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Part Two: Parallel Universes
Part 1, 2

Theory of Everything
Part Two: Parallel Universes
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: May 21, 2009
2nd Edition: December 11, 2016

Instability of Atoms can prove the existence of Parallel Universes

Take Off in Progress
The Ride in to Tomorrow

Lend me your minds and for a moment, depart from your daily lives, hobbies, religions, dogmas and political issues. Go beyond the specifics and look at the Big Picture. Philosophically speaking, go Universal! Take a ride with me through the scientific world, moving towards Tomorrow. I am your Train Conductor for a day! All aboard? Let's roll ...........

Take Off in Progress … Countdown begins … 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 … Ground Control,

We are now leaving the “Prisoned Mind” and entering the uncharted territories of the “Free Mind”!

Time Machine, a device which can be used to leap through the Fourth Dimension, The Time.

Let us get back to the physical science and let's emphasize on the Parallel Universes, shall we? In the past, the concept of "Parallel Universes" was more of a Sci-Fi notion; however, today, it is moving towards becoming a scientific fact!

The Theory of "Parallel Universes" was basically an "Out There" Science Fiction episode; morely, a great concept for a Sci-Fi movie! Yet have in mind, science is not dogma and science evolves. Yesterday's theories are today's garbage (Earth is flat); furthermore, yesterday's Sci-Fi are today's strong concepts. There will be a day for today's strong concepts to become tomorrow's "Facts".

Science evolves, things change and the only "Absolute" factor is the "Change" within itself. In the scientific universe, nothing is absolute; therefore, the concepts of Creator (God), Prophets (Messengers), Saints (Holy Elements), Creationism, Supreme Spiritual Factors, and other "Absolute" idealistic concepts, are simply illogical, unscientific and myths.

New Scientific Discoveries

Now you may ask me, why the sudden emphasis on "Parallel Universes"? Because science has evolved and there are new evidence and factors which are moving the Theory of "Parallel Universes" towards becoming a Valid Candidate for a "Strong Scientific Theory", possibly a "Scientific Fact"! So what's the new discovery, you asked?

Atomic Particles

According to the latest analysis, experiments, lab reports, scientific documentations and observations:

Scientific Fact:

"At any specific time, Atomic Particles do not have a specific place."

Meaning, at any given time, Atomic Particles of any matter, are not each, at a specific location!

Recent scientific observations, vast super microscopic and atomic monitoring via super computers, Nuclear analysis and definite scientific experimentations are now telling us that beyond a reasonable doubt, each Atomic Particle belonging to different Atoms from different matters, does not have a specific and a steady location at each given moment in time. Do you understand this amazing discovery?

So what does this tell you?

Scientists Say:

“According to Modern Physics, each Atomic Particle can be at more than one location at the same time. Actually it can be at infinite locations at the same time.”

Picture this,

The Body of Atom:

Protons are positively charged particles found inside the nucleus of an atom.
Neutrons are the neutral particles found inside the nucleus of an atom.
Electrons are negatively charged particles that orbit around the outside of the nucleus.

An Atom consists of many Atomic Particles which together, they form a combine, let’s say sphere of the Atom (Proton, Neutron, Electron). This Atomic 3 dimensional Sphere does not have a steady location, because all of its particles are shaking so quickly in various directions. These movements of Atomic Particles are so fast that the scientists have come to the conclusion that each Atomic Particle is actually at many different locations at the same time period. The possibilities are endless.

Expansion of the Atomic Particles Theory

For instance, Atomic Particle "A.Tron" belonging to the Neutron of a specific Atom from the wood of your office desk, at any specific moment (Time Period) can be found in X, Y, Z, ..........Axis in space.

Therefore, each Atom can also be found in X, Y, Z, .............Axis in space.
Therefore, each Element can also be found in X, Y, Z, ...............Axis in space.
Therefore, each Animal and/or Plant can also be found in X, Y, Z, .............Axis in space.
Therefore, human and everything else can also be found in X, Y, Z, ...........Axis in space.

Now expand this to everything, and you will get "Parallel Universes"!

