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NIAC, IRI Lobby Sues Hassan Daioleslam, Investigative Author

Hezbollah IRI Lobbyists in USA (Trita Parsi - NIAC) Sue Author
NIAC, Hezbollah IRI Lobby Group Sues Hassan Daioleslam the Investigative Author!

Ahreeman X
June 29, 2008



What I am about to tell you, is not a Science Fiction or a Murder Mystery plot, but it is the harsh reality! Right at this moment, not only one but many Hezbollah IRI Lobby Groups on the payroll of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) are actively lobbying in United States of America, and not only that, but they have the nerves to use “Thug Tactics” (popular inside Iran), now in United States! Right at this moment, Trita Parsi, a Mercenary of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and his Gang NIAC, on the payroll of IRI have managed to intimidate, bully and push around VOA (Voice of America Broadcasting in Persian) and sue Hassan Daioleslam an investigative author in United States. Trita Parsi had also managed to fraud the US Congress in to handing him a grant! No, this is not a Science Fiction or a Murder Mystery plot occurring inside Iran! This is a true story happening right now and right here in our own backyard, United States of America! The only question is: What are you as Iranian Americans and Patriotic Americans are going to do about it?

Mercenaries of IRI

As a front business for Hezbollah, the servant and mercenary of IRI, Jahanshah Javid the publisher of “The Iranian” Website has a mission in United States. His mission is to provide a tribune for Hezbollah IRI Mercenaries and Lobby Groups to propagate their agenda. Please notice that every single petty servant of IRI on the payroll of Tehran also happens to be an author! Coincidence? What are the odds?

Trita Parsi (The American Connection of Oil Mafia)
Trita Parsi (at
Trita Parsi
Trita Parsi and NIAC (National Iranian American Council)

Siamak Namazi (The Iranian Connection of Oil Mafia)
Siamak Namazi (at
Siamak Namazi and Atieh Group
Atieh Group

Houshang Amir-Ahmadi (The Original IRI Lobbyist in USA)
Houshang Amir-Ahmadi (at
Houshang Amir-Ahmadi and AIC
AIC (American Iranian Council)

Rostam Pourzal (at
Rostam Pourzal and CASMII
CASMII (Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Interventions in Iran)

Hossein Alikhani (at

… and the list goes on ….

Of course there are times that the Pig (Jahanshah Javid) meets the Weasel (Trita Parsi):

Jahanshah Javid visits Trita Parsi

Why They Lobby for IRI?

Petty servants of IRI such as Trita Parsi and Jahanshah Javid are not doing what they do for ideological reasons. They don’t even believe in Islam. They do what they do solely for money. They would even sell their mothers for the right price! They have no principles, no core belief system, no ideology and surely no moraity. They are only in it for the money.

NIAC Intimidation Tactics, IRI Style!

Now allow me to tell you the whole story.

On June 10, 2007, Hassan Daioleslam, the investigative author was invited by the VOA (Voice of America Broadcasting) to talk about his research regarding the "Iranian regime's lobby in USA". He discussed Trita Parsi, NIAC, Bob Ney and their connections to the Iranian regime.

Hezbollah – IRI Lobby in USA (Hassan Dioleslam) - Video

Trita Parsi Exposed on IRI Human Rights Violations - Video

Hezbollah IRI Lobby in USA - Videos
Parts: P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6

Have in mind that VOA had repeatedly invited Trita Parsi to show up on the program, speak about his side of the story and have a face to face with Hassan Daioleslam but Trita Parsi never took on the challenge! Instead, Trita Parsi played the “Hidden Imam Mahdi” game!

The VOA had invited Hassan Daioleslam for a second debate. Immediately, NIAC's lawyer sent a threatening letter to the VOA and urged them not to invite Mr. Daioleslam and not to talk about NIAC anymore.

For a while, this arrangement had apparently worked with VOA. Later on VOA had invited Hassan Daioleslam for 4 more shows with the condition that he was not to mention the names: Trita Parsi and NIAC. Hassan Daioleslam accepted the terms.

Trita Parsi and NIAC have also refused VOA's invitation so as to avoid any discussion about their role of IRI Lobby in USA. Consequently, while NIAC is an active political player in Iranian community and in the Congress on Iran related issues, people are intimidated to discuss about them.

