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Part 2: Micro Analysis
Part 1, 2

Alien Factor
The Philosophical and the Scientific Theory
Part Two: Micro-analysis

Ahreeman X
1st Edition: April 3, 2009
2nd Edition: December 10, 2016

The Alien watches in silence.
To him, how much have we evolved?

The Difference between Alien Factor and the Intelligent Design!

Please notice that some readers have been E-mailing me and mentioning:

"Your Alien Theory is much similar to Theory of Intelligent Design. Are you now turning Christian Fundamentalist?!"

Are we anxious to learn a new?
Are we ready to evolve from the Robotic State to the Self Thinking State?

Allow me to clarify this issue:

I. Alien Factor is not my theory, yet I am one of the researchers who had also brought it up for debates.

II. Intelligent Design is some cockamamie argument, made by Christians. They colored it with scientific lingo and colorful pictures, and now they want it to be taught in schools! Intelligent Design is not scientific. It is not even a theory; furthermore, it is a sadly put together pile of copy/pasted documents by Christians, trying to give a scientific look to the Bible's rhetorics! Intelligent Design is almost as bad as the Old "Christian Scientists' Theories" which enlightened us that:

Earth is about 150,000 years old!
Dinosaurs and Humans lived together!
God created everything in 6 days and rested on the 7th day, but each day was 10,000 years or so!
Other Bang O Salavat Creationist Bull-Shiite ..............
"Alien Factor" is a scientific theory.

III. The Difference:

Intelligent Design discusses that every existing element in universe/universes has been created via an intelligent design (some kind of creator).
Alien Factor, discusses that there is a possible explanation about the "Missing Link" and the evolutionary jump from Primate to Human. That jump or the missing link, could be the Alien Factor.

Therefore, Alien Factor only discusses the formation of today's human being, yet Intelligent Design discusses the formation of everything!

IV. Alien Factor is only a theory to explain a possible factor, which attributed to our existence. It is a visionary idea. Alien Factor does not reject Theory of Evolution, yet helps explain a small part of it in regards to the Evolution of Human.
Intelligent design rejects Darwinism and Evolution. It replaces it with some creator who has created everything!

V. The only thing in common between the two, is that there is an "intelligence" behind the "Alien Factor" who are Aliens conducting a genetic experiment. There is also intelligence behind the "Intelligent Design", but this intelligence is a creator force of some sort, which supposedly had created everything!

As we see, Alien Factor has nothing to do with the Intelligent Design. And for sure, I am not turning to a Christian Fundamentalist!

Are you on the clear now?
A City upon a Hill

I often refer to “A City upon a Hill”.

"A City upon a Hill" which was in reference to "The Shinning City upon a Hill" literature piece by "John Winthrop" (1630 AD), which Ronald Reagan, The Great Communicator, often used in his speeches. 

"A City Upon a Hill" used by Ronald Reagan in his speeches

I swear to you, read this piece thorough and you shall see that John Winthrop was talking about the Persian Community which once was The City upon a Hill, yet today, is Arabtoxicated in Inxile and Westoxicated in Exile!

The kid comes to America as a FOP (Fresh Out of Plane) with Iran Air, and after 6 months, he develops an American accent to the point that he cannot speak correct Persian!

The kid grows up in Tehran, stranger to his own culture and language, communicates with an Abomination Lingo, which he believes is Persian, yet it is a Mongrel Mixture of Arabized-Persiano Bastardeous Lingo!

This is the story of Iranians. And then there are Us, trying to save this Lost Tribe of Gav O Gusaleh, stranger to their own culture! We, the ones with a Cultural responsibility are doomed by our own continence!

We are Living a Lie

Moral Revolution, the Alternative Tactic

A Vision for Iran of Tomorrow – Nationalism

Therefore lett us choose life,

that wee, and our Seede,

may live; by obeyeing his

voyce, and cleaveing to "Logic",

for "Logic" is our life, and

our prosperity.

A City upon a Hill, indeed my friend!

Here is the original piece written in Old English, please read in depth and in your mind, replace the word "GOD" with "Logic"! Bon Appetite:

