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More on Creation vs. Evolution

Philosophical Corner!
More on Creation vs. Evolution
Ahreeman X
May 31, 2007

L. The Great Shiite Thinker
R. The Scientific Logical Thinker

It is amazing!

Creationists claim that a Creator aka God has created all elements in existence including all universes. They define God, as a Spirit who has never been created, he does exist now, and he will always be, for infinity; however, when we (Evolutionists), claim the same explanation about matters and energies:

"Matters and Energies have never been created and will never be destroyed, yet they will always change from one form to another, yet the sum of their masses will remain the same."

And science will call it "The Conservation Law of Matters and Energies" in Physics, these Creationists have a hell of a time digesting this fact!

We (The Evolutionists), have basically given the same definition as they give to their God, for our "Matters and Energies"! Yet our explanation is a Fact of Physics, but their explanation is a Bull Shiite Story in some Holy Book (storybooks made for Adults) based on nothing but Faith via Faith!

It is very important for all to comprehend that "The Conservation Law of Matters and Energies" is not a "Theory", yet it is a "Law" of Physics and a "Scientific Fact".

Situations like this, are the very reason that people like me, simply cannot have much respect for people of Faith, Idealists (Philosophical Idealists), Religious people and clerics of the globe!

I am a man of science; I simply cannot digest religious mumbo jumbo based on no scientific proof or logic, except Faith!

I basically have a very low opinion on people of Faith and their Weak Minds, who are in needs of a Creator, a metaphysical God or an Allah, Yahweh or Jesus Christ! Religion is basically a large size Cult, and the prophets were basically charlatans with superior minds in comparison to their times! But then again, Islam is not even a Religion! Islam is a political ideology, a tool of Pan Arabism with a Theocratic Ruler like Mohammed or Khamenei on the top and Cattle-Like Herd of followers called Muslim!

The Globe is simply populated by Intellectuals (very few) and Public (Huge Masses).

The Superior Minds, The Uber Menschen, The Great Minds are in a superior level of consciousness in comparison to the everyday Herds who Follow their Guru who preaches and promises them the heaven and hell and the wrath of God!

The UberMensch (Supermen) are meant to Rule the Public, simply because, the public is in need of a Hero Figure, a Guru or a Holy Man to justify every aspect of life and the meaning of life for them, either with a spice of God or without it!

Zarathustra thus announces the coming of the Übermensch, which must succumb to Nihilism in order to overcome it. Therefore, in "Thus Spoke Zarathustra", Friedrich Wilhem Nietzsche speaks of the Übermensch, the coming of the Ubermensch and ruling the world by the Ubermensch.

Thus Zarathustra assigns to his contemporary civilization the task of preparing the venue for the Übermensch. Mankind could prepare this coming of the Übermensch through these following steps:

1. By using his will to power destructively, in the rejection of, and rebellion against, societal ideals and moral codes.

2. By using his will to power creatively, in overcoming nihilism (belief in nothing) and re-evaluating old ideals or creating new ones.

3. By a continual process of self-overcoming.

Basically Religion acts as a Virus to a Computer System. But Islam operates as the Syphilis in the Third Stage to the human brain, and naturally Shiite shows up as Syphilitic Wounds and of course Mullahs act as Canker Sores around the Syphilitic Wounds. All and all they devour and digest the Syphilitic Victims' brains! A Shiite Muslim is basically an ill person in the third stage of Syphilis!

The religious mind simply cannot digest that the existing universe has been created throughout millions and millions of years and scientific evolution. The religious mind is so limited that it always seeks a shoemaker who created the shoe or a God who created everything! But when you ask them "Who created God"? At first, they stand amazed in a field of prairie with their right hand's thumb up their rectums and their left hand's pinky bitten in between their teeth, looking at you like a puppy stares at his owner or a cow stares at the butcher! Then they ponder a bit and say "No one created God because God was always there"! Once again the inferior minds trade the same chain of nonsense around! Once again their line of reasoning is that God is eternal, been here, is here and will be here forever! What is their source? Bull Shiite Holy Books, which are indeed storybooks, made for adults! Scientifically this is so laughable and beneath a Thinking Mind to even discusses! Creationists' minds are similar to children!

I have one term for Creationists:

Evolve people ……. Evolve.


Ahreeman Bless

Someone beyond the definitions of Good or Evil,
on the outer surface of life, looking in!

Dr. X

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