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IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents + Lobbyists in America
Part 1 - Expose Document in 3 Parts

Part 1, 2, 3

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America
Expose Document in 3 Parts
Part 1
Compilation, Organization and Writing:
IPC Operations
Hassan Daioleslam
Clare M. Lopez
Catayoun Razmjou
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: July 10, 2012
2nd Edition: August 25, 2016

Trita Parsi of NIAC – IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist in USA
Top IRI Lobbyist in America

Index of Material
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The Mission

The purpose for publication of this document is to expose the IRI Lobby, Agents and 5th Column in America. Iran Politics Club as the largest Iranian Website and Network in the globe and the voice of the Iranian Opposition has a Journalistic Integrity and a Media Duty to the Iranians, Americans and the Global Public. The mission is to mass expose the IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents in America.

Freedom of Press, the Press Shield Laws, and the Journalistic Integrity gives IPC the right to mass expose the IRI 5th Column in America. IRI Lobby Groups in America have put themselves in the forefront of the American political scene as active political organizations and as public figures. This would grant IPC the right to research, criticize, and mass expose them to the public.

Hooshang Amirahmadi of AIC - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agent in USA
Hooshang Amirahmadi is old school and the original IRI Lobbyist in America.
Hooshang Amirahmadi is an insider to the Islamist Regime of Mullahs.

Have this important factor in mind that there exists no Iranian American Lobby Group in America. All of these so-called Iranian American Lobby Groups are in fact IRI Lobby Groups. All of them lobby for IRI and the Islamist Regime of Tehran. For a good amount of money, these IRI Lobbyists sell out their own mothers to IRI; therefore, the Iranian American Community and you mean nothing to them.

IRI Lobby is all about business. The business of promoting the IRI cause and selling it to the US Government; avoiding sanctions and war on IRI; normalizing the US – IRI relations so they can send parts to Iran, sell oil to US and to prolong the life of the Mullahs’ Regime of Tehran and the business as usual at the cost of the denial of the freedom and democracy for the masses of Iran.

Jahanshah Javid - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Propagandist in USA
Jahanshah Javid - IRI Media Mouthpiece in USA
Jahanshah Javid is a professional propagandist and his duty is to propagate IRI Lobby Groups and IRI Lobbyists incognito and color them as Good Iranian American Liberal Democrats and Good Iranian Expats. Jahanshah Javid is a master propagandist and information collector well trained back in Iran at the IRNA and IRIB. Jahanshah Javid is a chameleon colored as a progressive journalist publishing his grocery store (Dokan) of, but his heart and pocket belongs to the Mullahs back home.

IRI Lobby Groups grow on trees! They multiply by the speed of light and they breed like rabbits! As soon as we expose the latest IRI Lobby Groups and Lobbyists, IRI gives birth to yet another one! Like cockroaches, new IRI Lobby Groups and Lobbyists come out of the woodwork! We have created a forum thread to keep updating the expose on the IRI Lobby and to inform you of the latest IRI Lobby Groups and Lobbyists in America.

You are also welcome to post your latest news on the latest IRI Lobby Groups and Lobbyists in America and the West. You can directly post under this thread in the forum:

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America Thread

Also visit these informative links:

Hezbollah’s Front Businesses in America Thread

Hassan Daioleslam Index

Iran Politics Club Movement

Definition of Hezbollah

The term Hezbollah has originated in Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Hezbollah means “Party of God” or “Party of Allah”. Islam is a very political religion (in my opinion Islam is not a religion but a political ideology); therefore, it is only natural for Allah (Islamic God) to have a political party!

Islam a Dangerous Political Ideology

The original Hezbollah which referred to the only Islamic Political Party needed and allowed in Iran was formed after the Revolution. The regime clearly stated that the only political party needed in Iran was one party and that party was Hezbollah. After the creation of various Islamist Parties, the Hezbollah (Party) eventually evolved to “Ansar-e Hezbollah” Organization (The Iranian Hezbollah) which means “Defenders of the Party of God”. Ansar is plural of Naser (Arabic) which means defender, assister or friend.

Ansar-e Hezbollah had eventually become not only a political entity yet a paramilitia group. Before Basij had become the “Street Thug Army” of the regime, Ansar-e Hezbollah used to play this role. Ansar-e Hezbollah were the original head smashers, street thugs, head bangers, baton wavers and hooligans of the Islamic Regime with the role of crushing all opposition groups inside the Iranian cities. Ansar-e Hezbollah were an equivalent of the Nazi Brown Shirts of the Nazi Germany. Eventually Basij (a paramilitary wing of IRGC) were appointed this role; therefore, Ansar-e Hezbollah were retired to far more fundamental and international roles.

