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Kiosk, Persian Hardcore Blues Band!
Ahreeman X
Revised: May 24, 2007

The Introduction


Talking about Persian Underground Bands! I listened to Kiosk and got so impressed that I just had to drop these few lines. Right out of the bat, let me come out and say that this music is not for the Brain Drained, Dancing Sheeple (Sheep + People), yet this music is for the Thinking Minds who understand and cherish the musical value and Art.

Make no mistake, Kiosk is not another average, same old Iranian soosool "Bang O Salavat" band, but they are a Heavy Duty, Hardcore, soul soothing, Guitar Blues Band! Folks, this is some serious music! If you are ready to Rock, then they will Rock your soul! Are you ready for them?!

The Band

Band: Kiosk

Album: Ordinary Man

Music Type: Blues

Music, Lyrics, Vocals, and Guitars: Arash

Bass: Bahador

Drums: Eyni

Other Instruments and Works: other fine Persian musicians


To be honest with you, I had never thought that except a few outcast souls and myself, any Persian could play, listen to, understand or dig the Blues! And then came Kiosk! The funny thing is that Persians are buying the album and they like it! What do you know, there is still hope for the Persian Music!

If you know me, then you would know that musically, I am a very picky person to please, so when I tell you that I recommend this band, then it means that Kiosk is The Band to listen to! The cover artwork is magnificent! The Lyrics and Music are creative and simply wonderful. Bahador's base, rocks the soul. Arash's voice is a deep tired and guttery blues voice and the guitar style is out there awesome!

The Ordinary Man Album is a Social Criticism, is a Manifestation; furthermore, it is an Art Piece! This album is a viewpoint from the youth inside Iran. It is a heavy duty guitar blues with meaningful lyrics full of political criticism. There is even a Zorba in there, a Malayeri Zorba! In this album Arash does some fine performance of the Blue Notes and he even does some Blues Scat Singing!

The Music

If Arash plays his cards right and evolves with the wave, we can hopefully one day call him "The Persian Eric Clapton"! Arash plays some fine Funky Malayeri Blues and his voice is that deep dark essence of the Blues. Bahador's Base is simply fabulous, he plays such deep low sounding base and the rest of the guys are each like fine pieces of the puzzle, falling in place.

Arash Sobhani of Kiosk

We have:

Delta Mississippi Blues
Chicago Blues
Down Texas Blues
East Coast Philly Blues
Acoustic Blues
Electric Blues
Blues Rock
Heavy Guitar Blues
etc. etc. etc.

So how would I define Kiosk? I would define Kiosk as:

Persian Underground Low Down Funky Bandit Blues!

As an amateur Blues Musician who writes/arranges music and plays the blues Piano/Keyboards, I used to play the local clubs in another lifetime and even recorded some albums, but now I play for my soul. As a musician and a music lover, I am truly stunned and impressed with Arash and Kiosk! I simply cannot believe a Persian Band can create such professional Blues sound! I am writing this article while listening to their Ordinary Man Album, it is simply delicious! If I was not involved with so many tasks, and did not have so many jobs, then I would have gotten in touch with these guys to do a private Jam session in my private garage studio, together. These guys are simply lovely and their sound is sweet sound o heavy guitar blues!

If you understand and appreciate music, are familiar with Blues, and fed up with the average typical Iranian 6/8 Dance Beat Garbage commercial Singers and Bands and the whole Persian Garbage Ala Carte Musac Scene, then by all means here is a breath of fresh air called Kiosk! In the past came some fine Persian Rock Bands but never ever a Persian Blues Band! This is something totally new!

The Blues

It is pretty obvious that Arash and his buddies comprehend music, can actually play and morely dig the Blues! Allow me to quote from myself:

"Blues is not a music type, yet it is a State O Mind,
you must feel it in your bones and soul

I believe Arash and Kiosk truly feel the Blues in their bones and souls!

Everyone in the Blues Scene (old and new) has a Blues name (Mixture of Real Name + Nick Name):

BB King, Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, Hound Dog Taylor, Monster Mike Welch, Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, .........

Maybe we can call Arash, "Arash The Shades"!

The Information

Watch the video

Kiosk Band - Roozmaregi (Dailyness)

Check out the sites:

Kiosk Website

Bamahang Productions on CD Baby

Kiosk YouTube

Bamahang Artists on Youtube

The Sound

So what does Kiosk sounds like?

Kiosk is a cross over between Dire Straits and Eric Clapton's sound plus Robert Cray Band's and Kenny Wayne Shepherds' arrangements with a dash o Persian Blues Psyche, shoved in it as a spice blender! Actually if you think of it, Blues Music is totally compatible with Traditional Persian State O Mind and Culture! Well, from now on if Yanks brag about their Blues Guitar Gods such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Double Trouble or their New Comer Legends such as Jonny Lang or Susan Tedeschi, then we can also say: Hey wait a second, Excuse Moi, we also have a voice in the Blues Musac and they are called "Arash The Shades and The Kiosk"!

Well Thank you Lord for Arash and The Kiosk's sound, because I was simply sick to my stomach from all the Persian 6/8 Garbage ala carte! Folks, it is your national patriotic duty as Iranians to support Kiosk and purchase their Ordinary Man album, cause if you do not support these kinds of musical movements, then we will go back to upset stomach syndrome due to listening to too much Persian 6/8 Commercial Disco Rhythm rubbish! And Lord knows, my stomach cannot take it, no more!

More power to Arash and The Kiosk

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Dr. X

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