Universes, where you maybe a paper pusher or maybe a world leader!
Universes, where America maybe a British Colony or a Nazi Colony!
Universes, where Islam does not exist and The Persian Empire still rules the world!
Possibilities are endless!

Now the question remains how to cross over in Parallel Universes?

Gates and Leaps

Well, my friends, for ages, I have been studying, researching and experimenting with Time Travel and Time Machines. When all options come to halt, then The Time Travel remains the only option! However, in case of "Parallel Universes", we are not talking about the "Time Factor", yet we are talking about "Leaping or Beaming" into various universes possibly through a gate! And what if I will be able to do so, but there will be another Ahreeman living there? What will I do with him? Send him over here?

More and more, each day which passes by, "Parallel Universes" Theory, is becoming a Scientific Theory, moving towards becoming a Scientific Fact! Now there are many conditions, hows, buts and ifs, yet I have a promising belief that these are elementary factors and eventually we will get to the bottom of it all.

I keep the study, research, and experimentation going. Once I discover the Gate, I will leave a light on, for yous! Who knows, maybe we can all, cross over to an alternate universe where Persian Empire still rules the world, Sassanid Empire still in power, Shapour The XXX is Shahanshah, Ctesiphone is center of the Earth and the next Emperor of Persia, the sole super power on Earth will not actually be an emperor, yet an Empress! Her name will be Azarmidokht Amertat II of Sassanid Dynasty, Shahbanu of Persia! Picture that if you can?!

And then I leap from today's our California to today's California Satrapee (state) of Amri-Ka (a protectorate of Persian Empire), which after 60 years, there is still a territorial conflict between Rome & Persia, over territory of Amri-Ka! Imagine that if you can?!

What if I could travel through time to 620 AD, advice the Sassanid Court with the knowledge that I have today, and seize the invasion of Arabo-Muslim to the Persian Empire? Where would the Islam-free Iran be today?

What if I could travel through time to 1924 AD, advice Reza Khan to end the Qajar Dynasty and Monarchy all together as he desired, so in 1925 he could start the Republic of Iran and become the first democratically elected president of Iran by the massive popularity that he had? The line of qualified presidents would follow one after another following Reza Khan in free democratic elections. Reza Khan would never start the Pahlavi Dynasty, the unqualified Mohamad Reza would never become Shah and his dictatorship would never cause the downfall of Iran in to the arms of Islam. Iran would become a democratic republic since 1925 and Islamic Republic of Mullahs would never occur! Where would the Islam-free Iran be today?

Ctesiphone in Smoke, Fire and Blood

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran

Reza Shah The Great, the Real Story

Think about the endless possibilities to get Islam out of the picture. Where would the Islam-free Iran be today? Sole Super Power on Earth? Cradle of Civilization? Unifier of Earth? A Federal Persian Empire of Earth? One Planet under Supreme Persian Ingenuity? Ponder on that if you can?

Where are We?

Possibilities are endless. How various universes had developed in different systems are an infinite number! Scientifically speaking, we have just slightly opened the door into the Theory of "Parallel Universes"; we are not even in! Scientists are moving by the speed of light to explore more and more about this theory. Eventually the time will come to locate various universes and leap in to them. Would we find our desirable universe to move into?

The Motto will say:

Have you ever felt like a fish out of the bowl and out of place? Have you ever felt like you don't belong in the environment which you live in? Well now, there is a solution! Leap through our Gates to your desirable universe!

Parallel Universes: Theory or Scientific Fact?

Time Travel and Parallel Universes

Unlike Time Travel, where you can mess with Time and forever Change the future by changing the past, in Parallel Universes, you cannot damage the Time nor history, thus the Time is not a factor! At the same Time, all parallel universes are co-existing! The only odd issue will be if you encounter a possible carbon copy of yourself in another universe!

The Time


The Scientific Aspect

Science is the only key to salvation, to progress and to Change. There is no doubt in my mind that during the upcoming years and decades; we will come up with amazing discoveries. We will discover factors, which were always right under nose, but we had never thought it would be so easy to discover them! One day, we will laugh at the way we are thinking today!