Ansar-e Hezbollah AKA Iranian Hezbollah is the original Hezbollah with the headquarter in Tehran, Iran. Iranian Hezbollah is a political, fundamental and international wing of the Islamist Regime. The Lebanese Hezbollah was originally created by IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) as a sub branch of Hezbollah in Lebanon which eventually had become a giant Islamist Machine independent of the Iranian Hezbollah, yet a satellite of IRI funded, armed and trained by IRI and in service of IRI. Hamas is the Palestinian version of Hezbollah also created, funded, armed and trained by IRI. Hamas is the Palestinian satellite of IRI in service of IRI. The IRI has many of these satellite groups serving her around the Middle East and the Globe.

Technically Hezbollah refers to the Original Iranian Hezbollah, headquarter of Tehran AKA Ansar-e Hezbollah; however, theoretically Hezbollah is referred to any person who believes in the Principals and Fundamentals of Hezbollah and the Islamic Constitution. Any believer in the IRI Islamic Constitution and any employee of IRI is referred to as Hezbollah.

Who is Hezbollah?

Hezbollah comes in many forms and shapes. Hezbollah could be Fundamentalist, Moderate or Reformist. Hezbollah could be pro Khatami and Mousavi (Reformist or Green) or pro Rafsanjani (Moderate or Kargozaran) or pro Ahmadinejad (Fundamentalist), yet the bottom line is that Hezbollah is Hezbollah and all of them believe in the IRI Constitution.

Hezbollah could be a street Islamist Thug with a spiked club in one hand and a switchblade knife in the other bashing heads in Tehran University, or Hezbollah could be a Liberal Iranian American Media Lord with dress shirt in New York, or an Iranian American No War with Iran “Iranians for Peace” Activist wearing a Peace T-Shirt in Texas, or a clean cut Iranian American IRI Lobbyist in 3 piece suit running around the US Capitol peddling his money maker (buttocks) for the IRI money in Washington DC. Hezbollah comes in many shapes and forms. Hezbollah can have a rag on the head running around in Beirut, a Ya Hussein Black Shirt running around in San Diego, a Scruffy beard and mustached fellow running around in Tehran, or a clean cut dress shirt and tie wearing guy running around in Washington DC, but the fundamentals are the same and all of them are Agents of IRI, working for the IRI Money and receiving their orders from Tehran.

In this document by “Hezbollah” we mean all IRI Agents and Lobbyists in America and around the globe. Reformist, Moderate or fundamentalist are all the same. Some Hezbollah don’t belong to any fractions of IRI but they belong to the “Party of Wind” (any which way the wind blows) and any direction the smell of money comes from! They sell their own mothers for a few dollars. They work for IRI but their faith is in the US Dollars coming from Tehran!

Hezbollah comes in forms of:

Lobby Group
Cultural Foundation
Religious Foundation
Peace Activist Organization
Student Association
Espionage Seeds
Assassination Seeds
Sleeper Cells
Street Thugs
Super Market
Other Front Businesses

The bottom line is that:

Hezbollah is Hezbollah and the only Good Hezbollah is a Dead Hezbollah!

In this document we will expose “All Hezbollah Agents” in “All Forms”. We will expose all Hezbollah Lobbyists, Media Lords, Anti War Activists, and Agents in America. We will discuss the IRI 5th Column in America and the depth of their espionage and activities in USA.

What is Lobbying?

Lobbying is the attempt to influence decisions made by the government officials such as house representatives and senators in the US Congress. A Lobbyist works and receives money on behalf of a group, business, corporation, industry or nation to influence the legal decisions of legislators by offering them favors and sweet deals! Professional lobbyists are people whose business is trying to influence legislation on behalf of a group or individual who hires them. Individuals and NGO (Non Government Organizations) can also lobby. Activist Groups can also lobby.

Lobbying is often spoken of as dirty business because the concept is that powerful socio-economic groups do corrupt the legislators and the law by twisting it away from the fairness to serve their own agenda and interest; however, the other side of the argument is that some lobbyists defend the minority rights against the majority tyranny.

To fight corruption, governments often define and regulate organized lobbying that has become influential. Still, lobbying has become one of the most corrupt areas of the US Politics. The perfect example is the mass corruption case of Jack Abramoff the top American lobbyist who managed to influence and / or buy over 100 different US legislators! Jack Abramoff was at the center of a grand investigation for corruption which ended in 21 high ranking officials, lobbyists and politicians pleading or found guilty and serving prison sentences including but not limited to the US Representative Bob Ney and White House Iranian American official David Safavian (GSA Chief of Staff) and J Steven Griles (US Deputy Secretary of Interior).

