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Allah, We, Our and Us
Nicholas Ginex Book Press Release


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Allah, We, Our and Us Book
News Provided by Nicholas Paul Ginex
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Allah, We, Our and Us Book Press Release
Nicholas Ginex
September 8, 2021

Nicholas Ginex Allah, We, Our and Us Book Cover - Nicholas Ginex’ Most Controversial Book
Stoning Women in Islam: Stoning of a Young Iranian Woman in IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) 1980s
An Authentic Photograph Snuck Out of Iran by the Opposition.
An Iranian woman wrapped in the white Islamic burial shroud is buried waist down by the Sisters of Zeynab Islamic Moral Police in Chador (2 women in black veils on the right) and Basij Militia burying her (2 men in uniforms on the top and on the left). Islamic Moral Police and Basij Militia are preparing the misfortunate young woman to be stoned to death. They bury her waist down so she cannot move. The young woman is guilty of adultery and according to the Islamic Sharia’ Law, she must be properly stoned to death.

Stoning is a traditional Islamic punishment where the stones thrown must not be too big to kill quickly or too small to not inflict a wound, they must be just right to assure the victim will be suffering a long torturous death. Stoning is a slow, painful and torturous gradual death where authorities and/or public throw stones at the victim until she dies. Stoning is an Islamic practice where the victim screams and cries in pain for a long while stones keep on landing on her face, head and body. Stoning victims are often not recognizable due to severe injuries.
Observe the deep pain in the young woman’s face knowing the hell which she is about to face! Stoning is only one of the fruits of the Arabo-Islamic Barbaric Sub Culture brought by Muhammad as a gift to the civilized world!

Why IPC is Publishing this Press Release?

The recent world events display to us that when America is governed by an incompetent, weak, defeatist, appeasing and illegitimate administration, not only America but the world moves away from the Democracy and towards the Tyranny. This change in political balance and lack of freedoms does not solely provide a platform for the rise of the Authoritarian Dictatorships in America and abroad; furthermore, sets the stage for the rise of Islam. Did you know 25% of the American Muslims believe that violence against the American Infidels is justified?!

When America under Democrats is weak (Carter, Obama, Biden), then Communist and Islamist Dictatorships become strong. Now that America, from within is occupied by an Illegitimate, Un-American, Socialist Regime, then we have an enemy within our own government which provides the “Deep State” to establish Tyranny in America and allow Islam to rise worldwide!

The timing could have not been more proper for us to publish this Press Release. The scenario is set: A weak American administration, a crippled America, Rise of Taliban in Afghanistan, Control of the American Administration by the China, Russia and Iran Lobby, a nuclear Iran, world moving away from Democracy and the Global Rise of Islam!

Allah, We, Our and Us Book was never promoted the way it should have been. Now we will promote it globally. This book is a treasure for the seekers of truth about Islam. This book is enlightening to those not blinded by the political correctness, multi-culturalism and wokeness to see Islam as is: A Dangerous Political Ideology posing as a Religion! Throughout the history, Islam has been destroying complete cultures and civilizations but now the very fabric of the American and Western Democracy is in danger of extinction! Mass migration of the Muslim Refugees is the last straw to destroy the Western Civilization!

There are 2 Types of Muslims!

Islamic Invasion of America: Step by Step Green Plan

In IPC, our duty is to inform and educate the seekers and the willing souls, and to awaken those in deep sleep. No time is better than now and no one can do this task better than our own humanitarian philosopher and author Nicholas Ginex.

Dr. X



Brief Author Overview  

Nicholas Ginex was born and raised in the heart of New York City with a twin brother, Louis.  They both qualified for a free education at the City College of NY. Working part time and attending evening classes, Nicholas graduated with a five-year Electrical Engineering Degree and went on to obtain an MBA in Finance at Adelphi University.  Brother Louis passed away a few years ago.  With a degree in accounting, he worked as an accounting manager.

