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Mirza, Persian Blues Band
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Mirza, Persian Heavy Electric Blues Band
Why Support the Persian Underground?

Mirza, Persian Heavy Electric Blues Band
Why Support the Persian Underground?
Ahreeman X
May 26, 2007

I am a Bluesman, a Blues fan, a Blues collector and a Blues historian. I listened to the Mirza Band and it blew me away! Such caliber music coming from Iran is a mystery! How can it be? That's why we call them the Persian Underground! Now Kiosk Band has a Rock spice to it and it's like Blues-Rock but this band, the Mirza Band is a Persian Heavy Electric Blues Band, playing some Low Down Underground Blues from Tehran! This is pure Blues. Dig it man, this is the Tehran Blues!

Listen to Babak Mirzakhani, the front Bluesman of the Mirza Band sing and play the electric guitar, but with your eyes closed. If Babak does not sing in Persian, you can easily mistake him for Luther Allison, Son Seals or some other Black American heavy electric Bluesman master! Yes, he is almost that good! Check him out, he is the top Persian Bluesman inside Iran.

Mirza, The Band

The backbone of the Mirza Band is Babak Mirzakhani. This man is a self-taught guitar player who has been playing since 1990. Babak is an educated actor, play director, play and movie soundtrack composer, a Bluesman and a Blues guitar master who teaches at the Tehran Conservatory of Music.

One of his soundtrack scores from the play "Hey Big Man Don't Cry" was nominated for the best play soundtrack in the Fajr Art Festival in Iran. Fajr is the equivalent of Oscars in Iran. Babak's first album was "Beyond the Seas" which was an underground album and was never published. Luckily his second album "Sleep" (Khab) is published and is now available for you to purchase.

Listen to Mirza samples

Babak Mirzakhani plays some mean low down electric guitar blues. There are a number of fine musicians who work with him as his background band. Musicians such as:

Maziar Emami
Mazdak Taebi
Babak Khiavchi
Lida Shariat
And other friends and students from the Tehran Music Conservatory.

Mirza, The Sound

Babak Mirzakhani is a Black man in his soul! Listen to his voice and listen to his electric guitar and you can mistake him for Luther Allison! He sounds like a black Bluesman from south or Chicago. His voice is a deep guttery sounding voice, typical to a professional bluesman. He screams the blues like a black man and he surely makes that guitar sing! Some of his chords reminds me of BB King or Hound Dog Taylor! He is that good!

Mirza, The Music

What makes Babak Mirzakhani so precious is that he can truly play those hard Blue Notes, half notes, Blues Arrangements and Blue Tunes so gentle yet so heavy! As soon as you play the new album, it will blow your mind! How can a band from Iran play such Heavy Electric Guitar Blues? This ain't Delta Mississippi Blues, but this is Low Down Tehran Underground Blues! Dig in and taste the Blues!

Babak Mirzakhani
Mirza Band's front Bluesman, Babak Mirzakhani Jams and makes that guitar scream!

Babak Mirzakhani's music arrangements, guitar links and guitar riffs are excellent. I am a very picky critic when it comes to Blues and this man passes my test. His style is hard, raw and heavy. He rocks that guitar so heavy and so smooth. The fast beat blues songs on this album make you dance in joy and the mellow songs can make you trip and swim is a blue ocean without an end! Dig this dude. Babak and the Mirza Band are the first pure Blues Band in Iran. As I have mentioned, Kiosk has that Rock sound and is more like a Blues-Rock Band but Mirza is pure Blues. The best way I can describe Mirza's music is that:

Mirza is a Heavy Electric Guitar Blues Band from Tehran Underground who plays some mean low down dirty Blues!

Mirza, The Lyrics

When first listening to Babak Mirzakhani's lyrics, you may say: This guy is lining up some Bull Shiite (In yaru Kos O She'r bar mizaneh)! But listen again and listen carefully! At second glance, when you listen closer, you will dig that Mirza's lyrics are meaningful but in a nutshell! Do not forget that all great Persian Underground Bands had originally come from inside Iran. The best and the top music comes from inside Iran. The Bull Shiite comes from Los Angeles!

Kiosk, O-Hum, Abjeez, Nabz and other bands are outside Iran and they can say whatever they want but Mirza is inside Iran. To be inside Iran and to want your movie or album to be published, then you must push the envelope to the edge but never cross the line! You must stretch the limits but never cross the invisible line. That is why Mirza's lyrics are all in code and in nutshells.

At first they may sound like nonsense, but listen carefully and you will understand that Mirza's lyrics are meaningful social criticism! Dig deep man and you will discover there is a meaning behind all coded words, slangs, silly wordings and songs. Babak Mirzakhani is trying his best to put his inside rebellion, into words without getting blackballed and branded inside Iran. Do you understand what I'm saying? You know what I mean? Cool then, so let's dig the man and his lyrics. Open your heart and you will understand what it's like to live inside Iran, work inside Iran, under a regime in which bans the Underground Music and arrests the musicians. Listen to Babak Mirzakhani and you will understand how it feels to live inside Iran and sing the Blues!