Tea Party Role

Tea Party is a grass root organization of conservative patriots, small businesses and middle class working class Americans belonging to various Tea Party Groups who desire limited government, limited regulations, limited government expenditure, reduction of national debt, and balancing the budget. Tea Party is pro US Constitution, Pro Free Markets, Pro Capitalism and Pro American Exceptionalism. Tea Party is a Constitutionalist Movement. Tea Party members are from various ideologies including but not limited to Conservatives, Libertarians, Independents and Blue Dog Democrats.

One of Tea Party roles is to fight corruption and cleanup primarily the GOP Establishment, then the Democratic Party Establishment and then the Washington DC. To do this task Tea Party is to win as many seats in US Congress, Governorships and all other political offices.

As Tea Party members, our duty is to clean house and corruption in the US Government because frankly we are fed up with the US political corruptions and business as usual. We are against the Big Government. We are seeking fundamental changes in the US Government to redirect it back to the American Constitutionalism.

What is IRI Lobbying?

IRI Lobbying is to receive money from Tehran through various indirect accounts and money laundry and then to bribe the US Democratic Congressmen with this money to buy their votes on various issues to appease IRI, stagnate sanctions against IRI, oppose confrontation with IRI and delay any hostile legislation towards IRI. The IRI Lobby’s job is to avoid the US Congress to conduct any serious sanction or confrontation against IRI; furthermore, to make the US Government believe that the US and IRI interests are the same and the two have no conflict of interests! Israel and the Jews are the agitators and the IRI is misunderstood!

Ray Takeyh the Ugly Iranian
Ray Takeyh - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist in USA
Ray Takeyh is a so-called expert in the Middle Eastern and Iranian Affairs.
Ray Takeyh is also an expert to sell IRI as a misunderstood victim to the US Government.

To lobby for a terrorist regime or organization is illegal in USA; therefore, all of these IRI Lobby Groups are engaged in illegal activities and their members are criminals.

Iranians for Peace Organizations

There are a great number of so-called “Iranians for Peace” Organizations who preach peace activism, pacifism and no war with Iran. These “Iranians for Piss” (Peace) are indeed stand for Piss (Peace) Movement! Iranians for Peace Groups are basically a rag tag group of disorganized protesters in cahoots with various leftist special interest groups such as Majority of them are IRI Agents with connection to Tehran and the minority of them are Liberal Pacifists with connections to leftist special interest groups. They serve no other purpose than extending the life of Islamic Republic of Iran. Their agenda is to propagate and preach peace with IRI to extend the reign of Islam in Iran. One way or another they serve as pawns to the Islamists and the Islamist Regime of Tehran. Liberalism is the best friend to Islamism!

Voices for Peace Iranian Video, a Hezbollah – IRI Production

No Iranian American Lobby except the IRI Lobby Exists in America

At the beginning of this document we shall clarify that there exists no “Iranian American Lobby Groups” in America but there only exists “IRI Lobby Groups” in America.

According to the American Law, no lobby group can lobby for a Terrorist Organization or Nation. USA recognizes IRI as a terrorist regime which supports the global Islamist Terrorism (Hezbollah, Hamas, etc.). IRI is a terrorist regime; therefore, it cannot have lobby groups in America. All of these IRI Lobby Groups in America are legally not suppose to exist, yet they do exist and they operate under the façade of the term “Iranian American Lobby Groups”.

All Iranian American Lobby Groups are front businesses for the Iranian Hezbollah and the Regime of Tehran. They are the 5th Column of IRI in America. They are making a mockery of the United States Constitution, Laws and Democratic System. They are abusing the American Democratic System and laws to operate in America as the 5th column of IRI. All so-called “Iranian American Lobby Groups” are in fact nothing but agents of IRI in America. Their funding comes from Tehran. Iranian oil money from Tehran supports all of them. The funds come from Tehran through a number of covert accounts under the cover and in form of donations from so-called “Iranian American Business Persons”. All of these business persons and funders of these lobby groups are nothing but mules transferring the IRI money in Tehran to the IRI Lobby Groups in America. All of these business persons travel back and forth to Iran, have businesses in Iran, have ties to Tehran and operate as the 5th column of IRI in America.

Hezbollah Front Businesses in America

All of these front businesses operate in America as legitimate foundations, companies, media, restaurants, supermarkets and other businesses; furthermore, as typical law abiding examples of the American Dream! A little research in their books, accounts, transfers, income and traffic is all it takes to show that none of them are legitimate businesses. All of these businesses are nothing but front businesses for Hezbollah headquarters in Tehran, their owners and operators are IRI Agents and they exist for one major reason to support the IRI Lobby Groups in America by providing money laundry.