Allah, We, Our and Us

I do not have a story but facts and findings to inform people about the Islamic religion.  My objective is to have Americans become aware that the Political Correctness initiative of President Barack Obama has blinded our politicians and the media of the growing threat of Islam.  They have been in denial and clueless about what needs to be done to stop the looming expansion of Islam throughout the world.  Most Americans are ignorant of the Islam’s objective to dominate the world and subjugate people under one religion.  It is one reason why I wrote Allah, We, Our and Us, a book that describes what are the Islamic beliefs, how Islam became a major religion, and an in-depth presentation of the Qur’an that is used to indoctrinate religious dogma that distorts the Muslim mind and makes it difficult for Muslims to adjust and assimilate seamlessly into the culture and way of life of other countries.   Allah, We, Our and Us is provided as a free read on the IPC website,  

Allah, We, Our and Us - Book of 9 Chapters in English

This author has written a press release to inform people worldwide that the threat of Islamic expansion not only destroys the culture and way of life of many countries but that people have got to become aware why the United States surrender and evacuation of Afghanistan points to serious CIA control of a Shadow Government that is undermining the American democracy.  This surreptitious organization is the “Root Cause” of the Afghanistan failure and the 2020 Election Fraud.   This is indeed a serious allegation, which must be investigated and exposed by not only congressional and senate leaders but by our national media and journalists worldwide.

Liberals refer to it as immigration, asylum and humanitarian refugee action.
Islamists refer to it as the “Islamic Invasion of the West!”
 “Liberalism is a weak immune system which invites the Virus of Islamism to enter and destroy a healthy and civilized, democratic social body!”
(Ahreeman X)

Rise of an Islamic Theocratic Empire

The Qur’an is the source of discontent in many countries throughout the world.  After the death of Muhammad in 632 AD, his religious ideology has grown into an Islamic Theocratic Empire in only 29 years.  Over the past 1400 years, Islam has grown from a party of religious men in Medina into an ummah of Muslim extremists that are infecting the social and governmental structure of many countries.  Muslim brigades of militants have gained control of a huge parts of the earth ranging from some Philippine Islands to the shores of Morocco, many countries in Asia and Europe, and huge swaths of Africa.  The entire world of the Muhammedan ummah is one of barbarity, hatred, greed, lust, suffering, misery, poverty, and the killing of innocent people who do not worship Allah.  This reality remains beyond the comprehension of arrogant, self-centered westerners and government officials who lack basic cognitive skills, or worse – who refuse to understand that Islamic doctrine is a threat to all peace-loving countries. 

To educate the American people about the Islamic threat to our American values and democratic way of life, this author wrote Allah, We, Our and Us.  It informs people of the many suras in the Quran that instills abominable beliefs in the minds of Muslims.  These beliefs indoctrinate Muslims to kill themselves in the process of killing others who do not worship Allah.  This is why Allah, We, Our and Us provides recommendations for Judaic, Christian, and Islamic leaders to unify their beliefs and teach the Word of god – love one another.

Theocratic Empire Key Features are Indoctrination and Murder

Many people have not received an education about the history of Islam.  Few have been curious to learn how Islam became an Islamic Empire in only 29 years?  Beginning with their prophet Muhammad, armies of Muslims conquered many countries as described above.  The spread of Islam was never by love and voluntary acceptance of a moral code, but by captives having to make a choice: submit to become a Muslim to avoid the penalty of death or, pay a fee to stay alive as a second-class citizen.  It is these two choices given to captives that forcefully caused the expansion of Islam.  But there is another key feature that enables the growth of the Islamic ideology, it is indoctrination.

One wonders why Muslims will kill nonbelievers of Islam and will even kill themselves.   Recently, during the Afghanistan withdrawal, on August 26, 2021, a Muslim suicide bomber killed 13 U.S. service members and left 18 wounded in an attack outside the Kabul airport.  This suicide bombing also killed at least 160 Afghans and wounded 143 others.  To understand how Muslims are indoctrinated, many soon after birth, read the article titled, Indoctrination of the Muslim Mind, which may be accessed with the link,

Indoctrination of the Muslim Mind

Indoctrination of the Quran

Great minds, indoctrinated with sura beliefs contained in the Quran, are doomed to live their lives with a distorted belief system that limits their ability to logically evaluate many alternative ideas other than Islamic beliefs.  This is why Muslims instilled with the religious dogma of the Quran will give up their lives to advance victory in any war campaign.  Greater still, they will refuse to assimilate into a country that allows freedom of thought and ideas.  Their refusal gradually transforms the culture and quality of life of people in other countries.  Even the great mind of a United States president, Barack Obama, indoctrinated in the Quran at an early age, showed a preference towards the acceptance of the Islamic ideology in America.  The national media, in their ignorance of knowing he has deep heritage roots as a Muslim, claimed he was the first African-American to become president.  In reality, Barack Obama is the first Muslim-American president of the United States.  To learn of the conclusive findings of Obama’s Muslim heritage, read the article below, Obama, the First Muslim-American President. 