NIAC’s Imaginary Lawsuit Against VOA

After this successful intimidation tactic, NIAC launched a campaign to publicize their newly found strategy and to send a message to all media outlets to watch their steps. As a part of this deceitful campaign, NIAC released a confusing statement in reference to their lawyer sending a letter, pretending that they had taken legal action and had won a legal case:

Trita Parsi – NIAC Intimidation and Lies

NIAC Makes Progress in Defamation Case with VOA Persian

In this article, NIAC states:

“NIAC Makes Progress in Defamation Case with VOA Persian
Jul 11, 2007

Washington DC – The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) has taken legal action against proponents of US-Iran war who have waged a defamation campaign against NIAC. As a first sign of success, Voice of America’s Persian Service agreed to halt providing these activists a platform to spread false rumors about NIAC.

In a letter dated June 19, 2007, NIAC's attorney Afshin Pishevar demanded that Voice of America, Persian Service (VOA) "cease and desist" from continuing to function as a political platform for those attacking NIAC. This was the first time NIAC resorted to legal measures to thwart the campaign to depict all opponents of war between the US and Iran as agents of the Iranian government.

The cease and desist came following a broadcast on June 7, 2007 on VOA featuring Hassan Daioleslam. Throughout the program, Daioleslam lodged malicious and baseless claims against NIAC and its efforts to prevent war.

Unlike private news outlets, the government-funded VOA is legally bound to live up to strict journalistic standards and is answerable to Congress and American taxpayers. These standards include double sourcing information and providing accurate, all encompassing coverage of a given issue. The agency's Journalistic Code requires that for all coverage, including call-in shows, "views of a single party must be challenged by the interviewer if alternative opinions are unrepresented."

In violation of VOA's publicly proclaimed standards, the VOA host did not counter the slanderous remarks made by Daioleslam against NIAC during the live TV show, nor did he press the guest for evidence to back up his claims. NIAC was not invited to appear on the program, despite the host's public statement to the contrary.

Whether this was intentional or the result of staffer's lack journalistic training, the broadcast functioned to validate and propagate Daioleslam's false information.

Earlier this year, Daioleslam published an article targeting NIAC in FrontPage Magazine, a neo-conservative outlet. In April, NIAC issued a formal response to Daioleslam's article exposing the speciousness of his claims.

NIAC rebuts MKO and FrontPage Magazine’s untruths and fabrications

VOA had scheduled another appearance with Daioleslam on July 7. In a letter dated July 5, an attorney for NIAC called the advent of such a project "clear and convincing evidence of malice and wanton disregard for the truth" and placed the agency on legal notice. The program was cancelled the next day.
There is widespread concern that VOA has as of late failed to live up to its strict journalistic standards and organizational mandate. "Certainly, VOA Persian is not giving the Iranian public a fair image of American journalism or American values," Afshin Pishevar concluded in its letter to the agency in June. "And certainly, this is not the type of journalism Congress had in mind when they allocated funds to VOA's Persian programming."

NIAC is seeking a meeting with VOA's management to put a permanent stop to its broadcasts being used for political defamation.

Founded in 2002, NIAC is a grassroots, non-partisan and non-profit organization promoting the interests of the Iranian-American community. Its members and staff are deeply committed to ensuring that war between the US and Iran is avoided and that the disputes between the two nations are resolved peacefully.”

But there is only one problem with this statement: There was never a lawsuit against VOA, but there was surely plenty of intimidation and bully around (IRI Style) performed on VOA by NIAC.

So basically Hassan Daioleslam exposed Trita Parsi, Siamak Namazi and many others as IRI Lobbyists in USA.

NIAC responded with a cheesy half-wit remark accusing Hassan Daioleslam of being a Marxist Islamist Mojahedin-e Khalq (PMOI aka MKO aka MEK) sympathizer. Of course NIAC did not present any hardcore facts to back this claim! NIAC’s proof was that Hassan’s articles were also published in PMOI website! In fact Hassan’s articles are published all over the web, so what? This was pure nonsense and slander fabricated by NIAC. Trita Parsi lies the same way that IRI State Media lie! This is typical slander, IRI style.

PMOI (MKO) is on the U.S. list of International Terrorist Organizations, making its membership a crime. Even though PMOI is a valid Iranian opposition group with thousands of Iranian American members living in USA, yet Hassan Daioleslam wanted to leave no doubts, so he had released an official statement denying any connection or sympathy with PMOI (MKO aka MEK):

Hassan Daioleslam’s Statement

Hassan Daioleslam
July 25, 2007

After the publication of my report on NIAC, Mr. Trita Parsi and NIAC have reacted hysterically. NIAC allegations have suggested that I am a member of MEK. As a proof of their allegation, they argued that one of my Persian articles appeared on the MEK's website. Note that my numerous articles on the Iranian lobby including NIAC have been published by major Farsi websites with a broad spectrum of political beliefs. This by no means suggests I am affiliated to any of them.