These businesses also serve another purpose. These businesses play the role of fund providers (through money laundry) for the IRI Espionage Seeds, Part Purchasers (Military and Technology), and Sleeper Cells in America. These businesses support the IRI Mosques, Clerics, Islamist Gangs (Ya Hussein Thugs), Foreign Mercenaries (Arabs, Pakis, Afghans and other American Muslim Foot Soldiers) and organize them for rallies, protests and missions.

Hezbollah Front Businesses in America

Hezbollah in America

Iran’s Oil Mafia Penetrating the US Political System

Hassan Daioleslam Index

All IRI Agents are Registered Liberal Democrats

It is important to recognize this fact that all IRI Agents in America are registered liberal Democrats but not all Iranian American Democrats are IRI Agents. IRI Agents in America have infiltrated deep inside the American Democratic Party and they have perfect relations with the Liberal Leftist Special Interest organizations such as:
Media Matters
Occupy Wall Street Movement
Organized Labor Unions

Islamism and Liberalism go hand in hand because they are both pro appeasement towards IRI and Global Islamism. IRI 5th Column in America under the facade of Liberalism preaches appeasement with the Iranian Regime. If you stare deep in to all of these “Iranians for Peace Groups”, you can trace the IRI Oil Dollars as their foundations and you will also notice that all of their members also have ties inside Iran, travel back and forth to Iran and have businesses in Iran. All of them have stakes inside Iran. Liberalism and Islamism go hand in hand.

All Iranian American Lobby Groups are Front Businesses for Hezbollah

There is no unified Iranian American community in America; therefore, they cannot have lobby groups. The only thing that the majority of the Iranian Americans are unified about is the hatred towards the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and the simple fact that all of these so-called “Iranian American Lobby Groups” refuse to accept the Iranian Regime as a Terrorist Regime and to declare the IRI as the enemy of the Iranians, reveals that none of these groups represents the Iranian American Community.

Iranian American community of 2.7 million strong are not unified about anything but the majority of them are unified only about one thing: They despise IRI and IRI Lobby in America.

Iranian Population Inside and Outside Iran

All of these Lobby Groups speak for 2.7 million strong Iranian American population while they only have few hundred members! The leaders of these lobby groups are nothing but low lives and petty snitches of IRI peddling their buttocks for the Tehran Oil Dollars.

IRI Lobby Groups Go After Celebrities

IRI Lobby has been drafting the same tactics as Cults such as Scientology. They specifically go after the celebrities and draft celebrities as members to attract the Iranian public to follow and become members. The agenda is to draft these naïve celebrities by handing them rhetoric about how these Lobby groups lobby for the Iranian Americans, are good for Iranian American Community, businesses and civil rights; yet in reality all of these Lobby Groups work for Tehran, get their money from Tehran and work for IRI.

These Lobby Groups hope that by drafting celebrities, they can cause publicity and commotions inside the Iranian American Community so the public would set these celebrities as role models and follows their path like good little robots or cattle and become members for these IRI Lobby Groups. In a way IRI Lobby Groups play the role of the pied piper to the Iranian public which is mice to them. Many celebrities fall for these con artists, become members and allow these hyenas to use their good names promoting their political agenda. In the past NIAC, PAAIA and the rest have used Rudi Bakhtiar, Maz Jobrani, Anousheh Ansari and others as baits to attract the Iranian public in to their doors.

The Question is?

Only one question remains: Why do the US Government and Homeland Security allow these Terrorists and Agents to remain in America and operate as Iranian American Lobby Groups and the Front Businesses which support them?

Iranian Regime is the Root of Global Islamist Terrorism

This should show you how flawed and vulnerable is the American Security and Judicial System. This should also show you how Liberalism and Big Government Liberals bend over backwards for Islamism and their Islamist Agents in America only to appease the Terrorists and the major supporter of Terrorism in the world which is IRI. The IRI Regime is the major financier and supporter of Islamic Terrorism in the globe. Every major Islamic terrorist organization and regime in the world is funded, armed and trained by the IRI.

IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) sends Iranian made guns, money and military trainers (IRGC and Qods) to all major Islamist Terrorist nests around the globe. Syria, Sudan, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iraqi Shiite, Afghan Shiite, Tajik Fundamentalists, Bosnian Islamists, Bahrain Agitators and every other major Islamist Terrorist nest around the globe are satellites of the Iranian Regime.

To End Terrorism, You Must Pull Their Roots

To end terrorism you must pull their roots.
To cut all octopuses tentacles you must cut off his head.
To destroy all terrorist groups you must dry their funds.
To eliminate Islamist Terrorism in the world you must eliminate the source which finances, arms and trains the Islamists.
The mother source for Islamist Terrorism in the globe is Islamic Republic of Iran.

