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What Iran Needs?
Attention Iranian Armed Forces

Ahreeman X
March 30, 2012

Past Events and Future Prospects


Extreme problems require extreme solutions!
Register that in your minds until the end of my lecture where I conclude what I mean about it.

On 2009 all throughout the revolts, not a single Iranian armed forces member had joined the opposition; furthermore, a good number of them opened fire on opposition!

As far as Army, Navy, Air Force, Special Forces and Police goes, they stayed off of open combat with the masses.

As far as Sepah (IRGC), Qods (IRGC Special Forces), Ansar-e Hezbollah, Anti Riot Police and specifically Basij goes, they opened fire on people, arrested, injured and killed a good number of the masses.

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It is 10 years that some so-called characters in Opposition (more like Up-Position) claim that they are in contact with Sepah officers and members (Reza Pahlavi and Monarchists around him).

What I would like to know is if true, then what have these connections had done for the opposition? First of all I do not believe that Reza Pahlavi knows anyone significant in Sepah. Secondly not that these connections brought anything positive for the opposition, on the contrary, Sepah killed a great number of the opposition on 2009!

They could not get enough Iranians to kill the opposition in the streets so they moved in the Foreign Legion of Sepah (IRGC Foreign Mercenaries) consisting of Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Pakis, Afghans, Other Arabs, etc.) to shoot people.

Yasser Arafat and Palestinians Helped the Rise of IRI to Power

Some Monarchists, Liberals, Islamists and Meli Mazhabi members of opposition preach that we must build relations with Sepah and try to convert them. On 2009 Sepah practically pissed on all of these theories by directly slaughtering the opposition in the streets! So much for yet another Reza Pahlavi theory of “Live and Let Live” and “Pacifism”! For some reason all of his theories during past 3 decades had turned to “Shiite”! Why? Because his assessments and analysis of the situation has been flawed.

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Future Free Iran

Let’s say hypothetically in the future, if we the Nationalist Opposition (and I don’t mean Muslim Fraction of Opposition) take over the control in Iran, regime change and bring on an interim government, then what would be on the immediate agenda?

Now in the future free Iran, those armed forces who did not combat with people (Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Special Forces, etc.) can be left alone but how about the rest?

Allow me to ask you:

What should we do with IRGC, Qods, Basij, Ansar-e Hezbollah and Anti Riot Police? Let me run some facts by you:

All of them took an oath to Allah to protect and serve Imam (Marja’e Taqlid) and the Islamic Constitution of IRI to the last drops of their blood.

All of them have blood on their hands and mass slaughtered opposition, students and activists on 2009 and all through the past 33 years.

All of them fought for the regime and not a single person out of them joined the people.

So what should we do with them specifically with Basij?
Have in mind whatever we decide to do with them; we must do at least 5 times worst to VEVAK (IRI Secret Service)!

This is where the logical part of this opposition (Ahreemanic Logic) kicks in and replaces the emotional pacifist part of this opposition (Reza Pahlavi, Monarchists around him, Liberals, etc.)!

In the future Iran, if we want to establish a strong long lasting government of the people by the people and for the people rather than a temporary semi liberal cheesy regime (Mossadeq’s, Bazargan’s, etc.) which lasts a few days or months, then we need fundamental changes.

To establish a free, independent and democratic government in Iran rather than yet another regime, we must eliminate the old and destroy all traces of the old Islamic regime without prejudice!

Without prejudice means do not discriminate, just kill them all

Kill them all and let Allah sort them out.

Historical Lessons

Do it like Aqa Khan used to do (Aqa Khani Style) or Reza Khan used to do (Reza Khani Style)!

Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar – Aqa Khani Style

Let me tell you some history,

Aqa Khan (Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar) the last Iranian Emperor had his own style of dealing with the enemies:

Court Counselors: “Aqa Khan why so extreme? Why Genocide, mass slaughter of everyone, building hills from beheaded heads, running rivers of blood in the streams (Juybars) and sticking beheaded heads on speartops and sticking them in the ground at street circles? Why leveling all major cities?”