The nature of my political activities and believes are independent of a well-documented report that stands on its own merit. However, as NIAC is starting such disinformation campaign to create a smoke screen hiding its disguised relations with mullahs, I wish to share with the readers of my articles, a short history of my political and biographical past. I have never been in MEK or worked with MEK. I have family members with various political affiliations, some of them I have not seen for decades. It is ridiculous to draw conclusions based on such family connections.

Needless to say that I will not take NIAC's intimidation and disinformation campaign lightly and I will proceed with appropriate legal measures.”

Read Hassan Daioleslam’s biography in:

Hassan Daioleslam Index

What Really Happened?

VOA Persian Broadcast wanted to organize a face-to-face debate between Hassan Daioleslam and Trita Parsi. Hassan Daioleslam accepted the challenge, but Parsi never responded. Repeated invitations were sent to Trita Parsi by the phone and e-mail, but still no response! Finally the show was aired in June without Parsi and it surely was a disaster for the IRI lobby in USA.

Approximately on June 19, Trita Parsi hired a typical Iranian-American ambulance chasing, discount suit wearing, cheap, wanna be lawyer from Rockville, MD by the name of Afshin Pishevar, to send a letter of complaint to the VOA office of public affairs and also to the director of VOA, Danforth Austin. In this letter, Afshin Pishevar claimed:

“VOA made no direct efforts to contact Dr. Trita Parsi.”

Well this is a flat out lie!

Afshin Pishevar also criticized Bijan Farhoodi (host of VOA) because:

“The host of the program made significant efforts to present his own understanding of the view of the missing party (Trita Parsi) in the discussion, even though he had access to NIAC’s detailed rebuttal of Mr. Daioleslam’s false accusations to rely on. Although he briefly mentioned the rebuttal during the program, Mr. Farhoodi did not challenge a single accusation made by Mr. Daioleslam.”

Afshin Pishevar continued and further criticized VOA due to the fact that the host only “mentioned” NIAC’s rebuttal, which was no rebuttal at all and in fact failed to address any of the factual points raised by Daioleslam about the ties between Trita Parsi and Tehran. Finally Afshin Pishevar demanded for VOA to ban Hassan Daioleslam from the air!

So you guys are by now thinking that this must be a joke, right? It surely sounds like a joke! This type of crap can only occur in Islamic Republic of Iran and Middle East, but surely not in America!

Let’s review the case. Primarily Trita Parsi was repeatedly invited by VOA through phone calls and e-mails to appear on the show. Trita Parsi had chosen to play hide and seek rather than answering his calls and e-mails! Hypothetically if present at the studio, what could he say as a rebuttal to all the facts presented by Daioleslam on VOA?!

Then Trita Parsi hires a cheap lawyer to intimidate and bully VOA by concluding that VOA never invited him on the show! Trita Parsi continues his intimidation of the media unit by demanding the free press in United States, not to invite an investigative author (Hassan Daioleslam) to the show, anymore! Originally Daioleslam was not invited back for a while.

Next thing you know, Trita Parsi continues his Hezbollah IRI tactics by publishing lies in his website that “NIAC had taken legal action against VOA and against the proponents of US-Iran war who have waged a defamation campaign against NIAC”. The reality is that NIAC (Trita Parsi’s Grocery Store aka Baqali) had taken no legal action against VOA!

In fact Trita Parsi and his Dokkan Grocery Store (NIAC) made repetitive false remarks and flat out lies about Hassan Daioleslam and the Iran expert Kenneth Timmerman.

Kenneth R. Timmerman was nominated for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize (along with John Bolton) for his work on Iran. He is the Executive Director of the:

Foundation for Democracy in Iran

and author of the “Countdown to Crisis: the Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran” (Crown Forum: 2005).

Observe what Kenneth Timmerman wrote about this amazing bizarro issue:

Intimidation Campaign (Kenneth Timmerman)

Hezbollah IRI Lobbyists in USA (Trita Parsi - NIAC) Sue Investigative Author

Trita Parsi’s next move was to bully and push Hassan Daioleslam around:

NIAC Files Defamation Lawsuit against Hassan Daioleslam

“NIAC Files Defamation Lawsuit against Hassan Daioleslam
May 15, 2008

Washington, DC - On April 30, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) filed a lawsuit against Hassan Daioleslam in response to his defamatory articles about NIAC. Daioleslam, who has been identified by former members

The case of Hussein, Fatemeh and Hassan Daioleslam

of the terrorist-listed Mujahedin organization

Terrorist Groups

as a member of the group's executive committee, has since early 2007 mischaracterized NIAC's anti-war and pro-diplomacy activities as serving the interest of the Iranian government. His writings have mostly appeared on right-wing blogs and in neo-conservative outlets.