IRI Lobby Loves Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats’ Appeasement Policies of No Sanctions, No Confrontations, and No War with Iran can never end the Iranian threat and the Islamic Terrorism in the globe. Hussein Obama’s Liberal Socialist Regime is the best guarantee for the survival and the enrichment of the IRI to continue its growth as the heart of the global terrorism. The Islamic Republic of Iran and the IRI Lobby in America love Obama and Liberal Democrats.

So to make a regime change in Iran, we must first make a regime change in America and get the Liberals out of the White House, Senate and House of Representatives.

We are Freedom Fighters

We in IPC Operations are no liberal pacifist, no war make love and appeasement group. We are Red Hot Revolutionaries and Hardcore Persian Nationalists who believe in the regime change in Iran by all means possible. We are pro action, pro violence and pro cyber, political, military and fundamental war with the Islamic Republic of Iran. We believe that all options must be drafted to eliminate Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran Politics club believes in the fight to establish freedom, secularism, federalism and democracy in Iran.

We consider ourselves Persian freedom fighters and our status is at war with the illegal and terrorist regime of Iran AKA AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government) AKA IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran).

Any IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist, agent or other members of the IRI 5th Column in America which make either a legal or physical move against us are considered fair game. Their organizations, associates, families and friends are also considered fair game. In war everything goes.

Our policy is if Hezbollah puts one of us in the hospital, we shall put 3 of them in the morgue. While IRI Lobby fights their battles in American courts and IRI Agents assassinate the Iranian Opposition, we do our battles the “Old Fashion Way” (Persian Style) like we used to do back home. Any attack or move by the enemy (IRI Lobby Groups and Agents) will be retaliated by an enhanced counter attack of the devastating magnitude of 3 times worst. The globe is our battleground and we will retaliate against IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyists, Agents and other 5th Column members in USA, Americas, Europe, Iran and Worldwide.

Future of IRI Lobbyists and Agents

After the freedom of Iran and establishment of the free, secular and democratic government of Iran, the plan is to create and draft a special task force inside Iran to travel abroad and to kidnap and drag all the IRI Lobbyists, Agents and IRI 5th Column members in America and the globe, back to Tehran to be put on public trials (Similar to what MOSSAD had done to Nazi Criminals).

After the fair and just public trials, if found guilty, we will either hand these traitors and criminals to the masses of Iran in the streets of Tehran to do as they please with them or we will take care of them ourselves .

These criminals were living like kings and Queens in America, lobbying for the Islamic Regime while masses of Iran were working 2 or 3 jobs only to feed their families! Being aware of these facts, it is pretty fair to predict that the everyday people of the street would love to get their hands on these IRI Lobbyists, Media Lords, Hezbollah and Other Agents. We predict that the masses of Iran would tear these criminals apart limb to limb and their largest pieces would be a finger limb!

The other option and the more humanitarian option would of course be handing them to us. Our humanitarian punishment for the IRI Agents would be to hang them upside down by the balls (men) or by one ankle (women) to the trees in the middle of the Iranian major public squares and circles for the public to view and spit at. They will remain hung upside down until they meet their maker!

We shall have no mercy and compassion for IRI Lobbyists, Media, Agents and any Iranian who received money from IRI for providing services in America or the West. Death will be too good for these people. Beautifully Designed Death by Live Torture (Persian Style) will be the best treatment for these people.

Stand Up and Fight the IRI Lobby and Agents in America

We will start this thread and we would like you to list all related IRI Lobby Groups and Agents’ links, photos, videos and articles over here. The purpose is to expose all IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) lobbyists and Iranian 5th column agents in America and the West. Expose them wide open.

IRI Agents in America

Now we will analyze the major IRI Agents in America.

Iran’s Oil Mafia Penetrating the US Political System

Hassan Daioleslam Index

IRI Foundations in America

Hezbollah East Coast Operations
With the central seed of:

Alavi Foundation of New York
Alavi Foundation

Hezbollah West Coast Operations
With the central seed of:

Iman Cultural Center of Los Angeles
Iman Foundation

IRI Backed Media in America

Jahanshah Javid (IRI Media Mouthpiece and Agent)

Jahanshah Javid - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Media Mouthpiece in USA

The role of Jahanshah Javid is to provide a tribune and propaganda for every single IRI Lobbyist and IRI Lobby Group in America. Go through the pages of and you will notice that every single IRI Lobbyist and IRI Agent in America is also an author! Jahanshah Javid shares the information of the readers and members of his site.

