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Thanksgiving Prayer for Iran
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A Thanksgiving Prayer for Iran!
Ahreeman X
November 22, 2007

The Hope for the Future! The Raven stares at the Ice Rose!


…. And Allah gave us the Turkey (Khomeini),
…..And Allah gave us the Pig (Khamenei),
Who shall be the third Animal (Imam)?
Shall it be Rafsanjani?
With this Umma' of Allah Loving Muslim, it is not so far fetched!

29 Years of Bull Shiite and please stand by for another 29 years of Bull Shiite, unless you do something about it!

Those I would Like to Thank for this Thanksgiving!

* On this Thanksgiving Holiday, I would like to thank Jimmy Carter, US State Department and CIA for the creation of the "Green Belt" (around the old USSR), Revival of Islamic Fundamentalism in the Middle East and Near East (Taliban, Al Qaeda, IRI, etc.), and creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which now had backfired in their face!

* On this Thanksgiving Holiday, I would like to thank Shah of Iran whom his disastrous policies (lack of democracy, dependence to US, betrayal of his comrades, cowardice, escape from Iran, etc.) had resulted in the creation of Islamic Republic of Iran.

* On this Thanksgiving Holiday, I would like to thank Jebhe Meli Iran (Iran National Front) and the rest of the "Whores of Opposition" or so-called "In-tell-egg-chew-all Left" including but not limited to Tudeh Communist Party, Nehzat Azadi (FMI), Fedaian Aksariat, etc. for their share of leading Gav O Guspandan (illiterate masses of Iran) by the millions in to the streets of Iran (1978) to make an Islamic Revolution. They were promised power, position and money by the Mullahs; however, they ended up with a Boner (murdered, jailed and exiled)!

* On this Thanksgiving Holiday, I would like to thank the Turkey (Reza Pahlavi II) for his Bull Shiite of charade play act for the past 29 years! More power to you, keep up this play act for another 29 years. I would also like to thank the Ass Kissers and Hand Kissers around RP (Monarchists) who still fall for this act! Welcome to once a blue moon, 3 minute Reza Pahlavi Show on CNN and FOX!

* On this Thanksgiving Holiday, I would like to thank Maryam Rajavi and MKO, Oops sorry, PMOI for becoming now, the new CIA Bitches and competing with Reza Pahlavi and Monarchists on who to give the latest style of Blow Jobs to the CIA Boss! I am so glad that you see no conflict and ideological contradiction between Marxist-Islamism and Capitalism! Mohammed, Marx and the American Dream: One Big Happy Family! Allah bless Mojahedin, Allah bless Bull Shiite! Thanks to Mojahedin, Khomeini found the Militia Power to gain control in 1978. Now, Mojahedin wash their hands from bringing Khomeini to power!

* On this Thanksgiving Holiday, I would like to thank all the Iranian Billionaires and Millionaires whom for 29 + years, preferred to attend to their bellies and under-bellies, rather than spending a dime for the freedom of Iran! Adding and piling Wealth on top of wealth, lifestyle of Rich and Famous, Las Vegas Casinos, Villas in South of France, Cabins by the Lakes at Lake Tahoe, Beach Houses in San Diego, Watching Persian Kos O She'r TVs, reading Iranian Tabloids on and off the net, eating Chelo Kabobs and Banging Teenage Whores was much more important than to spend a dime to educate our masses, support the cause and fight for the freedom of Iran! Who cares about our culture?!

* On this Thanksgiving Holiday, I would like to thank all "Career Exilists" and the mighty great Iranian "Up-Position" which the results of their ejaculation, Oops sorry, I mean struggle was zilch! 29 years of Desk-Balling (sitting behind their large size desks on their leather office chairs, playing with their balls 24/7 and 365 days a year) while waving tricolor flags and sing mourning patriotic songs:

Cho Miran Mabashad ..., Lalay Lay, La Loo …

* On this Thanksgiving Holiday, I would like to thank all who call themselves Persians and assume that they have the natural right to call themselves Persians, because they saw the movie 300, played the 300 Video Game, spent some time ejaculating on Iranian Tabloid Sites and Forums on Internet, and went to a Persian Disco! News Flash, News Flash:

To be Persian, is not a birthright or an ethnic right! To be Persian is a state of mind. To be Persian, you must feel the Persianhood in your heart and soul, in your bones and mostly in your bone marrows! Persianhood is something that you earn. It is not a right, but a privilege. You have no rights calling yourselves Persians, only because you were born in Iran or because either/or your Mom and Dad were Iranians, so they banged and created you! Persianhood is earnable.

