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Part 1: Iran Nationalist Haft Sin Table

Nowruz Persian New Year Haft Sin Table
Part 1: Iran Nationalist Haft Sin Table

2014 AD = 2573 PIY (Persian Imperial Year)
Ahreeman X and IPC
March 15, 2014

Nowruz Persian New Year Haft Sin Table Index
Part 1. Iran Nationalist Haft Sin Table
Part 2. Nowruz, Mehregan and Yalda Tables

Happy Persian New Year, Happy Persian Imperial Year 2573, Nowruz-etan Piruz. Consider this two part pictorial paper on Haft Sin, as your this year’s “Persian Cultural Month” tribute and your Nowruz present.

Some background information:

Why Persian Imperial Year (PIY) Calendar?

Persian Cultural Month, an IPC Tradition

Why Change Persian Alphabet from Tazi to Latin?

Persian Latin Alphabet - IPC Standard Latin Alphabet for Persian Language

Iran or Persia? Iranian or Persian? Farsi or Persian?

In the past we have talked about “Who wants what for Nowruz?

Who wants what for Nowruz?

This year, I came up with a totally different concept for the IPC Nowruz Haft Sin Table. Please enjoy:

Why do You Celebrate Nowruz?

What is the point to celebrate Nowruz? Sometimes we forget our priorities and the reasons which we do the things that we do! Why do we celebrate Nowruz? In this day and age, after 35 plus years of Iran being under the occupation of the second Arabo-Islamic Regime (IRI), many Iranians do forget on what Nowruz really means and why are they celebrating it? Folks inside Iran celebrate it solely as a pastime fun event to take their minds off of the Islamic economic disaster and inflation. Folks outside Iran celebrate it only to convince themselves that they are still Iranians; therefore, they must keep up with their Persian heritage and traditions. Folks in general are celebrating Nowruz as a holiday and a New Year event. They celebrate it to party, to meet family and friends, to relax and unload pressure and to greet the upcoming Persian New Year.

But what does the upcoming Persian New Year means? What good is the upcoming Persian New Year, when in reality it is just another year under the occupation of Islam and Muslims crushing you under their boots? 35 plus years of Arabo-Islamic occupation, so what’s one more year?!

You must ask yourselves: Why do you celebrate Nowruz? Do you celebrate Nowruz for Nowruz’s sake? Do celebrate Nowruz just to party? What does Nowruz mean to you? What does Nowruz mean if Iran is under occupation?

What does Nowruz mean if there is No Iran but there exists IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran)? What does IRI mean? Isn’t IRI truly means that we have accepted Arabs as our superior? Doesn’t IRI really mean that we gave up and we admitted that the “Arab National Movement” (Islam) is superior to us, Arabs are our Masters and as good slaves, we are “Arab Worshipers” (Muslims)? Haven’t we accepted the “Arab National Movement” (Islam) as our national religion? Isn’t this treason to the Persian culture, philosophy and heritage?

Islam: The Arab National Movement

Islam: The Arab Imperialism

How can you be a Muslim and celebrate Nowruz? It is an oxymoron! It is ironic to be a Muslim and celebrate Nowruz! How can you be an “Arab Worshiper” (Muslim) and then celebrate the holiest of the Persian celebrations? If you are a Muslim, then the same as the Islamic Regime’s Mullahs, go worship your Arab festivals and celebrate your Arab celebrations such as Fetr, Qadir, Muhammad’s Birthday, and Khomeini’s Birthday. Go and participate in other Arab Festivities! Why do you celebrate Nowruz?

Why on earth would you celebrate Nowruz when you trash Iran and the Iranian Culture by being a Muslim and an Arab Worshiper? Nowruz stands for Iran and you don’t! Then why do you celebrate Nowruz? As a Muslim Iranian you are a joke and it is a joke to celebrate Nowruz! In reality, Nowruz means rejuvenating Iran, re-blooming Iran, re-growing Iran and reviving Iran, but by being a Muslim, you are killing Iran! It is a contradiction and irony to be a Muslim and to celebrate Nowruz! Only a confused and an illogical person can call himself a Muslim and then celebrate Nowruz! Wake up and smell the Hyacinth (Sonbol) Aroma, maybe Hyacinth will wake you up from your 1400 years Islamic Beauty Sleep!