Jahanshah Javid on Trita Parsi Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist in USA
Jahanshah Javid’s Photo Essay on Trita Parsi and NIAC
Words of Jahanshah Javid on Trita Parsi are written on the Trita Parsi’s photo

Read the complete photo essay:

Good People, Good Work (NIAC Propaganda) by the

Jahanshah Javid and Iranian Magazine

Note: Jahanshah Javid's New Site is "Iroon Magazine":

Iroon Magazine

Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise
Hezbollah’s Front Businesses in America
Part 1
Part 2

Ali Moayedian (IRI Agent and Media Mouthpiece)

Ali Moayedian - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Media Mouthpiece in USA

Ali Moayedian is the official Islamist Apologist for IRI. His job is to sugar coat all IRI atrocities and to promote IRI Lobby in America. He mass propagates groups such as NIAC and PAAIA. Ali Moayedian’s Payvand Magazine is a Sugar Coated Propaganda Site in the service of IRI.

Ali Moayedian and Payvand Magazine
Payvand Magazine

Ali Moayedian - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agent in USA
The young Ali Moayedian was a hot headed ideologue and a true believer in the Iranian Islamist Revolution.

IRI Lobbyists and Agents in America, UK and Iran

Hooshang Amir-Ahmadi and AIC (IRI Lobbyists)
American-Iranian Council (AIC)

Hooshang Amirahmadi of AIC - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist in USA

Hooshang Amirahmadi’s AIC is the original IRI Lobby Group in America.

The American-Iranian Council (AIC) was established in the United States in the 1990s with backing from multinational oil companies such as Aramco, Chevron Texaco, and Conoco Phillips. Leadership figures of these corporations have served on the AIC’s board of directors. The AIC’s founder and president, Dr. Hooshang Amirahmadi, is an Iranian regime insider and close associate of its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Amirahmadi also ran as a presidential candidate in the same June 2005 elections that ultimately brought Ahmadinejad to power.

Hooshang Amirahmadi and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran

While the AIC’s website states that its mission “…Provides for a sustainable dialogue and a more comprehensive understanding of US-Iran relations” and claims that, according to its vision, “The United States and Iran should and will work together, as their common interests far outweigh their differences,” its apparent unofficial objective was to create a U.S. lobbying web to further the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Hooshang Amir-Ahmadi Site

AIC (American Iranian Council)

Hooshang Amir-Ahmadi at

Trita Parsi and NIAC (IRI Lobbyists)
National Iranian-American Council (NIAC)

Trita Parsi of NIAC - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Propagandist in USA

The National Iranian-American Council (NIAC) began its existence as a concept proposed in a 1999 paper written by Trita Parsi, then a young Iranian-Swede living in Stockholm, and Siamak Namazi, a young businessman who lived in Tehran. The title of the paper was “Iranian-Americans: The Bridge Between Two Nations.” It was presented at a conference organized by the Iranian regime in Cyprus. The paper is listed on Trita Parsi’s personal website at:

but is blocked to the readers.

The Parsi-Namazi paper explicitly proposed the formation of an Iranian lobby in the U.S. capital to promote Tehran’s interests in Congress and oppose the powerful Israeli lobby, the American Israeli Political Action Committee. Two years later, in 2001, Parsi came to the United States to pursue his graduate studies but also went to work as a managing director for Hooshang Amirahmadi at AIC.

NIAC (National Iranian-American Council)
Back Row L - R: Pam Maeda, Babak Talebi
Front Row L - R: Sara Shokravi, Shadee Malaklou, Emily Blout, Farid Zareie, Caroline Tarpey, Trita Parsi
From Photo Essay by Jahanshah Javid praising NIAC
NIAC: Life has been a blessing! IRI Dollars from Tehran, wired, money laundered and donated through “Iranian American Businesses”, has been very very good to us! We love the good IRI Regime very very much, but please don’t tell that to the US Congress!

NIAC (National Iranian-American Council)
Yes, Low Lives come in all shapes, forms, religions, ethnicities and genders. Shamelessly they peddle their asses for IRI Dollars and shake their money makers for the IRI Regime. There are no shortage of low lives in Washington DC Lobby World and IRI Lobbyists are the bottom of the pit! These low lives are nothing but whores with no morality, ethics and principles. They are American Criminals and Iranian Traitors which will be one day brought to justice. Long Arms of Justice from the future Free Iran will one day reach all the way to DC, grab them and kidnap them back to Tehran for the Public Trials (MOSSAD Style with the Nazi War Criminals). Until then, enjoy your lavish lifestyle provided by IRI Dollars in DC.

As it happens, Parsi took a second position as an assistant in the Capitol Hill office of Rep. Bob Ney. Even though Parsi and his friends were unable to prevent the renewal of the Iran-Libya Sanctions Act (ILSA) in 2001, Tehran seems to have had faith in the Iranian-Swede’s abilities. The mullahs chose in 2003 to transmit what was purported to be a proposal originated by the Swiss Ambassador to Tehran, Tim Guldimann, for negotiations between Iran and the United States through Parsi and his boss Rep. Ney. The latter delivered it to the White House.

