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Inside Iran Protests - Part 4

Iran 2009 Election Protests Photos
Inside Iran Protests - Part 4

Photos: AP, AFP, Reuters, Getty
December 29, 2009

Special Report

An injured brave female Iranian opposition member flashes a V victory sign during the clashes with the IRI security forces in Tehran on December 27

Iran in Smoke, Fire and Blood!

In 2009, IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) had shammed the sham election and this was the last draw which had triggered the revolts. Iranian elections were shams to begin with, because only the Islamist parties are allowed to participate! Even though the Iranian elections were sham elections, yet they kept the people occupied and feel warm that at least they were voting and their vote counted for something! On 2009, IRI Regime could not even tolerate conducting a sham election and allow the Reformist Islamist Fraction to seemingly win this election; therefore, they had to sham even the sham election and erect the Fundamentalist Islamist Fraction back to power. This is how bad the situation had become in Iran! As the result of this act, a full scale revolt had broken out which started in summer of 2009 and is still dragging now in to the winter with no end in sight. The present situation is no more about the Fundamentalist Islamists versus the Reformist Islamists but this is the beginning of the end to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Say Hello to Freedom and Democracy!

V stands for the Victory

An opposition member prepares the rocks to throw at the anti riot police and Basij units during the clash with the government security forces.

Iranian protestors are beating the police officers during anti-government protests in Tehran on December 27.

On December 27th, people of Iran were simply fed up with the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Regime. Despite the severe suppression of the people by the security forces, Iranian protestors fought back, killed a number of security forces, injured a great number of security forces and burned or destroyed many motorcycles, jeeps and other vehicles belonging to the police, anti riot police and Basij Militia forces. In this photo you can witness that after an unsuccessful attack, the police are running away from the angry protestors. This battle was won by the protestors.

A protestor captured a police baton and chased the police officer away, now he is standing proudly in front of a burning police motorcycle burned by the protestors using cocktail Molotovs.  

Iranians are fighting back heavily!
News of chaos and fierce clashes continue to pour from the cities around Iran. Tehran is simply a war zone. Black clouds of smoke, burning fires, tear gas smell, flying bullets and blood everywhere, this is how comrades from inside Iran have described the situation on the Instant Messengers and Video Net Meeting. Despite the government’s massive attempt of building a National Internet Wall around the nation and filtering all opposition sites, the news still gets out! Tens of thousands of protestors continue battling the police and Basij Militia. People are fighting heavily. Police vehicles and Basij vehicles are being set on fire while police helicopters continue to circle around areas of the central Tehran where opposition forces are protesting. Riots broke on December 7, December 23 and now December 27. This war is by no means over and this revolution has just begun! The protests have now off and on been going on since the summer of 2009 when the IRI Regime shammed the sham election and stolen the people’s votes! In this photo, you can see that the people have managed to corner the police units next to the street walls and burn their bikes. At this point, people have nothing to lose and freedom and democracy to gain!

Revolution in the Revolution Avenue!
Anti Riot Police units are cornered by the people and pushed back to the walls with nowhere to go! Their motorcycles are set on fire and people are throwing rocks at them nonstop! This clash had occurred in the Revolution Avenue! After the 1979 Islamic Revolution (Reaction), IRI had renamed this Avenue to the “Revolution” Avenue and now the 2nd Revolution is happening again and right here in the Revolution Avenue! What an irony!

Heavily Armed Police and Anti Riot Police are cornered with their backs to the walls while people are releasing a shower of rocks and stones on them. Their motorcycles have burned by Cocktail Molotovs and there is no sign of seize fire by the people on December 27 in Tehran.

A Basij Militiaman (white shirt and camouflage pants) is being rescued and protected by the people and taken away from the opposition protestors who have beaten him mercilessly on December 27 in Tehran.

A Basij Militiaman (white shirt and camouflage pants) is rescued, protected and taken away by the people after being beaten by the protestors during an anti-government protest at the Revolution Avenue in Tehran on December 27. A number of people have been rescuing the security forces singled out by the protestors. These rescuers were often committing the rescues due to either compassion or the fact that they also had family members amongst the security forces, so they intended to help the security forces to get away from a certain death. These clashes had left a number of dead and a great number of injured on both sides. By the next day, thousands were arrested and incarcerated around Iran and housed in already packed prisons around the nation. Iranian prisons are presently full of political prisoners. Tens of thousands of opposition members have been arrested since the summer of 2009.

