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Amen: Beginning of the Creation of God
Nicholas Ginex Book Press Release


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Amen: The Beginning of the Creation of God Book
History of God and Religion
News Provided by Nicholas Paul Ginex
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Amen: The Beginning of the Creation of God
Nicholas Ginex
March 25, 2021

Amen AKA Amun AKA Amon the Original Egyptian Monotheistic God

As a little boy, I wondered who was God and where did He come from?  After many years, this curiosity led me to read several books by religious scholars and to my surprise, it was only after I read books by some of our most respected Egyptologists, I found an answer to that question.  The answer explains why Amen (Amun) was announced 2,000 years before the birth of Jesus Christ.  Today, people around the world still say Amen at the end of a prayer expressing thanks for a successful outcome and singing Amen, Amen, Amen in many houses of worship in reverent tones.

The book Amen, The Beginning of the Creation of God provides the facts and findings of dedicated Egyptologists that have surfaced circa 190 years ago.  Less than two centuries have elapsed since the Egyptian hieroglyphics have been deciphered and is why so little is known about the first universal God Amen.  Few people have had the good fortune to research the facts which have been meticulously presented in Amen.   This new edition of Amen has been presented in color to introduce the reader to the magnificence of Egypt’s architecture and beautiful content of their hymns.
This author has been honored to receive a 2nd book review by Mike Voyce, an English-man who became a lawyer, writer, teacher, and talk-show host.  His review has more significance and depth than even this author can provide.  For which reason, it has been added to the 2nd edition of Amen as a preface to his 1st review titled, Praise for Ginex’s Amen; it appeared in the 1st edition published in 2012.

Preface to ‘Praise for Ginex’s Amen’ by Mike Voyce

No doubt it is extremely flattering that the author has quoted me at the beginning of his book. In fact, I read the whole series and reviewed the first, a review Mr. Ginex kindly reproduced. As chance would have it, the great Sigmund Freud was much taken up with the same story, following very similar lines of investigation and reasoning to that in Amen. I’m bound to say, Mr. Ginex work is a great deal more readable; but it is not flattery or the footsteps of the great which lead me to comment again.

Now we live in a new astronomical age; no, the Earth did not disappear in a puff of smoke on December 21st 2012. Reality does not move in such predictable ways, but a revolution is occurring in our understanding for all that. Nick Ginex would, himself, deny being an incendiary; his work is far too scholarly and well founded, yet he is part of that revolution. What he does, very quietly and carefully, is set light to a bonfire of all our errors of religious tradition and culture, errors which have grown and persisted over many centuries. He does it with such charm and modesty, giving time for the reader to absorb the evidence, so that it is impossible to avoid the enlightenment his books bring.

I have watched Mr. Ginex defuse the objections of the sceptic and the bigot without asperity or condescension; and it is refreshing, after the strident times we’ve lived through, to see someone quietly present the truth we should all know.

In Amen you will find a number of revelations; in fact, you’re in for a treat.

We live at a time when authority figures seem to have lost sight of the meaning of “truth,” ‘spinning’ cheating and dissembling to promote their own views and goals they have lost touch even with themselves. Being given the meaning of Amen at the beginning of the book, I am taken back to Ma’at, the ancient Egyptian essence of Truth. It is in the spirit of Ma’at you can take the word Amen, and the whole of this book.  Indeed, Amen explains how Amen became the Lord of Truth.

Mr. Ginex deals masterfully with a great sweep of Egyptian history, closing the gap between our understanding and Egyptian understanding in most remarkable ways; for instance, his explanation of ka or soul outstrips what many modern theologians can offer.

Not content with this Amen takes on the great sweeps of Catholicism and Islam in a spare and direct way which allows readers to encompass the whole. Yes, it all pivots around the figure of Moses, as Freud’s work did, but without disrespect to the master of psycho-analysis, Mr. Ginex is simply so much deeper, broader, richer and better.

It is the last section of Amen which most moves me, particularly the Hymn of Jesus. The treatment of Jesus and St. John’s revelations is profoundly insightful, it may well change your mind if not your life. It is the plea for oneness in the last paragraph of the text which I would most like to echo. There is hope, with Egyptologists like John Anthony West, scientists, researchers and teachers like Gregg Braden and Graham Hancock and far too many others to mention, we are at last breaking away from the small and the fearful.  Now there is Nick Ginex, Amen! 

Mike Voyce
February 23, 2013

Nicholas Ginex Amen: The Beginning of the Creation of God Book Cover

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