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IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents + Lobbyists in America
Part 3 - Expose Document in 3 Parts

Part 1, 2, 3

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America
Expose Document in 3 Parts
Part 3
Compilation, Organization and Writing:
IPC Operations
Hassan Daioleslam
Clare M. Lopez
Catayoun Razmjou
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: July 10, 2012
2nd Edition: August 25, 2016

Reza Aslan of NIAC - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist in USA
Reza Aslan the Empty Suit and the Loud Mouth!
A So-called expert on the Middle Eastern and the Iranian Affairs and a scholar / author as a contributing source for the “Lame Stream Media” (Sarah Palin’s term for the Liberal Biased American Mainstream Media), Reza Aslan is nothing but another fabricated scholar by IRI to pander to the Mullahs' Islamist Regime of Tehran by writing his propaganda books and by IRI Lobbying through NIAC and PAAIA.


Now we will post various videos exposing the IRI Agents and Lobbyists in America.

IRI Lobby Updates

The powerful circles in Washington that preach appeasement with the Iranian regime have become active to influence public opinion and policy makers in favor of Tehran:
Bijan Khajehpour, an Iranian oil consultant's speech at Woodrow Wilson.
Barbara Slavin details Obama's goodwill gestures toward Tehran.
Vali Nasr demands more incentives for the Mullahs.
A new House resolution is presented by Barbara Lee to facilitate dealings with Tehran.

IRI Lobby and Activities in Washington DC

IRI Lobby in Canada and USA (Hassan Daioleslam)

Exposing Iranians for Peace

Iranians for Peace = Appeasement with IRI Liberals + IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents

Exposing Iranians for Peace
Hassan Daioleslam presents:

The "anti-war" rally in front of US embassy in London showed the Iranian regime's ability to unify the far left and Islamic fundamentalists to defend its cause.

The "Stop the war coalition" is Tehran's tool to manipulate the peace movement while various Islamic organizations created by the Iranian government, continues to recruit among Muslim immigrants.

There are also opportunists like Galloway who are employed by the regime and profit from the flow of Oil money .......

CASMII = IRI 5th Column in UK

Abbas Edalat of CASMII - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist

Iranian Regime’s Proxies in London

IRI Lobby in London and US

London is IRI Lobby’s backyard

IRI Activities in Toronto, Canada

Exposing Anti War Movements

Hooman Majd (IRI Agent)

Hooman Majd is another IRI fabricated scholar and agent.

Hooman Majd - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agent in USA

Hooman Majd - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Fabricated Scholar in USA

Hooman Majd Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist in USA

Hooman Majd (IRI Agent)
IRI fabricated author

Exposing Hooman Majd (IRI Agent)

Trita Parsi of NIAC and Hooman Majd Iranian Agents in USA
Trita Parsi welcomes Hooman Majd the latest addition to the IRI Collection of fabricated authors / scholars / experts in USA to advise the American Liberal Biased Media and the Obama’s Socialist Regime. IRI sends these scholars to America like there is no tomorrow! They come from Tehran in Grab Bags by the dozen!

Power Struggle in Iran
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Support Hassan Daioleslam

Hassan Daioleslam vs. Trita Parsi

Trita Parsi (IRI Lobbyist and Iranian Hezbollah Agent in USA)

Trita Parsi Lies:

“NIAC is the largest organization representing the Iranian American Community.”
“NIAC has an e-mail list of 30,000 people.”
“NIAC has 3000 members.”

Reality Check:
NIAC has 250 members.

Trita Parsi’s famous quotes:

“Act as a Community” (Under IRI)!
“Rally as a united Community” (Under the IRI Flag)!

Trita Parsi’s Lies Exposed

Jahanshah Javid Iranian Hezbollah Agent in USA
Jahanshah Javid the IRI Media Mouthpiece in America
Rhetoric of Trita Parsi gets published, promoted and propagated in Jahanshah Javid’s grocery store (Dokan)

Siamak Namazi Exposed (Atieh Bahar Corp.)

Siamak Namazi (IRI Agent and Oil Dealer - Trita Parsi’s Partner in Crimes)
Siamak Namazi is the Other Half of Trita Parsi and his partner in Tehran.
Who’s the better half and who’s the worst half?
Maybe there’s no better half! One is bad and the other is the worst half!

Atieh Bahar, the leading Iranian consulting firm, helps the foreign companies, especially in oil corporations to work in Iran. The portfolio of this company entails a potpourri of engagements and partnerships with the Iranian regime, including joint ventures, consulting, organizing policy conferences for the regime, facilitating convergence of foreign and Iranian oil enterprises, representing and handholding of the multinational foreign companies in their dealings with the Iranian regime. Atiehs Iranian customer list includes high level Iranian institutions like Banks and the parliament. Atiehs subsidiaries have unmatched access to sensitive electronic data from government banks and institutions.

