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Opposition Goals
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Opposition Goals

Written on March 24th, 2002
Revised on January 24, 2007

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The desired opposition goals should cover all opposition's Tactical and Strategical needs, also, it should cover the full benefit of the Iranian Masses. The Opposition Goals should cover the needs of All The Opposition. The welfare of the Iranian population and the establishment of an absolutely democratic and free society should be the main objective of the opposition.

The Ideal Opposition Goals needs much further analysis and documentations, yet this is the basic format and Blue Print of a desired manual for the Opposition Goals.

The 11 Points Manual for The Opposition Goals

I) The over throw of Islamic Republic of Iran by protests, demonstrations, negative struggle, sit-ins, work outs, closing of plants, factories and companies, covert actions and operations, political struggle, armed struggle, street riots, revolution, and by all other means possible.

II) The creation of the provisional Democratic government as a temporary government, from all the political groups, to run the nation until the end of the absolutely free referendum and then the true election with all political parties involved.

III) We will have the very first absolutely free Referendum of the people of Iran with all the choices and all types of government options available to them as selection options, to choose the type of government desired.

IV) We will have the first general free Election with all political parties involved, a true election unlike the puppet IRI elections of the past. People of Iran will decide what they want. And the winning party will rule for a certain amount of years before the next election, and the wining President (if a republic) or Prime Minister (if a constitutional monarchy) can also choose and will choose the cabinet members from other opposition parties in addition to his/hers, to keep solidarity and harmonization.

V) All opposition organizations will believe in the separation of Mosque and State, religion and government. Mullahs/Islam will belong to the Mosques and will have no role in the government. An absolutely secular government of Iran will be established.

VI) Legal and Fair National Trials will be held for all IRI Criminals, according to the International Law. The Accused will have Private or Public Defendants defending them in a just trial.

VII) These courts will decide on the proper punishments for the political criminals. If and only if they are convicted in these courts of laws, then the proper punishments for their crimes against the humanity, will be executed.

VIII) The True Secular Democratic Government of Iran by the Iranians for "All The Iranians" will be established. The Overhaul and An over all change of the whole social, economical, judicial, legislative and political structure and constitution of the present "As Is System", will be the main condition to achieve, for the future desired "To Be System".

IX) After the total transformation of the "As Is System" in to the "To Be System", a true democratic government will enforce the Full Freedoms of Speech, Assembly, Thoughts, Ideology, Press, Religion, Philosophy, Dress Code, expressions, life styles, and other Individual or Group Rights.

X) A progressive Iran charging full power to catch up with rest of the world in to the 21sth century, total modernization of the Nation, and Cooperation of all parties in government to achieve this task will start by the speed of light.

XI) Iran, will end its decades of isolation, and re-enter the arms of the global civilization. Iran will interact with the rest of the civilized world, as it used to do, before the IRI Dark Ages. The trades of technology, economy, culture, ideology and various ideas with the free world, will re-start, one more time.

Mission Accomplished.

Glory to all freedom fighters of Iran
Success to opposition and resistance

Long live Iran
Long Live Freedom

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