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How to Bypass IRI Internet Filters?
Filter Breakers, Proxies and Anonymity Systems


Filter Breakers, Proxies and Systems to Bypass IRI Internet Filters
IPC Official Internet Security News Letter Update
Iran Politics Club News Letter # II - Internet Security

Ahreeman X and IPC
July 1, 2011

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Iran Politics Club News Letter # II - Internet Security

Iran Politics Club News Letter # I

Filter Breakers to Bypass IRI Internet Filters (Thread)

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Iran Politics Club
Iran Politics Club, voice of the Iranian Opposition and Resistance

Dear Friends, Activists, Comrades, Members and Readers:

In this news letter we will bring you the latest security systems to bypass IRI’s net wall. IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) has installed one of the most secure Internet wall Systems on the Iranian Cyber Space.

IRI Internet Wall (along with China and Saudi Arabia) is the most sophisticated of its form.  IRI Internet Police (Islamic Cyber Terrorists) are in charge of operating this system and are also brutally crushing all the opposition and resistance websites, blogs, forums and means of communications. It is our duty to protect and serve the Global Cyber Community against the tyranny.  It is our duty to protect and serve the Iranian Opposition and Cyber Community from the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hezbollah (inside and outside Iran) Cyber Terrorists.

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Proxies, Filter Breakers and Systems to Bypass IRI Internet Filters

In this article we will introduce you to the latest Proxies, Filter Breakers and Systems to Bypass IRI Internet Filters. We will introduce you to the:

I. New Proxies and Filter Breakers
II. New Web Messengers Proxies
III. Privacy and Security Software Systems
IV. Filter Breakers Instructional Videos and Articles
V. Other Internet Security Related Articles

But first allow me to inform you of some background information on the issue.

Iran Prison Map

History of IRI Cyber Terrorism against IPC

For the history of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) cyber sabotage and cyber terrorism against IPC (Iran Politics Club) and flow of the free information from the outside world to inside Iran, please review:

Iran Politics Club Attacked by IRI Cyber Terrorists
IPC Attacked by IRI Internet Police Bureau (2011)

Iran Politics Club is back on the Air
Latest IRI – Hezbollah Cyber Attack on IPC (2009)

IRI Banned and Filtered IPC Website
IRI Banned and Filtered IPC

IRI’s losing war against IPC

Iran Politics Club is the largest Iranian website on the net. Hundreds of thousands of Iranians inside and outside Iran tune in to IPC for information. Iran Politics Club Networks has successfully provided a reliable and secure system of information transfer and communication for the Student Movement, Democratic Movement and the Iranian Resistance inside and outside Iran. IPC has members and readership in every single major university of Iran and abroad. IPC readers reside in various corners of Iran from Zahedan (South East) to Ardabil (North West) and from Abadan (South West) all the way to Bojnurd (North East). IPC readers read IPC in their homes, at their schools, at their place of work in the private sector and even at the government offices and ministries!

Despite a decade of IRI cyber sabotage and terrorism against IPC, 20 % of our readers live inside Iran. This number is unmatched by any other exiled based Iranian website in English. The Iranian Websites in English barely have any inside Iran readerships set aside an astronomic number of 20 %. Before the latest massive cyber campaign of IRI against IPC, we had 22 % readership inside Iran but now we have 20 %. So after all of these efforts by IRI to seize the flow of information towards Iran, they have managed to bring our inside Iran readership down a measly 2 %. More power to these Islamist Baboons!

Who Reads IPC Inside Iran?

Presently there are 10 million Iranians out of 75 million (nation’s population) on the Internet. Amongst this number, the majority are youth under 35 years of age. Amongst the youth, the most English literate, historically informed, generally aware, politically active and bright young generation of Iran read IPC.

Iranian Population Inside and Outside Iran (2010)

Our readers inside Iran are mostly university, college and high school students, faculty and staff; student movement and democratic movement activists; young entrepreneurs; young private sector and government employees and other young professionals. The most open-minded and well educated young Iranians inside Iran do read IPC and obviously IRI cannot do anything about it because our readers are very hi tech! If IRI could avoid this group to read IPC, then they would have done it by now. IRI had over a decade of time to stop either IPC to broadcast, censor the net or avoid the youth to read IPC. IRI has clearly failed at all 3 tasks.

The best that IRI had done so far was to off and on temporarily delay the flow of information to Iran. They have done this via cyber sabotage and cyber censorship; however, they have even failed in that department. On the other hand, IRI has been creating all types of Rag Tag IRI Lobby Groups in USA to propagate their cause.

IRI Lobby Groups in USA

Every year, Tehran sends a massive amount of money to their Lobby Groups in USA to be handed over to the Democrats in the Senate, House and every other federal, state and local government organization in the form of campaign funds and donations; so in return, these Liberal Democrats will avoid and block:

a. Any Serious Sanctions against IRI
b. Any Hostile Action against IRI
c. Any Serious Support of Iranian Opposition against IRI
d. Any possible Invasion and Liberation of Iran from IRI

For instance they have managed to avoid the US Government, White House and The Capitol (occupied by the Liberal Democrats) to stand by the Iranian Opposition during the 2009 Uprisings which was the best opportunity to overthrow IRI.