Siamak Namazi Exposed

Hassan Daioleslam Interview

For the past several years, a coalition of groups, mainly supported by oil companies and Mullahs have been lobbying to lift the pressure and sanctions against Iran. The background of Iranian regime's web of influence goes back to 1997 when Trita Parsi, president of NIAC came to the US and started to work for AIC (Amirahmadi's group). Here, we'll see the series of video showing this web of influence in Washington that tried to help IRI by imposing their agenda on US policy makers.

Bob Ney had a young Iranian foreign policy advisor in his office. This advisor was Mr. Trita Parsi, a young Iranian from Sweden who according to his own declaration, led a lobbying organization aimed at influencing elected representatives in the US whose primary focus was to remove the sanctions against Iran. Mr. Parsi is the president of the National Iranian American Council (known as NIAC), which is the most active Iranian organization inside the US Congress.

In 2003, the Iranian regime decided to send a secret offer of Grand Bargain to US. The Swiss ambassador in Tehran, Tim Guldiman and an Iranian official wrote the proposal. This affair was so secret that according to Guldiman; only 4 people were informed in Iran. Guldiman came to Washington and went to Bob Ney’s office and gave him a copy and asked him to send it to the White House. Parsi told the Democracy Now journalist that: I was an adviser to Bob Ney at the time. And Tim met with Bob and handed over the proposal to him. And Bob afterward sent it to be hand-delivered to the White House to Karl Rove, and Karl Rove called back within two hours, and they had a brief discussion about the proposal.

Hassan Daioleslam Interview
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Hassan Daioleslam Exposes Iranian Lobby in America
IRI Lobby in USA (Hassan Daioleslam)

VOA Interview
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6


Hassan Daioleslam, an Iranian human rights activist and political scholar. Since 2005, he has been collaborating with two independent Iranian journalists inside Iran focusing on the Iranian Regime's lobby in the U.S. His reports have been largely published by major Persian websites and several US journals. It is unlawful for the Iranian regime to lobby the U.S. Congress. There are no registered lobbyists pursuing the Iranian cause in Washington. However, said, there is an unofficial Iranian lobby in the U.S. All one has to do is to compare the need or wishes of the Iranian Regime at any given time and the activities of these groups.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Nationalists Disrupt NIAC (Trita Parsi’s Hezbollah Gang)

See what happens when friends of the Islamic Republic of Iran (NIAC) try to host an event in Los Angeles, California on 23 Feb 2008. Let this be a lesson to those who support this organization. Thanks to Pars TV for covering this event.

Nationalists Interrupt NIAC Event

NIAC Corners Nationalists

Babak Talebi of NIAC (IRI Lobbyist)

Babak Talebi of NIAC - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist Thug in USA

Babak Talebi main organizer of "Where’s my Vote" Washington DC "Former" founder of NIAC (Islamic Republic funded organization) brands individual Iranians with a historic Iranian flag in hand as a "Political Group" on stage for the media to capture. (This behavior was much like the tactics of the Islamic Republic, which blames US and UK for unrest). He then asks participants to negatively chant to the fellow Iranians to "Go to your own Protest" , creating a division amongst peaceful protesters that had all attended for the same cause in support of Human Rights for Iran. He then calls the Police to come arrest anyone that has simply brought a flag to this public event in the United States of America. Babak Talebi and staff members of "where’s my vote" then proceed to compare the historic Shir O Khorshid Flag (Lion and Sun) to a Nazi flag as they try to persuade the Police to arrest the peaceful Iranians. The only crime of these innocent people was carrying a flag that they have loved and cherished for many years. Keep in mind, it is the only flag that the Iranians know of and have been accustomed to, prior to the invasion of the Islamic Republic in 1979. The last and best memories of their country is the sight of this historic flag.

Babak Talebi President of Where’s My Vote's behavior in this video towards fellow countrymen is ruthless and shameful to say the least. This behavior is much like that of the Islamic Republic officials now in Iran that have innocent peaceful protesters arrested for no reason. He tries and fails to implement the same tactics of the IRI. here in the United States.

NIAC (National Iranian-American Council)
L - R: Pam Maeda, Babak Talebi, Emily Blout, Shadee Malaklou, Caroline Tarpey, Trita Parsi and Farid Zareie ( From Photo Essay by Jahanshah Javid praising NIAC)
Low Lives, Charlatans, Con Artists and Two Bit Lobbyists of DC peddling their asses for the IRI Money.

Check out the link to the "Where’s my Vote" Facebook page, where they state that the only political prisoners that should be released are ones that were detained after the election. Also note that they are only requesting "basic" human rights for Iranians. Does this sound like a legit group to advocate human rights?

His goals are guidelines given to him and the group by the Islamic Republic to organize these events in order to manipulate the media to decrease the damage of these events done by Iranians abroad. They do not allow any slogans against the government of Iran at their protests. Already deteriorating regime is NIAC’s financier.

