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Is it Creation or Evolution?
Maziar Aptin
June 2, 2011

Creation versus Evolution

Our universe is governed by a set of unchangeable laws, called law of nature. Whenever one proton and one neutron of like components meet, they will be attracted to each other, and immediately electron will join and an atom will be born. When several different atoms meet, a molecule will be formed.

For example when two atoms of hydrogen meet one atom of oxygen at the right temperature and atmospheric pressure, water is formed. If above circumstance accrue billions of times, water will be formed billions of times. It is the law of nature which no one is able to change, stop, or delay it, and do not need a creator. It is a set law of “matter”, it is an order set within matter.

The same law holds true in biological chemistry; when an “amine” (NH2), meets any carboxylic acid group such as (COOH), together, they will create “amino acid”, the essential component of the protein molecule that is the basic material for creating primitive microorganisms. The interaction of these primitive microorganisms will, in turn, create a new class of microorganisms that will be in a higher class with more capabilities. And eventually, after several stages of these kinds of interactions, which could take millions of years, a higher level of living organism will be born with a nucleus and capability of reproducing itself.

The above process is constantly occurring on this planet in our backyards, in the air, in the ocean, on the trees, in the sewers, in the river and in the sky. We witness this every single day throughout our lives.  

Every living organism that exists on Earth, from amebas to humans, started from that very first stage and took billions of years to become what we see today.

Problem with creationists is their simplistic thinking that all living things were here the way we see them today.  

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