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IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents + Lobbyists in America
Part 2 - Expose Document in 3 Parts

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IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America
Expose Document in 3 Parts
Part 2
Compilation, Organization and Writing:
IPC Operations
Hassan Daioleslam
Clare M. Lopez
Catayoun Razmjou
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: July 10, 2012
2nd Edition: August 25, 2016

Hassan Nemazee of IAPAC - IRI Iranian Lobbyist in USA
L: After prison sentence (Long Face)
R: Before prison sentence (Giant Smile)
Father and Founder of IAPAC, Grand Father to PAAIA and Mentor to Morad Ghorban, the God Father of IRI Lobby Hassan Nemazee was a Master IRI Lobbyist and a Career Criminal. Hassan Nemazee was a millionaire Democratic Lobbyist and Politician who built his fortune on fraud. Hassan Nemazee was a Grand Charlatan and a powerful IRI Lobbyist who stopped at nothing to accomplish his mission. He made millions through financial fraud and political corruption. Finally it was not his IRI Lobbying which brought him down but it was his Financial Corruption which done the trick. Currently he is serving his sentence in the Federal Prison. Hassan Nemazee did not go to prison because he was stupid but because he got greedy!

PAAIA (Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans)
IAPAC (Iranian American Political Action Committee)

IAPAC (Iranian American Political Action Committee)

PAAIA (Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans)

History of PAAIA and IAPAC

IAPAC was originally established by Hassan Nemazee (now a convicted felon) who sued Aryo Pirouznia (Monarchist Iranian Opposition) to set an example and scare the Iranian Opposition. Eventually Hassan Nemazee was exposed, so he faded himself away from IAPAC (took all his links and name out of IAPAC site) and IRI Lobby Activities and handed the torch to Morad Ghorban to run IAPAC. Down the road Morad Ghorban fabricated another IRI Lobby Group named PAAIA. The Trita Parsi’s NIAC was heavily exposed by the opposition as an IRI Lobby Group so a fresh new incognito IRI Lobby Group was needed and that is how PAAIA was created with a major task to draft celebrities as members to attract the Iranian Americans to join up.

Morad Ghorban of PAAIA and IAPAC
IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist and Agent in USA

PAAIA and IAPAC Merger

Eventually IAPAC was exposed and passed serving its purpose; therefore, Morad Ghorban mixed and matched and combined his old grocery store (Dokan) IAPAC with his new grocery store (Dokan) PAAIA. This is how IAPAC and PAAIA merged and become one. Next thing you know, Morad Ghorban was heavily exposed by the opposition so he had to take the heat away from himself. So Morad Ghorban fabricated a figure head woman Saghi F. Modjtabai as the head of PAAIA. This woman does her best to keep her face and picture out of the media because she is very afraid to be exposed and her face to be known to public as the head of PAAIA. The reality is that Saghi F. Modjtabai is just a puppet figure head and a name for Morad Ghorban to divert attention from himself. There were too much heat on Morad Ghorban so he erected Saghi F. Modjtabai to take some of the heat away from him. But the truth is that Morad Ghorban is the latest IRI Lobbyist and servant boy of the Mullahs to take some of the media heat away from Trita Parsi. Even though many IRI Agents want a merger between NIAC and PAAIA but Morad Ghorban wants to distance himself as much as possible from Trita Parsi and IRI. Morad Ghorban’s emphasis is that PAAIA is an independent Iranian American Lobby Group which this is nonsense in nature because there exists no Iranian American Lobby Group in America. All Iranian Lobby Groups are IRI Lobby Groups. Morad Ghorban is the man behind IAPAC and PAAIA, he is the new IRI boy toy in Washington DC peddling his money maker and shaking it for the Mullahs.

Morad Ghorban of PAAIA and IAPAC - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist in USA

IRI Lobby Groups’ Scare Tactics
IRI Lobbyists Sue Iranian Opposition

As the times have changed, IRI does less assassination attempts of the opposition and does more legal cases in American Courts. IRI tries to use the American Judicial System against the Americans and the Iranian Opposition. The best examples are

Hassan Nemazee and IAPAC Sued Aryo Pirouznia
Trita Parsi and NIAC sued Hassan Daioleslam

Hassan Nemazee managed to basically get Aryo Pirouznia out of the Iranian politics. Aryo Pirouznia was very active but after the case he basically faded away. Hassan Nemazee wanted to basically set an example for the Iranian Opposition to watch their steps and shut their mouths.

Trita Parsi did the same to Hassan Daioleslam. Trita Parsi’s scare tactics somewhat worked and primarily made Hassan Daioleslam to back down a bit but later on it made Hassan Daioleslam to continue on and not to give in to Trita Parsi and NIAC.

