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Kiosk Persian Blues Band
from Underground to Above the Ground!


Kiosk Speeds Up from Underground to Above the Ground!
Ahreeman X
Photos: Mandana Fard
May 24, 2007

The new album is called:
Amor de la Velocidad
Eshq-e Sor'at
Love of Speed

Kiosk is surely speeding up from Underground to Above the Ground! The new concert in San Francisco with Abjeez opening up for them was a smash. They are on the track to their musical destiny.

I have to admit, when they first came out (Ordinary Man Album), I was pretty skeptic that will they be a One Hit Wonder or One Album Wonder band (like many other Persian Bands) and if they will run out of creativity, lyrics and songs or not?

Kiosk Band - Arash Sobhani

Release of their second album (Love of Speed) certainly had put an end to my skepticism. I believe that I am one of Iran's most hard-core and musically knowledgeable Blues fans. Way before Iran had any Blues Bands or rarely any Iranian had ever heard of the Blues, I was an amateur Blues Musician, playing the local clubs, jamming with other Bluesmen, having a great Blues collection on LPs, Cassettes and CDs and digging the Blues in my bones.

I love the Blues. I love the Classics such as Billie Holiday and Muddy Waters, masters such as BB King, and Buddy Guy, Modern Gods such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton, all the way to the new heavy electric guitar Blues such as Kenny Wayne Shepherds and Johnny Lang. You see, blues is a very particular style of music. You must have the beat to feel the Blues. As I have always stated:

"Blues is not only a music type, but a state of mind,
You must feel it in your bones and soul!
If you are a true Bluesman, then you will certainly feel the Blues in your Bone Marrow!

So Blues is not just for everyone, but for a very sophisticated and selective group of musicians and music lovers and those who truly understand musical values and the scientific music.

Kiosk Band - Arash Sobhani and Ali Kamali

Blues is a style of music totally compatible with the Persian Psyche! We were born with the Blues, our history is The Blues, our politics is surely full of Blues, our daily lives are defined by the Blues and our psyche surely digs the Blues.

We have

Delta Mississippi Blues
Chicago Blues
Down Texas Blues
East Coast Philly Blues
Acoustic Blues
Electric Blues
Blues Rock
Heavy Guitar Blues
etc. etc. etc.

But the modern Guitar Blues is something else. This is what Arash Sobhani and The Kiosk plays. If there was no Blues, then there would have never been Rock! So Blues is the Mother Music to All.

Kiosk, The Band

We can see some changes to the band,

Arash Sobhani: Guitar and Vocals
Shahrouz Molaei: Drums
Ali Kamali: Bass

Then of course there are a number of other talented musicians who played in this new album and also are playing with Kiosk, live on stage.

Arash Sobhani in action

Guys, believe me, these guys are not in it for the money, because if they wanted money, they would have played some garbage Band-e Tonbuni 6/8 beat Persian Bull Shiite, make a few videos and albums and build their bank accounts. They are surely talented enough to do it better than other Cheesy Up and Cuming Iranian Pop Stars of Los Angeles!

Kiosk Band - Anoush Khazeni and Farzaneh Hemmasi

These guys and every other Persian Underground Band are playing for their souls! Look at their last concert in San Francisco, about 600 people attended. Do you really think, after paying the auditorium, management, concert arrangers, productions, etc. they will end up with a lump-sum of dough? How much do you really think that Abjeez and Kiosk had made off of this deal? C'mon, it would be even less than the cost of throwing a party in our houses! They are there only to play for their souls and to save us from listening to 6/8 Persian Commercial Crap!

Kiosk Band - Babak Khiavchi

You must support these guys and you must support Bamahang because we must change the wave and pattern of the Persian music.

Kiosk, The Music

I have to clearly state that the new album (Love of Speed) is no match to the first album (Ordinary Man). Neither the music, lyrics and nor the arrangements even comes close to the original album. Ordinary Man Album was something else:

Kiosk Band - Ordinary Man

However, this album proves that Kiosk still has life in them and still has something to say! Check out the samples:

Kiosk Band - Love of Speed Samples

The first song "Love of Speed" (Eshq-e Sor'at) is wonderful. I love the rhythm. The guitar riffs, the guitar links, the blues chords, the bass beat, the arrangement and the whole shebang is simply marvelous. Arash Sobhani's voice was made for Blues! This is a professional job and as a Bluesman, I have to admit that this is not your average cheesy Persian Band! Arash Sobhani is a true Bluesman. I can clearly compare him with the present global well-known Blues musicians and their works:

Susan Tedeschi
Richey Kelly
Jonny Lang
Karen Lawrence and Blue By Nature

And others

Well maybe I am exaggerating but Kiosk is getting there!

Arash Sobhani and Kiosk are no Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughn but hey, they are trying to make it out there. At least they have presented and proved that there is such a thing called the Persian Blues!

Kiosk Band - Shahrouz Molaei

Arash Sobhani and Kiosk are basically the Persian version of the Dire Straits Band, but with a dash o Persian Blues!

Final Words

Yes, I believe Arash Sobhani had passed his test as a Bluesman. He certainly has a future in the Blues. If he doesn't drink too much Duq (Yogurt Soda) and Roqan Nabati (Vegetable Oil), he may make it in the global Blues Scene. As I have said, I was truly skeptic that Kiosk would be another One Hit Wonder Band, but Arash proved me different. Even though Arash Sobhani changed the band members and structure of the band, yet his voice and music are the trademarks of the Kiosk. He writes the music and the lyrics. In this new album, there is even a violin piece which is very much full of Blues and is nostalgically romantic. On the front cover, Kiosk warns the parents that this album is full of lyrics which needs parental advisory (Arash is being sarcastic and humorous)! The sarcastic album cover and pictures (beat up Paykan, Microbus, 3 Tarkeh Motor Gazi Bike and construction Wheeled carrier) are awesome. This is a social criticism and a political criticism to the government and their speedy progress towards the desired great civilization! I strongly recommend the purchase of this album.

Kiosk Band - Love of Speed

Listen to samples and purchase the Love of Speed CD here:

Kiosk: Love of Speed

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Bamahang on CD Baby

Check out the videos:

Kiosk Videos

Kiosk Band - Eshq-e Be Sor'at (Love of Speed)

Kiosk Band - To Kojai (Where Are You?)

Kiosk, Information

Kiosk Website

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Support Bamahang, support CD Baby and support the Persian Underground music and bands. Help us change the Persian music.

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Dr. X

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