John Winthrop's City upon a Hill, 1630

Now the onely way to avoyde this shipwracke and to provide for our posterity is to followe the Counsell of Micah, to doe Justly, to love mercy, to walke humbly with our God, for this end, wee must be knitt together in this worke as one man, wee must entertaine each other in brotherly Affeccion, wee must be willing to abridge our selves of our superfluities, for the supply of others necessities, wee must uphold a familiar Commerce together in all meekenes, gentlenes, patience and liberallity, wee must delight in eache other, make others Condicions our owne rejoyce together, mourne together, labour, and suffer together, allwayes haveing before our eyes our Commission and Community in the worke, our Community as members of the same body, soe shall wee kepe the unitie of the spirit in the bond of peace, the Lord will be our God and delight to dwell among us, as his owne people and will commaund a blessing upon us in all our wayes, soe that wee shall see much more of his wisdome power goodnes and truthe then formerly wee have beene acquainted with, wee shall finde that the God of Israell is among us, when tenn of us shall be able to resist a thousand of our enemies, when hee shall make us a prayse and glory, that men shall say of succeeding plantacions: the lord make it like that of New England: for wee must Consider that wee shall be as a Citty upon a Hill, the eies of all people are uppon us; soe that if wee shall deale falsely with our god in this worke wee have undertaken and soe cause him to withdrawe his present help from us, wee shall be made a story and a byword through the world, wee shall open the mouthes of enemies to speake evill of the wayes of god and all professours for Gods sake; wee shall shame the faces of many of gods worthy servants, and cause theire prayers to be turned into Cursses upon us till wee be consumed out of the good land whether wee are going: And to shutt upp this discourse with that exhortacion of Moses that faithfull servant of the Lord in his last farewell to Israell Deut. 30. Beloved there is now sett before us life, and good, deathe and evill in that wee are Commaunded this day to love the Lord our God, and to love one another to walke in his wayes and to keepe his Commaundements and his Ordinance, and his lawes, and the Articles of our Covenant with him that wee may live and be multiplyed, and that the Lord our God may blesse us in the land whether wee goe to possesse it: But if our heartes shall turne away soe that wee will not obey, but shall be seduced and worshipp other Gods our pleasures, and proffitts, and serve them, it is propounded unto us this day, wee shall surely perishe out of the good Land whether wee passe over this vast Sea to possesse it;

Therefore lett us choose life,

that wee, and our Seede,

may live; by obeyeing his

voyce, and cleaveing to him,

for hee is our life, and

our prosperity.

John Winthrop viewed America as The City upon a Hill. Now, in reference to the Doomed Iranian Community, lost in their superficial idiocy and greed for corruption, lost form their own Persian culture, lost from their humanity, we view IPC as The Shining City upon a Hill. We view IPC as a Tool to reach The "Shangri-La"!


In the future, I shall write my own version of "The City upon a Hill" and it will be published in the IPC Website. Await, it will be worth reading.

Shall The Shinning City upon a Hill, Shine on through..............


Beyond Good and Evil

You must look at this philosophical issue from the proper angle. Forget the existence of Good and Evil as they taught you in the Bible School. Holy Books are basically rubbish and written for inferior minds. There is no absolute good and absolute evil. Every element has a good and evil in it. The combination of two, makes the element. Try to think beyond Good and Evil. Good and Evil are products of Story Books (Holly Books) made for adults!

Anything good is not necessarily beneficial for you.
Anything evil is not necessarily bad for you.
There must be a balance (Yin and Yang).

To balance the good and evil, it does not mean for you to go and commit evil acts! But it means that when someone slaps you on the right cheek; do not turn your left cheek to him to slap the Shiite out of it too! Don’t follow Jesus’ example. He was a wimp and a pussy, that’s why Romans crucified him!

When someone slaps your left cheek, turn around and punch the Shiite out of them! Keep on punching until the poor bastard is knocked out cold! This is necessary evil. If you do not do this, then the balance breaks and you will not be in the clear; therefore, everyone pisses all over you! Do you get the drift?

You must do good to those who do good to you.
You must do evil to those who do evil to you.

You must create a balance between the two. Above is a simple example, but in life, there comes times that you must make important decisions and sometimes you are not comfortable with these decisions, but they are the logical ones.

The point is that you must make the logical decisions based on logic. Good and Evil do not exist. They are fragments of religious imaginative minds!

There is no such thing as good or evil. Any element has the combination of two. When the balance is lost, then the Catholic priest bones the choir boys! Let me put it this way:

If there is any evil in the world, then it is the Church, Mosque, Synagogue and Temple.
If there is a God, then he surely is not worth worshiping, just take a good look at the world!

So my point is that you must think, decide and act based upon logic, not based upon good or evil, simply because good and evil do not exist!

This is Nietzsche, True Zoroastrianism (not hypocrisy of the Fire Temples and Mubeds)

On Spiritualism

About Spiritualism, have in mind that the spiritual world is beyond hideous Earthly religions. God, Prophets, Religions and all are basically garbage.

When I say Spiritualism, I am talking about the fundamentals of the powers which runs all universes. The inner and outer powers amongst the matters, energies and spirits. The essence of what this universe is made of. We are parts which are connected to the Whole wither the Dark Side or the Light Side of the Force and Inner Galactic and Universal forces.

When I speak of spirituality, I am talking about inner and outer forces between the matters, energies and spirits. I am not talking about God, Prophets and Religions.

You can be spiritual and moral, but not religious.

The fundamentals of our universe and all universes are way beyond these simplistic cheesy concepts of God and Religions. The God and Religions are for inferior minds.

read more about the issue in my articles in the:

IPC Philosophy

To better grasp the concept, many are asking me simplistic questions due to the basic and simplistic thought patterns which had inputted in their brains since childhood by the Church and the Society. People must change their thought patterns and replace them with the scientific thought patterns. Only then, they will comprehend the logic behind the mechanics of the universe.