Aryo Pirouznia and Hassan Daioleslam had the last Laugh!

Hassan Nemazee eventually went to federal prison for bank fraud (read below chapter) and Trita Parsi was widely exposed.

Overall, these fabricated Anti Defamation Cases and Legal Cases by IRI Lobbyists such as Hassan Nemazee and Trita Parsi are made to scare the Iranian Opposition, make them back down and to shut their mouths. Originally they caused some shock waves around but how can IRI Lobby possibly shut down the complete Iranian Opposition?

What Unites the Iranian Opposition?

Iranian Opposition maybe disunited and in many factions but they all have one thing in common: Hate for IRI and IRI Lobby in USA.

Iranian Opposition comes in many forms such as Monarchists, Mojaheds, Marxists, Mossadeqists, Social Democrats or simple Nationalists like us and we are all disunited, but when it comes to hatred for IRI and IRI Lobby, suddenly we become united!

Only one thing gets the Iranian Disunited Opposition suddenly united under one flag and it is our common denominator which is the hatred of IRI, the IRI Lobby and Hezbollah. We despise Islamic Republic of Iran and it’s 5th Column in America (Lobby Groups, Media, Foundations, Front Businesses).

Morad Ghorban (3rd from left) of PAAIA and IAPAC - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist in USA
Morad Ghorban amongst his friends

This is where IRI Lobby Groups went wrong and they did not expect us the Iranian Opposition to back lash and stand solid in one front against them. They can sue Aryo Pirouznia or Hassan Daioleslam but they cannot bring down the complete Iranian Opposition. They are way too small to bring us all down. In comparison to the Iranian Opposition, the IRI Lobby Groups with all their money, only look like little rats!

IRI Lobby Sues Iranian Opposition

To silence the Iranian opposition, IRI Lobby sues Iranian Opposition such as:

Hassan Nemazee (IAPAC) Sued Aryo Pirouznia
Trita Parsi (NIAC) sued Hassan Daioleslam

Legal Suits and Sue tactics do not work with us.  We are prepared to die for the cause. We will counter sue you for every penny you got, tie the case in the court for years and bankrupt you. We will take this battle to the court and beyond. Once you make a move against us, you, your organization, your associates, your friends, your family and everyone around you are fair game. We will destroy you, bankrupt you, put you in prison or deport you.

The Ugly Iranian!
Trita Parsi of NIAC the Ugly Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist in USA
Trita Parsi despised by the Iranian Opposition is the top IRI Lobbyist in USA and also on top of the opposition’s list to be brought to justice in the future Free and Democratic Iran.

If IRI Lobby thinks that they can silence the media in America, they have another thing coming to them!


Hezbollah in America

Hassan Nemazee went to federal prison for Bank Fraud

Top Democrat Fundraiser Sentenced to 12 Years
Backer of Hillary, Obama, Kerry heads to prison for bank fraud

On July 15, 2010 WND reported:

Hassan Nemazee, a multimillionaire Iranian-American investment banker and top Democratic Party fundraiser, was sentenced today to 12 years in federal prison for bank fraud.

Hassan Nemazee founder of IAPAC - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist in USA
Hassan Nemazee was a Giant IRI Lobbyist and Millionaire who was finally brought down by the long arm of the law due to grand financial fraud.

Nemazee, 60, served as the national finance chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign before raising more than $500,000 for Barack Obama’s campaign.

In 2004, Nemazee was New York finance chairman for Sen. John Kerry’s presidential campaign, a position in which he raised about $500,000 in bundled campaign contributions.

Kerry’s 2004 presidential-campaign website listed Nemazee as being in the top tier of Kerry’s contributors nationwide. Nemazee was one of some 60 people credited with raising $100,000 or more for the campaign, an amount that earned him the designation of vice chairman to Kerry’s campaign.

In his 2005 book “Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians,” WND senior staff reporter and columnist Jerome R. Corsi targeted Nemazee for his alleged history of pushing to normalize diplomatic relationships with the theocratic regime ruling Iran, despite Iran’s pursuit of a clandestine nuclear-weapons program.

On Oct. 18, 2004, Corsi attended a deposition in New York City in which Nemazee was questioned under oath by legal counsel for Aryo Pirouznia, the leader of the Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran.

Nemazee had sued Pirouznia in a $10 million defamation suit that charged Pirouznia had defamed him by calling him an agent of the religious clerics ruling Iran.

According to Corsi’s book, Pirouznia had charged that Nemazee was utilizing his resources, including investment funds Nemazee managed in Nemazee Capital Corp., to further the interests of the religious rulers in Tehran in the formation of U.S. foreign policy toward Iran.