Persian version

NIAC welcomes a substantive debate on issues concerning Iranians Americans. It has repeatedly asked Daioleslam to engage in a constructive dialogue, but despite NIAC's efforts, Daioleslam has continued to do nothing but defame NIAC through defamation, slander misquotations and false linkages to entities and figures that have played no role in NIAC's inception, operations or development.

The decision to pursue legal action against Daioleslam has been motivated by NIAC's strong conviction that the undemocratic practice of using defamation and character assassination to achieve political ends must be eradicated in order for the Iranian-American community to fully mature politically and play a strong role in American democracy.

"The Iranian-American community desires and deserves to play a positive role in American democracy," said Alex Patico, co-founder of NIAC. "But practices such as slander and defamation do not belong in a democracy. The rule of this great democracy is that freedom of speech comes with great responsibility. You simply cannot lie and slander with impunity."

Disagreements on matters of policy are natural and healthy, but personal attacks merely detract from healthy debate, chill the energies of well-meaning participants, and distort the process. If such attacks are not grounded in truth, the process suffers even further.

In Iran, like in most non-democratic countries, defamation and character assassinations are often treated as a legitimate part of politicking. In the United States, some Iranian Americans still operate under that assumption, despite having become a part of a country where such tactics are legally prohibited.

NIAC is not the only entity slandered by Mr. Daioleslam. He has a track record of attacking and defaming any individuals in the US who advocate a non-military path towards resolving tensions between the US and Iran. Besides NIAC, Daioleslam has also attacked Professor Vali Nasr at Tufts University, Robin Wright of the Washington Post, foreign policy experts Ray Takeyh of the Council on Foreign Relations and Suzanne Maloney of the Brookings Institute to name a few.

NIAC welcomes a fair debate on the merits of war and peace, but Mr. Daioleslam's tactics do not serve such a debate and are not legitimate components of it. They are not only destructive, but illegal.

"Our hope is that the lawsuit will not only put an end to the defamation activities of Hassan Daioleslam, but also the general practice of defamation, slander and rumor making in the Iranian American political culture," said Trita Parsi, NIAC President. "Our community will never live up to its full potential in America unless these undemocratic practices are put aside."

Answering Trita Parsi, the IRI Lobbyist in USA

Does the above NIAC document sounds like a joke to you? Well, make no mistake, it is a joke! This type of document fabrication, flat out lies and treating the public as morons is very popular inside Iran, so Trita Parsi assumes that United States of America is also similar to IRI.

TP makes wild accusations based on no evidence! TP does not stand for Toilet Paper, but for Trita Parsi! Even though it makes no difference “Toilet Paper” or “Trita Parsi” carry the same weight when it comes to presenting facts and documented evidence!

Allow me to answer Trita Parsi,

“Hassan Daioleslam has been identified by former members, as a member of the group's (PMOI) executive committee.”

I. Hassan Daioleslam firmly and officially denies such allegation.

II. Trita Parsi has no evidence whatsoever to prove this allegation except a case of “He Said, She Said”!

III. This is not Islamic Republic of Iran and you cannot make Bull Shiite accusations based on no evidence. This case will be laughed out of the court.

IV. What has Hassan Daioleslam’s membership as a Mojahed or not, has to do with his tons of evidence and documentations provided due to his research, convicting you as an IRI Agent and an IRI Lobbyist? Hassan Daioleslam’s political ideology is irrelevant to his flawless research content exposing you wide open in the public!

“NIAC welcomes a substantive debate on issues concerning Iranians Americans. It has repeatedly asked Daioleslam to engage in a constructive dialogue, but despite NIAC's efforts, Daioleslam has continued to do nothing but defame NIAC through defamation, …”

This is also yet another flat out lie! In his imagination, Trita Parsi had repeatedly asked Hassan to participate in a “Substantive Debate”; however, in reality it never happened!

You see, Trita Parsi the same as all IRI Agents is a compulsive liar! The same way that he lied about a non-existent lawsuit on VOA, now he talks about a repeated non-existent request to debate Hassan!

The reality is that Trita Parsi has been asked repeatedly by VOA to face Hassan but he never replied, never participated and always hidden behind his cheap illiterate lawyers.

“The decision to pursue legal action against Daioleslam has been motivated by NIAC's strong conviction that the undemocratic practice of using defamation and character assassination to achieve political ends must be eradicated in order for the Iranian-American community to fully mature politically and play a strong role in American democracy.”