[Referring to the Georgian Campaign and Tbilisi (Teflis)]

Aqa Khan: “When there is a rebellion against the Persian Empire at any time and at any location of the empire, extreme action must be taken before the rebellion becomes a full blown separatist revolution and next thing you know Russians, Ottomans or British will back the separatists to cut a piece of the Persian Empire off of her body to either add it to their colonies or create a new protectorate and fabricated nation.

Before a simple rebellion becomes a nightmare, we must pull out the root of the problem. If you want to kill a rebellion, you don’t just kill the rebels but you kill everyone in their family, clan, tribe and vicinity. This action would ensure that there will be no one left to rebel against us at a future date.

We had a separatist rebellion in Tbilisi endangering the integrity of the Persian Empire. I smelled Russian backing plotting to cut off Georgia State from Persia. To take care of the problem for the long run, we eliminated the whole infected area and cut it off (not just the infection), so the infection would not return to the body. We took care of Rebels and everyone surrounding them. We also leveled Tbilisi and vicinity so the Georgians will be remembering this event for years to come. In the future any Georgian deciding to even think of Separatism with the Russian support, will think twice before rebelling against the Persian Empire.”

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms: Chapter 20 Qajar


What Aqa Khan done in Georgia was extreme but it did not just make the Georgians to think twice yet it made Russians, Ottomans and British to not even dare to think of invading or even plotting to cause ethnic rebellions inside the boundaries of the Persian Empire while Aqa Khan was alive.

Reza Shah the Great – Reza Khani Style

Let me tell you some more history,

When Reza Khan (Reza Shah the Great of Pahlavi) changed the dress code, banned Hejab, took chador off of Iranian women’s heads and Kolah Namadi (Beanie Hats) and Turbans off of men’s heads, there existed resistance from Muslims!

Mullahs, Muslims and Fanatics started a backlash and resisted to drop their chadors, robes, beanies, turbans, scarves, lachaks and other crap.

Reza Shah did not debate, argue, start a dialogue or politely begged them to differ!

Reza Shah appointed policemen on every major intersections of every major Iranian cities to without prejudice cut off chadors and lachaks off of women’s heads and bodies also cut off turbans and robes off of Mullahs and Muslims’ heads and bodies.

Reza Shah made a mockery of these people who resisted Change, Progress and Modernization.

Reza Shah despised Islam and Arab Worship. Reza Shah was determined to drag Iran out of dark ages and in to the industrialization and modern world by all means possible.

Eventually when Muslims were humiliated on daily basis in streets of Iran, then they stopped wearing Islamic garbs!

Those who resisted as in 3rd or 4th offense were jailed. Those who continued the backlash and caused revolts against modernization were killed.

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story

DeChadorization Day!


This is how Reza Shah took Chador, Lachak, Kolah Namadi and Turban off of Iranians' heads. During his reign Mullahs and Chadoris were appearing in the streets only at night and in hiding!

Cutting off Aba, Amameh, Chador and Lachak by police via scissors at intersections was a norm and jailing devout Muslims for not obeying the dress code was also a norm.

Islamic Garbs were gone as long as Reza Khan was alive.

I am a big fan and student of Aqa Khani and Reza Khani Styles! This is the language which Iranian Shiite Muslims speak, so why not speak their language?!

The Decreasing Quality and Size of the Balls in Pahlavi Dynasty

Only if Reza Shah’s son (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi) would follow his father’s path rather than being a superstitious Religious Muslim, then we could get rid of Islam and Muslim interference in politics of Iran for good. But unfortunately Alahazrat never had his father’s balls!

As I always stated:

Reza Khan had balls of steel
Mohammad Reza Shah had balls of copper
Reza Pahlavi II has cotton balls

This is further reason for the flawed system of monarchy (inheritance of political power) not working. Political power must be gained due to merit, worthiness and ability through democratic votes and not through the garbage of monarchy. This is why Reza Khan was a closet Republican and in nature, he despised Monarchists.