Please Note: Trita Parsi made a silent guest appearance in this video.

Judge for yourself as he persuades the police to arrest fellow Iranians and disgraces the historic flag by naming it a Nazi Flag.

See this video of Where Is My Vote organizers and how they confronted fellow Iranians who carried flags at the protest. It seems that the oppressors are not only in Iran but outside as well. The Green Movement is about democracy and freedom, yet these individuals tried to have people with flags arrested, telling the police that they are like Nazis at an Anti-Nazi event. The organizers chanted for "democracy" and an "end to dictatorship" but violated other Iranians' rights of freedom of expression. Simply Shameful!

Babak Talebi and NIAC Exposed

Trita Parsi cons Liberal Congress

Trita Parsi Sucks Up to Obama

Articles and Documents

Qods in Washington DC

Akbar Ganji and NIAC

NIAC Foundation closed

NIAC Defrauds US Congressional Funds

NIAC Internal Documents

NIAC Internal Documents

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6


Know Your IRI Agents

Reza Aslan (IRI Lobbyist and IRI Fabricated Author)

Reza Aslan (IRI Lobbyist and IRI Fabricated Author)

Reza Aslan (IRI Lobbyist and IRI Fabricated Scholar / Author)

Reza Aslan (IRI Lobbyist and IRI Fabricated Author)
NIAC Advisory Board Member
IRI Fabricated Scholar and Author

Reza Aslan is a media gimmick and a fabricated author / scholar by IRI to challenge the pro engagement with Iran forces. His orders and funds come directly from Tehran. IRI Lobby Groups and Media praise him and he is even on some of their boards.

Reza Aslan as a Young Iranian Hezbollah
Ideologue, Hot Head and Pro Islamic Revolution of Iran, Aslan belongs to the Reformist Fraction of the Iranian Hezbollah (Khatami / Mousavi Gang).

Exposing Reza Aslan

Jihad Watch on Reza Aslan
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Jihad Watch Site

IRI Lobby Groups on Reza Aslan

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Part 1

IRI Media on Reza Aslan
Part 1
Part 2

Part 1
Part 2

Reza Aslan Site

Reza Aslan YouTube

Christiane Amanpour with Reza Aslan and Kaveh Afrasiabi
Who says Liberalism and Islamism don’t go hand in hand?!
Christiane Amanpour the flaming liberal biased reporter of CNN (Liberal Biased Media) with Reza Aslan (IRI Fabricated Author / Scholar / Expert) and Kaveh Afrasiabi (IRI Gorilla Scholar)!

Kaveh Afrasiabi  (IRI Agent)

Kaveh Afrasiabi - IRI Agent

Kaveh Afrasiabi - IRI Agent
Part 1
Part 2

Kaveh Afrasiabi writings on

Kaveh Afrasiabi Iranian Hezbollah Fabricated Scholar in USA
Does this man look like a Gorilla or what?
They call him the Gorilla Scholar of IRI!
This man is the long lost Missing Link of Darwin!

Simin Royanian (IRI Agent)

Simin Royanian - IRI Agent

Simin Royanian - IRI Agent
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Simin Royanian Site

Simin Royanian Iranian Hezbollah Fabricated Scholar in USA

Hamid Dabashi (IRI Agent)

Hamid Dabashi - IRI Agent

Hamid Dabashi - IRI Agent
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Hamid Dabashi Site

Hamid Dabashi is the IRI Neo Islamist Surrealist “In-tell-egg-chew-all” (Intellectual)
Hamid Dabashi Iranian Hezbollah Fabricated Scholar in USA

More Information

Hassan Daioleslam Index

Hassan Daioleslam Site


PAIC YouTube

Iranian American Forum

IAF Video

IAF YouTube

Iran Politics Club Movement

To All Iranian Opposition Members

IRI Agents, IRI Lobby Groups and IRI 5th Column in America are the problem. We the Iranian Opposition are the solution. IPC supports all Iranian Opposition Groups. If nothing can unite us, at least the hatred for IRI and Hezbollah in America can be a uniting factor. Let us unite to battle the IRI Lobby Groups and Agents in America. IRI has his grand network consisting of various:

Lobby Groups
Cultural Foundations
Religious Foundations
Peace Activist Organizations
Student Associations
Espionage Seeds
Assassination Seeds
Sleeper Cells
Street Thugs
Super Markets
Other Front Businesses

In America. All we can do is to stay united to fight the IRI Agents and expose the IRI Lobby Groups and Hezbollah in America. To all Iranian Opposition: stay united in our common goal to expose all IRI Agents in America and we, the IPC Operations will support all of you.

Long Live Iranian Resistance
Long Live Student Movement
Long Live Iranian Opposition
Long Live Voice of Free Iran

IPC Operations

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