The lawsuit was ultimately settled out of court.

On Sept. 30, 2004, in the campaign’s first nationally televised presidential-candidate debate with President George W. Bush, Democratic Party nominee Kerry said the United States should provide nuclear fuel to Iran to test them, “to see whether or not they were actually looking for it for peaceful purposes.”

Kerry’s plan was basically the same one the Clinton administration had tried with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il in 1994 under an “Agreed Framework” in which the U.S. handed over to Pyongyang enough nuclear fuel to run two nuclear-power plants.

After the delivery of the nuclear fuel by the Clinton administration, Kim Jong Il withdrew from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and proceeded to make nuclear warheads for North Korea’s Nodong missiles.
Nemazee had reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors in March, having admitted to three counts of bank fraud and one count of wire fraud, in a scheme in which he forged documents and created false account statements in applying for new bank loans to pay off older bank loans.

U.S. Attorney Prett Bharara in New York City and FBI investigators told Dow Jones Newswires that the 59-year-old Nemazee applied for the Citibank loans for Nemazee Capital Corp., of which he is chairman and chief executive, by giving Citibank “numerous documents that purported to establish the existence of accounts in Nemazee’s name at various financial institutions containing many hundreds of millions of dollars.”

According to the criminal complaint released by Bharara, the accounts Nemazee submitted in the loan documentation were “fraudulent and forged” and “either never existed or had been closed years before Nemazee submitted the documents referencing those accounts.”

The criminal complaint alleged Nemazee’s fraudulent scheme began in December 2006, when he first approached Citibank to borrow $25 million, until 2009 when he raised the sum to $80 million.

In 1998, President Clinton nominated Nemazee to be ambassador to Argentina but later withdrew the nomination after Forbes magazine published an extremely damaging review of Nemazee’s business career.

On May 3, 1999, Forbes wrote, “Over the past four years Nemazee and his family have given more than $150,000 to Democratic politicians and the DNC. Six of Nemazee’s friends and relatives have given $10,000 apiece – the maximum allowable per year – to Bill Clinton’s legal-defense fund.”

Hassan Nemazee’s Arrest and Conviction

On August 25, 2009 Nemazee was arrested for fraudulently applying for a loan of over $74 million from Citigroup. The maximum penalty for the offense is 30 years in prison. He was subsequently accused of fraudulently obtaining $292 million of loans from three banks and of using the proceeds to both support his lifestyle and make political contributions.

Hassan Nemazee was arrested on August 25, 2009 for allegedly defrauding Citi bank by using false documents to secure a loan.

Nemazee's additional frauds exceed $100 Million, according to Federal prosecutors.

In July 2010 he was convicted of multiple counts of bank fraud and wire fraud and was sentenced to 12½ years in prison by U.S. District Court Judge Sidney H. Stein in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan. The sentence was lighter than the 15½ to 19½ years that prosecutors had wanted.

Aryo Pirouznia Site

Hassan Nemazee on

IAPAC (Iranian American Political Action Committee)

IAPAC (Iranian American Political Action Committee)

IAPAC Leadership

PAAIA (Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans)

PAAIA (Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans)

PAAIA Management

PAAIA Board of Directors

PAAIA Funds Board of Directors

PAAIA San Diego

Vali Nasr (IRI Lobbyist)

Vali Nasr of PAAIA - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Fabricated Scholar in USA
Another IRI made expert and scholar on the Middle Eastern and Iranian Affairs to advise the US Government!

Vali Nasr (PAAIA Board of Directors)

Vali Nasr at PAAIA

Vali Nasr of PAAIA - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist in USA

Karim Sadjadpour (IRI Lobbyist)

A perusal of articles posted on the website is more illuminating, however. Found there are pieces by Trita Parsi and articles featuring interviews with regime apologists such as the Iranian-born Carnegie Endowment analyst, Karim Sadjadpour. Typical of Sajadpour’s pro-Tehran regime advocacy is an October 2008 Carnegie Policy Brief that he authored, entitled “Foreign Policy for the Next President.” In it, Sadjadpour opines that the “relevant question is not whether to talk to Iran but how to talk to Iran” His advice is simply to ignore those pesky areas of conflict in the U.S.-Iran relationship, such as Iran’s nuclear weapons program and Israel. NIAC returns the favor by carrying on its website a number of pieces that feature Sadjadpour calling for more engagement with Iran.

Karim Sadjadpour - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist in USA
Another Fabricated IRI Made Expert and Scholar on the Middle Eastern and Iranian Affairs in America

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IRI Iranian Hezbollah in America

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