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)

Ctesiphone in Smoke, Fire and Blood

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms, Chapter 14: Saffarid (Yaqub Leis Saffarid)

8000 Years of Iranian History!

Allow me to whack you across your head with my words. From time to time, I need to slap the Iranians right behind their neck to wake them up, so they can get with the program! Hey, fellow Iranian, why do you celebrate Nowruz? People celebrate Nowruz to rejuvenate Iran, rebirth Iran and re-grow Iran, but as a Muslim you are accessory to the crime to kill Iran! As a Muslim, you are aiding the Mullahs and Hezbollah to finish the job and put Iran in the cemetery and put the Iranian culture in the dumpster of history! What the hell are you doing? How can you love somebody and then help murdering her? How can you love Iran and then stab her in the heart by the Scimitar of Islam representing the Arab Sub Culture?

Awake, Muslim Iranians and smell the Hyacinth of Nowruz or at least smell the Roses of Reality! Wake up buddy and observe how foolish, idiotic and oxymoronic is your religious beliefs to the integrity of your motherland! Wake up buddy, you been sleep for 1400 years! Time to wake up, back to life, back to reality, sing it, back to life, back to reality …

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected

Nowruz is not to ……

Nowruz is not to jump in joy in your own political, religious or tribal cult!
Nowruz is not to cheer for how many baby daughters, Reza Pahlavi has made this year!
Nowruz is not to shake your butt, Persian dancing in house parties!
Nowruz is not wondering about which Persian concert to go this year!
Nowruz is not deciding on which Persian cabaret to attend this year!
Nowruz is not about showing off your house and Haft Sin Table to others!
Nowruz is not about flashing your wealth to your family and friends!
Nowruz is not cheap, so do not make it cheap!
Nowruz is Sacred, so keep it sacred!
Nowruz is about Iran, so be Iranian!
Nowruz is about Persianhood, so remain Persian!

Why do I Celebrate Nowruz?

I celebrate Nowruz not for party’s sake!
I celebrate Nowruz not for pastime sake!
I celebrate Nowruz not to convince myself that I am still Iranian!
I celebrate Nowruz not because it is Tradition!
I celebrate Nowruz not because generations before me, have told me so!
I celebrate Nowruz not because it is Persian New Year!
I celebrate Nowruz not for Nowruz’s sake!

I celebrate Nowruz because I love Iran.
What is Nowruz without Iran?
What does Nowruz worth, when Iran does not exist?
If Iran does not exist, then what do I want with Nowruz?
The Hell with Nowruz!
May as well dump Nowruz in garbage can, if Iran does not exist!

The Problem with Our Iranian Friends!

The problem with our Iranian friends is that they are forgetting the whole (Iran) while attending to the part (Nowruz)! Iranians are forgetting the Heart (Iran) while they are operating on the Mind (Nowruz)! Without the Heart, there will be no blood flow to operate the Mind and surely the patient will die! Iranians are so fixated on the Means (Nowruz) that they have forgotten the Ends (Iran)!

What is Nowruz without Iran? Nothing, just a shallow excuse to party!
First, free your motherland from the claws of Foreign Arab Imperialism (Islam) and Servitude of Tazi Arabs (IRI), then sing your Ey Iran, Ey Iran patriotic songs, because without the existence of a country named Iran (not IRI), your Ey Iran, Ey Iran Songs are nothing but a worthless rhyme for the drunken fools and naïve children!

I Celebrate Nowruz because …..

I celebrate Nowruz because I am a Lover of Iran.
I celebrate Nowruz to keep Iran alive.
I celebrate Nowruz to keep myself alive!
I celebrate Nowruz to teach the youth what does Nowruz really mean?!