One day, we will turn today's Science Fiction into Science.
One day, we will joke about how idiotic our today's belief system, were!
One day, The Science will be The Only God!

Today, people's brains are incapable of picturing that day, but scientists are people with huge imaginations. Scientists are the people who will turn the Sci- Fi into Documented Science. Through the history of mankind, they have always done so!

Now let’s analyze an important scientific concept: The Seemless Whole.

The Seemless Whole
Faster Than Speed of Light?

Before we discuss the Seemless Whole, we must define Quantum Physics.

Definition of the Quantum Physics

Quantum physics is a branch of physics which deals with discrete, indivisible units of energy called quanta as described by the Quantum Theory. Quantum mechanics is essential to understand the behavior of systems at atomic length scales and smaller. There are five main ideas represented in Quantum Theory:

1. Energy is not continuous, but it comes in small but discrete units.

2. The elementary particles behave both like particles and like waves.

3. The movement of these particles is inherently random.

4. It is practically physically impossible to know both the position and the momentum of a particle at the same time. The more precisely one is known, the less precise the measurement of the other is.

5. The amazing atomic world is nothing like the world we live in.

Seemless Whole, the Basic Concepts

Quantum Physics is amazing, so let us dig deeper in to these concepts:

1. Nonlocal Reality
2. Speed Limit of the Light
3. Dimensionality
4. Time and Duration

1. Nonlocal Reality

The "Local Reality” is the familiar space-time world of classical physics, with its speed limit for signals and diminution of force over distance. Although phenomena are local, quantum physics says that reality is nonlocal. Reality is a "Seamless Whole", as established in experiments affirming Bell's Theorem. According to the dominant interpretation, the Conservation Law of Matters and Energies applies everywhere in the universe. From that, we may infer that the nonlocal domain must provide a steady-state reserve of energy available for the creation of mass ( E=mc2 ), and for translation into local actions of all types. But what is the relationship between local and nonlocal domains?

2. Speed limit of the Light

An illuminated cosmos without a speed limit would be perceived as a blinding glare, and time would be a meaningless concept. There could be no distinction between the local phenomena and nonlocal reality. We take the speed of light as a given, as a defining parameter of this cosmos. So think about it, by what "mechanism" does cosmos, based in nonlocal reality, establish a speed limit? What is the limiting factor?

3. Dimensionality

Is dimensionality a basic feature of cosmic evolution? Physical dimension is a tricky concept. We assume that there are three discrete dimensions of space, and time yet another dimension, all operating as a continuum. In this discussion, dimension is simply a permission to move or to have an effect (a degree of freedom); but the "licensing scheme" confers cumulative privileges: With a two-dimensional license one may be stationary (0D), move along a line (1D), and on a plane (2D). With three-dimensional privileges one may move anywhere, spatially speaking (3D), but requiring time (4D) to do so (Time is the 4th dimension); thus, local reality is four-dimensional. Also, string theory and its variations treat forces and symmetries as dimensional, thus requiring that cosmos be a "hyperspace" of at least 11 dimensions.

Our degrees of freedom are also constrained by prior events. We may not move in ways or make combinations of things for which the history of cosmos has not prepared a potential.

For example, at the macro level, it is premature for one to book a flight to Mars, but each increment in space technology helps prepare the way for someone to do so, someday. Each increment in the organic complexity of cosmos increases its degrees of freedom, and like dimensionality ordinarily construed, does so cumulatively and exponentially. Should we not then consider whether the evolution of dimensionality itself is a basic feature of cosmic evolution?

4. Time and Duration

Time measurement in the local domain is relativistic; we might refer to that as Einsteinian time, or "E-Time." But, according to one's state of consciousness, perception of time passing does not necessarily correspond to E-Time. Indeed, it is strikingly variable. Whitehead referred to reality in terms of discrete "Actual Occasions", each of which "experiences" how its world is qualified by other actual occasions and entities. The extension of these occasions of experience would represent a psychological time (all experience being psychological, even when unconscious). Let us designate that as "W-Time," which some cultures (predominantly Eastern) have construed as cyclic, and others (predominantly Western), as linear.