Obama, the First Muslim American President

Americans Must Use the 2022 Elections to Preserve Our Freedoms

Our Government leaders are in denial and refuse to acknowledge that we are under daily attack; that Islam has declared and is at war with us.  Ignorant American politicians are in denial and clueless about what needs to be done.  They need to be removed from their high offices and be replaced by men and women of courage, ethics, and character who have functioning intellectual and critical thinking skills.  We need them to make decisions towards taking the type of action that will preserve our civilization.  We have seen that now, with the inept leadership of Joe Biden, America’s educational and political institutions have been weakened.  Even our national elections have been corrupted because the Democrats are unable to offer the leadership once provided by the greatest president in U.S. history, Donald J. Trump.

The Allah PR Highlights Significant Issues

Allah, We, Our and Us does not only reveal the abominations of the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religions, it also provides recommendations for the religious leaders to avoid a possible Third World War and break the political hold of Islamic religious leaders who are presently causing countless deaths around the world using the name of Allah.  This is my story that needs to be voiced to Americans not to incite fear or anger, but to educate them so that they do not become fooled into thinking that Islam is the salvation for peace and harmony. 

The value system of Islam is in great conflict with our American way of life that provides a flexible system of government to make changes that benefit our people.  The American media and journalists have a responsibility to inform and educate our people but they have not used their writing skills to tell the people the truth.  This is why I have invested time to present to the world an Allah Book Press Release.  It defines objectives to both reveal the problems with Islamic dogma and identify solutions that Americans, and people around the world, must seek to eliminate a Shadow Government that is the “Root Cause” of the Afghanistan failure and the 2020 Election Fraud.  

Nicholas P. Ginex


Allah, We, Our and Us Book Press Release

Dear readers, the expansion of Islam around the world and recent United States withdrawal from Afghanistan in retreat from Islamic terrorists has motivated me to write another Press Release for the book, Allah, We, Our and Us.  This book was initially published in 2013 after viewing the anguish and pain of an Iranian woman buried waist-high, to be stoned to death. 

My heart felt her anguish and pain, tears came into my eyes, and I knew I had to reveal to the world that Islam is a religion that promotes bigotry, hate, violence, and the killing of innocent people whose beliefs are other than Islam.  This is why it is incumbent that all human beings read Allah, We, Our and Us.  They must understand that it is the abominable suras contained in the Qur’an that impel Muslims to kill innocent human beings. This knowledge must be communicated to all people in order to expose why atrocities are committed by indoctrinated Muslims.   All readers have a responsibility to share this knowledge with others so that they, and leaders of every country, are not mislead by the twisted minds of the Islamic leaders.
The Press Release of this book was written to stimulate the following objectives:

1. The Qur’an is the Source of discontent
People throughout the world learn it is the Qur’an which is the source that infects unsuspecting minds with dogma which promotes bigotry, hate, and the killing of the innocent lives.

2. Attain Knowledge to Ameliorate Islam
People, upon attaining knowledge that the source of discord in every country is caused by the Islamic doctrine are obligated to share that knowledge so the people not only avoid becoming part of, or be affected by the Islamic extremism but impart that knowledge to Muslims so that they may either pressure their Islamic leaders to revise the Qur’an or find another belief that promotes love and peace for all human beings.

3. Disseminate Knowledge why Islam is a Danger
Writers, journalists, teachers, the national media, and America’s counterterrorism agencies, such as the CIA and FBI, must be proactive in revealing why Islam is a danger to every civilization and report Islamic terrorist atrocities throughout the world.

4. Responsibility of Highly Accomplished Leaders
Wealthy business leaders and humanitarians have got to support counter-terrorism agencies in spreading powerful propaganda messages that an Islamic Reformation is needed now!!  So far, wealthy Islamic organizations are more adept in spreading their ideology and expand their footing in many countries because they are more active than the wealthy people who enjoy the freedoms that people have fought for.