End Words

I am truly impressed with Babak Mirzakhani and The Mirza Band. This is some serious Blues. You can listen to bands like Mirza, and then listen to some Bache Kuni or Bache Susul from LA like Shahram-e Gay or Kir-avash or Juju and Susu or other garbage singing 6/8 Disco beat with lyrics like:

Akh be kosam, vakh be kosam
Suzan o sanjaq be kosam,
Akh be ………

And then truly appreciate what a treasure it is to have the Persian Underground Music, specifically music coming out of Iran. What is coming out of Los Angeles is basically not worth pissing on! I am telling you that before the Persian Underground, I would not even listen to the Persian Bull Shiite Music coming from whorehouses and cabarets or studios of Los Angeles. I would not give a Flying Fandango about these New Stars, Sissy Gay Boys and Whores of the Los Angeles. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay (Seinfeld)! These stars in the skies of the city of Angels! My time is too precious and limited to listen to crap!

When I listen to music, it is scientific, artistic and valuable music. I listen to classical, Opera, Classical Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues and if I listen to Persian music, then it surely is Traditional, Classical or Old Pop Masters like Farhad, Dariush and Ebi. I would never listen to the present state of the Persian Music, which is basically Shiite on Shingle! The present shining starts of Los Angeles are basically Jendehjat-e ba dool or bi dool!

And then came Persian Underground from inside Iran and changed everything! Persian Underground from outside Iran followed and changed the Persian music.

More power to Babak Mirzakhani and the Mirza Band. My hat is off to you. Folks, I strongly recommend for you to purchase the album.

Why Support Persian Underground?

You may ask yourselves why you must support the Persian Underground Artists, Bands and Bamahang Productions? As a musician, music historian and musical critic, I been there and done that, so let me give you a few good reasons on why you must support this movement:

I - This movement is growing everyday, but hypothetically If this movement falls, then your alternative will be listening to Persian Kos O She'r 6/8 Disco Beat coming out of LA. Are you ready to go back and listen to that crap?
II - Persian Underground is meaningful, worthy, musically valuable and artistic verses the Mainstream Persian Pop, Disco and Techno, which is basically not worth taking a dump on!
III - These artists, bands and companies like Bamahang (which are the artists and musicians themselves) are helping to develop your musical taste, appreciation and knowledge. They are doing it for their souls and for your souls. Support them, because they are evolving the Persian Music to a higher level of artistic value.
IV - Support Art and support Persian Underground for the better musical satisfaction for yourselves.
V - Help progress and push the Persian Music forward and avoid it to go backwards!
VI - Support Persian Underground as a slap in the face of the Islamic Republic of Iran and to prove and show your solidarity with the Underground inside Iran.
VII - Support the Underground for Art's sake.

Now, can you give me one good reason not to support the Persian Underground? Listen to me and pay attention,

I - Buy tickets and go to Persian Underground Concerts.
II - Buy the Persian Underground Albums.
III - Write and E-mail to these artists and bands, tell them that you support them and you appreciate what they do. Put a smile on their faces. Why not? Support your Hamvatan Artists.

IV - Avoid Musical Degeneration and avoid Musical Usta Chosaks of LA to feed you crap!
V - Help the Persian Underground Music to grow strong.

By doing the above, you are making a social, political and a musical statement. Support the movement.

Why Do I Support The Movement?

For your information, I am not advertising for these bands, Bamahang or CD Baby. I am not a partner with these groups and companies. I am also not in need of advertisement money to support IPC. I am only writing these reviews and publish this website for the cause. My cause is to "Change" the present Political, Social, Traditional and Musical Status-Quo of the Oppressive Iranian Community inside and the Shallow Superficial and Cheesy Iranian Community outside Iran. As a Rebel, I always had one foot in the saddle and one foot in the grave, rebelling against the norms of the cattle-like society.

Give me a political, social, musical and fundamental cause to rebel and support, and I will be the first to rise the Revolutionary Flag and start a Riot. I am a born Revolutionary and an International Trouble Maker and I urge the youth, the Young Generation of Iran to join the movement. Do not take things for granted, do not listen to your elders blindly, do not follow the leaders of your cheesy Iranian community, do not accept the norms, do not settle for mediocre and do not accept defeat. Fight for your rights and fight for a Change.

Educate yourselves by reading a page of IPC a day. Educate yourselves to Persian history, traditions, heritage, identity, culture, politics and music.

The Change and The Revolution starts right here in IPC. That is why I and my comrades in IPC support the Persian Underground.

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Always remember:

"If it is relevant and meaningful music, then it is in IPC."

Repeat after me, say it loud and say it with pride:

"No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man


Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X

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