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A United Opposition

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A United Opposition

Revised on January 24, 2007

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"A United Opposition" Speech

This document was written, based on a series of university speeches made by the founder of IPC, Dr. X, conducted in various colleges and universities.

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A United Opposition

Dear Comrades:

The need for a united opposition is most sensible now, than ever before! We live in an era, which
according to statistics, the majority of the Iranian population inside, are under 35 years of age; furthermore, I shall specifically insist that the majority of the population are basically under 25 years of age. These youth are the jump-start of the future changes. These youth are the major power behind the latest movement of the last few years. The student movement inside, is what will blow this regime into the abyss. The student movement as a whole, maybe not organized, but for sure, they have risen against oppression, dictatorship and the clerical rule. The student movement is moving towards a secular society. Now, it is up to the opposition to harmonize, organize, cooperate, and work with this movement, or they can continue what they have been doing for the last 28 plus years! Opposition in Exile, can continue their separate ways, bash one another, rip each others throats, and continue their separate cyber ejaculations in their own separate tribes, and by committing these actions, they shall lose jumping on the "Change Train" with the Student Movement.

Student Movement and the Iranian Youth under 25 years of age will be the end of this regime. As of this moment the conflict between the Youth Movement and the Regime is an "Antagonistic Conflict". You all, are totally aware of the fact, that, the youth are moving in one direction and the Islamic Regime is moving towards an opposite direction. The youth inside, are moving by the speed of light towards, Westernization, Industrialization, Technology, Cyber Space, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thoughts, Individual Freedoms, Secularization of the government, and a major overhaul of the system. The youth movement is moving towards the progress by the speed of light. The regime, on the other hand is moving back in history, towards the religious Islamic laws of the 7th Century Dark Ages! The regime is moving towards an "Absolute Theocratical Dictatorship". Islamic Republic of Iran, is moving by the speed of light, towards the Absolute Clerical Government, Religious Judicial Laws of Shari'a, a full pledged Religious Society, Censorship of all kinds, Abandonment of Democracy, Banning of all types of freedom, The control of the nation by "A Supreme Spiritual Leader" or Velayate Faqih, the absolute power of "The Imam" over all the people, the consideration of all "The People" as the children which need to be guided by "The Imam" and Velayat, the "Culture of Imam-hood", and an ultimate Theocratic Society in action! The Youth and The Regime are moving towards different directions, but not away from each other, yet they are both moving towards one another. These two powerful forces with 180 Degrees conflict are moving by the speed of light, towards one another, at 120 miles per hour average speed, it is unavoidable for these two forces, not to crash head to head with each other! Soon, there will be a major Explosion in Iranian Society, a major "Culture Clash" shall occur very soon. We can close our eyes to this fact, or we can accept it soon as possible. Sooner that we digest this fact, the sooner we can establish a scientific analysis.

According to the politicians and commentators, this Unavoidable Clash, will happen in less than 30 Years. If I would choose to be Logically Optimistic, I shall state here, that this "Culture Clash" has already happened, yet it will "Blow Out" The Islamic Regime, in a massive explosion and in less than 20 Years.

What this regime feeds on, is superstition, religious fanaticism, Islamic Fundamentalism, backwardness, illiteracy, avoiding any type of a freedom, avoiding any connection with the outside world, and total clerical control of Iran. To isolate the masses, this regime had started a massive campaign. The gathering of satellites; regulating the Internet cafes; heavy theocratic social laws and regulations on every aspect of life; banning all free media; control of all TV, Radio, Hard Copy and media in general; and now the attempt to nationalize and censor the Internet!