Obama Regime’s incompetent foreign policy, appeasement policies, flirtations with the Mullahs in combination with the bribery of the corrupt Liberal Senators and Representatives from the local and state all the way to the federal level by the IRI Lobby Groups has been successfully avoiding the US Government to make a clear stand against the IRI since Obama took office.

A massive global sanction by US not allowing any nation to trade with IRI (by threatening to cut economical trades with them) can bring IRI down. A US invasion and liberation of Iran can bring IRI down. But IRI Lobby in USA does not even allow the US Government to support the Iranian Opposition!

A Question for American Liberal Democrats?

States sponsoring terrorism are not allowed to lobby in USA. This is the American Law. Then how is it that the greatest state sponsor terrorist government in the world (IRI) has a dozen of lobby groups in Washington DC? Under Hussein Obama, the IRI Lobby Groups have grown, flourished, expanded and multiplied! Obama, a closet Muslim and an out in open Socialist has allowed IRI Lobby to bloom in America! If IRI is not allowed to lobby in USA, then what the hell are all of these IRI Lobby Groups doing operating in USA:




IRI Lobby Groups in USA
Hezbollah in America

Trita Parsi (NIAC), Morad Ghorban (PAAIA), Hooshang Amirahmadi (AIC) and tens of other servants of IRI organize and operate these rag tag gangs of IRI espionage nests acting as the IRI 5th Column in USA, avoiding the US Government to take any serious stand against the IRI. Leaders and members of these lobby groups openly travel back and forth to Iran. During the 2009 uprisings, all of them switched to Reformists and Greens to blend in. Suddenly all of them turned to Human Rights groups and from the top of their lungs screamed that US should stay away from Iranian internal affairs to avoid US to support the Opposition and take a stand against IRI. Their charade of the logic was that US involvement would make the Iranian average Joe to align himself with the IRI Fundamentalists against the foreign influence.

IRI Lobby Groups in USA are great chameleons. One day they are pro fundamentalist fraction of IRI (US to negotiate with Tehran), one day they are pro moderate fraction of IRI (US to flirt with Rafsanjani and Kargozaran) and the next day they are pro reformist fraction (Greens) of IRI and scream reforms (but only under the IRI Constitution and Allah forbid avoiding the US Government to take any steps against Tehran)!

There are no shortage of IRI Agents in USA. IRI has set multi millions of dollars as yearly budget to suppress the Iranian Opposition in USA, bribe US Democratic Senators, Representatives and other officials, and to create and operate all of these so-called Iranian American Cultural and Religious Foundations and IRI Lobby Groups in USA.

IRI, Anti Opposition Activities in Southern California

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America!

Islamic Republic of Iran has her own Cultural Foundations (Alavi, etc.), Religious Foundation (Iman, etc,), Media (, Payvand, etc.), Lobby Groups (NIAC, PAAIA, AIC, etc.) and thousands of other IRI – Hezbollah Front Businesses, Politicians, Spies, Assassins, Thugs and Petty Servants operating as the IRI 5th Column in USA. Here are some of these front businesses:

Alavi Foundation

Iman Foundation

Iranian Magazine

Payvand Magazine

Many of these IRI Agents are purposely selected to be Jews, Bahaiis, Zoroastrians, Christians and other minorities to keep the suspicions away. It does not matter what their religion is but all of them are 100 % Money Lovers and IRI is surely generous with flooding the Iranian American Community with dollars! Low lives are low lives. Jew, Bahai, Zoroastrian, Christian or Muslim makes no difference, they all love money and they sell their own mothers for a few dollars, so imagine what are they willing to do for IRI Multi Million Dollar yearly budget set for the Iranian Americans!


“Be extremely suspicious of every Iranian American who has anything to do with the politics in America, yet travels to Iran on regular basis!”

Our Goal

IPC is here to protect and serve the Persian Culture and the Iranian Opposition to IRI. Anyone who picks up a gun or a pen against IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) AKA AIOG (Arabo Islamic Occupational Government) is our comrade.

To end the reign of Democrats in America (2012 Election) is to end the reign of IRI Lobby Groups, Foundations, Front Businesses, Media and Goons in USA. The fact is that:

* All IRI Lobbyists, Front Businesses, Media, Agents and Servants in USA are devoted Iranian American Liberal Democrats.

* All Hardcore and True Iranian Opposition Activists, Freedom Fighters, Resistance and Free Thinkers are Iranian American Conservatives, Libertarians and GOP Members.

It is very clear who Iranian American Liberal Democrats are and it is very clear who Iranian American Patriots are. Allow me to clarify:

Factual Statements

a. Not all Iranian American Democrats are IRI Agents, but all IRI Agents are Iranian American Democrats.

b. All Iranian American Democrats are politically, historically and fundamentally either uninformed or misinformed, or else they would have not remained Democrats

As I stated before,

“The key to liberate Iran is to primarily liberate America!
 To create a Change in Iran, we must primarily create a Change in America.
Regime Change in Iran requires a Regime Change in America.”