What Trita Parsi is trying to say is that he made a decision to use a cheap lawyer and to sue Hassan in order to block freedom of speech, further pursue of exposing his Dokkan (NIAC) and his role as an IRI Lobbyist and an IRI Agent in America. Trita Parsi is also trying hard to say that he will not hesitate to implement the same “Thug Tactics” used by IRI Regime and Hezbollah inside Iran, also over here in United States.

“Disagreements on matters of policy are natural and healthy,”

Then why don’t you participate in a healthy debate on VOA or right here on the largest Iranian Website in the world (IPC) rather than hiding behind your cheap lawyers and intimidating Iranian and American Media and political groups?

“In Iran, like in most non-democratic countries, defamation and character assassinations are often treated as a legitimate part of politicking. In the United States, some Iranian Americans still operate under that assumption, despite having become a part of a country where such tactics are legally prohibited.”

Trita Parsi must be the saddest con artist and the cheapest liar and petty servant that IRI could come up with in America! He is accusing Hassan of doing everything that he does! Trita Parsi must assume that Iranian Americans are all brain-drained sheep who cannot see the reality in front of their faces!

“NIAC welcomes a fair debate on the merits of war and peace, but Mr. Daioleslam's tactics do not serve such a debate and are not legitimate components of it.”

In the history of NIAC, it never welcomed a single democratic public debate!

"Our hope is that the lawsuit will not only put an end to the defamation activities of Hassan Daioleslam, but also the general practice of defamation, slander and rumor making in the Iranian American political culture," said Trita Parsi, NIAC President. "Our community will never live up to its full potential in America unless these undemocratic practices are put aside."

In other words, Trita Parsi is hoping that by intimidating VOA, suing Hassan Daioleslam, openly lying to the public, using cheap lawyers and drafting thug and bully tactics, and so on ……., the Iranian Democratic Movement, The Iranian Student Movement, The Iranian Opposition, The Iranian Free Media and The American Press will be forced in to silence about his activities and his masters’ (Mullahs) activities in USA!

Trita Parsi wants to silence the Iranian Opposition and the American Media. This is what Trita Parsi is trying hard to put in a nutshell!

To All Hezbollah Front Businesses and IRI Lobbyists in America

Cheap tactics such as this:

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America!

or this:

Voices for Peace Iranian Video, a Hezbollah – IRI Production

Or what you are pulling on VOA and Hassan Daioleslam will not silence nor shut down the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian American Media. This is United States of America and there exists amendments, rights, checks and balances. You can’t bully the free press and you surely can’t bully the Iranian Resistance.

In the past I have vastly talked about Hezbollah, Suspected Hezbollah and IRI Lobby Groups in USA. The bottom line is that it really does not matter if one is Hezbollah or Suspected Hezbollah, but what matters are the results of his actions which put him either on the side of the “Civilized world” or “Islamic Republic of Iran”!

Friend of my Enemy is my Enemy.

Therefore, the results of IRI Lobby Groups’ actions benefits IRI. As an Iranian Freedom Fighter, Islamic Republic Regime is my enemy; so surely, IRI Lobby Groups and Hezbollah front businesses in America are friends of my enemy, so they are also my enemy.

Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend

Therefore, any person who is willing to pick up a pen or a gun to fight IRI is my friend. I do not care who you are and what ideology you have, but if you are willing to fight Islamic Republic of Iran and to help me to end the reign of Islam in Iran, then you are my friend.

This is simple, logical fact, easy to understand for all!

In the past I had clearly mentioned to Hezbollah Front Businesses in America and IRI Lobby Groups in USA, that if they make a slight move against me. This in detail is what I will do to them:

Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah in America!

Question from Trita Parsi?

When will it stop? First you tried to bully VOA, then you tried to silence Hassan Daioleslam, now you are sending a message to the free press and Iranian Opposition to IRI to shut their mouths! Do you really think that you can silence all opposition to IRI?

Let me clarify this to you, one more time …..

You are a puppet Iranian Swedish cheeseball in a cheap three piece suit, the latest creation of the Alavi Foundation (Hezbollah IRI, New York based Front Business) designed and ordered by Tehran to be manufactured as an active IRI Lobbyist in USA. You are not the first one and you will not be the last one who peddles his ass for IRI for the right amount of dollars to take on the Iranian Opposition and act as the fifth column of IRI inside the US Democratic Party.

Democratic Party and the Mullahs’ Lobby

Punks like you come and go. It is only few years that you live in this country. You and your cheap lawyers have no clue on how the American system works. I am a 30 years veteran of the Iranian Opposition. I have been living here for 30 years. I have been a GOP activist since you were a sperm in your daddy’s balls! I am as American as Apple Pie. I know every legal loophole in the American Judicial system. Unlike you, I am not some punk who just got off the boat from Sweden!