This regime has been propagating, brain-washing and enforcing extreme Islamic Outdated Laws and Regulations for the last 28 years. 28 years of brainwash has been imposed on the new generation, since kindergarten! In the past, the regime had it's audience, which were Islamic Militant Students of The 70's, whom are today's Semi Middle Aged Government Personnel! Even among many of these Ex-Islamic Militants, there are a great number of Reformists who themselves are critical of the Conservative Controlling Fraction. A perfect example of an Ex-Pasdar turning to a present Reformist, is Akbar Ganji. So there are still an internal power struggle between the two fractions of the regime, the conservatives and the reformers. In the past, there has been three fractions of Conservative, Moderate, and the Reformists. But it seems like at least for the time being, The Moderates, or shall we say, "Kar-Gozaran", their alliance and their leader Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, has joined the Conservative Faction under the clerical rule of Imam Khamenei. Now how long this unholy alliance will last? That is to be remained to see! At any moment, the political climate of this regime can change, for instance, it was only a while ago, during the election before the last, that the Reformists were flirting with the Moderates! Mr. Khatami was indirectly having a Love/Hate Relation with Mr. Rafsanjani! So these fractions can move back and forth towards each other and make different alliances, but what is clear, is that all these three fractions are parts of this regime, and they are only here for one reason, and that is to save the Islamic Republic of Iran, and The Religious Government at all costs. Now some choose a conservative fanatical mask, some choose the moderate progressive mask and then again, some choose the Reformist Liberal Mask! But all and all they are three entities of the same unified being and an abomination, called the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Hezbollah is Hezbollah, may he be Reformist Khatami, Moderate Rafsanjani or Fundamentalist Ahmadinejad!

The whole creation of the Reform Movement, and the whole purpose of Mr. Khatami's presidency, was to openly get the True Reformists out in the open and known to the Regime, so the regime could identify them and to arrest them and possibly eliminate them! The Leadership of Reform including President Khatami, his cabinet, and most of the Journalists, Writers, and so called Intellectuals around him, had betrayed the Reforms and the "Average Reformer" in the street! Many of the Reformists are well aware of this fact, that their leadership had betrayed the Reforms, and they know that this leadership has no other role but to protect the system of "Imam-Hood" and Velayat-e Faqih. Reforms have become a liberal mask to put on the ugly face of the Fanatical Islamic Regime of Iran. Therefore, a huge number of these Reformists have turned their backs to the Reforms and have joined the opposition. They are beginning to see that the only way for an overhaul of this regime, is a major change from the roots, and that can only happen by the elements opposing this regime and not just by Reforming and changing the face facade of it! A Fundamental Grassroots change is in demand!

Opposition is perfectly aware of this fact and they are drafting members by the hour! I need to clarify here, that by opposition, I mean any person against the Islamic Republic of Iran is considered opposition. Any person who actively fights against IRI, by the gun or by the pen, is called an activist member of the opposition. By referring to this entity as The Opposition, by no means, I am referring to a limited number of the Fat Exile Boys, sitting behind their large size office desks on their comfortable leather chairs, rocking back and fore for 27 plus years, Cyber Ejaculating, writing crap on the Internet in support of the resistance or the opposition inside, and preaching democracy every chance they get, yet when it comes down to action, back stabbing any democratic activist entity who wants to take a step towards the freedom of Iran! By Opposition, I am speaking of the solid Student Movement; The Third Force (The Secular Force), The Opposition Inside, and The Activists Outside. By opposition, I do not mean, a group of Fattened-Up Hypocrites inside or outside Iran who on one hand, their leadership flirts and sleeps on the same bed with the Reformist Fraction of The Islamic Regime, and then their followers prays the struggle against the same regime! By opposition, I do not talk about the hypocrites in Exile who been banning, bashing, and banging on each other's heads for the last 28 years or so!

I am not talking about the little miserable dictators, operators, moderators, members, writers, webmasters of all these superficial Iranian TVs, Radios, Media, Bulletin Boards, Forums, and Websites who been Cyber Ejaculating for the last 28 years! Every time a hand of unity has been offered to these hypocrites from the left or the right, they refused that hand and they even bitten that hand, like the pathetic "Cyber Hogs" or "Social Vultures" that they are! These Microbes of the Iranian Politics, had their chance over and over to create a united opposition, solid and in support of the student movement and the youth movement inside Iran, yet they openly refused, back stabbed, spread beater words, and shown their true face to the movement.

My word is not with these Rodents, my word is with the Real Political Activists and members of the opposition leadership or membership inside and outside, to join hands, to harmonize, to organize and to support the student movement and specifically the youth movement inside Iran, and to finally after 28 years, to create a "United Opposition".