* On this Thanksgiving Holiday, I would like to thank all who call themselves "Concern Iranians" about Iran and Iranians' affairs, but their motto is:

Cho Iran nabashad,
Be tokhmam ke nist,
Ravam jaye digar,
Zamin qaht nist!

If Iran won't exist,
I could be careless,
I'll go to another land,
There are plenty in the world!

Action speaks a thousand words. You have spoken with your actions, and your actions were zero, zilch, nada, a big nothing!

You people, have no rights to release opinions and remedies about how to fix this broken ship and revive the motherland. Go Frag yourselves, like you have been doing so, during the past 29 years! Continue your cyber ejaculations on Iranian Net Tabloids and Forums and by all means continue your off net ejaculations in your cheesy Eye-Rainian Communities around the globe!

* On this Thanksgiving Holiday, I would like to thank God for not lifting a finger to help Iran and Iranians, simply because a Myth cannot help anyone! A Myth cannot take action, only people can take action. Nothing fails like prayer!

Priests, Imams and Salvation Sellers tell me:

Atheism is a Religion.

I tell them:

"If Atheism is a Religion, then Health is a Disease!"

Funny Atheist Quotes, Expressions and Idioms

Historical Facts and Today's Realities

Throughout the history of Iran, any substantial "Change" which had led to "Greatness" and "Prosperity" and indeed "Great Civilization", had not jump started by the public as a whole, yet it had started by One Man or an Elite Group of Thinkers, Technocrats and Nationalists. Today's Situation is no difference! This is what IPC is all about: A Minority making a "Change"!

The majority sits on the side and navigates "Lengesh Kon", yet a slim minority carries the torch and enlightens the path. This minority is the only hope for the survival of our culture.

The Dog who saw the Rainbow!

The Public versus the Intellectuals
The Cheer Throwers vs. the Wrestlers
The Talkers vs. the Doers
The Deep Sleepers vs. the Wide Awake
The Cattle vs. the Supermen
The Fad Lovers vs. the People of Substance
The Shallow vs. the In Depth
The Corrupt vs. the Pure
The Lost vs. the Enlightened
The Confused vs. the Clear
The Westoxicated and the Arabtoxicated versus the "Pure Persian Pride"!

The same old story …

Yes my friends,

Today is no different. The majority as always ejaculates on their Cyber Tabloids and Forums and lives their animal-like lifestyle by adding wealth on top of wealth for no purpose except greed. They continue their vulture lifestyle in their cabarets, discos, Opium Dens, Booze Parties, Whore Banging, Gambling, Drinking and Smoking, Jerk Off Bashes and Orgies. They wear the latest idiotic looking fashions, hair styles, jewelry and show off their latest models of automobiles, houses and garments to each other. The majority is too occupied with:

Which celebrity bangs whom?
Which celebrity dresses what?
Which celebrity says what?
Which celebrity dances how?
Which joker says what?
Bla bla bla ………

The majority is too occupied with their Gods, religions and Fortune Tellers. This is why the government of Iran is made up of Hamals and Ramals (Porters and Fortune Tellers) rather than Technocrats!

Simple minds, simple pleasures!

They continue their piggish Sheeple lifestyle in exile and inxile, while the masses of Iran have to sell their 2nd and 3rd born, only to support their 1st born and families. They have to sell their bodies, steal, cheat and lie and peddle their asses, only to prepare ends meat, so their families can survive!

What do people like Reza Pahlavi, Opium Den Monarchists, Iranian Billionaires, Iranian Celebrities, Iranian In-tell-egg-chew-all left and professors know about the pains, which our masses suffer?

Hafez says (Arabic-Persian mix poetry):

Ala ya ayohal Saqi, ader ka'san va na velha,
Ke eshq asan nemud aval, vali oftad moshkelha!