The Time's Arrow for both E-time and W-time is reversible. But time's arrow for cosmos points one way, so some new conception of time must be forthcoming. Bergson theorized that duration is the key feature of "creative evolution", which carries its own forward impetus, or élan vital. Whitehead dealt with time-duration as the "Extensive Continuum" of the actual entities, both authors emphasizing that being is process of becoming. Is it possible to conceptualize a one-way cosmic time which is consistent both with relativistic E-time and with quantum duality and uncertainty?

Change, The Only Absolute

People change. The only absolute element in the universe is "Change".

During Animal's life-cycle, This Change, depending on Animal's intellect, can come soon or late, can come now or never, gradually or suddenly, .................... Human is just another animal, be patient!

This Moment in East and West!

Majority of the globe consists of the "Public". At this moment, while I am talking about "Theory of Parallel Universes", in the East, Abdol Kos Khar-neh is protesting in Abarqu, because some Arab (Mohammed) who lived over 1400 years ago, got insulted by a cartoon! Simple Minds, Simple Pleasures! While we look towards tomorrow, using science as a tool; people are bending over up and down to Allah (some Black Rock in Ka'bbah) reading Namaz! At the same time in the West, Bache Kunis and Dokhtar Soosools are dancing the night away like Sheeple in another drinking, drugging, baseless and brainless instantaneous joyride orgy in a Persian Night Club, only to momentarily forget the reality! Simple Minds, Simple Pleasures!

Deep Soul Searching

People are different, some are early and some are late bloomers!

When I was a teenager, I locked myself in my room with my books, for a few weeks, and done some deep soul searching, studying and analyzing to finally make The Big Decision! It is not that in early years, I believed in God, but even though I did not believe in God, yet I did not find the power to totally reject him and dump him in the Trash Can of History! Eventually, after long periods of studies, readings, science courses, Religious Studies, Libraries of Mom and Pop and myself, and many other factors, I found myself ready to make the big decision!

In my late teen years, I locked myself in the room and went cold turkey (Spiritual Cold Turkey)! After 2 weeks of debating with myself and talking to myself with:

Personality A: Atheist
Personality B: Believer
Personality C: Agnostic

Finally A came out victorious proving that B is absolutely illogical and C is a confused soul with no answer to The Question! So A pushed B and C away and came victorious! I believe at some point of our lives, each of us, needs to do this soul searching! Each of us with "Brains" must do so! Now you can come out with answer B or C but at least you have done the soul searching!

So finally, I Killed God and I become God!

People change.

During last 6 years, I know,

Muslim who become Christians
Christians who become Zoroastrians
Zoroastrians who become Non Denominationals
Non Denominationals who become Agnostics
Agnostics who become Atheists
and many more versions .................

There is a Time and a Place for everyone to do this soul searching. You can't rush it. Some are late bloomers. So what? You are only human! People change and you, like all of us, do evolve!
Change is good, not to Change is the problem! To stop change is to stop progress. The concern is when you start becoming resistant to “Change”! Then the Dogma and Brain Drain begins!

Now I must go back to my studies. Not to worry, once I create The Gate and be able to Leap or time travel, I will leave a light on for you! Don't be afraid, follow me!

I leave you with these thoughts and always remember that possibilities are endless!
Think about it, will you?!

Imagination => Change => Progress => Scientific Evolution

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Two Types of People Intrigue Me

Two types of people thrill me,
The ones who seek the Truth (Researchers and Students)
The ones who contribute to the Truth (Free Thinkers and Scholars)

I welcome your opinion and I shall be enlightened to hear your input. I specifically welcome our wise scientists, philosophers and Free Thinkers inside and outside IPC to ponder much and inform us of their views. Presently I am busy with the IPC Website; however, I shall try to keep up with your inputs. Once I get more free times, I shall expand and add to this topic and the related thread.

Thank you very much for taking this ride with me through the deepest corners of your minds, through the Time and Space...................

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated.

We shall meet again,
See you beyond the stars …

Dr. X

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