5. Disseminate Knowledge that Islam Forebodes a Destructive Outcome
To pursue the objective to educate Muslims so that they come to realize that they are simply slaves whose lives are controlled by the Islamic dogma. There can only be one real outcome, eventually a third World War and extreme pollution of our planet due to the nuclear capabilities would be unleashed.

6. The Shadow Government Exists
 Alert: A Shadow Government, controlled by the undercover CIA operatives colludes with the leaders in the Military Industrial Complex.  This surreptitious organization is the “Root Cause” of the Afghanistan failure and the 2020 Election Fraud.  Expose CIA criminality so that all Americans can unite against the Shadow Government.  It has complete control of the news media, Military Industrial Complex, and was behind the coordinated computer fraud operation to elect Joe Biden.

The following links provide information for readers to become knowledgeable on why Islam is a threat to every civilized country or nation; there is a need for Muslims to initiate an Islamic Reformation that eliminates suras which advocate atrocities against the people with other religious beliefs. Since the authorization by President Truman for the CIA to conduct top-secret operations to reengineer a downed UFO, a Shadow Government, controlled by the CIA, has profoundly altered and transformed the leadership of the United States government and the freedoms generations of Americans have fought for.

Need for an Islamic Reformation

Information in the above link is also provided on the IPC website,

A Needed Movement: Religious Reformation of Islam

The Greatest Failure by a U.S. President

With the recent failure, of president Joe Biden, to remove U.S. citizens, Afghan interpreters, allies and loss of billions of dollars of military equipment left in Afghanistan, U.S. political and military leaders are now concerned about the alliance of Muslim terrorists with China, Iran and Russia.  Muslim support by Russia and China is a convenience until they acquire more power throughout the globe.  Eventually, as had happened with every civilized country, the leaders and people of Russia and China will not accept the abominable ideology of Islam because it will unquestionably destroy the values and way of life of their educated people.

The Greatest Fraud in the History of the United States

Was the disgraceful Afghanistan failure due to the ineptness of Joe Biden or was it planned by a Shadow Government controlled by the CIA operatives?  Since the Roswell crash over seven decades ago, undercover CIA-FBI agencies have insidiously and effectively obtained control of all social, scientific, and national news media to propagate disinformation and misleading propaganda about the UFOs.  This control has become so pervasive, so extensive, that the undercover CIA-FBI operatives have corrupted the national news and TV media to influence and actively impact the 2020 Presidential Election.  To readily learn what is the Shadow Government and find the allegation that undercover CIA operatives were responsible for the greatest fraud in the U.S. history, the link below provides factual evidence that opens up avenues of thought which will require a national investigation by our most bright and trusted lawyers.

Planned 2021-2022 UFO Hoax by CIA-Pentagon

Evidence that the 2020 Presidential Election Fraud was a Coordinated Operation

This author would be remiss to not take the opportunity to include in the failure of America’s presidential leadership in Afghanistan, the well-coordinated CIA election fraud. In the interest of striving for not only truth but help America to regain its status as the best and strongest country in the world, it is an obligation to divulge the following information that absolutely proves the American people did not vote for President Joe Biden but that the election was stolen to prevent President Trump to remain in office.

Adjudicate the 2020 Election Fraud Now With 100% Proof

Learn about the Author, His Articles, and Books

Virendra Soni is a leading book blogger, writer, and digital marketer of the website, Burning Desire in India.  His platform provides an ideal destination for every writer and reader. 

The Burning Desire Instagram – Virendra Soni

Burning Desire - India

This writer has been honored to be introduced to readers around the world with an interesting set of questions by Virendra.  Included was a brief bio in the link below.

Nicholas Ginex Interview – Burning Desire

Remember To

Share this PR with friends and relatives.  Only with communication between people, around the world, who are looking to transform the world with love and peace, can the abominable ideology of Islam be changed and the Shadow Government’s control of the American democracy be eliminated.

Allah, We, Our and Us Book

Allah, We, Our and Us Book Introduction
Allah, We, Our and Us Book in 9 Chapters

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