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Part One: The Basic Concepts
Part 1, 2

Theory of Everything
Part One: The Basic Concepts
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: May 21, 2009
2nd Edition: December 11, 2016

Time Travel is a method for Trans-Dimensional Travels

Seeking the Truth

Lean back, relax and free your minds,
Lend me your open minds,
Allow me to show you the other side of the coin,
Allow me to preach to you,
Words of Science and Logic,
Will you take a ride with me,
Into the Deepest Corners of Thought and Mind?
Take a ride with me through The Time and Space,
Let us together seek and search for the ..............

Fundamental question of philosophy:
How has everything started to exist?
To answer this fundamental question, we must search for the answer to "The Theory of Everything"!

Theory of Everything explains the fundamental question of philosophy:
How has everything started to exist?

Scientific Theories and Explanations


[ ? ] = Sign of Singularity
Simple Definition: Singularity is the set starting point of Time, as we know it. There was a singular combination of everything including Energies and Matters. The time as we know it, started to exist at this point.
Einstein brought up the definition of "Singularity".
Einstein stated that first came Singularity.
He questioned: What was before Singularity?
What caused The Big Bang?
And of course Fundamental Question of Philosophy:
How has everything started to exist?
But Einstein's main question remained:
How did Singularity form? How did Singularity started to be?
And the question remained ............
[ ? ]

Big Bang

Simple Definition: After Singularity, came Big Bang, a Great Clash of Singularity, which exploded to many pieces. This Clash is called The Big Bang. That's how the Universe (our universe) created.
Evolutionists expanded on Big Bang as the cause for existence of our Universe.

Strings Theory

Simple Definition: There are different strings (Cello, Viola or Violin Strings) which represent various dimensions, versions and existence. Scientists found up to 5 strings. Co-existence of everything in 5 strings. Picture the whole existence of All Elements as a set of strings going back and fore in various directions, the same as cello strings.


We have 3 dimensions and All Elements can move in these 3 directions: Length, Width and Height.
Einstein enlightened us and turned us on to the 4th Dimension!

Time, The 4th Dimension

What if there is a 4th dimension and it is called Time? What if Time is the 4th unit of measurement for dimensional usage, Einstein stated? Eventually Time became the 4th Dimension!

Other Dimensions

Next came the 5th and 6th Dimensions all the way to 10th Dimension! The Strings Theory worked well with up to 10 Dimensions, but suddenly, came the 11th Dimension!

The 11th Dimension

The 11th Dimension ruined everything and clashed the whole theory of strings! The "Pro Gravity" physicists questioned the Strings Theory and strengthen the 11th Dimension. But the outcome of this battle between the String Theory Enthusiasts and 11th Dimension Enthusiasts was something totally unique and unpredicted by both parties!

Looking Through The 11th Dimension

Out came this vision:
What if we look at the 11th Dimension from a totally different angle?
We have dissected Singularity to Strings and then 11 Dimensions:

Singularity => Strings (5 Versions) => Dimensions (11 Dimensions)

We have always looked at the situation, from Whole to Specific, from One to Many, from Great to small, from major to minor, from Single to Pieces.......... but, how about looking at it from a totally different angle?

What if we look through the 11th Dimension's Telescope, but not as a view to find more specific and more pieces, yet as a view from "a piece" to "the whole"?

Let's view from this perspective, and vision The Complete, from the Part. Lets look through The Piece, on through to The Whole. Lets look at the "Some" and then find the "All", why not?

By going from a piece to the whole and looking into the situation vise versa, we can see that in fact, "All" Dimensions can come to a united Singularity. Singularity as a whole. But again, how the singularity started to exist?

The "M" Theory

Call it the Theory of Magic or Main or Membrane. Picture "All" Existing Elements (Matters, Energies) as Membranes. Our universe as a huge membrane. All universes as membranes. All that exists, as membranes.

Now picture all these universes (membranes) co-exist with one another, floating as bubbles in space, in an eternal float full of bubbles with no beginning and no end. Can you?

I want you to expand your horizons and unlimit your limited minds and turn on your mind for self-preparation to see the Big Picture. Let's try:

Universes are membranes in shapes of 3 dimensional clouds of gas (matters and energies), some spongy, some oval, some donut and some abstract shaped. These membranes are not steady, yet they are moving elements. They float in space. They float as bubbles in a sea of bubbles.

But have in mind that:

Bubbles are Membrane Universes
Bubbles are floating in Space
Space is flooded with Bubbles
Space consists of Matter, Energy and Non Matter
Non Matter is absolute abyss of emptiness (Black Holes)
Can you picture this?

So view the existence of everything through The "M" Theory or shall we call it "Theory of Multiverse"?!

The "M" Theory defines the existence of everything (All Elements) as a Multiverse. The Multiverse has always been there, is here now, and will be here forever. The Multiverse is Eternal.

In a way, isn't that the definition of God? However, Multiverse is a Scientific Reality but God is a Myth!

Who Created the Multiverse?

The Conservation Law of Matters and Energies in physics teaches us that all matters and energies were never born and will never be destroyed, yet they have always been changing from one form to another eternally. This is not a theory but a law of physics. In other words, the Multiverse has always been there and it will always be here forever ….

