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Jahanshah Javid Hezbollah IRI Agent
Cleans Track on Internet


Jahanshah Javid Hezbollah IRI Agent Cleans Track on Internet
Jahanshah Javid’s New Disguise
Catayoun Razmjou
October 12, 2014

Catayoun Razmjou
Iranian Opposition, Democratic Movement and Student Movement Activist

Iranian Americans need to be alert, observant and wise because the IRI Islamist Regime is on a constant moving, disguising and shape-shifting of its pawns in America. IRI Lobbyists, IRI Front Businesses and IRI Backed Media are on a constant disguise and relocations. Follow them, track them and expose them. One of the original IRI Media Mouthpieces and Agents in America is Jahanshah Javid.

Jahanshah Javid
Hezbollah IRI Agent and Media Mouthpiece in America

History of an IRI Media Mouthpiece in America

1995: Jahanshah Javid started site. Site

2007: Jahanshah Javid made a company using supposedly some private investors and in reality IRI friendly front companies in America.

2012: Jahanshah Javid announced selling his shares in and leaving to create a new site site. Site

2014: Jahanshah Javid is fully settled and publishing site but still consulting and working with site.


Factors to Look At

* During the Jahanshah Javid’s publishing, was one of the major mouthpieces of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and IRI Lobby Groups in America.

* No private sectors investors buy and run a major IRI mouthpiece in America without being IRI friendly front businesses themselves! Surely the present publishers of the are IRI backed chameleons who are camouflaging as Iranian American legitimate businessmen.

* Jahanshah Javid still works with as a consultant and advisor.

* Jahanshah Javid loses track on Internet from to trying to lose his reputation as an IRI mouthpiece in America but the brand of “IRI Mouthpiece in America” which stuck with him for decades in 1990s, 2000s and 2010s cannot easily be removed from the minds of the Iranian Americans. This is a cheap attempt on Jahanshah Javid’s behalf to clean his disastrous reputation and start a new media mouthpiece continuing to sell the IRI Lobby and the IRI Regime as a moderate and a reformist new Iranian Regime to the Iranian Americans and America.

* Jahanshah Javid still remains a Hezbollah IRI Agent and a Media Mouthpiece for the Islamist Regime (IRI) in a Reformist Liberal Suit. Jahanshah Javid remains as an active supporter of the IRI Lobby Groups such as NIAC, PAAIA and AIC.




Jahanshah Javid is the fine example of Liberalism and Islamism going hand in hand under the leadership of the Socialist Regime of Hussein Obama who himself is a Marxist Islamist.

Never forget who Jahanshah Javid was and who he is now. No matter how many suits and colors he changes, his role is to sell IRI to USA as a Moderate and a Reformist Regime.

Jahanshah Javid’s game is to sell the IRI’s Reformist Fraction to the Iranian Americans, to create more Iranian American Democratic Voters, to vote for the Democrats and to avoid the US conflict with IRI, and naturally to safe keep and make the IRI Regime to survive,  live longer, and become stronger.

New Charade on Iranian Americans has a new image, the image of freedom for the free bloggers suffocating from the oppressive Islamist Regime. In reality, the old used to run by Jahanshah Javid preaching Reforms but not Regime Change to prolong the life of the IRI. The new on the other hand is run directly by the IRI through their front businesses in America. is a new addition to the long list of IRI backed websites in America which is run by Jahanshah Javid as another scam site preaching Reforms, Reformism, IRI Lobby and Islamic Apologies.

Same old game but now there is a new addition to the IRI backed websites in America. Is it any wonder why all the IRI Lobbyists, IRI Authors, IRI Writers, Pro Reform Activists and Islamist Apologists are amongst the solid fans, readers and writers of, and so on con job websites disguised as Freedom Loving Sites?

As Ahreeman wrote:

Once a Hezbollah, Always a Hezbollah
The Only Good Hezbollah is a Dead Hezbollah

Hezbollah’s Front Businesses in America

Jahanshah Javid Hezbollah in Disguise – Part 1

Jahanshah Javid Hezbollah in Disguise – Part 2

Do not allow Jahanshah Javid’s change of dress and makeup on Internet fools you. Be wide awake and track the Hezbollah IRI Agents, Lobbyists and Media in four corners of America.

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Be Wise

Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress
IPC Office

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