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Baha’i versus Islam on Revision of Quran
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: July 24, 2017
2nd Edition: February 9, 2020

Islam versus Baha’i - Battle of the Beasts!
Monsters of Cult Ignorance: Who will win? Free Thinking will lose!

Introduction Point


In this article we shall analyze the Baha’i Doctrine and the Islamic Doctrine and then their stands on the revision of Quran.

Islam versus Baha’i - Battle of Cults
Awaiting to get Orders from the Above!

This article is a response to my dear fellow philosopher, valuable author and comrade, Nicholas Ginex; however, all of you good people may benefit by reading it.

Nicholas Ginex Index

This is the article by Nicholas Ginex in which I am referring and responding to:

Revise the Quran to Stop a World Crisis (Nicholas Ginex)

The Response

Dear Brother:

In this article, you brought forward 2 issues which I have to make some remarks on them:

Issue 1: Revision of Quran
Issue 2: Baha’ism and Islam

So basically I will discuss:

Revision of Quran
Baha’ism and Islam
Baha’ism vs. Islam on Revision of Quran

Let’s Roll,

Issue 1: Revision of Quran

Ginex wrote:

“Conclusion: - Revise the Qur’an.

All Muslims and people world-wide should read the Qur’an line-by-line to verify that the Qur’an has many passages written by a party of religious men. Upon learning the obvious conclusion that many passages were written by power-hungry men, Muslims all over the world MUST force their religious leaders to do two things:

* Eliminate the many abominable passages in the Qur’an that incite bigotry, hatred, violence, and the murder of people who have other beliefs.

* Revise the Qur’an to teach God’s greatest command – Love One Another.”

I. Islam is based on World Conquest, Forced Conversion, Bigotry and Cultural Domination. These are pillars of Islam. Muhammad was a terrorist and Quran is a terror manual. What do you want to revise? The whole religion?

Islam is everything, is a set of laws, is judicial, is political, is government and is a way of life! It is all set for the Muslims on how to live to the detail, what do you want to revise? The whole ideology?

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected

II. Unlike Bible and Torah, Quran is not words of a bunch of so called Saints or clerics. Quran is words of Muhammad and according to Muhammad, it is words of Allah.

No true Muslim can ever even think or suggest of revising Quran. Revision of Quran means revision of the words of Allah and Muhammad.

It seems like you are very strong opinionated about this issue. Many before you have been strongly insisting on this issue and they have given up, for instance:

Dr. Ali Sina, my friend had tried every which way he could to educate the Muslims to the true nature of Islam, revising Quran, revising Islam, Modernizing Islam, exposing Islam, exposing Quran and so many more. Finally he given up on all tactics and he is down to this:

Five Steps to Defeat Islamic Terrorism in One Year

1- Do not elect clueless politicians who think Islamic terrorism is a fact of life. It is not. It can be defeated if there is a will.

2- Stop the immigration of Muslims. It is more likely for Muslims to radicalize when they immigrate, and especially their children pose a greater risk.

3- Shut down the mosques and ban the practice of Islam. How can we allow a subversive parallel government hostile to us to operate under our protection?

4- Unless Muslims denounce Islam, they must be deported. All Muslims believe in a terrorist creed and a terrorist prophet. All of them are potential terrorists, especially their children.

5- Speak the truth about Islam without the fear of being called Islamophobe, which is a fallacy devised to silence us. We must protect our lives, not the sensitivity of those who want to kill us.

I have a feeling that Ali was well aware of this fact from the beginning. All of those debates which he conducted with Muslim Clerics for decades were a waste of time! Now he is down to this!

Ali Sina Index

Specifically look at steps 3 to 5. This is what it came down to!

For decades people like:

Ali Sina

Brigitte Gabriel

Robert Spencer

Ibn Warraq


Critics of Islam

Tried every which way they could to educate, modernize, revise, (or any other trick up their sleeves) Islam and Muslims but it all failed.

Heads of States like El Sisi (Egypt) also done the same.

Now they are all basically down to the same 5 steps the same as Ali Sina (well not El Sisi because he cannot draft the above steps in Egypt a Muslim country)!

