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NIAC Iran Lobby Business Discrimination
Against Iranians


NIAC Iran Lobby Business Discrimination Against Iranians
Sam Ghandchi
June 18, 2019

NIAC Iran Lobby Ostriches: 1, 2, 3 All Together Heads in the Sand to be Safe!

Way back before the creation of NIAC (National Iranian American Council), there was a group named “Anti-Discrimination” with the web URL of 5 different groups had originally created NIAC. A part of these 5 groups were the original members who created the “Anti-Discrimination” Group. Down the road, part of the original “Anti-Discrimination” Group plus a number of others (total of 5 Groups) had created NIAC. If you notice, at the present, NIAC has 2 URLs:



If you punch in either one into your browser, you will end up on the NIAC site.

The point is that some of the original members who created NIAC, were Anti-Discrimination activists. Today, some of the high ranking official and unofficial NIAC members and supporters hold various top management positions in different American corporations and companies. These NIAC managers sabotage the hiring of many Iranian Americans by these corporations and companies. They hide behind the curtains and indirectly order the HR not to hire these Iranian Americans. These NIAC corporate and company managers are committing discrimination against Iranians because they are supposedly related to the NIAC opponents and the Iranian Opposition.

Like pheasants sticking their heads in the snow and like ostriches sticking their heads in the sand, they are assuming that no one can see them, so they hide from the danger of exposure, all safe with their heads in the sand!

NIAC Iran Lobby Ostrich: No One Can See Me!

The same people who supposedly fought against the discrimination, are now discriminating against the Iranian Americans, their own kind!

Look at NIAC staff and board of advisors:

NIAC Staff and Board of Advisors

Trita Parsi runs NIAC but you don’t see his face on this page! There is too much opposition heat on Trita Parsi, so they took his face off of this page. Every week NIAC changes staff and board of advisors’ pictures on this page. When the heat is on, many don’t want their faces on this page as associates of NIAC.

According to Ahreeman X, due to too much heat from IPC and Opposition on Trita Parsi, he is presently incognito and keeping a low profile. That is why you do not see his picture as the founder and president of NIAC on the NIAC site. Trita Parsi assigned a show president “Jamal Abdi” for NIAC while he runs everything from the background. Trita Parsi is in hiding!

Trita Parsi

If these discriminations continue, I shall publish the names of these discriminators. Iranians have a pathetic situation in America. The family of the political activists end up getting burned for their relatives’ activism!

Iranians’ Pathetic Lives

A while back, due to my criticism of NIAC, I was threatened by the phone calls from one of NIAC’s lawyers. If these discriminations continue, I will also publish his name.

11 years ago, when Trita Parsi and NIAC sued Hassan Daioleslam, I defended him. Despite the fact that my political views contradict with Mojahedin’s, I did not care if Hassan Daioleslam is a member of Mojahedin or not, but I defended him due to my principles. I believe in the “Fair Game” and I stand against the discrimination of all types.

Why I Condemn Legal Action of NIAC against Hassan Dai

IRI Lobby in America


PMOI (NCRI Member)

NIAC is a powerful Iran Lobby Group with vast amount of finances, political backing and lawyers. NIAC assumes that due to their power, they can do whatever they want and do as they please with the Iranian American opponents. NIAC must realize that this is not IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) where the “Islamic KKK” rules, but this is USA (United states of America) where Democracy and the Rule of Law is in charge. NIAC cannot crush the opponents under their boots.

Islamic KKK

In United States, even KKK has rights. Everyone has the first amendment rights to free speech, assembly and surely does the press. NIAC has the same rights as everyone else, but once NIAC breaks the law by silencing the opposition, threats, intimidation and discrimination, then no matter how powerful they are, they will lose.

Do you ladies and gentlemen in NIAC, recall your disgraceful defeat in the court? You, your lawyers and unlimited dollars along with all of your power had lost the sue defamation case against Hassan Daioleslam. You tried to silence the Iranian Opposition but you lost the case, lost your prestige and money for the damage you caused to Hassan Daioleslam.

You assumed that you are in Iran and you only deal with IRIB Islamic Regime’s State Broadcasting, so you could count on them to back you, but you have found out that this is America with various media organizations from the left, right and the center which you could not possibly manipulate, bribe or silence all of them! You have learned your lesson the hard way.

Probably your reaction and defense will be that from the next day, you will broadcast that Sam Ghandchi, the same as Hassan Daioleslam is a member of Mojahedin PMOI.

Most likely you will also propagate that anyone who supported Hassan Daioleslam, published him and stood by him against your bullying and crushing his first amendment rights is also pro Mojahedin!

IPC (Iran Politics Club) has been challenging you and the IRI Lobby for many years and supported Hassan Daioleslam and his first amendment rights to free speech. You would surely create lies and broadcast that IPC is also pro Mojahedin!

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh IRI Spy in Washington DC

Iran Movement Index

IPC Website

You gentlemen in NIAC must comprehend that the problem is you and the way that you try to silence the free speech, crush opponents and eliminate the Iranian Opposition. You do the same thing in America which is being done in Iran by the Islamic Regime to the Iranian people.

NIAC has unlimited funds, organization, power and legal aids. NIAC supposed to fight against discrimination but NIAC is the discriminator! NIAC discriminates against all critics, their families and attempts to crush any opposing voice. NIAC cannot tolerate any Iranian American who stands against them.

A few days ago, the Canadian Parliament had blocked the speech of your NIAC boss! Iranian Canadians had put the pressure on their Parliament to block you and your lies in Canada.

NIAC is becoming very popular for their Mafia tactics to oppress and silence the Iranian people’s rights to free speech.

NIAC and the Reformist Fraction of the IRI Regime preach much about Reforms, Reforming the Government and Reforms from the within, but the first thing that NIAC must reform is themselves!

Despite your propaganda, people are not ignorant and they see through you. The latest events in Canada is the proof to this fact. Instead of silencing the opposition with your money and lawyers, try reforming yourselves and your organization! Every time someone like me, takes a stand for free speech and democracy, NIAC tries to silence them with their lawyers, power, threats and thuggeries.

My issue with NIAC is not personal. I am a fair and unbiased person. Despite IPC’s heavy opposition to NIAC, my writings have been fair towards NIAC. In the past, I wrote about Trita Parsi and NIAC. Despite Jahanshah Javid’s promotion of NIAC, I also do not believe that he has actual connection to NIAC. Unlike you gentlemen in NIAC, I do not take sides and try to silence the opponents and critics. Despite my association with IPC, I do not hesitate to criticize IPC and don’t follow the trends in IPC. Unlike you Gentlemen in NIAC, I don’t follow the Islamist Reformist Leaders of IRI, IPC or anyone else. I am my own man; a free thinker and I do my best to be fair and objective towards everyone. One thing is a fact that I shall always stand against discrimination of all types.

On November 24, 2016, I wrote: Maybe it is time for the Secular Democrats to build a True Lobby not for IRI Regime but for the Iranian Americans.

It is Time for Secular Democrats to Build a Lobby in USA

Now, good things are happening:

ISDP (Iranian Secular Democratic Party)

ISDP News - Khabargah

ISDM (Iranian Secular Democratic Movement) - ISDP Member

Iran Political Parties and Organizations: Part 1

Us Iranians have a problem. Instead of back stabbing each other and attempt to destroy each other by discrimination, we need to help each other and to improve our status as Iranian Americans living in USA.

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran

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