Unless, the Mojaheds, Communists, Monarchists, Republicans, Socialists, Democrats, and of course Nationalists of this abandoned ship called Iran, decide to join together in a solid front which called the "United Opposition", the speed rate of the Change shall remain very slow paste. Islamic Republic of Iran will remain in power for much longer than anticipated. As I stated, The Iranian Youth under 25 years of age, soon or late will blow out this regime to the abyss and Well of Darkness. The Youth Movement will dump this Regime into the Dumpster of History, now it will be up to you, the leaders and activists of the opposition inside and outside Iran to unify yourselves and by doing so, join the youth movement, harmonize with them, help them to organize; moreover, by cooperating with them, by backing them and fighting side by side with them, speed up, rush, and jump-start the "Change Train" and the political, economical, and social "Overhaul" of Iran.

You as a member of opposition have a responsibility, primarily to Iran, not to your political group or party. Your primal responsibility is to The MotherLand, not to your silly little Political Tribal Affiliations, your separate Tribes, your little Cults, your hundreds of divided political organizations! You have a national duty, primarily to Free Iran, to build a Democratic Iran, To rebuild Iran and rejoin Iran into the Civilized World. Your main goal is not to protect your hundreds of different political cults, rise up, yes, "Rise Up" and go beyond your political tribe. Rise Up, and get your heads out of the sand, get your heads lifted above the thick walls of Tribalism around you, lift up your heads above the sinking water which is sinking this abandoned ship, called Iran, lift up your spirits in solidarity with one another. While you are playing your Tribal Games, IRI has pillaged Iran blind for the last 28 plus years, haven't you had enough?! Is it time for unity now, or you prefer to continue this charade for another 28 years?!

The Youth Movement will blow up this regime high in the sky. They will do it sooner with your help, or they will struggle for a long period of time, with no help from your side. They will carry the burden with or without your help, yet decide now, are you with the resistance or by the faith to Tribalism, working against the resistance? Are you a part of The Change, or are you working against the Change? Are you jumping on the "Change Train" or are you blocking the moving forward of the "Change Train"?!

Ask yourselves, how effective can all your political activities be, if you rather to openly back-stab one another, instead of working with one another towards an ultimate goal, which shall be The Freedom and Democracy for Iran, establishment of a Secular, Independent, Democratic Regime in Iran for "All The People"? Ask yourselves, how is it that you have all the right intentions, but you end up committing all the damage to the Movement Towards Freedom of Iran? Open your minds and break the "Tribal Chains". I beg you to put your "Nation's Prosperity" above your "Cult Affiliations", do it for Student Movement, do it for the Youth movement, do it for a Democratic Future, do it for Iran.

I and my comrades and many who think like us, have been offering you all, our open arms, we preached the unity of the opposition; furthermore, we acted upon what we preached. We openly went one step further, we took action to advertise for all the opposition, draft members for all the opposition, and we are working with all the opposition towards achieving our common goals. We have built a network to connect all the separated and loose links and circles of the opposition together, to debate, discuss and to find a way to cooperate together. What you know as the IPC Revolutionary Movement (a separate entity than IPC), and the members of this movement, are nothing but the regular members of the opposition, and I mean All The Opposition.

Alas, that these comrades are only regular members or sympathizers of the various political spectrums of the opposition! Alas, that so far, we have not been able to actually get the Opposition Groups and Party leaders together to create this united front. Some of the opposition members from the right, left, and center are working together in comradeship and it is called the IPC Operations Movement, we are nothing but people and members or sympathizers of different opposition groups and parties. We managed to create a network of video NetMeetings, regular NetMeetings, voice chats, instant messaging, and live interactions amongst a variety of opposition links with a variety of political ideologies. We have members, inside every single major university of Iran and every major city of Iran, also many universities and cities of Europe and America.

Some of you who were not a part of this movement to unify the opposition, done your best to destroy this network and line of communication in between the opposition. Some of you, who were members of this movement, also done your best to damage and hurt this movement. Your combine efforts, members or non-members, somewhat worked and you both managed to damage this network to a certain point. With your limited vision, you had managed to cripple this network to some point. Some of you, opposition members not from the IPC movement had damaged this communication network with all the power that you had, and some of you who were actually the members of this IPC movement, were also done your best to destroy this one and only line of communication and cooperation between the variety of opposition's political groups.