Hard to picture?
Try this:

Look at the whole universe (and all universes) as a graph. If we draw this graph:

It will not look like a line with eternal beginning and ending.
It will not look like a circle with a beginning point and an ending point.
It will look like a moving “Snake” which his body is a series of circle loops:

Crawling Snake Graph of the Multiverse

These circle loops almost close and form perfect circles, but the key word is almost! These circle loops are eternal. They come from Forever and they will go to Forever. Each circle loop almost closes to form a circle and in that case it seems like someone like a God must have created this loop; however, each circle loop never actually closes down. Two ends of the each circle loop reaches up to a microscopic range to each other but never touches each other and forms a circle. Therefore, these series of snake-like circle loops continue forever ….

The actual graphic diagram of the Multiverse is in fact looks like a Snake with his body in to many unclosed circle loops moving from one point to another. Have you seen the way a snake moves from one point to another? That is the desired shape that I am talking about. But picture this snake as an eternal snake from both ends!

Theory of Parallel Universes

Now picture 2 different membranes (universes) floating in space. 2 universes, 2 membranes moving around, floating around, passing one another in the space................, and what if they crash? 2 similar but not identical universes hit each other. Have in mind that these membranes do not have smooth and flat surfaces, yet distorted, rippled and edged surfaces, so the possibilities of a crash can magnify. The Clash of Titans will occur. And envision this:

The Latest Big Bang Theory

The Clash of 2 universes, causes a "Big Bang"!
And that's the definition of the Big Bang for you.
That is the latest scientific definition of Big Bang by physicists.
This is how the Big Bang occurred and our universe got created from billions of shattered pieces from this crash!

Nature of Big Bang

Big Bang is not a unique phenomenon! Big Bangs happen all the times and all over the space and amongst membranes (universes). Our Big Bang was only one amongst many. Nothing unique about it. Our Universe had created as the direct result of one Big Bang.

Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes, similar to one another, float around space. The universe next to ours may have or may have not contain systems and planets containing life forms.

Instability of Atom: The key to prove the existence of Parallel Universes

In Our Universe

Earth is a planet in our Solar System located in our Milky Way Galaxy existing in our Universe.

Whole => Part
Our Universe => Our Galaxy (Milky Way) => Our System (Solar System) => Our Planet (Earth)

Andromeda Galaxy is our neighboring galaxy. It is possible that there is a system containing a planet in Andromeda, which contains life forms.

Same way, it is possible that there is a parallel universe to our universe, which contains a world similar to our world but you do not live there. Maybe someone or some life-form similar to you lives there but not you.

These Parallel Universes have been created as the direct results of Big Bangs occurring from clashes of two other Parallel Universes. Are you still with me or do you have a headache by now? Are you in the clear? The concept is very simple and scientific. All you have to do is to grasp it with an open scientific mind. So focus and the concept becomes clear.

This is how Theory of Parallel Universes explains The Theory of "Multiverse" (The "M" Theory) or vise versa.

And that my friends, is The Answer to "The Theory of Everything" and how everything got created! As you see, The Theory of Everything teaches us that Everything has never been created at a specific Time frame. Everything has always been there, is here now, and will always be there.

The Conservation Law of Matters and Energies

Matters and Energies have never been created, will never be eliminated, yet they always change from one form to another.

Most people have limited mind frames which condemns them to look at the whole existence and universe in the form of The Creator and The Creation! The Creator/Creation Model is fine and Dandy for a Bakery, a Pizza Parlor or a Jewelry Shop but not suited to answer the fundamental question of philosophy!

Holy Books teach us to look at the Earth, Sun and Skies and picture them as Shoes! Someone must have maid these shoes and that someone is the Mighty God (the shoemaker)!

This is the most simplistic way of explaining the complex patterns of Everything! This is Religion 101 for Brain Drained! Unfortunately, majority of human life forms, own simple minds, and as we all know:

Simple Minds seek Simple Pleasures (Belly and Under Belly)
Simple Minds read Simple Books (Quran, Bible, Torah, Aqdas, etc.)
Simple Minds seek Simple Questions (Who created us?)
Simple Minds accept Simple Answers (God created us so we shall obey and worship him!)

Religion, Living in Fantasy, Drugs, Living in Hallucination

And then they go bend over, up and down, praising some Black Rock (originally) called Allah or whatever else ..........

Meaning of Crescent and Star Islamic Symbol?

Global population consists of Simple Minds. Simple Minds are limited Minds and that's all they can comprehend or else they shall burn a fuse for over thinking!

So, The "M" Theory is the most up-to-dated answer and response to the old question of Einstein on Singularity!

[ ? ]

[ ? ] Singularity was not the setting point for beginning of time. Time is the 4th dimension but it was started way before Singularity! Time existed as long as the Space existed! Time and Space fulfill one another:

Time <=> Space

Space had never started to exist at a certain point; therefore, time has never started to exist at a certain point. Space was always there to begin with and so was Time. Space is eternal and so is Time.

Time and Space come together as one and they are eternal.

The Duality

The most scientific response to Einstein's question on Singularity is:

Before, Singularity, there were 2 membranes (universes) which clashed with one another. The clash of 2 parallel universes created The Big Bang. In a way, there has never been a Singularity, but there always existed a Duality!

Now expand this symbolically, and figure that there is a Duality in All aspects of life. There is no absolute Good or Evil. Little bit of both exists in all of us. Good and Evil are Religious concepts and not scientific concepts.

This is the latest Scientific Theory. We base our Facts upon the latest Scientific Theories. If tomorrow, science comes up with a new theory, then we shall change everything and base it on the latest scientific invention and enlightenment. Change is good. Scientific and Logical people progress with change. To Change, makes one avoids the Dogma.

Above is the latest scientific alternative to believing in the myth of God and Story Books for Adults, named Holy Books and the Salvation Businesses named Religions! Continued next page.

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