My Haft Sin Table

My Haft Sin Table is nothing fancy, nothing glorious, nothing luxurious!
My Haft Sin Table is no extravaganza!
My Haft Sin Table is not about show off to the neighbors, family and friends!
My Haft Sin Table is not Show Time in a New Mansion!
My Haft Sin Table is neither grand and nor exotic!

I am a simple man.
My Haft Sin Table is simple.

I am a Nationalist.
My Haft Sin Table is patriotic.

A Simple Nationalist’s Haft Sin Table

My Hast Sin Table is a simple table, a Nationalist’s Haft Sin Table.
My Haft Sin Table is about Iran and nothing but Iran!
My Haft Sin Table is all about Iran!

On my Haft sin Table you will find:

Haft Sin Items

7 (Persian Holy Number) items starting with "S" in Persian:

1. Serkeh (Vinegar) = Preservation and Patience (to Preserve and to Build)
2. Somaq (Sumac) = Taste (Persian Taste)
3. Sib (Apple) = Fruit of Life
4. Sekeh (Coin) = Wealth
5. Sir (Garlic) = Health
6. Samanu (Germ of Wheat Pudding) = Spring Growth
7. Senjed (Oleaster Tree Berry) = Love

Haft Sin Table Items

Gol-e Roz-e Sorkh (Red Roses) = Martyrs of Opposition
Boshqab-e Shahyad (Shahyad Iran Plate) = Tehran
Sham’e (Candles) = Light of Aryans
Shahnameh (Epic Poetry Book of the Persian Kings) = Pure Persian Language
Ayeneh (Mirror) = Self Reflection (Are you happy with yours?)
Tokhm-e Morq (Eggs) = Fertility
Golab (Rose Water) = Aroma
Faravahar = Zoroastrianism
Noql (Sugar coated Almonds) = Sweetness of Life
Mahi (Fish) = Harbinger of Running Water
Khorma (Dates) = Energy and Power
Ajil (Mixed Nuts) = Munchies
Darius the Great = Establisher and Organizer of the Persian Empire
Jam (Achaemenian Persian Golden Rhyton) =  Drink of Life
Pahlavi Imperial Standard Seal
Reza Shah the Great = Father of the Neo Iran
Zartosht (Zarathustra) = Great Persian Philosopher
Faravahar Cup = Sign of Ahuramazda (with Samanu inside) => Ahuraic Rejuvenation Season of spring
Shahyad Cup = Sign of Tehran (with Senjed inside) => Tehran, City of Love
Neo Lion and Sun Cup = Sign of Modern Iran
Traditional Lion and Sun Cup = Sign of Colonial Persian Empire

For more information on Nowruz and other Persian Festivals, read:

Iran Culture and Language Index

On My Haft Sin ……

On my Haft Sin,

There are red roses, so I will never forget every single comrade murdered by IRI, each red rose dedicated to Hoveyda, Bakhtiar, Aryamanesh, Shafiq, Elahi, Farrokhzad, hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of comrades murdered by the Mullahs and Hezbollah.

There is a Shahyad Plate to remind me of Tehran which I have been exiled from, now 35 plus years!

There is a mirror to see my reflection and to make sure that I still like what I see! A mirror to make sure I am still human and I have not turned to a monster (same as my Muslim opponents)! After all, “If you stare long enough in to the abyss, then the abyss will stare back at you”!

The Mirror – Dark Persian Poetry

There are two red candles for the Revolutionary Iran and two white candles for the Peaceful Iran of after the revolution!

There are two fish, harbingers of the running water and freedom; one is scaled as the Persian banner, green, white and red!

There is Shahnameh, the Epic Poetry Book of the Persian Kings by Ferdowsi, the reviver of the Persian Language whom we now follow to purify the existing Persian language!

There is a photo of Zarathustra Spitmata, our dearly beloved Persian Philosopher, a simple poet who found the philosophy (not Religion) of Zoroastrianism, a simple man who always referred to himself as a simple poet and not a prophet of God!

