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Who Created God?
Dr. Ali Sina
April 7, 2018

Who Created God?

I am having a little discussion with a friend on the side who in his latest email said, “From my point of view everything comes from Zero and returns to Zero. If God is not infinite, it begs the question of how God came into existence. And who established the environment in which a God can come into existence.”

I had told him that God is not infinite in response to a previous email where he said, “There is still the nagging issue of God being infinite. By definition that which is infinite must include everything, even those things we do not like, such as the Holocaust or Hell.”

I said, I don’t believe in infinity. Nothing is infinite including God. Infinity is a process not a number or a thing.  It is as real as zero.  God is not infinite, because if He were, as you say, He must also contain the evil. But God is timeless and eternal. Eternity is about time and infinity is about size. I am not talking about spacial size. Space, like time is an attribute of matter.   Let us say the nature of God is consciousness, or as Jesus said, God is love.  Consciousness and love do have a size. You can have a bigger love for one person and a smaller love for another person. And you may have a bigger consciousness than animals. But your love or your consciousness do not occupy any space.  A good example is software. Software is measured in bytes but bytes do not occupy a space.

There is no death or destruction in God.  There is no unrighteousness in the Lord. (Psalms 92:15) The God of Jesus it the only God I know of that is absolute good and contains no duality and no contradiction within Himself.  He does not create evil and is sanctified from it.

Islam teaches that both good and evil are from Allah.  The Islamic site explains:

“That both good and evil are from Allah is clearly stated in the Qur’an and hadith. All Islamic scholars to date, without exception, said that good and evil are from Allah. The belief that evil is not from Allah is the view held by the followers of Christianity, the Mu’tazilah, and some heretical sects. No Ahl as-Sunnah scholar stated that evil was not from Allah because no scholar can say anything against the Qur’an and hadith. Humans cannot create their own qadar (fate, destiny). As a matter of fact, the Qur’an says:

“If any good reaches them, they say, this is from Allah, but if any evil befalls them, they say, this happened because of you. Say, all things are from Allah. What is wrong with these people that they do not understand any word?” [An-Nisa’ 78]

“We decreed that the wife of Lut should undergo torment. [Al-Hijr 60] That is, We wrote her such a bad qadar.”

“Those for whom We decreed a good end [those whose qadar is good] will be kept away from Hell.” [Al-Anbiya’ 101]

“If Allah were hasty in sending evil to the people, as they are hasty in seeking good, all of them would certainly have been ruined. However, We leave those who do not expect to meet Us wandering in their transgression.” [Yunus 11]

“Your Lord creates what He wants, chooses what He wills. They do not have the right to choose.” [Al-Qasas 68]

Hadrat Qadi Baydawi, the greatest of mufassirun, explained this verse as follows:

“It is Allah alone who creates good and evil, belief and disbelief, and everything. All things are at His disposal.”

Abu Ishaq Isfaraini, an Ahl as-Sunnah scholar said, “All the good things, evil things, and everything are created by Allah. No one other than He can create anything,” he said.

A Qur’anic verse says: “He leaves to stray whom He wills and guides whom He wills.” [Fatir 8]

One of the names of Allah, says the Quran 6:17, is ad-dârr (the harmer, the afflicter) another one is khairul mâkerin, (the best deceiver) 3:54 and another one is al jabbâr (the compeller, the oppressor, the tyrant) 59:23. His other names are al qahhâr (the subduer)  13:16, 14:48, 38:65, 39:4, 40:16 al khâfid (the abaser) 95:5, al mudhell (the humiliator) 3:26, al mumit (the death giver) 3:156, 7:158, 15:23, 57:2, al muntaqim (the avenger)  32:22, 43:41, 44:16,  al mua’khkhir (the delayer) 71:4.  According to the Bible these are satanic qualities. They are not the qualities of the God of Jesus.

This friend reminded me that Shiva is also regarded as the god of destruction. Obviously not very different from Allah. In their zeal to attribute all power to God humans attribute to him even evil and thus blaspheme Him.  The truth is that God does not have the whole world in His hand.  He has given that power to us, his children. We are in charge and in control.  We are God’s operatives and His associates. We are co-creators of God.  And we can perform Miracles in His name just as Jesus did.

The God that Jesus talks about is pure goodness. He is Light, and in Him there is no evil. no fear and no darkness at all. (John 1:5)

After I wrote the following answer I decided to share it on this blog, in case it may help others.

When you say everything came from zero, what is your definition of everything?  If you mean the atomic world, I concur. This is actually the predominant theory of physics that the origin of the universe is singularity. While physicist believe this singularity was a point infinitely hot, I don’t agree with that. They say this to justify the mass of the universe. The question is then where that heat come from. Whether you call it heat, energy or matter it’s all the same. That does not resolve the problem, because just as the materialists can ask who made God, I can ask who made the heat. This is like saying rain comes from cloud but failing to explain the origin of the cloud.

In my opinion the singularity did not have to be hot at all. Matter has no reality. It is only information. Take this simple formula.  M=AM. You can write this as nM=nAM where n can be any number, to infinity. In this formula M stands for matter and AM stands for anti-matter. You can create as much matter as you want as long as you create an equal amount of anti-mater. The result is still zero nM-nAM=0.   So you are right about everything comes from zero.

But this applies only to the material world.  The physical universe is only a hologram. It has no reality. Think of it as a virtual world that God created on his computer. This world is not real. Bring the anti-mater back to this side of the equation and the whole world collapses into zero.

The paradox is that what we see and perceive as real is unreal while what we can’t see or touch is real.  And the reason is simple. Our senses are physical and they can only perceive the physical world. Our instruments are also extensions of our senses and are made of material elements.  They cannot detect and measure consciousness. Consciousness is immaterial.   Consciousness is real and is the mother of all things. When you sit behind your computer and design a virtual world you are real and the virtual world is not. The virtual world is the product of your consciousness.