You my brother, are new to this game. These guys and girls have been doing it for decades. You are old to the Philosophy scene; however, you are way new to the Islamic scene.

Take it from a veteran who has been fighting Islam and Muslims for 4 decades:

The change that we are causing in the Islamic society is very small or microscopic in comparison to the change which Radical Islamists (True Muslims) are causing in to the Islamic society.

We draft literate and educated Muslims to change their mind set about Islam, but the Islamists draft the brain dead to go gong ho Fundamentalist!

They win
We lose

That is why we are down to Anti Islam.

Islam and Quran are not elements which you can revise! That is a great sin and punishable by death. You do not revise Quran because:

A) It is punishable by death

B) Majority of Muslims are too ignorant to even read it. They just follow blindly, read 3 (Shiite) to 5 (Sunni) rakat Namaz prayer a day and follow without even reading Quran.

C) Majority of Muslims (75 %) believe they are moderate but in reality they are Bad Muslims. The Good Muslims are the 25 % of Muslims who are Fundamentalists and they follow Quran line by line. The moderates are often too ignorant to have information or opinion on philosophy of Islam. They often believe that Quran and Islam are good in nature. There is nothing good about Quran and Islam!

D) The only way to revise Quran is to either burn it or dump it in the trash can of history. There is no revision of Quran or Islam.

E) The most educated of Muslims with university degrees are also ignorant to the true nature of Quran and Islam because they never bothered to read it at all, set aside to read it in depth.

The bottom line is that folks such as you are good intentioned. They preach, write articles, debate but it all turns to failure or more like it turns to Bull Shiite (pardon my French)!

Remember your debate with an IRI Hezbollah Agent in the IPC Club Forum?!
Where did that go?
Ali Sina and others had hundreds of these waste of time debates!

IPC Club Forum

It is all a waste of time. The time you put to write the same old subject of revising Quran, enlightening Muslims and quoting evils of the Suras of Quran, you can put to write actual philosophy (non Islamic) like you used to!

What you are doing now, has been done 1000 times over and in many tactics and forms before with much better experts as I have listed above. They have all failed or at least failed greatly.

The amount of people you convert are very few to the amount of people who will never convert and the huge amount of people who go the other way and convert to “Real Islam” (Terrorism) by Islamists!


Did you hear Trump’s lecture in Saudi? All of the Muslim leaders were present and they heard it! Can it get bigger than Trump? Are you bigger than Trump? All of them heard it in one ear and let it go in another!


Look at what is going on in Israel now! Same Islamic terrorism, same violence, same old ….
Did Mahmoud Abbas hear Trump clearly?!

It is all a waste.

Don’t get me wrong, you can keep on doing what you are doing and even from time to time, I am doing it. We all are doing it in IPC, but who do you think reads IPC?

Our audience are College Students, High School Students, Young Professionals, Opposition Members and Intellectuals. What percentage of the Iranian and Muslim community inside and outside Iran are of the above groups?

For every one of our readers, you got 1000 cattle and sheep! Do you see the big picture?


I have just looked at your articles under Islam Index and I saw how many Islamic articles you have been writing through the years! A ton but many are on the same subject but in different decor! You are repeating the same sermon in the same format for the deaf ears!

Please review the Islam Index and see how many various versions of the same subject (Revising Quran and Islam) you have written and preached:

Islam Index

Issue 2: Baha’ism and Islam

Ginex wrote:

“The reformation of Islam is not a new movement and can benefit by endorsing many of the beliefs of the Baha’i Faith that now exists in many parts of the world.”

Baha’ism is a Cult and a Business!

Brother, I truly believe that you have no clue about the Baha’i Cult! Muslims will never follow the example of the Baha’i Cult! A few converts here or there but by majority they won’t! Why you ask?

A) Baha’ism = Death in Islam
B) Baha’ism is worse than revision of Islam (in Muslims mind)
C) Baha’i Cult is an off shoot branch of Islam and not Revision of Islam.
D) Baha’is are confused people who believe Muhammad was a prophet and Islam is a Legit Religion.