This is why we the people have created The Tea Party:

Tea Party Patriots

Tea Party Net

Patriot Action Network

Tea Party Org

Tea Party Express

Tea Party’s goal is to primarily clean up the GOP, then clean up the Democratic Party and next to clean up the US Government.

What needs to be done to free Iran?

Iranian Opposition on her own cannot create a change in Iran, because if she could, then she would have done it during the past 32 years! The logic is that:

German resistance could not end the reign of the brutal regime of Nazi Germany, so it needed support from USA and the free world.

Iranian Opposition cannot overthrow the reign of the inhuman regime of IR, so it needs support from USA and the free world.

A Firm action and step must be taken. Full Sanction, Supporting the Opposition, Invasion - Liberation or all the above. It is simple as that.

Once the revived GOP (jump started with the new life via the Tea Party) takes over the White House, Senate, House and Governorships, then the IRI Lobby and Agents in USA will automatically become irrelevant and fade away. They will lose their purpose because IRI herself will systematically and gradually be terminated. Once IRI becomes extinct, then down the road we will drag all of the IRI Agents in America, back to Tehran for public trials. Justice will be served and I predict massive bloodshed to quench the thirst of the future Iranian Nationalist Revolution. Paybacks will be a bitch!

Dear IRI Lobbyists and Other Agents in USA, we will see you in Tehran and in the Free Iran of the future.

Cyber Wars are the Future

Cyber Wars are not just the present but also the wave of the future. Today’s wars are not fought in the battlefield but on the net. Internet is the most effective propaganda tool and we in IPC are perfectly aware of how to use this tool. Sticks and Stones can break your bones but Words can permanently destroy you!

Imam Khomeini (on their side) imported his Islamic Revolution to Iran (from Paris) via cassette tapes of his speeches recorded in France and distributed in the Iranian mosques.

Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh (on our side) exported his Iranian Nationalism around the globe (from Paris) via his newspaper “Payam-e Ma Azadegan” published in exile.

Both of them could only dream of what we (IPC) are doing today and we are surely not doing it from Paris but we are doing it from San Diego! They could only dream of drafting the Internet as the greatest propaganda and information tool to build this Cyber Empire named IPC (Iran Politics Club).

Iran Politics Club is the most effective weapon in the hands of the Iranian Opposition to mass inform the next generation of Iranians (the Iranian Youth) to mercilessly eliminate the IRI and build the future “Free Iran” of tomorrow.

Iran Politics Club is here to protect and serve the Persian Culture and to destroy AIOG (Arabo Islamic Occupational Government).

* IRI is here to destroy everything Persian and to promote everything Arabo Islamic.
* IPC is here to revive Persianhood and eliminate IRI, along with it the Arabo Islamic Sub Culture.

We are Iranian Nationalists, we are the survivors, we are the resistance and we will fight until the bitter end. We will free Iran or we will die trying. We will achieve victory or we will go down with a big bang taking along with us, a bunch of these half breed Seyeds to the depths of Hell. We will do or die. Fight for one’s cultural, historical, social and human survival is the most noble of all causes.

As always, we shall provide the latest cyber privacy, anonymity and security tools for the readers to safely browse IPC. Please review, use and distribute:

Proxies, Filter Breakers and Systems to Bypass IRI Internet Filters

I. New Proxies and Filter Breakers
II. New Web Messengers Proxies
III. Privacy and Security Software Systems
IV. Filter Breakers Instructional Videos and Articles
V. Other Internet Security Related Articles

New Proxies and Filter Breakers

List of Proxies and Filter Breakers


New Web Messengers Proxies


Privacy and Security Software Systems

Ultra-Surf Software System

Psiphon Software System

Anonymity Software System

Nasim Software System (Inside Iran)


Filter Breakers Instructional Videos and Articles

Sam Ghandchi Technology Interviews and Articles
How to Bypass Islamic Republic of Iran’s Internet Wall?

Sam Ghandchi Interview on Proxies
Proxies, IRI Filter Breakers and Bypassing IRI Internet Wall

Sam Ghandchi Interview on Hi Tech
Futurism, Artificial Intelligence and End of Death

Sam Ghandchi on Proxies
How to Neutralize IRI Filtering - Part 1 and 2

Sam Ghandchi on Proxies

How to Neutralize IRI Filtering - Part 3

Sam Ghandchi Articles
Sam Ghandchi Index


Other Internet Security Related Articles

Iran Politics Club Attacked by IRI Cyber Terrorists
IPC Attacked by IRI Internet Police Bureau (2011)

Iran Politics Club is back on the Air
Latest IRI - Hezbollah Cyber Attack on IPC (2009)

IRI Banned and Filtered IPC Website
IRI Banned and Filtered IPC

Other Movement Articles
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We hope that you are now much more informed about the Proxies, Filter Breakers and Systems to bypass IRI Internet Filters than before you have started reading this article.

Left: No Islam Logo (English Allah)
Right: No Islam Logo (Arabic Allah)

IRI cannot censor the Internet.

Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X

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