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Iranian Hezbollah in Disguise

Abbas Edalat Iranian Agent and Lobbyist Returns to UK
Iranian Hezbollah in Disguise

Ahreeman X
December 31, 2018

Abbas Edalat Iranian Agent and Lobbyist in UK
Iranian Hezbollah in Disguise

Abbas Edalat and CASMII (Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran)


Abbas Edalat head of Iran Lobby Group CASMII in UK and US was detained in Iran by the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) due to the internal conflict between the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) fractions. Abbas Edalat regularly visits Iran but this time he was arrested by the IRGC. Abbas Edalat belongs to the “Reformist Fraction” and “Moderate Fraction” of the IRI but IRGC groups who arrested him belong to the “Fundamentalist Fraction” of IRI. They are different fractions of the Iranian Mafia.

Abbas Edalat went to Iran to get his share and salary from the Mullahs of Tehran, but he got arrested by the IRGC because IRGC runs a great part of the oil revenue, military and economy now. Disregarding Abbas Edalat’s history of service for IRI and Qom, IRGC arrested him and jailed him for 8 months. Finally, they released him after reminding him that who is the boss now!

Trita Parsi Iranian Agent and Lobbyist in USA
Head of Iranian 5th Column in USA
Iranian Hezbollah in Disguise

Trita Parsi and NIAC (National Iranian American Council)


Trita Parsi Site

After release, this IRI Hezbollah servant of the Islamist Regime returned to UK to continue his service for the Islamist Terrorist Regime of Tehran. The battle between different fractions of IRI is heating up. The regime figures are fighting amongst themselves.

Abbas Edalat’s arrest is the same as Namazi Family arrests. Baquer Namazi and Siamak Namazi are top IRI Lobbyists belonging to the Reformist Fraction of IRI and that is why they are presently in jail by the rival fraction. Namazi Family are Iranian Oil Mafia Dynasty and have close ties with Trita Parsi, top IRI Lobbyist in America.

Sanctions and Pressure from US is putting the regime in a vice grip and that is the reason for the different fractions of IRI to now fight amongst themselves.

Abbas Edalat, Baquer Namazi, Siamak Namazi and their kind are not innocent citizens of USA and UK but they are long time Iranian Agents, Lobbyists and Mafia. The only reason in which they are in jail or were in jail is because the Reformist, Moderate and Fundamentalist Fractions of IRI are now on each other’s throats! This is an internal battle between the Islamist jackals

New York Times and CNN Fake News Agencies report that Abbas Edalat was detained in Iran for 8 months and he was amongst the number of British Dual Citizens arrested in Iran. The arrest was due to the mix-up and at last IRGC released them because the mix-up got clear.

There was never any mix-up in Iran! IRGC knew exactly what they were doing! This was a showdown by IRGC to put the IRI Lobbyists and Reformists back in their place. IRGC clearly made a statement on who is the boss in Iran now!

Fake News New York Times wrote (experts):


British-Iranian Scholar Returns Home After Detention


London - A prominent British-Iranian scholar detained in Iran since April has returned to Britain, according to an advocacy organization he helped found.

The scholar, Abbas Edalat, a professor of computer science and mathematics at Imperial College London, was taken into custody by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps on April 15 while in Tehran to visit family and attend an academic workshop. He is a founder of the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran.

The group said in a statement on Saturday that Mr. Edalat had come home earlier in the week. It did not specify the reasons for his detention or release but suggested that the Iranian authorities had concluded they may have erred in holding him.

“It increasingly appears, as we had suspected, that his detention in spring in Iran was a case of misinformation and misunderstanding by the Iranian security apparatus,” the group said.

Increasing tensions between Iran, the United States and its allies have made such incidents more likely, the group said.

Britain’s Foreign Office confirmed Mr. Edalat’s return in an email on Tuesday.

There has been no mention of Mr. Edalat’s detention or release in Iran’s state-run media.

The case highlighted the plight of at least 30 dual citizens believed to have been arrested by the Revolutionary Guards in recent years.