Zoroastra and Zoroastrianism, the Real Story!

There is a Faravahar, the sign of Ahuramazda!

Faravahar History and Art Galleries

There is Sumac, the Persian spice of taste!

There is Noql, to sweeten the Persian taste buds!

There is apple, the fruit of life!
There are four Persian cups,
Faravahar Cup as the Sign of Ahuramazda (with Samanu inside)
Shahyad Cup as the Sign of Tehran (with Senjed inside)
Neo Lion and Sun Cup as the Sign of Modern Iran
Traditional Lion and Sun Cup as the Sign of the Colonial Persian Empire, memory of Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar, the last Persian Emperor; Nader Shah Afshar, the great colonial Persian Emperor and the others ….

First and Last Persian Emperors

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms, Chapter 20: Qajar (Aqa Mohammad Shah)

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms, Chapter 18: Afsharid (Nader Shah)

There are dates to gain power and energy, Ajil (mixed nuts) to munch on, Garlic for health, and colored eggs for fertility but my eggs are chocolate!

There is vinegar (in the Aladdin Antique Lamp) representing preservation and patience; and rose water (in the orangish red glass bottle) representing the aroma of life, the sweet scent of life …

There are coins representing wealth cause without it, you’ll be miserably poor!
My coins cherish the memory of the Imperial Iran:
Shahanshah and Shahbanu Memorabilia Coin
Asian Olympics 2 Tooman Coin
Imperial 1 Tooman Coins
Imperial 1 Rial Coins
Ooh so shiny!

There is a Jam (Rhyton), an Achaemenian Persian Golden Rhyton replica representing the drink of Life!

There is a miniature statue of Darius the Great who established and organized the Persian Empire.

The Darius Inscription

There is a standard seal of the Pahlavi Dynasty not because I am a monarchist but due to respect for the Father of Nation, Reza Khan whom without him, today’s modern Iran would have not existed.

History of Iranian Flags, Chapter 5: Iran’s Pahlavi Imperial Courthouse Flags

Last but not least,

There is a simple framed photo of Reza Khan, Father of Nation. A simple man in a simple frame who revived Iran, a man hesitant to become Reza Shah the Great, yet wanted to become the first President of Iran to establish a long line of presidents. Reza was Iran and Iran was Reza.

How can you have a Haft Sin without a picture of a loved one, and what better loved one than Father of the Nation, Reza Khan?!

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story

Lion and Sun Iran Flag

Nationalists often put a Persian flag on the Haft Sin Table but this year, I became creative and skipped the flag, yet I used a life-size Lion and Sun Iran Flag as the table cloth for the Haft Sin Table! I wanted the Lion and Sun to be right smacked in the center of the Haft Sin! Now is that awesome or is it awesome?!

Iran's Flag: Save Persian Lion from becoming a Gay Pussycat!

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags, Chapter 1: Iran’s Pre Islamic Historical Flags and Emblems

Lion and Sun Iran Flag:

Lion and Sun, not because I am a monarchist, but because I am a true Iranian! Lion and Sun is not the sign of monarchy but it is the sign of Iran going back thousands of years.

Lion = Persian Lion
Sword = Persian Curved Sword
Sun = Mitra, the Ancient Persian Sun Goddess
Persian Tricolor = Green, White and Red

Persian Mythology (Mitra, the Sun Goddess)

And that is the Haft Sin of a Simple Nationalist.
This year I personally designed and set the IPC Haft Sin.

As a lover of Iran, I love all of you lovers of Iran, fiends of Iran and true Persians. We at IPC wish you a fruitful and enlightening Persian New Year. May this year, be a great year for all of you.

To all Iranian student movement, democratic movement and opposition members,
To all IPC readers, members, friends, comrades and fans,
To all Lovers of Iran,

On behalf of all of us at IPC,

Nowruz-etan Piruz
Happy Persian New Year

Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X

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