Now, in regards to the second part of your question, “How God came into existence,” the answer is that God never came into existence. This idea that everything has a beginning, a life cycle and a death applies only to the physical objects.  Consciousness is not subject to the same laws that the material universe is subject to.   It has no beginning and no end because it is not made of matter and hence is not subject to time.  There is no time without matter so there is no beginning or end.  Everything is present and present is eternity. That is why God is Alpha and Omega.

Think of numbers and mathematical equations. Can we ask when they were created?  When the number 5 was created? When did 2+2 became 4?  Numbers are timeless and eternal.  Consciousness is timeless and eternal. Therefore, the question who made God is a wrong question. Just as it is wrong to ask who made the numbers, it is also wrong to ask who made God.

This is the question the materialists love to ask. While they think it is smart it actually reveals their ignorance and inability to grasp the nature of consciousness.  Will they gauge the temperature with a stone? Will they weigh an object with thermometer? Will they measure the length of an object with a sonogram? Then how they expect to detect God that is pure consciousness with anything other than consciousness?

1 John 4:8 says God is love. Can we ask when love was created or who created love?  The very concept of creation applies only to the physical world.  Consciousness is not created.

When we think about reality, we have to differentiate between this world and the other world. This is the world of diversity, of multitudes and contrasts.  This world is imperfect by design. It is a world of struggle, of challenges, difficulties, death and destruction. It is a world of injustice, of pain and suffering.

The other world is the world of perfection. It has no beginning and no end. There is no birth and there is no death.

In this world we have both natures. Our spirit comes from the perfect world of God and our body is born to this imperfect world of matter. The reason we come to this world and occupy this imperfect body is to experience imperfection, and face its challenges because only by facing these challenges and overcoming them we can grow spiritually.

Forgiveness is a spiritual quality. You can’t practice forgiveness in the other world because there is no injustice or cruelty to forgive.  Generosity is a spiritual quality. You can’t practice generosity in the other world because no one is in need. Patience is a spiritual quality. You can’t practice patience in the other world because there is no suffering and no time.   We come to this world to exercise and strengthen our spiritual muscles.

Now the million-dollar question!   Who are we? We are God.  Yes! God wants to flex His muscles and feel Himself.  He wants to practice His faculties. His love, His compassion, His mercy, His generosity, His forgiveness, etc.  But how? His world is perfection where there is no want, no pain, no need, no suffering. How can He practice his faculties where there are no challenges?

So God created the universe, where imperfection is the norm and where He can practice all his divine faculties.  To do that He has to interact with this world and become a player in His virtual reality game.  That is where we come in.  He then copied Himself into infinite number of souls. Each living sentient being, is a clone of God.  The copies are perfect, or rather imperfect, to a variety of degrees. But they all come from God, made in His image and are of the same essence.

Let me make an example.  According to some estimates there are some 70 trillion cells in your body. Do you know that the entirely of you exists in each and every one of your cells?  One can take anyone of the cells in your body and create another baby identical to you.  That baby won’t be your son. He will be your clone. Your son will have only 50% of your genes. Your cloned baby will have 100% of your genes.  We are not children of God. We are His clones.  The best way to describe it is to say we are His fractals.

Now that God has copied Himself in infinite number of souls, He sends us out to this world.  Actually I take that back, because He does not make us do anything.  We choose to come to this world on our own volition to experience it and to flex our spiritual muscles.  And since we are connected to God and are part of Him he experiences what we experience.  So the goal is achieved.

God, a perfect being, creates an imperfect world and clones Himself gazillions of times in myriads of forms thus creating shades and contrasts, so that He can exercise His divine faculties of Love, compassion, forgiveness, etc. through us.  We are fractals of God, His operatives and sensors in this world.

All waters on Earth come from the ocean. They associate with good and evil, pure and filthy and return to the ocean. If vapor molecules had a memory and could share their experience with the ocean, the ocean would gain all their collective memories.  Compare God to the ocean and souls coming to this world to water molecules. Whatever we experience in this world is felt by God.  Unlike the vapor that has to part away from the ocean, we do not separate from God, even though we lose His sight when we enter into this material world.  God never loses our sight. He is always with us.  We are never alone.

If God made us in His image with all His attributes, then we must be also free.  And because we are free, we can disobey Him. We are free to say no and to rebel.  And that is the whole point. God did not create robots and automatons. That would have defeated the whole purpose.  Automatons cannot love. There can’t be love without freedom. He created us in His own image, bequeathing in each one all His faculties.

This means that since God exists in all of us, including in animals, whatever we do to others is felt by God. And this concept is beautifully explained by Jesus in is parable given in Matthew 25 where he said, whatever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters you do it to me.

You can’t claim to love God while you hate His creatures and abuse them. Muslims think they glorify God by hating non-Muslims. They believe by fighting and killing unbelievers, by being harsh to them and by discriminating against them they please God.  They believe by sacrificing animals they please God. They call this doctrine of hate al wala’ wal bara’. That is the biggest deception of Satan.  Islam is the greatest trick of Satan to make people kill one another in the name of God. Genius! Those who fall for this trick are fools and will pay for their foolishness the biggest price. Theirs will be the eternal damnation. Those who follow the hateful doctrine of Muhammad and harm others don’t understand that they are doing all those evil things to God and will go to Hell.

I will write about hell in another article.  Here I limit myself by saying that God does not send anyone to Hell. But people who do evil will go to Hell even when this pains God.  I know this is confusing. It was also confusing to me until yesterday when I suddenly cracked the mystery. I think I get it now and will do my best to explain it in another article.

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