What Have We Learned?

If we have learned nothing then at least we must learn that Extreme Measures work. Their results will not be forever but it is guaranteed to work as long as we enforce them.

Unworthy Descendants

Aqa Khan and Reza Khan took extreme measures and if their unworthy descendants (Qajars and Pahlavis) would have also followed their path, then Iran of today would be much better off than with IRI Rule.

Force, Violence and Extreme Measures are not always the solution but they surely work most of the times! Hell, I take my chances!

In the future of Iran, if we want to only replace IRI with another Mediocre Moderate Shiite Regime with Shiite Constitution, then go brotherly loved with your fellow Muslims!

But if we decide to get Islam and Muslims out of the politics and back in to the mosques forever, then we must set an example. Cause if we don’t then Mullahs and Muslims will come back again and again and again trying to gain power in one form or another.

Things will not change only by changing the constitution but we must eliminate every trace of Islam from not just state but daily lives of the people. Islam will go back to the mosque and that is all where it will be allowed to exist.

To do this task. We must deal with “Soldiers of Islam” and those who took an oath to Allah to protect and serve their Imam and IRI Constitution until the end!

Well Hell’s Bell’s, let’s bring on the End to them so they can join their Allah in the Islamic Heaven sooner than expected!

I am 100 % pro dealing with IRGC, Hezbollah, Basij and so on ….
If a Million must go so the IRI will become Iran again, then Let’s Rock!
If 2 Millions must go to revive Persian-hood from the ashes of Islamic Iran, then let’s Roll!

Let’s Rock and Roll.

What Future Generation Requires?

Future leadership of Iran requires balls.
We have enough ball-less people in the Iranian politics.
Liberals and pacifists are dime a dozen.
We do not need any more Geishas,
(Gay Shahs = Reza Pahlavi and Woosy Pussy Monarchists around him)!
We do not need any more Gay-rals,
(Gay Liberals = Liberal Pacifists and Social Democrats)
We do not need any more “In-tell-egg-chew-alls” of the left.
We do not need any more bleeding heart liberals playing the violins for you.
We do not need any more Ey Iran Ey Iran singing chorus bands for you.
We do not need any more cheesy Ex- Patriot Doo Gooders for you.
We do not need any more Kos o She’r Iranian Satellite TVs and 24 Hour Radios.
We do not need any more Bang and Bologna Iranian Tabloid Websites and Ragazines.
We surely do not need any more Moderate Islamist Reformists and Greens for you!
Where have they taken you during the past 33 years?
What results have they provided for you during the past 33 years?
Mullahs and Muslims are still in power and are pissing on you, Iran and Iranians.
Mullahs are pissing on Persian-hood and Nationalism all together.
Mullahs have been pissing on your history, culture and traditions.
What we need are not bleeding hearts.
What we need are balls, balls and more Balls!

What future demands is Solid Nationalists
Pure Persian Pride indeed!

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The Iranian Disease

Let’s Rock and Roll.

Cattle, Muslims, same thing …
Zebh Al Islami all them Muslims and send them to meet their Allah!

Now all this bloodshed got me thirsty. Allow me to take a sip of Iced Cranberry Juice from my tall glass of Cranberry Juice full of ice before I continue. Nothing like Ice Cold Cranberry Juice quenches my thirst. It is the next best thing to blood! Ahhhh, that hit the spot! Ok where was I? Oh yeh,

Bloodshed without Prejudice and discrimination:

Kill them All, Let Allah sort them out!

What have I told you at the beginning of my lecture?
Extreme problems require extreme solutions!
Islam came to Iran with Violence and it must leave Iran with violence!
Actually the only way it will leave Iran is with extreme violence.

More power to all freedom fighters of Iran

Pure Persian Pride


Dr. X

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