IRI Operations in Near East
4. IRI Operations in Central and South Asia
5. IRI Operations in Europe
6. IRI Operations in Americas
7. Anti Opposition Campaign in Southern California
8. Anti Opposition Campaign in Europe
9. Anti Opposition Campaign Worldwide
10. IRI special operations in Bosnia and Balkans

Who Runs These Operations?

1. VEVAK (Vezarat-e Etela'at Va Amniyat-re Keshvar) aka MOIS (Ministry of Intelligence and Security of Iran)
2. Military Intelligence Agency (J2 Intelligence and Security Agency)
3. Qods Force (Jerusalem Force) of IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) Domestic Operations
4. Qods Force (Jerusalem Force) of IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) Foreign Operations
5. Pasdaran (IRGC) Special Ops aka Pasdaran's Special Operations Force of Pasdaran-e Enqelab-e Eslami
6. Ministry of Culture and Islamic Enlightenment (Propaganda) [Khatami was the head of this ministry before he became president]
7. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Islamic Republic of Iran concentrates a great effort on Southern California, simply because this region is the Heart of Iranian Opposition and Iranian Community in Exile. In general, IRI has a variety of methods to undermine and fight the opposition.

IRI Tactics of Anti Opposition Campaigns

1. Creation and Funding of Islamic Foundations
(Alavi Foundation of NY, Iman Foundation of LA, etc.)
2. Creation and Funding of Muslim Student Associations in Universities
(Muslim Student Associations all over Southern California Universities such as UCLA, UCSD, SDSU, etc.)
3. Islamic Shiite Mosques or Mosques in general as Centers to Export the Islamic Revolution
(Santee Mosque/Compound in San Diego County, etc.)
4. Iranian Public Libraries (Front businesses of IRI for Islamic Propaganda)
5. Iranian Local Cultural Foundations (Front businesses of IRI for Islamic Propaganda)
6. Islamic Rhetoric in forms of Monthly, Weekly, etc. magazines and publications
7. Bookstores with fully stocked Books, publications and other Material from Tehran
8. Music and CD Stores with fully stocked Quran, Azan, Islamic Anthems and Marches, Religious Songs, Religious Lectures and all other Islamically correct Music from Iran.
9. Restaurants/Grocery Stores as Front businesses of IRI for intelligence/Sabotage (These businesses are often empty of customers and operate as front covers for Espionage/Gun Trades.)
10. Creation and funding of Islamic Scholars/Professors to preach Islam (on the surface) and preach Fundamentals of IRI (under cover).
11. Creation and funding of various Internet Sites, democratic on surface but pro Islamic Revolution in nature.
12. Local Islamic Security (Thug Forces) to protect and provide security for Pro IRI Gatherings, Lectures, Demonstrations and events such as: Imam Khomeini's Local Hezbollah Youth and Hussein's Black Shirts
13. Creation and funding of local, Regional, and National Televisions and Radios to propagate Exporting the Islamic Revolution (Aftab TV now IRI Jam-e Jam TV, etc.)
14. Local Petty Spies and Snitches operating undercover in all levels of society
15. Creation of a local Hierarchy and chain of commands in direct connection with Tehran consisting of the Local Imams of Mosques, Clerics, Special Operations Experts, Merchants (Haji Bazaaris), Businessmen (Import/Exporters), Islamic Scholars, Muslim Student Associations, petty Snitches, and Local Muslim Thugs.
16. Creation and funding of Espionage Circles working under cover, from various front businesses such as Mosques, Foundations, Islamic Schools, Libraries, Cultural Organizations, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Internet sites, Internet Iranian Forums, and Muslim Student Associations, with basic duties to export Terrorism, Spy on the Opposition, Fight the Opposition, Propagate Islam, draft local Thugs, and purchase Military parts/Guns and send them to Islamic Republic of Iran. (A Various Cargo of Weapons/Parts from United States ships to Iran by the Businessmen (Terrorists) incognito and through third party cover up nations such as Turkey/Pakistan, etc., on yearly basis. Some get caught by FBI, Homeland Security and US Security Forces, yet a good number find their way to Tehran.)

Pro IRI Iranian Websites behave with most precise slickness! On the surface they are pretty liberal and open-minded. They are either liberal reformists or they speak of tolerance towards Islam, Muslim and the Regime. They maintain the democratic face and once a while they publish a letter of complain; however, they never publish a hard-core Opposition article or document!

These websites are only allowed to a certain level to publish Anti IRI complains and that is solely for show. Their purpose is to soften the Iranian psyche and hearts to accept the regime of Tehran either "As Is" or with slight superficial Reforms. This is what they mean by preaching "Tolerance" and "Love"!

For more information read:

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America - Part One
Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America - Part Two
Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!

There are a good number of these websites active on the Internet. These websites are nothing but a block on the road to the Nationalist Revolution and Freedom of Iran. To advertise, collaborate, cooperate with and support these websites in any shape or form is "Treason" to Iran and Iranians.

The Hierarchy of Islamic Republic of Iran's System of Espionage inside United States is so organized and wide spread that for an Iranian By-Stander who has nothing to do with politics or an Average American Citizen, it is simply unbelievable to understand!

The Terrorist Hierarchy of the Regime of Qom, knows who we are, and they keep a close watch, and we do the same to them. This is like The Cold War, which sometimes becomes The Hot War (when we get physical and entangle), in Southern California's Iranian Community!

Analysis of the Situation

The Opposition in Southern California, specifically in main cities with huge Iranian populations such as:

Tehran Geles [Los Angeles County] (over 900,000)
Shiraz Diego [San Diego County] (over 70,000)
Esfahan County [Orange County] (over 35,000)

Need to keep a close watch and take high precautions about the IRI activities in their region. As the times are getting tougher and the Masses Unrests and Unhappiness, Economic Disaster, and Social Oppression inside Iran gets out of control, and as Iran is moving towards a "Social Explosion", times become more critical for the Islamic Regime.

Desperation often brings and results in illogical desperate acts to survive, and believe me, IRI wants to survive by any means necessary! And just in case, they have to leave Iran, they have stashed as much money in foreign banks to make sure that five generations of them after their death, will live in luxury! This regime has no popular public backing except Hezbollah. It has large numbers of supporters among its special groups, but no popular support from the Masses of Iran, so it needs to use every tactic possible to crush the Effective Opposition inside and outside, to avoid the Social Explosion.

Situation in Iran is:
"Absolute Curtains"

Situation is eventually moving towards:
"Social Explosion"

Situation demands for IRI to:
"Damage Opposition"

.......and in any which way they can. The Opposition inside and outside are the heart and soul of the Student Movement and the Youth Movement. Opposition inside and out, is the generator for organizations of political protests, labor union unrests and other tasks. To damage the opposition is to destroy the Movement's Effectiveness and IRI is perfectly aware of that.

Opposition in Southern California and everywhere else, needs to be on the watch and always,

A) "Expect the Unexpected."
(The First Law of Kung-Fu branch of Martial Arts)

B) "In case of any Invasion (Propaganda or Physical), retaliate with extreme measures."

C) Always remember, to win this war, we shall take extreme actions:
"If they send one of us to the hospital, we need to send one of them to the morgue."


"No Retreat
No Surrender
No Deals
No Negotiations
Only Absolute Overthrow of Islamic Republic of Iran by All Means Possible."

More power to all Freedom Fighters of Iran,

Dr. X and IPC Operations

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