A man has been shot dead by the government’s security forces in Tehran on December 27. In many occasions where police and anti riot police have refused to open fire on the people, the infamous Basij Militia and the Foreign Legion of the IRGC (Revolutionary Guards) had opened fire on the protestors. The Foreign Legion of the IRGC (Revolutionary Guards) are mostly consisting of Arab, Pakistani, Afghani and African guards.

Body of a martyred man shot by the Islamic Security Forces is being carried away by the protestors in Tehran on December 27.

Helmet of an anti riot police on a stick top is raised by the protestors showing victory signs. This battle was won by the people.

Burn Baby Burn!
An Iranian protestor pouring gasoline on a fire to block the police invasion during an anti-government protest in Tehran on December 27th.

December of Smoke, Fire and Blood
Iranian protestors are blocking a street during an anti-government protest in Tehran.

Police, Anti Riot Police and Basij Militia on bikes have cornered two Iranian women protestors and beating them severely! A perfect portray of the nature of an Anti Women Islamic Regime!

Islamic Police are Beating Iranian Women
Iranian Anti Riot Police Officers are beating and detaining two woman protestors on the street during an anti-government protest in Tehran on December 27.

Islamic Police Kicking an Iranian Woman
An Iranian Anti Riot Police Officer is kicking a woman protestor during an anti-government protest in Tehran on December 27.
Do you see the mentality of the Anti Women Islamist Regime of Iran?

Dark smoke rising to the sky from a tear-gas canister fired by the security forces in an attempt to disperse the opposition protesters.

Opposition members push a rubbish container down the street to burn, as clashes with the police intensified.

Members of the Basij militia and Anti Riot Police on motorbikes drive towards the scene of the protest in Tehran on December 27th. Despite the harmonized and combine operations of the IRI security forces (Police, Anti Riot Police, Basij Paramilitia and IRGC Pasdaran), the protestors have managed to win many street battles, burn 3 Basij Headquarters, burn many police vehicles, kill and injure a number of security forces.

An Anti Riot Police Officer and the Tehran Police Officers are rushing the scene of the protest to suppress the people.

Protestors are beating and chasing away the police. At least nine protestors and 5 security forces have reported to be killed in Tehran so far. Of course any opposition death has been denied by the Iranian authorities!

Iranian protesters put a green scarf on the head of an anti riot policeman captured and held during a fierce clash in central Tehran on December 27, 2009. The policeman is raised like Jesus Christ, but is he really reformed and converted to opposition side? Converted or not, this is a Kodak moment and people are taking shots like there is no tomorrow!

Iranian protesters in the midst of fierce clashes in central Tehran on December 27, 2009. Police bikes are burning while police is retreating and chased by the protestors!

Iranian protestor is holding high the police batons captured after clashes with the police during an anti-government protest in Tehran.

Basij Shooting
Basij Paramilitia thugs are shooting tear gas at the protestors.

Full Scale Clash
Tehran burns in smoke, fire and blood!

Fighting Guns with Rocks!
A brave protestor armed only with stones, prepares to hold an army of the security forces so his comrades can retreat and regroup in a secure location to fight back.

A Green Scarf Protestor throws rock at the Basij Militia approaching on motorcycles.

Rocks versus Guns
How long can the opposition fight the machineguns with Rocks? Something got to give! A branch of security forces or at least a sub-branch must join the opposition.

An Iranian protester holds up his bloody hand during demonstrations against the IRI Regime and its President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on December, 27, 2009 in Tehran, Iran. Chants were heard: I shall kill the one who killed my brother!

Anti Riot Police and Basij Paramilitia are regrouping to attack protestors from another angle. At least 9 protestors died, 90 injured and over 600 arrested only in this incident in Tehran.

The Young Iranian Woman and The Old Iranian Woman
The Young and The Old go hand in hand protesting in Solidarity!
The young woman directs the old woman to the proper getaway path (on the right), away from the incoming clash (on the left) between the protestors and the police.

We Shall Overcome!
Soon or late the Islamic Regime will fall.
An Iranian protestor flashing the victory sign during an anti-government protest at the Revolution Avenue in Tehran on December 27.

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