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Legacy of a Father
Nicholas Ginex Book Press Release


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Legacy of a Father Book
News Provided by Nicholas Paul Ginex
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Legacy of a Father Book Press Release
Evolution of God from the Past to the Future
Nicholas Ginex
May 31, 2021

Amen Egyptian Creator God
Amen AKA Amun AKA Amon Statue
Egyptian God Statue discovered in Karnak, Egypt at 1857, now in Louvre Museum, Paris, France

When stating Amen at the end of their prayers, people assume that they are stating “So Be It”; however, they are sending a reverence to “Amen”, the original Monotheistic Universal God, the Creator God of Egypt!

Upon retirement, Nicholas began to write Legacy of a Father for four beautiful daughters.  He was motivated to have them remember some of the thoughts and ideas their father thought about throughout his life.  After several weeks in formulating an outline for the book, it became obvious that there was an inherent impulse to write the thoughts that first came to him as a little boy.  After a lifetime of seeking to resolve questions that most people have thought about, it became the focus that should be conveyed to all people, namely, who was God and where did He come from? 

During his search to find the answers how God came to be a central belief for many people, this author was inspired by the written words of courageous authors that we owe our vast amount of knowledge.  They have preserved for us a history of facts and events to assimilate and extend our abilities to better understand the world in which we live.  It remains for those who discern and think about the future of mankind to reveal the truths they have been able to surface from the written works of history.  However, this author has found that the civilized world has been deprived of a legacy that we have inherited and unfortunately, give little, if any, acknowledgement.

This book brings to light the truth of the development of our monotheistic God from the Egyptian religion.  If you have used the word Amen in your temple, church or mosque and never knew that he was the greatest Egyptian God, then you owe it to yourself to read this book.

Amen AKA Amun Central Temple Gate at Karnak Temple Complex, Luxor, Egypt

For too long Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religious leaders have not understood, acknowledged, or revealed that the Ancient Egyptians were first to document the belief in one-universal god.  This book will conceivably draw criticism and rage from devout religious leaders and strong believers of these faiths because of a truth they have either denied, mis-construed, or failed to understand. 

The historical novel, Legacy of a Father serves to reveal the development of the spiritual belief in god in a two-part set of volumes.  It reveals facts and findings surfaced by highly respected scholars and Egyptologists.  In Part 1 of 2, it presents how the Egyptian people settled along the Nile River and developed an extraordinary civilization which built the pyramids and monuments to their gods long before the Hebrews entered Egypt.  It presents how the Egyptians conceived a creator god of all there is, a hereafter, the concept of a soul, belief that the pharaoh as a Son of God, and finally, after the worship of many gods, came to believe in one-universal God.

“Path of God” at Al Kebash Road, Karnak Temple Complex, Luxor, Egypt
At the heart of the Karnak is the Temple of Amen the Creator God and the Universal God
Each statue was carved from a single block of sandstone. At both sides of the path are the Amen statues. Amen AKA Amun poses as Ram Sphinx protects the Egyptian Pharaohs. There used to be 1200 intact statues but recently 29 were restored in full.

Part 1 introduces the reader to the author’s reasons for writing Legacy of a Father and provides an overview of Egyptian history, which includes the Egyptian kings and pharaohs that existed before and after the rise and fall of the New Kingdom.  An account of the unheralded pharaoh, Amenhotep IV, also referred to as Ikhnaton, is presented in detail and includes many of his hymns for his first universal god, Aton. 

Part 2 of 2 presents Egyptian beliefs in detail and reveals how those beliefs were emulated by the Hebrews, which eventually caused the birth of the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religions.  A chapter is devoted to how each of these major religions developed.  Not provided in history books, the author reveals why the utter devastation of towns and cities and almost annihilation of the Jewish people initiated the development of the Christian religion.  Lastly, Legacy of a Father provides what can be done to improve the religious beliefs of the major religions with conclusions and recommendations for the future.

Together, Parts 1 and 2 provide a history of events that reveal how Egyptian beliefs were emulated by the Hebrews, instilled into their Holy Scriptures, and provided for the development of Christianity and Islam. These books provide a good grasp of the moral, social and cultural elements that have been instilled into the monotheistic religions.  Our Egyptian ancestors must be given credit for integrating equality, justice, truth, righteousness, and reverence for a highly respected power.  These are the elements that are interwoven and are reinforced in the belief of God.

Legacy of a Father is suited for use in high schools, colleges and universities. It provides knowledge furnished with facts and findings that reveal the nature of man and how he conceived God.  It is a fine supplement for students of humanities, psychology, history, sociology, and theology studies. 

Row of Historic Amen Statues
Amen AKA Amun poses as Ram Sphinx protects the Egyptian Pharaohs
“Path of God” at Al Kebash Road, Karnak Temple Complex, Luxor, Egypt

The founder and administrator of the Iran Politics Club website, Dr. Ahreeman, has added Legacy of a Father to the IPC website as a lasting legacy of Nicholas’ literary works and consistent message.  It is an appeal that appears throughout many of his books, which is the last great command by a man of God, love one another. The website below takes you directly to the Ginex Index that provides links to many of his books and articles.

Nicholas Ginex Index

Legacy of a Father will hopefully serve to one day bring Jews, Muslims, Christians, and all people together in a future where brothers and sisters, from all nations, love and assist one another.

My Very Best Wishes

For Your Efforts in Obtaining the Truth.
Nicholas Paul Ginex

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