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Part Two: Survival of Species

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology Philosophy
Part Two: Survival of Species

Ahreeman X
October 23, 2008
2nd Edition: August 4, 2015

Raciology is a vast science denied and hidden from the public by the liberal scientists and politicians.

Survival of Species

Scientists will love this one, but Bleeding Heart Liberals will be outraged! Before we start, let us elaborate on few definitions:

More Definitions

Survival of Fittest
In an eco system, the strongest of plants and animals, do survive. Those species with strongest of characteristics will be the ones which move on to the next evolutionary level.

Survival of the Fittest

Natural Selection
Is a type of selection, where the nature selects the most desired members of a species to mate, reproduce and therefore to survive and move on to the next evolutionary level. In this case, the fittest members of a species will survive.

Natural Selection

Artificial Selection
Is a type of selection, where an artificial factor such as human political correctness, social traditions, social regulations, governments, scientists or other artificial factors will interfere with nature and artificially select certain members of a species to mate, reproduce and therefore to survive and move on to the next evolutionary level. In this case, sometimes the society will artificially produce and evolve a useful specie (well-fed, juicy and overgrown sheep to make Kabobs), yet sometimes the society will artificially avoid the extinction of an incompatible, unaggressive, weak and inferior sub species (against the law of nature), just to keep them alive (due to political correctness) and only to save a specie or a sub specie to cheat the natural extinction (certain endangered species and certain weak sub species of human race)! Affirmative Action and Government Artificial Equalizations are forms of Artificial Selection.

Artificial Selection

Predatory Lacks of a Species

When certain species are lacking predators; therefore, they overpopulate the eco system and the environment.

Now, where am I going with all this?

Have in mind that amongst Sapiens, we have this order:

Species: Sapiens
Sub-Species (Race Groups)
Sub Sub-Species (Races)

I am going to scientifically, prove that sometimes, it is best for a certain members of

Sub Sub-Species (Races), [example: Hemitic Arabo-Muslim Islamists]
Sub-Species (Race Groups), [example: Hemites]
Species: Sapiens

to become extinct!

Not politically correct?
Oh well! I am a man of science and I will use science to prove my point!

The Scientific Logic

Today's Human Race (Sapiens) are lacking a predator (Predatory Lacks of a Specie)! As a matter of fact, human is on top of the food chain, the absolute master of Earth, over exhausting "All" Earth's resources, causing global warming, breathing too much oxygen, producing too much CO2 Carbone, polluting and basically destroying the Earth by over population!

Scientifically and biologically speaking, there is no predator to hunt humans; furthermore, humans have overcome most of the human diseases, so they will not expire via a natural rate.

Humans also have created these un-natural societies (politically correct societies), which uses "Artificial Selection" to artificially, equalize "All" Sub Sub-Species (Races) of human!

The Strong (Fittest), breaks the "Law of Nature" (Survival of Fittest), and avoids the extinction of the Weak and undesired. Today's society, calls this "Being Civilized" or "Being Human", and of course as a scientist, I call it "Un-Natural", indeed "Artificial" and of course, "Political Correctness"!

Political Correctness Eliminated Free Competition!

Welfare States, Social Programs, Charitable Organizations, United Nation, Socialism, Liberal Policies, and Political Correctness, all and all, avoids free competition.

To Compete, is human nature. Compete to survive, is human nature. Human is an "Animal" and Earth is his "Eco System". Law of Nature, Law of Jungle, Law of Survival and logic, teaches us that Free Competition is good and causes Survival of Fittest which makes the world goes round and round.

Nature has No Heart

Competition is Free Markets. Competition is Capitalism. Nature has no "Heart"!

Put in Formula

Allow me to give a heart attack to Liberal Democrats and put this case in formula:

Natural Selection => Survival of Fittest => Better Environment => Human Evolution

Artificial Selection => Over Population => Destruction of Earth => Human Extinction
Of course, my argument may sound heartless, racist, and with no compassion to the ears of the Liberal Democrats; however, my argument is scientific and logical.

Fundamental Question of Survival?

It is not a Racial Issue!

Let me ask you a question:

For how long do you think that human society can artificially equalize its weak with its strong, and survive?

Earth has limited amount of resources! We help the weak, the backward, the fanatics, the hungry, the uncivilized, the savage, the inferior, the primitive, and the undesired on daily basis!

The human civilization has survived because the Strong eliminated the Weak! That is called Human History! That is called Human Evolution. That is called Social Darwinism.

Today, Africa is over populated, Middle East is over populated, Latin America is over populated, South Asia is over populated, Indo-China is over populated, ...................

This is not a racial issue, yet a logical issue and a human issue. If certain tribes and certain groups in Africa, Latin America, South Asia, Middle East or Indo-China cannot survive on their own and compete on their own, then by aiding them to live, we are destroying our chances of survival (in the long run)!

This is not only about Indians of Mexico, Blacks of Africa, Arabs of Middle East, Pakistani of South Asia and others, yet this is also about White European Slavs, White Middle Eastern Aryans and White Trash of America! This has nothing to do with race, but it has everything to do with "Qualification".


Qualification means physical qualification, mental qualification and intellectual qualification. You can be white, black, yellow or red, yet show superiority, competitiveness and intelligence in the fields of Athletics, Science, Academics, Labor, Agriculture or whatever else! But when a group or a tribe is a burden on the shoulder of the rest of society, then why must the society keep them equal or even alive at the cost of the rest of the society?

If you don't want to work hard, don't want to compete, don't want to evolve, then by all means we should let you die in peace!

If you are incapable to compete and survive on your own, then we must let you die in peace!

The Brockman Rule

Once upon a time, I was a manager of a company. The CEO's name was Brockman. We used to have this discussion:

X: People are starving in Africa!

B: Then by all means, let them starve in peace!

X: People are dying in Africa!

B: Then by all means, let them die in peace!

Now, I understand what Brockman meant!


Arabo-Muslim Radical Islamists are a group of backward, illogical, primitive, outdated, fanatics whom their time has passed and they will do no good to no one, yet they will harm the human society (example: 9/11). Why are we (USA) sending Free Grants to corrupt governments of Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, etc. every year? This money does not even reach the needy, yet it reaches the pockets of the Rich Ruling Arabs!

Actually, I go a step further and promote mass extermination of Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Jihad, PLO, Jihad Al Islamiya of Egypt, Chechen Islamists, Al Qaeda, Bosnian Islamists,  and of course Hezbollah of Iran!

Once more, allow me to put in formulas:

Less Islamists => Less Carbon Dioxide in the air => More Oxygen for rest of Earth's population!

More Dead Islamists => More Organic Fertilizer for Earth => Better Environment
So by all means,

Kill Them All, Let Allah Sort Them Out!
Now that’s humane! I am doing this for humanity’s sake!

Logical Conclusion

Survival of Fittest, Natural Selection, Evolution, Laws of Nature, Social Darwinism, Science, Logic and Survival of Species teaches us that sometimes useless must Die, so the useful can Live! Sometimes, Dead is good, so the Good can live! In other words, I am 100% pro "Survival of the Fittest", because the weaker, the inferior, the primitive, and the undesired must Die, so the strong, the superior, the advanced, the sophisticated, and the desired can Live!

This is called "Law of Nature". This is called "Logic". And this has nothing to do with being a Racist!

I am sure, after reading my scientific, yet cold harsh facts, the "Liberal Democrats" will be outraged and Liberals will bleed like there is no tomorrow! So, Bleeding Heart Liberals, by all means, please start bleeding, thus Ahreeman will provide the tampons!

We shall not sacrifice the logic and our minds for the sake of emotions and our hearts. Continued on the Next Page

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