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Chapter 7: History of Iranian Military Uniforms
Achaemenian Uniforms 6


Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms
Book in 23 Chapters
Chapter 7. Achaemenian 6
Ahreeman X

February 23, 2012

Achaemenian Persian Winged Bull

Achaemenid Dynasty (559 BC - 330 BC)

Persian Heavy Armored Amrtaka (Immortal) Spearman
Carries Spear, Shield, Akinaka, Axe and Bow and Arrow Pack Bag

Achaemenian Persian Heavy Armored Immortal Soldier

Persian Heavy Infantry Immortal
Carries Spear, Shield, Akinaka and Bow and Arrows Pack Bag

Achaemenian Persian Immortal

Ancient Persian Immortal Soldiers
L – R: Spearman Archer and High Speed Archer

Ancient Achaemenian Persian Immortal Guards

Achaemenian Persian Amrtaka Thanvabara (Immortal Archers)

Achaemenian Persian Heavy Amrtaka Thanvabara (Immortal Archers) Infantry Regiment

Achaemenian Persian Immortal Heavy Cavalry Axe-man

Ancient Persian Immortal Asabari (Cavalry) Spearman

Achaemenian Cappadocian Cavalry Royal Guards

Achaemenian Persian Axe-man Infantry Soldier

Persian Medium Armored Spearman Soldier

Achaemenian Persian Warrior with Akinaka (Short Sword) and Persian Long Sword

Ancient Achaemenian Persian Warrior

Achaemenian Persian Warrior Soldier

Achaemenian Persian Sparabara Shield Bearers

Achaemenian Persian Thanvabara Archers

Achaemenian Persian Heavy Asabari (Cavalry) 4 BC

Achaemenian Persian Heavy Mounted Javelin-men

Persian Immortal battles Greek Hoplite
Immortal stands over the Hoplite

Achaemenian Persian Regiment in Battle
L – R and Front to Back:
Front Row: Sparabara (Long Shield Bearers Frontline Infantry)
Secondary Row: Takabara (Short Wicker Half Moon Shield Bearers Secondary Infantry)
Third Row: Thanvabara (Archers)
Last Row: Standard Bearer and Satabam (Captain)
Golden Eagle Standard Banner of Cyrus is flying high in the wind

Ancient Achaemenian Persian Regiment in Battle
Satabam and Standard Bearer are leading the Regiment
Sparabara are making a solid line of safety to block the secondary
Thanvabara covered behind Sparabara are shooting high speedy arrows in to sky towards the enemy

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