Shab-e tar-o, bim-e moj-o, gerdab-i degar hael,
Koja danand hal-e ma, sabok balan-e sahelha?

Yes my friends, how can they identify with our problems and pains?
How can they feel the pains of our masses?
How can they even picture how it feels to be hungry, thirsty, poor, sick, and homeless?
How can they live in their mansions and cry alligator tears for Iranians?

I can relate, I had my share:

From Homeless to Corporate Manager, My Life

The sad thing is that the Upper Classes and the Upper Middle Classes of Iran, either in exile or inxile, do not give a rat's ass about the future of Iran and the Iranians' lives!

While back, I made an analysis,

There are 70 million Iranians in inxile and 6.5 million Iranians in exile.
6.5 million Iranians in exile.
2.5 million Iranians in USA.
Even if 1 million Iranians collect $1 each, that will be 1 million dollars.
Collect $ 5 each, and that will be 5 million dollars.
Collect $ 10 each, and that would be 10 million dollars.

$ 10 is nothing to all of you. $ 10 is dirt, bubble gum money. But these $ 10's add up and become 10 million dollars. I call that a great start to gather funds and to jump-start and accelerate a "Change" in the Status Quo. I call that, capital to jump-start the future Nationalist Revolution of Iran to end the Islamic Regime, to Regain our Cultural Identity and to free our homeland.

I do not care about your scientific, business, celebrity and social status and achievements! What have you done for Iran and Iranians lately?

Whatever you have achieved is good for you, but it won't do anything towards a "Change" in the Status Quo!

Haven't you had enough of Kos O She'r on Persian Televisions?
Haven't you had enough of Bull Shiite on Iranian Tabloids?
Haven't you had enough of this shallow superficial lifestyle in Exile?
Do you call this life?
From day to night you run after making some money to survive!
They still take afternoon naps in Iran's Bazaar and Businesses!
You run like dogs in a western style Rat Race, to make a good life!
Is this how your kids will live?
Wasn't life simpler in the old Iran?
Do you have any intention of going back?
But how can you go back with the Islamic Crap in power?
What can you do?
Do something about it!

No one will help us but ourselves. We are orphan children of Aryana.

Shangri-La: a play in 6 acts

How Had The Persians Died?

I say enough is enough and I am taking action, right here and right now. Despite all hardships and against all odds, despite all external sabotage and many troubles, we started IPC (2000) and we started the new website (2006). We jump started this "Independent Media Unit", independent of the "Iranian Media Mafia":

Iranian Media Mafia

We are not here to pass time and enjoy a cyber jerk off! This here is not another Iranian Tabloid to jerk and joy or Bang O Salavat! This here is the sole hope of salvation, freedom, education, enlightenment and future peace, living in our homeland as once proud Persian people.

I have been living in exile for 29 + years. I say I had enough!
There are no ifs or buts, yet it is a must for me to overthrow the Islamic Regime, so I can go back home and live in my own home.

The question is, have you had enough?
Are you ready to make a move?
Do you want to lift a finger towards this Holy Mission?
Do you want to go home?
Do you want to live in your own home?
Do you want to live in a free, secular, federal democratic republic of Iran?

Iran Politics Club supports the fight to establish Freedom,
Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

Do you?

Support the cause:

Support Iran Politics Club

If you and I do not lift a finger and make a move, then I assure you that your leaders, your Shahs, your Presidents, your religious leaders, your political leaders, your social leaders and your community gurus are full O Shiite and they will never make a move. They have been ejaculating and stagnating for 29 years!

Once a while, your typical Persian Con Artists appear on your cheesy Persian Televisions, broadcasting from their garage and basement based Satellite Televisions, telling you to pack up your suitcases, jump on the planes or canoes thus we will land in Iranian Airports and Seaports in a week! They want to make you believe that there is a short remedy to our nightmare! They want to give you false hopes and take advantage of your naive spirits!

Then they conduct telethons, money collections, Dake-ye Gedayi and throw in the Pans to panhandle! Monarchist Pans, Mojahed Pans and Other Iranian Con Artist Pans start the Charity Concerts, Charity Dinners, Televised Telethons, or simple Mojahed style Pan Handling in Airports, Bus Terminals and Train Stations!