This is not Islamic Republic of Iran for you Hezbos to roam around and do as you please with people’s freedoms, rights, properties and lives. This is the central heart of democracy. In this country there exists freedoms of press, expression, assembly, individual rights, human rights and press shields laws.

Cheesy lawsuits written by cheap lawyers ordered by Tehran will not silence the freedom movement and surely will not shut down the Iranian Opposition. Are you going to take on the whole Iranian Opposition? Because that is the only way that you will shut all of us up? You are too small, too illiterate, too naïve and way too irrelevant to do so. But I have to give it to you that you are a better fraud than your predecessors (101 other IRI Lobby Groups in USA). For the list of IRI Lobby Groups in USA, visit:

Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah in America

So far you have managed to con a few celebrities, a few people, a number of Democrats and even the US Congress! But as you know, we have a famous Persian Expression, which says:

Jujeh ro Akhar-e Payiz Mishmoran!
(They will always count the chickens at the end of Autumn!)

This war is far from over. This one battle is not even over yet. I wonder what will you do once we overthrow IRI? You know, soon or late, revolution or coup, military invasion or uprising, one way or another we will end the reign of Islam in Iran. Once we (The Iranian Opposition) will successfully establish a free democratic regime in Iran, then we will take care of all the Hezbollah inside Iran. Secondly we will take care of all the Hezbollah outside Iran (that is you and your buddies)!

I understand that there are thousands of Hezbollah Front Businesses, IRI Lobby Groups and IRI Agents around the world, in the west and right here in America. I can only make certain of one thing.

Solemn Oath of Honor

Right here and right now, I am taking a solemn oath of honor on the public Internet that every single Iranian American payrolee of IRI will be kidnapped and returned to Tehran for public trials and then depending on his crime, for the public punishment or execution.

What Mossad had done to Ex-Nazis, we will do to you guys. This is not a threat, but a promise. Whatever the regime of Iran will be and whoever will be in charge, I will for sure have an important role in it. Why you ask? Because of 30 years of devoted service to the Iranian Opposition to IRI and 30 years of fighting for freedom, democracy and human rights.

I have been supporting all Iranian Opposition Groups for 30 years. We may have our differences but we have one thing in common: We all hate Hezbollah, IRI and their petty servants in the west.

Once the regime changes, I will make it my top priority to drag every single punk who lobbied for IRI, propagated for IRI, formed a front business for IRI or published a cheesy website for IRI and specifically who fraud the US Congress for IRI, back to Tehran, put them on trial and make them suffer sever punishments. This will happen in this lifetime, so you may as well enjoy your lives and salaries sent by Tehran while you can and while it will last.

The question is what will you do then? Are you going to sue me? You see, Iran as you know is not America! There will be no Liberal Judicial System, no lawsuits and no ambulance chasing lawyers; however, we will hang Hezbollah upside down by the balls (Persian Style)!

There will be old fashion traditional style of justice! The best thing that can happen to you guys is for me to personally perform your proper punishments! The worst thing that can happen to you guys is for me to hand you to the general public in the streets to do as they please with you in the main circles of Tehran!

Then you have to answer to the hungry, angry, and suffered masses of Iran who have been suffering under IRI for over 30 years. People who had to sell their second borns only to feed their first borns! I would love to hear your justifications about your comfortable lives in America lobbying for IRI while they were working 3 jobs in Tehran to make ends meat! They will surely rip a new one for you guys and cut you limb to limbs. Who will you sue then?

Trita Parsi and other punks who peddle their asses for IRI in America, pay attention and pay attention good,

Suing Hassan Daioleslam was the gravest mistake that you have ever done. If you possibly think that you can shut the Freedom of Press and Freedom of Speech in America, then you are dead wrong.

The Common Grounds between Iran and USA

You know, Iran and America have one thing in common! You may not know it but in both countries you must make connections, associates, friends and allies (Party Bazi) in different walks of life to survive. I have been doing this for 30 years in America. I have scratched many people’s backs and I have done favors for many people, so in times of need, they will surely return the favors!

For 30 years I have been creating networks and sources amongst:

IRS, ACLU, FBI, Homeland Security and GOP
US Justice Department and Italian American Mafia
San Diego Sheriff Department and Hells Angels Bikers
Black Panther Party and Ku Klux Klans

I have sources in the oddest places. I have sources within highest places in the system, inside the law, outside the law and even way off the radar. I scratched their backs and they will scratch my back.

I always keep a wide range of associates, so when the time comes:

Enemy of my Enemy will be my Friend!