Babak Talebi of NIAC - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist in USA
Babak Talebi is a con artist, a thug and the right hand man of Trita Parsi

While nothing came of the initiative at the time, Parsi’s usefulness had been established. And so the National Iranian-American Council was created. Parsi and three other individuals named on the NIAC website formed the organization as a tax-exempt 501 entity in 2002, claiming its “express mission is to promote Iranian-American civic participation.” Importantly, such a tax status is not supposed to be used by lobbying organizations.

Trita Parsi and NIAC
Trita Parsi Site

NIAC (National Iranian American Council)

Trita Parsi at

IRI 3 Musketeers
Trita Parsi
Hooshang Amirahmadi
Jahanshah Javid

KIR (Khomeini’s Islamic Republic) Series [Animation Graphics]





Siamak Namazi (IRI Lobbyist and Businessman)

Siamak Namazi - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist, Oil Dealer and Businessman

Another key NIAC co-founder and friend of Parsi is Siamak Namazi, the Tehran-based political analyst who graduated from Tufts University (B.A., International Relations) and Rutgers University (M.S. Planning). Namazi began his professional work at Tehran’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning from 1994-98. In 1998, he founded the Future Alliance International, a Washington-based consulting company with a focus on the risks of doing business with Iran. This was a rather peculiar choice of venue for such a venture given that Executive Order 12959 of May 6, 1995 had banned all U.S. trade with and investment in Iran.

Namazi’s career really took off after he co-authored the 1999 Cyprus conference paper with Trita Parsi. Doors in Washington opened and Namazi served in a succession of think tank appointments, including as a visiting scholar at the Center for Strategic and Intelligence Studies (CSIS), a public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center (2005) and a Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), where he studied the role of the private sector in promoting good governance.

Siamak Namazi IRI Iranian Hezbollah Businessman getting an autograph of Mullah Mohsen Kadivar of the Reformist Fraction of the Iranian Hezbollah and IRI Islamist Regime

Namazi’s affiliation with Trita Parsi and NIAC, however, is curiously absent from the NIAC website. The relationship is only fleetingly apparent online from a single photograph of Trita Parsi that is included in a photo gallery depicting Namazi’s August 2000 trip to Yazd, Iran.

IRI Agents’ Religion is Money!

Yes, Zoroastrians can also be IRI Agents. Trita Parsi and Siamak Namazi are the perfect examples. There are low lives and IRI Agents belonging to all religions and ideologies who will sell their own mothers for a lump sum of money. The money has that power on the people. There are Zoroastrians, Bahaiis, Christians, Muslims and even Atheists who are IRI Agents! IRI Agents have no morality and principles. The only religion that the IRI Agents have is money!

Siamak Namazi – IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist in USA at the Zoroastrian Temple, Yazd, Iran 2000
Siamak Namazi and Trita Parsi Trip to Iran Photos

The relationship between the two men is important because Namazi is also a partner in and the managing director of Atieh Bahar Consulting – one component of the sprawling Atieh family business in Tehran. Indeed, Atieh is a major Iranian conglomerate, well-connected to the clerical regime, that does business in a range of key industries, including banking, finance, and energy. The depth of regime trust in Atieh is demonstrated by its multiple contracts to provide network and computer services for Iranian banks, the Majles (parliament), and other important national institutions.

Trita Parsi - IRI Iranian Lobbyist in USA at Zoroastrian Temple, Yazd, Iran 2000
Siamak Namazi and Trita Parsi Trip to Iran Photos

Also noteworthy is the fact that Muhammad Baquer Namazi, Siamak’s father and a former United Nations (UN) and UNICEF representative, was also the Director of Hamyaran, a so-called NGO Resource Center formed in March 2001. Ostensibly, Hamyaran’s mission is to serve as an Iranian NGO umbrella group. In practice, it functions as the regime’s watchdog to monitor and control other NGOs.

Against this backdrop, the financial support provided to NIAC by the U.S. government’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) warrants close scrutiny. NED is a private non-profit organization created in 1983 “to strengthen democratic institutions around the world.” It receives an annual congressional appropriation for this purpose.

NED has provided thousands of dollars in grants to NIAC, ostensibly “to foster cooperation between Iranian NGOs and the international civil society community and to strengthen the institutional capacity of NGOs in Iran.” With that money, NIAC has conducted weeks of training programs on project design and grant writing for Iranian “civil society leaders” inside Iran. Iranian NGOs, though, are required to belong to the Hamyaran government umbrella organization – the one headed up by Muhammad Baquer Namazi, the father of Trita Parsi’s friend and partner, Siamak Namazi.

