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Drugs, Living in Hallucination

Religion, Living in Fantasy
Drugs, Living in Hallucination
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: April 9, 2008
2nd Edition: March 15, 2017

When you can’t cope with “Reality”, you escape to fantasy: however, there are different ways to go about it:

a) Take a dose of Drugs and Alcohol, to hallucinate and escape from the real life.

b) Take a dose of Religion, to enter the LaLa Land and the Land of Fantasy.

Religion is stronger and more addictive than Crack Cocaine! Welcome to Religion, the neo drug of choice for the 21st century! Then you may ask: Why have we fought the “Enlightenment” and why the “Renaissance” had occurred?

This is a very valid question. It seems like, the more the technology progresses, the more we move towards the materialism, science and logic; however, we also become less spiritual. This lack of spirituality causes the people to seek for a quick fix in religion, to fulfill their spiritual needs.

The Thinker

This is all fine and dandy and spirituality is a great relaxation method, but this fix does not come without a side effect. Every drug has a side effect and when the side effect does more harms than the good of the drug, then it is time to quit the drug! Religion, the same as all drugs, comes with a side effect. The side effect of detachment from the reality and little by little stepping in to the fantasy world!

Welcome to religion, we are now entering the LaLa Land!

If one seeks spirituality, then meditation could be the cure, there are no needs for fairy tales of grandeur, such as pregnancy of Mary by God, departure of Jesus to heavens, the coming of Mahdi from the well and the last supper of Snow White with the 7 Dwarfs!

It is simply amazing that in the 21sth century, people still escape to story books for adults, such as Bible, Torah, Quran and other sadly written books. How can rational minds believe in these nonsense? How can an adult believes in children’s stories? Questions like these, puzzles the mind! The answer is very simple:

Simple Minds, Simple Pleasures.
Weak Minds seek the need for a Father Figure (God).

Needs of a Weak Mind

When one owns a weak mind, then he must escape to Metaphysics and create a creator for himself to worship! Or else, why would a rational mind be in need of a master? Why would someone purposely enjoy becoming a slave to some invisible fairy tale in the sky? How can a sane mind willingly accept his inferiority and enjoys being a slave to some God? How does it work, when an adult determines that he is so weak that he is not in control of his own destiny, and there must be a God who controls his destiny? One must truly own an infant brain to declare himself as a child and in need of a God to determine his destiny!

Salve and Master

Religion is in fact a system of slavery for a weak mind to worship a slave master (an invisible God). In this system, the worshiper admits that he has no will power, so self discipline, no self determination for his life, no power over his own destiny and not even self respect for his own mind! The worshiper is simply a lower life form with limited intellect that must worship a higher power with a superior intellect. In this system, the worshiper admits to his own ignorance, low intellect, and weakness. The worshiper admits that he is in need of superior being to watch over him, plan his destiny and protect him from harms. The worshiper is so badly in need of a master that without a doubt, he is willing to create one (if one does not already exist)! This is how Gods started to exist and this is how charlatans and miracle sellers such as Moses, Jesus and Mohammed started their businesses and named them Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Then came the Saints, one after another! So many saints that we lost tracks! Saints are like diarrhea, non-stop, with speed and generosity of flow!

Jews got the 101 Jew prophets, Christians got the unlimited number of Saints and Popes, and indeed Muslim have their Sunni Saints (Hazrats) and Shiite Imams! The whole concept is so cockamamie that is laughable. A Junior High Science student will even laugh at this system of Bull Shiite!

This Master (God) and Servant (Worshiper) system is global and in the 21st century it is not just becoming a strong business but a regressive reactionary thought pattern which is wiping out the free minds of the people. New Fundamentalism is the fashion and the fad of the time!

Religion and America

You got your Islamist Fundamentalists, Orthodox Jews and even Evangelical Christians in America, the land of free! It is so bad, that in America, one cannot get elected to any public office, without:

a) Being Married

b) Believe in God and Religion or at least pretend to believe

How can people in the most technologically progressed nation in the world, be so mentally reactionary and backward? It is so bad that even Europeans are laughing at us! If you are in need to search for Religious Fanatics and Fundamentalists, you do not have to go so far to Middle East, just drop by any small of large town in USA and you will find armies of brain drained slaves to Jesus, belonging to some denominational church. There are so many cults, churches and religious grocery stores in America that they got the numbers and upper hands to the 7-11 Franchise Quickmarts!

Every two-bit charlatan had created a church, nominated himself as a reverend, created a congregation, and established a tax-free business of selling salvation to the masses. Amazingly there are always unlimited numbers of salvation seekers, cheering for and joining these cults. We have a Persian expression, which says:

Ta Khar dar jahan baqist, Mofles dar nemimanad!
[Until there exist donkeys (idiots) in the world, the charlatans won’t go out of business!]

The Question?

The question is not that which religion is more sophisticated and civilized? The question is that how come we have so many mentally retarded and intellectually bankrupt people in the 21st century, even in the most sophisticated nation of the world, United States of America?!

If there exist so many backward people in America, then what can we expect of places such as Africa or Middle East? Forget about it!