If any Hezbollah IRI Bozos in this list and off this list:

Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah in America

Makes a slight move against me; I will use all my sources to destroy them. This is War. In this war, we (Iranian Opposition) have been forced out of our homeland (Iran). I will be damned to allow petty punks of IRI to push me around in my present home (America).

Question from Iranian Opposition?

I disagree with Sam Ghandchi:

Why I Condemn NIAC Lawsuit Against Hassan Daioleslam

“A Powerful Organization (NIAC) uses all its sources to sue an individual (Hassan Daioleslam).”

There is nothing powerful about Trita Parsi and NIAC or all other IRI Lobby Groups combine. They are petty agents of IRI; each with a certain budget set by Tehran, each with a few servants of IRI, thugs and bands of rag tag bozos and each with a cheesy organization at their disposal. The best that they can do is to take the matter to court and sue people!

IRI, Anti Opposition Activities in Southern California

IPC Movement Index

Buddy, all they know about the American system is how to hire a cheap lawyer and sue or do legal intimidation. They do not even have the balls to send assassins because assassins must come directly from Tehran or by the blessing of the Foundations (Front Businesses of Hezbollah in America)!

On the other hand, I don’t hit people with petty lawsuits, but I take everything they have, and put them in the poor house. I pull them from the roots and I destroy them, their immediate family, their distant family, their friends, their organization and everyone around them.

Cockroaches must be eliminated to the last pest or they will come back to haunt you.

Tehran Knows What I am Capable of!

I am pro violent overthrow of Islamic Republic of Iran. I am pro extreme measures and retaliations. I am pro violence and a firm believer that violence is the only language to speak with IRI.

I do my share in San Diego. In the past, one assassination attempt, one physical combat and one intimidation show was tried on me by Hezbollah. The local “Ya Hussein” Crew and “Santee Mosque” tried to see what am I made of! I have taken care of all 3 situations the old fashion way (Persian Style)!

You see,

When Hezbollah sues me, I destroy them.
When Hezbollah intimidates me, I land them in jail.
When Hezbollah invites me to a show down, I deport them.
When Hezbollah tries to eliminate me, I send them to Allah, their maker.
When Hezbollah sends one of my comrades to the hospital, I send ten of them to the morgue.

Extreme Retaliation is the key word. Whatever they do, I make it ten times worst and I come down on them like the Grim Reaper and the Black Death! You don’t negotiate with Hezbollah and you surely do not pussyfoot around with Hezbollah, but you eliminate them like Cockroaches.

My question to the Iranian opposition is that what do you want to do about Hezbollah Front Businesses in America and IRI Lobby Groups?

First the Nazis came for the Marxists; no one said a word!
Then they came for the Socialists, no one said a word!
Then they came for the students, no one said a word!
Then they came for the faculty, no one said a word!
Then they came for the journalists, no one said a word!
Then they came for the authors, no one said a word!
Then they came for the Jews ….
By the time people wanted to say something against the Nazis,
There was no one left to speak an ill word against the Nazis to!

So the question is what are you waiting for?

First it was Aryo Pirouznia, then VOA, now Hassan Daioleslam, what’s next?

Next will be Mohammad Parvin, then MEHR, then Mojaheds, then Monarchists, then Marxists, then Socialists, then Nationalists, then ……

Who will be left?

To Iranian Opposition

My record is clear. I have spent 30 years of life for the Iranian Opposition. I have created IPC at the disposal of the Iranian Opposition. Must I also chew the food and put it in your mouths?

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

We have our differences, but now it is do or die! Animals (IRI Goons) are in our backyard! First they kicked us out of Iran and now they are in our backyard (America) dictating to us on how to live! What are you waiting for? What had all this division brought for you? Nothing but misery! I am not telling you to forget ideology, but I am telling you that today you must unite for the sake of survival.

Trita Parsi and NIAC are nothing. It is very easy to deport Trita Parsi and eliminate NIAC. They are petty punks on the payroll of Tehran. My question is why should I do it? Why must I do everything for you?

Why I will not Make the First Move Against Trita Parsi?

I. I never make the first move against anyone. I will always wait for them to throw the first punch (legal or illegal) and then I will destroy them. This way my conscience will be clear that I did not destroy them without giving them a fair chance! This way I will shut all mouths, which may state that I had destroyed an innocent man!

II. I want you (The Iranian Opposition) to make a move. Show me that you are alive. For God’s sake, for this once, come together as a force and stand against a common enemy, which had destroyed our country! The enemy is now in our home (America). The enemy is now collecting grant from the US Congress! The enemy is now getting paid by yours and my tax dollars to destroy us! You and I are paying IRI Lobby in America to destroy us as forces of resistance against IRI. How oxymoronic and stupid is that?