Siamak Namazi and Atieh Group

Atieh Group

Siamak Namazi at

Ray Takeyh and Suzanne Maloney (IRI Lobbyists)

The Iran chapter was written by Council on Foreign Relations husband-wife team of Ray Takeyh and Suzanne Maloney and urges direct engagement and rapprochement with the Iranian government. Maloney, who previously had the Iran portfolio at the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff, and Takeyh are among the army of scholars and experts whose gloss of authority helps legitimate the Iranian party line in U.S. policy making circles.

The Perfect IRI Lobbyist Couple
The Dynamic Duo’s marriage has been made in IRI Islamic Heaven!
Ray Takeyh and Suzanne Maloney the Ugly Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyists in USA

Dr. Takeyh, who is featured in a number of articles carried on the NIAC website, consistently downplays the seriousness of Iran’s outlaw behavior and instead characterizes the perpetrator as victim, asserting that “the leadership in Tehran has been thoroughly demonized.” He adds that in any case, Iran’s “rhetoric is worse than its conduct” and emphasizes the need for U.S.-Iran negotiations as well as Israeli “restraint” in the face of Iran’s genocidal threats.

A December 29, 2008 opinion piece by Takeyh was featured in the Washington Post. In it, he writes hopefully of the prospect of “direct dialogue” with Iran. His plaintive query, “What does Iran want?” (which, in a moment of candor, he terms “a critical unknown”) is beyond disingenuous. With not a word of condemnation for Iran’s intransigence on its nuclear weapons program, support for terrorism or continuing role in destabilizing Iraq and killing U.S. troops there, Takeyh presents a pleasantly soothing agenda for potential bilateral talks.

Blithely suggesting that “As Tehran gains power and influence in the Gulf, it may prove moderate on more distant terrain,” Dr. Takeyh also dispenses summarily with Tehran’s genocidal threats against the state of Israel. He contends, without any evident basis in fact that “The Islamic Republic will never recognize Israel, but it may limit its mischievous interventions in Palestinian affairs.” (This article is also featured on the home page of the Payvand Iran News, a news site that is never critical of the Tehran regime.)

Takeyh’s purpose, like that of his similarly-minded media and think tank associates, appears to be to lull the American public and its leadership into a false sense of security with regard to Iran by portraying its behavior as pragmatic, non-threatening and even on the road to internal reform — if only given the chance to do so by the United States. The cumulative effect of such efforts is insidiously to edge U.S. foreign policy on Iran closer and closer to the one most preferred by Tehran’s clerical clique: acceptance of Iranian hegemony in the Middle East and an end to all pressure for the regime to comply with international norms of behavior. Such a policy would be greatly detrimental to U.S. national security interests and those of its partner and ally, Israel.

Abbas Maleki (IRI Backed Scholar and Agent)

Abbas Maleki IRI Iranian Hezbollah Fabricated Scholar Agent in USA

Abbas Maleki

Belfer Center Scholar: Abbas Maleki

Abbas Maleki IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agent in USA
An expert and scholar in Iran and Middle Eastern Affairs fabricated by IRI in USA

Abbas Edalat and CASMII (IRI Lobbyists)
Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII)

The Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII) was founded by Abbas Edalat, an adjunct professor at Sharif University in Tehran, and a group of “Iranian and non-Iranian academics, students and professionals of different political and ideological persuasions” at a meeting in London in December 2005.The U.S. branch was established in early 2006 under the leadership of Rostam Pourzal, whose profile notes that he advocates direct and sustained dialogue without pre-conditions between Iran and the United States. Pourzal visits Iran regularly.

Abbas Edalat of CASMII - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agent

CASMII describes itself as a campaign organization whose purpose is to oppose all forms of international pressure on Iran and identifies lobbying and public advocacy as its chosen means to disseminate its views. It is difficult to find information about the CASMII official leadership structure on its website, but what is there shows a pre-dominance of Persian names.

Rostam Pourzal of CASMII - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist in USA and Fred Muzin
Rostam Pourzal started the US Branch of CASMII
Rostam Pourzal is a loud preacher of the “Iranians for Peace” Movement.
Rostam Pourzal is a charlatan who wants to avoid the US War with IRI to prolong the IRI’s life.

There is also some overlap between CASMII and NIAC. For instance, Alexander Patico, a founder of NIAC, a member of its board of directors until 2008 and currently a member of its advisory board, serves on CASMII’s board of directors. Daniel Pourkesali is listed as a member of the CASMII International Steering Committee and is also an active member of NIAC.

CASMII (Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran)

Rostam Pourzal at

Abbas Edalat at

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