Obviously, you could not see beyond your political cult or tribe, you could not favor Iran over your cult, and you sabotaged this network with a solid belief that it is a sin and against your cult's ideology to work and cooperate towards a higher cause, with one another! We the True Honest Opposition, tried to create, indeed we did create, and we did start the operation of this network for the reason of uniting the opposition, yet you, the skeptic members or non members of this network, done your best to destroy this one and only line of harmony amongst us. You could not even give it a chance to grow, you decided to murder the infant, this only hope to unite the opposition! In your minds, you are absolutely correct, and what you done or doing is justified, but for once in your lifetime, open your eyes, and see what this network had accomplished in a few years, can you?

We have Muslim, Communist, Monarchist, Nationalist, Socialist, Democrat and Republican working together, and this is despite all your sabotage. We have been trying to establish and harmonize every task that a political entity does, yet in harmony with one another. We try to do our regular struggle towards freedom, yet this time together! And what is wrong with that? Can we see beyond our cults? Must you destroy any hope for unity? If we cannot work two by two, and eye to eye for the freedom of Iran, then how will we work together and live together as civilized people in a Democratic Iran of the future? How will we operate a secular, democratic Iran of The future? How will we be a part of a civilized world? How, ..........., Or is it that each of you Cultists are thinking of keeping the whole pie to yourselves?! Are you thinking of oppressing the Masses of Iran for yet, once more? Are you deciding the future government of Iran for the Iranian People, before you even get into the power? Are you already deciding of who can exist and who cannot, in the future political spectrum of Iran? Are you pre dictating and pre planing the future regime of Iran and you are only including yourselves and your pals in the game, and you are willing to sacrifice and exclude everyone else?

All The People, shall decide the faith of their nation.

Pay attention and pay attention good:

People of Iran have been shutten up for 8000 years, specifically the lessons of this last 28 years were very constructive. The political literacy of our people went way above the usual limitations! People of Iran will never ever go under another Dictatorship, they sacrificed too much to yet go under another oppressive regime! If you mean well, if you are well intentioned, let the masses love you, capture their hearts, let them to feel the faith in you.

"The only way for you to win this struggle is to capture the Hearts of The Masses."

Don't exclude, divide and cause heartache, let's include, unite and cause love. Let the people love you, capture their affection and hearts. If you are sincere in your motives, you cannot Pre Elect or Pre Appoint the next Shah of Iran, the next President of Iran in Exile and the next Cabinet already made up and settled! Who are you and your fellow cultists and your pals to decide the future government of Iran? Masses of Iran will decide the future government of Iran, the type of government, and then the economical platform and agenda in a Free Democratic Referendum. Next, masses of Iran will decide the faith of their political leaders in the very first National election to choose the President (in a Republic) or the Prime Minister (in a Constitutional Monarchy). People of Iran will decide what they want. People of Iran will decide on a Republic or a Constitutional Monarchy. Masses of Iran will decide to have a Socialist, Communist, or a Nationalist Government. Oppressed masses of Iran will decide the faith of Iran in the first true national referendum and then the first true national election. Who are you, and your fellow cultists, and your alliance cults, to pre determine this for the Iranian masses? Who gave you, a limited number of opposition cults in exile with your leaderships, the right to pre elect president, cabinet, or Shah, Prime Minister and Parliament in exile? Who died and elected you God?

Iran has 70 Million population inside, morely, Iran has a caring Youth Movement inside, Iran has literate Intellectuals inside, Iran has dedicated Nationalists inside, Iran has another 6 and 1/2 Million population in Exile and around the world, Iran has many brains, technocrats, specialists, scientists, and free thinkers among these Exiled population. Do you possibly think that you can dictate your pre elected Presidents, Shahs, Dynasties, Cabinets, and Parliament on to Iranian Masses. Do you possibly think that you can shove your will down the throat of Iranian masses? And for once more you can turn this around, and bring on your special blend of Dictatorship to Iran?

A Dictatorship is a dictatorship, so is the nature of the dictator! you can put a Turban on his head and give him a flag of Allah, you can put a "Che Red Beret" on his head and give him a flag of Hammer and Sickle, you can put a Lachak Head Scarf on her or a Guerilla Hat on him and hand him a Jihad Neo Islamic Flag, you can put a Commando hat on him and hand him a Derafsh-e Kaviyani, or you don't even have to hand him a hat, you can just put a fancy tie around his neck and hand him the Imperial Banner! A dictator is a dictator, no matter with what ideology! And I got news for you, masses of Iran will not go under yet another dictatorship. You can sweet talk until the next century and pre elect provisional governments or permanent governments of your blend, but ultimately masses of Iran will commit to the change or revolution, and leading this change, will be the Youth Movement. This turn, around, the false so-called Intellectuals cannot take the lead and in cahoots with their Holy Leaders with Turban or Western Hats, steal the Revolution of the people, blind and in vain!