Then you got your average Ahura Yazdi, Foroud Fouladvand and other Bull Shiite Artists who become your Persian Prince Charmings with a Pan, yet these pans have Zoroastrian Faravahar or Derafsh Kaviyani in the middle, rather than a copper hand! But the concept is the same, give for the will of Imam Reza! Bede Dar Rah-e Reza?!

No False Hopes

I am not here to give you false hopes. I am not here to tell you that we will be in Iran in a month. I am not here to address you to pack up your bags, because your bags are rotted and full of moths due to many packings and unpackings! Enough Bull Shiite, Persian Style!

I am here to tell you that my comrades and I have started a Moral Revolution, so by drafting a Cultural Revolution, we can commit to a Social Revolution to finally achieve a Political Revolution.

Moral Revolution, the Alternative Tactic

We are here to make The "Change", not a change! The only substantial Change is possible through a major Moral and Cultural Revolution. Rotted Superstitious Religious Islamic Minds cannot commit to a Nationalist Revolution.

We want to Change everything.
We want to Change every social aspect and pattern of the Iranian lives.
We want to Change All Social Patterns.

To build a new building, you must build a new foundation.
You must destroy the dysfunctional old system (Islam).
You must build a new functional system (Democratic Iran).

You must mix Persianhood and Democracy, the best of two worlds, to build a new Iran.

Islam had crippled our nation. This lot got to go! Simple as that. Superstition, religion, dictatorship, mullahs and monarchy go hand in hand.

Persianhood and Democracy are the remedies to the Iranian Disease!

Iranian Disease

Domestication of Persians

We are living a lie!

Final Notes

As I have stated before,

This ship (IPC) is moving forward towards Future and Futurism.
Those who jump on this ship, will accelerate their chances to reach Freedom.
Those who jump off this ship, it is certainly their loss!
Those who damage this ship, will only end up damaging themselves, because the masses of Iran are well aware of my mission.

There spent a great amount of time and capital to build this ship (IPC).

Little Faggots such as Reza Pahlavi, Alahaz-Rats, Valahaz-Rats, Oliyahaz-Rats, Vala Goh-ars and other Fat Bellied Monarchists, Iranian Billionaires and CEOs with "All the Resources" in the world, they sit in their mansions and do not lift a finger for freedom of Iran. At the same time, with "No Resources" (literally), we are trying to fix this broken vessel (Iran)!

For 29 years, they have done nothing and I shall promise you that for another 29 years, they will remain doing nothing!

If Iranian Opposition is smart, then they will also jump on this ship to accelerate our common goal to free our homeland. Use IPC to propagate and advertise for your cause.

I have said everything, which I wanted to say. The truth is in front of you and is hitting you on the head! There are no short cuts. This will be a long and windy road. Only those with guts and determination can make a Change. God, Prophet, Imam, Religion, TV Showmen, Political Leaders, Religious Leaders, Social Leaders, Iranian Gurus and 101 other Con Artists cannot help you. The Persian Prince Charming on the White Horse will never arrive. There are no more Reza Shah the Greats, but there are only Reza Shaf de Zeperts (Reza de Nim-Pahlavi)!

No one will save you, no one can help you and there will be no easy short cuts.

There is only you and I. Together we will move on to build the future of Iran.
There is Student Movement, Iranian Youth and Iranian Shakers and Doers.

Enough Bull Shiite!
Enough Jerking Off!
Enough Beating Around the Bush!

There are no areas of Gray!
Are you with me?
Or will you rather continue lying around and watch the world go by (Persian Style)?
The Time is Now, The Place is Here, together we will make history or we will mourn the Death of Iran.

No one can help you but yourselves. No God and no human.
You and only you can help yorselves.
Help me; help us, to help you.

Support Iran Politics Club

To Educate the masses is the goal.

Many are Schooled, yet only a few are truly Educated!

This is All.
What needed to be said, was said.
Now we will Do.
Together, you and I, will Do.
This is my Thanksgiving Prayer!


Dr. X

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