The most ignorant and uninformed robotic people and sheeple in the globe only second to the Muslims are the Baha’is!

Baha’is are Brain Dead, they are mindless Robots.

Before you lecture to Muslims on following the example of Baha’is, please enlighten yourself about the philosophy and history of Baha’ism. It is nothing like what you assume it to be!

You want to replace one ignorance (Islam) with another (Baha’ism).

Enjoy reading buddy:

Baha’i Cult Contradictions
28 Contradictions of Baha’i Doctrine

Contradictions in Baha’i Cult Thread

Dr. Ahmad Kasravi
Master Kasravi, enlightener of the Iranians
The Great Persian Free Thinker's Book on
Baha'ism (Baha'i-gary): Exposing Baha'ism
Baha'ism in 2 Parts
Baha'ism Part 1

Baha'ism Part 2

Iran Online Persian Library

In addition, I suggest for you to read IPC. Read more and write less about the subjects in which you are not an expert. You are a great free thinker and philosopher but your knowledge of Islam, Bahai’sm, Babism, Zoroastrianism, Vedaism, Mithraism, Manichaeism, Mazdakism and in general Persian and Eastern Philosophies are limited.

I suggest reading my writings on philosophy, Islam and Culture.
I suggest reading IPC Library.
I suggest reading IPC Philosophy.
You have a lot to read my brother.

You may think that you have read a good concept of my writings but there is a sea of knowledge out there in IPC which I have written and covered. You have only read a puddle!

Iran Philosophy

Iran History

Iran English Library

Afterwards, if you still want to revise the Quran and reform Islam, then more power to you, give it a shot!

I also suggest for you to try writing politics and philosophy for a change and cool down on revising the Quran and Islam because:

A) It is getting too old
B) It has been tried before, 1000 times over
C) Westerners will hear you but Muslims will not!
D) Your writings are becoming repetitive
E) You are too talented to waste it on this subject

You used to write constructive philosophy, such as this:

Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X: Philosophy of Existence Debate

Which eventually I have to get back to you on that!

Now this is just my opinion and suggestion. Take it or leave it but at least think about it.

Islam versus Baha’i
Death vs. Ignorance

Baha’ism vs. Islam on Revision of Quran

Baha’i View

Baha’ism does not believe that it is an off shoot branch of Islam but it believes that it is a religion! Baha’ism does not believe in revision of Islam but it believes that Islam must be preserved in its original form.  Baha’ism believes that Islam is a legit religion, Quran is word of God and Muhammad is a legit prophet. Baha’ism believes that Islam is fine the way it is but world population is better off if they become Baha’is because Baha’ism is the Evolution of All Religions!

Islamic View

Quran is word of Allah put on paper as told by Muhammad. The Prophet Muhammad is the last of the prophets. Islam is the final religion and Quran is the final words of Allah; therefore, Quran is perfect, Islam is what the whole world population must convert to and Muhammad was infallible and the ultimate saint of the saints. You do not revise perfection and Quran is perfect.

So as you can see, Baha’ism and Islam, each see their flawed ideologies as Evolution (Baha’ism) and Perfection (Islam) in comparison to other religions! None would like to revise anything about Quran.

A Baha’i is a believer in Islam first and second he is a Baha’i.

A Muslim is a believer that his religion is the final word of God (Allah); therefore, all should convert to it!

Revision of Quran is unnecessary in Baha’ism and unthinkable in Islam.

This is a case of Blind (Baha’i) quoting another Blind (Muslim) and wanting the people to follow him and seek salvation through him to see the light! Follow the blind right to the well!

Free Thinking

Religion is all great and dandy for the lost, confused and the ignorant; however, there are a segment of the human population named the “Free Thinkers” who live outside the box and dogma. The Free Thinker does not follow any God, Prophet and Religion. The Free Thinker uses tools such as Logic, Analysis, Research, Study, and Education to think on his own and live by the logic rather than to follow the “orders from the above” like a robot, cattle or sheep, take your pick!

Eternal be Logic and Free Thinking

And there’s your prayer


Dr. X

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