Let me give you a metaphor.

Tell them there is no God.
A religious person right away asks you: Then who created all this?

You see, in a religious mind when there is a creation, then there must be a creator!
Religious mind cannot comprehend that everything existing today, has been existing forever, yet in various shapes and forms and they have been evolved to the present point! No one created everything! It is in fact the most stupid belief to believe that a guy sits up there in the sky named God and created everything in 6 days!

So when I speak of Spiritualism, I am speaking of:

a) Spiritualism in Martial Arts (Kung Fu)
b) Spiritualism in fundamentals of the universe
c) Spiritualism in essence of Morality

These have nothing to do with God, Religions and Con Artist Prophets like Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Bahaullah and other charlatans.

When it comes to philosophy, 2 persons never claimed that they were prophets. Zoroastra and Buddha. That is why I call them philosophers and poets but not prophets. That is why I respect them. The organized religions of Zoroastrianism and Buddhism established after them are frauds created by the hierarchy and bureaucracy of the Buddhist Temples and the Zoroastrian Fire Temples which has nothing to do with the original teachings of Buddha and Zoroastra.

My spiritualism partly comes from original thesis of Buddha (Kung Fu) and Zoroastra (Avesta and Gatha). The rest is garbage.

The Alien Factor Documents
Ancient Alien Astronauts Theory

Back to Philosophy, back to Evolution, back to basics, we go again ……

Where Gods Aliens?
Where Prophets their Disciples?
Have you been praying to the Aliens all along?
Are The Creator, Creation, Religion and Clerics all nonsense?

The Future

In the future,
If we as the Scientists prove beyond the reasonable doubt that the Alien Factor is not just a theory but a scientific fact, then this would put an end to the Grocery Store of the Creation (God and Religion) and along with it, the Religion Industry and business of the Church, Synagogue, Mosque, and other Temples.

The Intelligent Design will transform to The Alien Factor!

Do you know that right now, even the Vatican is considering the “Alien Factor” as a possible theory, so once the proof will be in hand, then The Catholic Christian Church will not lose all credibility and become Shiite Faced?!

Dead Dark Silence
What awaits the Church and Creationism if they do not evolve with science!

The Alien Factor (Ancient Alien Astronauts Theory) is a logical theory for the “Thinking Iranians”, “Global Intellectuals”, and “Scientific Beings”!

The Brain Factor!

What separates the Scientific Minds of our readers from the Average Iranians or International Public are the Brains!


Evolve your brains because Brain is a terrible thing to be wasted on the Religion!

Philosophical Corner

Famous Atheist Quotes

Are Gods Aliens?

Ancient Alien Astronauts Theory Documentary Films
Where Gods Aliens?
Where Prophets Alien Disciples?

Please review these valuable scientific documentaries:

Erich Von Daniken
Chariots of the Gods

Erich Von Daniken Theories

Erich Von Daniken Chariots of the Gods Lecture

Erich Von Daniken on Ancient Astronauts

Erich Von Daniken Mysteries of Beyond

Erich Von Daniken Lost Technology and Ancient Aliens

*      *      *

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
Legendary Times Magazine

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos on Ancient Mysteries

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos on Nazca Lines and Elongated Skulls

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos on Easter Island

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos on Crystal Skulls

*      *      *

Ancient Aliens Season 1 - 10

First Doc

Doc List

*      *      *

Ancient Astronauts Doc
7 Parts

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

*      *      *

Ancient Astronauts Doc 1973
Narrated by Rod Serling
6 Parts

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

*      *     *

Chariots of the Gods Doc 1972
Erich Von Daniken
10 Parts

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

*      *      *

Reference Websites

Erich Von Daniken Official Site

Erich Von Daniken Unofficial Site

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Legendary Times Magazine

Legendary Times Magazine Forum

Ancient Aliens History Channel

Ancient Aliens Facebook

Ancient Aliens Wikipedia

*      *      *

End Notes

Alien Factor is a theory which could very well be helpful to explain the Missing Link. Alien Factor can be used as a tool to better comprehend the Theory of Evolution. Alien Factor is not a suggested fact but it is only a narrow light ray which the imaginative scientific minds of the Futuristic Thinkers display and explain to the public to open a new window of possibilities to them. Above, I have explained the theory, the logic and the possibilities. Now it is up to you on how to draft it to evolve your thought patterns.

Chess Game of Life
Logic vs. Dogma
If we don’t play our cards right, then we will lose the future scientific race, to fanaticism and dogma!

I, The Preacher

I am throwing a bunch of intriguing and thought arousing factors at you. I am a preacher. I show you a vision, a path, a logical way, a key to a better future, a philosophy of light.  I open the window for you but it is up to you to see the light!

I am pointing at the Moon, can you see beyond the tip of my finger?

Future is Science
Future is Space Travel
Future is Time Travel
Future is Alien Contact
Future is Evolution

God is Dead.
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

Say it proud and say it loud:

No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man.

Voice of Logic,
I, the Preacher

Dr. X

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