Iran does not recognize dual citizenship, making it difficult for foreign authorities to provide assistance to the detained, even if they hold a foreign passport.



Abbas Edalat is no scholar or prominent professor. Abbas Edalat is a charlatan, a con artist, an Iranian spy and an IRI Lobbyist in UK. He deserved his jail term and it is a pity that he was released so soon! He should have rotted in jail forever.

Fake News CNN wrote (experts):

British-Iranian professor returns to UK after detention in Iran


Abbas Edalat, a British-Iranian professor who was arrested and detained in Iran for eight months, has returned to the UK, according to British authorities.

"We can confirm that a British-Iranian dual national who was detained in Tehran has returned to the UK," a UK Foreign Office representative told CNN on Wednesday. "We continue to take action on all our consular cases in Iran in line with what we believe will produce the best outcomes in their cases."

Iranian security forces arrested Edalat in April on security charges after he was accused of being part of a British-affiliated, anti-Iran group that allegedly launched espionage operations and had contacts with leaders of mass anti-government protests in 2009, according to Iran's semiofficial Fars news agency.

No further details on the charges were given, and the group that Edalat was accused of being affiliated with was not identified.

Edalat, an award-winning Imperial College London professor of computer science and mathematics, is a prominent activist who founded the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran in 2005.

In a statement, that group described Edalat's detention as a "misunderstanding" on the part of Iranian officials.

"Professor Abbas Edalat, the founder of CASMII, returned to the UK this week. It increasingly appears, as we had suspected, that his detention in spring in Iran was a case of misinformation and misunderstanding by the Iranian security apparatus," the statement said.



Every dual citizen of USA or UK who constantly goes back and forth to Iran, must be watched and must be under surveillance because these people are often not visiting family or are tourists. They are constantly travelling to Iran for business. This business could be legit or it could be wheeling and dealing with IRI government, selling illegal parts, selling intellectual property, money laundering, espionage or Iran lobby finance business.

IRI Prison Tricks

One of IRI’s popular tricks is to jail its own agents for a period of time so the public and the west assume that these prisoners are innocent activists. This way, these agents do not attract suspicions of being agents. Of course, this is not the case in Abbas Edalat and Siamak Namazi situations.

You have read the Fake News by the Fake News Masters, New York Times and CNN. So, what is the Real News?

Who is Abbas Edalat?

Abbas Edalat and CASMII (IRI Lobbyists)
Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII)

The Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII) was founded by Abbas Edalat, an adjunct professor at Sharif University in Tehran, and a group of “Iranian and non-Iranian academics, students and professionals of different political and ideological persuasions” at a meeting in London in December 2005.The U.S. branch was established in early 2006 under the leadership of Rostam Pourzal, whose profile notes that he advocates direct and sustained dialogue without pre-conditions between Iran and the United States. Pourzal visits Iran regularly.

CASMII describes itself as a campaign organization whose purpose is to oppose all forms of international pressure on Iran and identifies lobbying and public advocacy as its chosen means to disseminate its views. It is difficult to find information about the CASMII official leadership structure on its website, but what is there shows a pre-dominance of Persian names.

CASMII (Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran)

Please read these important articles exposing Abbas Edalat, Namazi Family and other Iran Lobby Groups and Agents in Britain and America:

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End Notes

Abbas Edalat is an old-time veteran Iranian Agent, Lobbyist and Snitch in UK. His job is to lobby for the Islamist Terrorist Regime of Iran and avoid confrontation between the west and Iran by all means possible. Abbas Edalat is a master of displaying IRI as an innocent victim of western sanctions; therefore, he portrays himself and his group as peace lovers and pacifists who are activists to avoid war between the west and Iran.

In reality, Abbas Edalat and his gang CASMII are on the payroll of Tehran, belonging to the various fractions of the IRI Regime and are parts of the IRI 5th Column in UK and USA.

Do not fall for fake news and do not fall for the façade of the IRI Lobby Groups in the west portrayed as Peace Activists. We need to expose all IRI agents and servants abroad.

Dr. X


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