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IRI Lobbyists’ Orchestra
Dr. Mohammad Parvin
February 8, 2009
Manuchehr Hosseinzadeh is another player in the lobbyists’ orchestra. He is a “journalist” writing for Payvand, one of the websites that promotes the Islamic Regime’s lobbyists.  The best way to find out about his role and place in the web of lobbyists is to read his latest article in which he tries to prove that the question raised about the Islamic Regime (IR) threat (of course, like all other lobbyists, he refers to IR as “Iran”) is a big lie fabricated by the United States and Israel and trumpeted by the media.

On The Question of Iranian Threat to World Peace and Immense Benefits of Hypocrisy

He begins his article by presenting five different manners of lying and its endless benefits. Then, to rebuke the Islamic Regime’s threat he states that:
“For a country or person to be a threat to the world peace all or at least some of the following necessary conditions must apply:
a)     must have means to cause harm to others without serious repercussions
b)    must have some a history of violence against others
c)     must have indicated its intention to harm other(s)
d)    must have allocated large amounts of resources for offensive purposes
e)    must have positioned and arranged an array of forces in a threatening posture”
Ironic enough, the Islamic Regime has proven time after time that it has all these necessary conditions to be a threat to the world peace.
The IR has the necessary means to cause harm to the Iranian people and the rest of the world. It is fully armed and is trying to obtain atomic bomb as reported by numerous sources (for a collection sample, please refer to reference).

Islamic Regime of Iran Pursuing Nuclear Bomb 

 The IR has thirty years of history of violence against Iranians inside and outside Iran. These atrocities that include, imprisonment of thousands of prisoners of conscience, torture, stoning, gender and ethnic abuse, and execution have been documented well by the International Human Rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch and have been investigate by the UN Human rights Committee, EU, and U.S. State Department. The IR has assassinated so many Iranian oppositions outside Iran. It has been also condemned many times in the U.S. Federal Court, Germany, and Argentina for assassinating their citizens.

List of Assassinated / Massacred Opposition Members and IRI Terrorist Activities

On November 28, 2007, the Federal Courts ruled against the IR, Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security, and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for torturing the plaintiff, Gholam Nikbin, who served three years in jail and was repeatedly tortured for conversion to the Mormon faith and for permitting dancing at his wedding.

Seeking Justice for the Victims of the Islamic Regime of Iran

 The IR’s officials including Ahamdinejhad has said repeatedly and at different occasions that Israel should be wiped out of the face of the world. Hosseinzadeh himself admits this but let’s read his exact statement to find out how he tries to downplay his threats by his anti logic:
“During his visit to United States everywhere Ahmadinejhad went, in every interview, in any discussion, his comment about Holocaust was brought up and his reference to Israel's eventual disappearance was repeated. The same questions and the same answers over and over; reputation makes reality. But Ahmadinejhad's comment was not anything new, during his tenure as the leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khomeini repeatedly talked about Israel's illegitimate existence. Why wasn't the issue then of such an importance? The answer is simple; there were no neo conservatives to look for excuse for their regime change plans.”
The IR has allocated large amount of resources for offensive purposes under the disguise of defense and has been continuously trying to develop long range missiles designed to target Israel and beyond.
The IR has prepared an array of forces including Army, Revolutionary Corp, Ghods Corp, and officially trained suicide bombers for offensive purposes and has armed, and trained many terrorist groups including Hezbollah and Hamas that are ready to serve them at anytime and anyplace.
 Mr. Hosseinzadeh’s statements pass for all the criteria that he presents for lying except one that is the “innocent lie.” He should get a medal of honor from the rest of the lobby gang for so shamelessly trying to exonerate a system of terror that has terrorized the Iranian people since its inception and not making one single reference to their sufferings in his 4692 words article. Why should he bother to even mention the Iranian people and their rights? He knows well that if the West is persuaded that the IR is not a threat, the system of terror is welcome to the world community regardless of how many juveniles they execute, how many men and women they stone to death, or how they treat women and the ethnic and religious minorities. However, to exactly follow the roadmap set by NIAC,

The Iranian Challenge (Trita Parsi)

Hosseinzadeh will probably learn soon how to give lip service to Iranians and their human rights while promoting and legitimizing their abusers. It doesn’t harm. Ask NIAC.

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