The masses of Iran, the students of Iran, the youth, the labors, the farmers, the workers, the work force of Iran will determine the next provisional government, permanent government, regime, economic policy, constitution, head of government, cabinet, and parliament. You can prescribe as much as you want, you can advise and propagate, but you can never dictate, not again, not ever, not in Iran, after 28 years of oppression! People of Iran will value their freedom and will not lose it to people of Turban or Cylinder Hat! The Popular Vote is The Determining Factor for the future of Iran.

Work with us, work together, help us, help yourselves to unite the opposition and to create a solid front backing, harmonizing and organizing the movement in coordination with the Youth Movement. Let's all combine our minds and efforts to send this Abomination who so far stole our heart and soul, our Mother Persia and our home for 28 years, straight to Hell and the Trash Can of History. Call me a Foolish Dreamer, who dreams of uniting the opposition, yet I call myself a Visionary who clearly views the present situation, the ills of our ways, the need for a cure, and who acts upon it.

Show your sincerity, unite the opposition and by this effort, unite with the determining factor of The Youth Movement inside, who is the future of Iran. Unite and be an effective factor, or continue what you have done for 28 years and be excluded to have a part in the "Change Train" which will rebuild Iran of The Future.

Many accuse me and my comrades of many things. Each faction of opposition accuses us of having sympathy to another! I been accused of being a Monarchist by the Republicans, Mojahed by the Monarchists, Nationalist by the Mojaheds, Communist by the Nationalists, Republican by the Communists, Socialist by the Republicans, and Democrat by the Socialists! I been accused of following this or that ideology, yet everyone has always failed to see the main issue here, which is:

"I am an Iranian who love my Nation and want to bring Freedom and Prosperity to the MotherLand. To do this task, I will gladly accept all above labels, as long as I can get as many of the opposition to work together, united and cooperate with the youth movement inside."

The bad news, is that the leaderships and many key members of the opposition are still blind to this fact. The good news is that I have many comrades who feel and think the same way that I do!

Let me shake your hands, take my hands, shake my hands, let us work together for our common goal, we have a responsibility towards the MotherLand as our priority. You have to answer to the History. If you do not stand up to this national duty, you shall be doomed in the history of our nation!

The opposition inside is looking up to the opposition outside for support, coordination and organization. How embarrassing it is, to not have anything to offer; furthermore, to not even be able to create a united front which at least can back them up. They are in the front lines of the battle risking everything, are you here to support them or to sabotage all their efforts?!

I have always followed a special theory, which I call it:

The Philosophy of Two!

"The Philosophy of Two" and not "The Philosophy of One"! What do I mean by that? I do not believe that a person must force his will on other human beings by banging them on the head with his "One Hand"! Yet I believe in that "Two people" can change the world by shaking each other's hands as a symbol of solidarity as "Two Hands"! And that's what I mean by "Philosophy of Two"!


The Freedom of Iran from the Islamic Regime will happen, not because of economical, political, or social factors, nor because of you and I or because of he or she; yet, it will happen because it is the "Historical Destiny", it is "Jabr-e Tarikh" and a "Natural Pattern of Evolution" to happen in Iran. It may take 20 years but it may take 100 years! The question remains:

Will you be a part of this Evolution, or will you directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally work against this Evolution? This question, remains for all of you to answer?

Will you accelerate this Change or will you postpone this change?

Shoma ra ba in sokhan tanha migozaram:


Taqyir va takamol, Jabr-e Tarikh-e Iran ast. In yek Jabr-e Tarikhist. Jame'e mahkum ast ke be in Jabr tan dar dahad ya nabud shavad. Rofaqa, hemat konid, yari konid, in taqyir ra sor'at bakhshim. Rofaqa, yek dast seda nadarad, ham dast shavid! Rofaqa hemat konid …

More power to all freedom fighters of Iran,
More power to All,

A Lover of Iran,

Ahreeman X

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