Seasonal Scientific People

Then you have the con artists and the confused who are scientists during the day and once they go home, they take off the lab uniform and gloves, put on the holy robe and become good Christians, Muslim or other cheeseballs! These are the same cheeseballs who go to the
Mosque on Friday, Synagogue on Saturday and Church on Sunday, but on Monday morning, they go back to the university!

Keep your religion out of my university and I promise not to think in your church!

Morality and Religion

Next, you have the religious people who believe that religion brings morality and they sincerely believe that:

Religion = Morality

The reality is that religious people by majority are the most scandalous, immoral, corrupt and two-faced people in the world. They have a façade of religion and morality, but underneath, they do pedophilia, adultery, fraud, theft, embezzlement, gambling, drug addictions, sex with prostitutes and 101 other degenerated acts.

Religious Iranians have a term:

Moemen dorouq nemigeh.
(Pious person does not lie.)

The reality is that Pious Muslim are some of the most lying, cheating, deceiving, two faced, con artist, gossip columnist, back talkers, back stabbers, double standard, dual life, con artists of all times! When you see a pious Muslim, just run away while holding one hand to protect your front and one hand to protect your back! Keep running with one hand in your front and one at the back until you exit the Middle East!

Morality has nothing to do with the religion. The religious people by majority are morally bankrupt and they only pretend to be moral, because that is what the mainstream church teaches! The church says that you must be moral, so the good church goers are pretending to be moral. If tomorrow the church says to eat Shiite, then the pious people will do so! Religious people have no minds of their own, they are robots with no will power and they do as the preacher tells them to do!

Old Holy Men and Young Virgin Boys

What happens when the preacher goes bad? As we see, priests bang alter boys, mullahs bang tolab boys and holy reverends bang pre teen boys! Religion is one big bangarooni for the kunis (Homos)! Everything is OK as long as it is in the name of God! The mighty God is forgiving and he will even provide stitches for the torn rectums of the children, sodomized by the holy men! God is generous and somewhat passionate, God can relate with the holy men! God understands their passion! That is why the Catholic Church turns the blind eye! Praise the Lord!

True Morality

True morality comes from logic. Rational people of logic and science are moral because morality is a good human characteristic. An atheist is moral because he is rational, not because God, prophet, Imam and reverend Long Schlong told him so! The moral people are moral because they reason and their rational minds allows them to judge for themselves and see the benefits in being an honest, decent and moral person to build a better society.

Fake Religious Morality due to the Fear

On the other hand, religious people are pretending to be moral, because they fear God! This is not true morality, but this is the same as fear of a child from his parent! The child fears punishment from his parent for not behaving a certain way, so he pretends to be moral, worships the parent, goes to Church and bla bla bla….. This is not morality, but it is ransom, blackmail, and deceive. Specifically Islam was built on deceive and lies.

So as we can see, morality has nothing to do with religion; furthermore, morality is in contradiction with religion!

Scientific Mind and Religious Mind

A scientific mind seeks proofs and logic to believe in an element. A religious mind creates stories; invisible Gods, imaginary creators, superstitious tales, metaphysical garbage and story books named holy books to substitute for his weak mind.

The scientific mind experiments, researches, studies and does the trial and error method to reach a conclusion. The religious mind has faith because of faith’s sake!

The scientific mind needs scientific proof and mathematical logic to accept a fact. The religious mind needs the holy book to dictate, so he can take orders from the above and agrees to a dogma because his imaginary God in his Story book told him so!

Scientific mind is all about “Change”, “Progress”, “Evolution” and “Logic”. Religious mind is all about “Dogma”, “Sin”, “Fear” and “Blind Faith”.

Unfortunately still in the 21st century and in America, we have to lie about our religious beliefs or else we will not get elected in to a public office! This is a catastrophe.

Religion is …

Religion is not only a drug, but it is the social syphilis of our environments, which eats the brains alive! By the third stage of syphilis, you will have no brains left! That is when you become a good Christian, Jew, Muslim or any other garbage.

Religion is what takes away your free mind and free will to be a free human being. Religion is what makes you a slave to some imaginary God sitting in the sky. Religion is your Neo Drug for the 21st century to escape reality, which you cannot cope with.

God – Worshiper Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome is when the slave has been in slavery and chains for so long that he identifies with his master and starts idolizing, believing, following and worshiping his master. Religion is the worst type of Stockholm Syndrome, because in this case, the master does not even exist! The master is a fragment of the slave’s imagination; therefore, the slave is the slave to his own fantasy created by his weak mind! In this case, the slave is the prisoner of his own mind. Religion is a prison of mind.

Welcome to the Neo Escape system for the 21st century:

Religion, Living in Fantasy
Drugs, Living in Hallucination

Atheist Logo

Please take your science seriously, stay in school, study evolution, educate yourselves and become rational minds, because the alternative is scary: “A Religious Mind”!

For your mind’s sake, please review these important articles (mind foods), because mind is a terrible thing to waste on fairy tales:

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IPC Philosophy

Religious people tell me, Atheism is a religion and you are also having a religion! I tell them:

If Atheism is a Religion, then Health is a Disease!

Many are Schooled, yet only a few are truly Educated.


No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man.

Dr. X

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