III. For how long we must suffer for our divisions? When will be the time to stand united against IRI? Is 30 years enough?

IV. What should I do to get all of you to show that you are alive? What should I do to rally you as a united force to destroy IRI Lobby in America? IRI Lobby is practically pissing in your faces and taking away your rights as Iranian Americans! How far will you allow them to push you around before making a move? Why should I fight your fight by myself? Are you the Iranian Opposition or are you San Francisco Transvestite Showgirls under 101 political organization names? I want to hear you roar and say: No More!

Why IRI does not Allow Trita Parsi to Make a Move Against Me?

Tehran Officials are not ignorant. They are only protecting their investment. It takes many years to create, train, draft and produce an IRI Lobbyist such as Trita Parsi in America. Tehran knows very well that what I am capable of. Tehran has first hand information of what I had done to the local Hezbollah in San Diego. Tehran is perfectly aware that I am an insane risk taker with no fear who is willing to put everything on the line including my own life. This is why Tehran will be dared to allow Trita Parsi to make a move against me! Tehran knows that a move by Trita Parsi against me will bring on an end to Trita Parsi and NIAC. Obviously Trita Parsi is too valuable of an investment to Tehran and years of hard work to build and shape as a lobbyist. Tehran simply cannot allow Trita Parsi to be destroyed by me. Trita Parsi is by no means expendable to Tehran, but he is a valuable asset.

Lo Opposition

If today, you do not stand by Hassan Daioleslam, then tomorrow it will be your turn. Come together, get united, show that you are alive, stand solid against all of these petty agents of IRI and say enough is enough!

IPC has been created for you, then use it as a tribune to make the world to hear your voice? Write articles, raise your voice. Send your anger to US Government Offices:

List of US Government Offices

Hezbollah Front Businesses in America Thread

Be Active and do activism. For God’s sake do something? Make a move? Support Hassan Daioleslam, stand by Hassan, write for Hassan, fight for Hassan.

Hassan Daioleslam is one of us. Then stand by him now!

Trita Parsi is only the latest puppet fabricated by Tehran. His name is most likely fabricated. They gave him a Persian name, so he could get popular amongst the Iranian Americans who hate every shred of Arabo-Islamic Sub Culture! His real name is probably “Rajab Ali Allah-verdi” a Bache Akhund son of a Mullah, a Bazaari, or a Pasdar who was sent to Sweden for education with our national budget dollars. They created him a name, an education, an identity and they sent him to USA to create NIAC and lobby for them. Are you the mighty Iranian Opposition going to allow "Rajab Ali Allah-verdi" to push you around in your own home (America)?

I would like you to raise your voice, show me, show the world and show Iranians inside Iran that you are the mighty Iranian Opposition in America. You are Iranian Americans, let me hear you roar?

I support you:

Iranian Political Parties and Organizations

Now I want you to support a fellow freedom fighter, a comrade and a solid activist, Hassan Daioleslam. Now it is your move?

As you know, I love gardening. I have never paid for a gardener. I do my own gardening. "Hard Physical Work" builds character.

Why I prefer Plant over Human?

I have Just finished cutting 2 different 17 years old thick and 30 feet tall trees down to 4 feet each. It took me 4 days to do the job, but finally I had brought them down! Real men cut 30 feet trees, live hard, work hard, party hard, love hard and die hard. Real men don’t produce peace videos, hold hands and sing kumbaya in a gay San Francisco style Piss (Peace) Video production, peddling their asses for Hezbollah and IRI lobbyists in Piss (Peace) Rallies!

Voices for Peace Iranian Video

Real men live life on the edge. Real men live, love and die as freedom fighting, free spirited, Persians struggling to free the motherland.

IRI Lobby the same as the 30 feet tall trees can be brought down. Piece of cake and nothing to it; however, it takes commitment, devotion, determination, efforts, hard work and powerful will. You can do anything that you want. You can conquer the world. You can destroy your enemies and you can surely revive the motherland. You are the mighty Iranian Opposition, Resistance, Freedom Fighters and Political Activists. Tell me:

Are you men or are you mice?

I will never abandon you. Do not abandon Hassan Daioleslam! Show Hassan what Iranian Opposition to Tyranny (IRI) is made of. Send US Government your objections. Send Hassan your love. Send me your voice, your articles, your support, your anger and your unity. Let me hear you roar.

We are the Iranian Opposition to Islamic Republic.
Together We Stand, Divided We Fall!


Dr. X

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