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Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi Photo Album
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Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi (1919 - 1980) was born in Tehran, Iran and passed away in exile at Cairo, Egypt, due to cancer. Mohamad Reza took over after the Allies had exiled his father, Reza Shah The Great (1941). He was the second and last Shah of the Pahlavi Dynasty. He ruled for 37 years (1941 - 1979). He was forced out of Iran by Mohamad Mosadeq, the Prime Minister and Head of Jebhe Meli Iran (Iran National Front) for 2 days, yet returned via a Coup de Tat planed by CIA and executed by General Fazlollah Zahedi (1953). Shah had done many goods for Iran including but not limited to the White Revolution of Shah and People (1963). He had done many reforms, yet all of these reforms, were not implemented in full gear and they had left incomplete and somewhat ineffective. Overall, Shah had accomplished many industrializations, constructions and progressive changes and achievements for Iran; however, he had also done many mistakes including but not limited to abolishing the democratic process, banning all political parties, jailing and betraying many of his comrades, lack of secularism, and indeed his greatest mistake of escaping Iran in two separate occasions (1953 and 1979) in times of need, rather than standing his own grounds and fighting for Iran! At last, his many mistakes and lack of democracy, led to the Islamic Revolution and the creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran by Ayatollah Khomeini. Mohamad Reza Pahlavi's historical legacy will always be tainted as The Last Shah of Iran who handed Iran to Islam. The second Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation of Iran aka Islamic Republic of Iran had occurred and was created on his watch! Right or wrong, good or bad, achievements and mistakes, still, he was the final shah of Iran (1979) and we must respect him for that. By the end of Mohamad Reza Pahlavi's reign, monarchy had ended in Iran. This is the most complete photo album of Mohamad Reza Pahlavi on the Internet. This album is a tribute to the last Shah of Iran, Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi.

- Mohamad Reza Pahlavi Iran State Standard 1964 - 1979.jpg

- Mohamad Reza Pahlavi Iran Imperial Court Standard.JPG

Shah portrait.jpg

Mohamad Reza Pahlavi.JPG

- Moahamd Reza Pahlavi Era Currency 10000 Rials 1974.jpg

- Shah 6 Rial Oil Industry Stamp.jpeg

Shah trips in plane.jpg

Shah & Farah.jpg

Shah in cape.JPG

Shah with Nixon.JPG

Military Hand Kissing of Shah of Iran.jpg

Shah & Reza Pahlavi II.JPG

Shah & Female Airforce Graduate.JPG

Shah at funeral.jpg

Shah with diplomats.jpg

Land Reforms & Shah.jpg

Shah 1951.jpg

Shah during severe foot kissing!.jpg

Valery Giscard d'Estaing & Shah of Iran.JPG

Shah & Queen Elizabeth in carriage.jpg

Shah 1975.jpg

Shah smile.JPG

Shah yet caught in another severe foot kissing!.JPG

Shah with faraway look.JPG

Shah's smile.jpg

The Shah.jpg

Shah, Farah & Nixons.jpg

Shah on Battle Ship.JPG

Shah of Iran poses.jpg

Shah & Farah in America.jpg

Shah Agricultural Reforms 1.jpg

Shah, Alam, Arsanjani.jpg

Shah with Scouts.JPG

Shah of Iran 1955.jpg

Shah in America.jpg

Shah & family vacationing in Caspian Sea 1970s.jpeg

Shah & Generals.jpeg

Shah Salute.jpg

Shah & Hoveyda's cabinet.jpg

Shah & Carter 1977.jpg

Shah & Farah with Gerald & Betty Ford 1975.jpg

Shah on Paper 2.jpg

Shah looks 2.jpg

Shah goodbye to America 1977.jpg

More Shah hand kissing from military.jpg

shah on horse.jpg

Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran.jpg

Near Hand Kissing of Shah.jpg

Shah & Fighter Plane.jpg

Classic Shah.jpg

Shah & son.JPG

Shah & US General.JPG

Shah & American Navy.JPG

Farah, Shah & Queen Mother.jpg

Shah with Kennedy sitting.JPG

Shah & US General 2.JPG

Shah, Zahedi & Hoveyda.JPG

Shah Tomb, Egypt.JPG

Young Shah.JPG

Shah visits.jpg

Shah in Rome.jpeg

Jimmy Carter and Shah 1977.jpg

Shah & Farah waiting for parade 1971 Tehran.jpg

Shah of Shahs.jpg

Shah & Saddam in Algeria.jpg

Shahanshah Aryamehr.jpg

Ford & Shah 1975 visit.jpg

Zahedi, Shah & Ford.JPG


Shah & Navy Troops.JPG

Shah in uniform.jpg

Shah and child.JPG

Shah cover of Time Magazine.jpg

Shah & Nixon.jpg

Shah & Farmers.jpg

Shah & Anwar Sadat.jpg


Shah smiles away.JPG

Portrait of Shah.JPG

Shah meets various foreign dignitaries.JPG

Shah visits Eisenhower & US.JPG

Shah in an official visit.jpg

Shah walk.jpg

Shah & Soraya in Miami.jpg

Shah & Family.JPG

Shah & Malek of Egypt.jpg

A Portrait of Shah.jpg

Shah, Farah visiting.JPG

Military Inspection.jpg

Shah & Generals.jpg

Military Inspection 2.jpg

Shah in navy uniform.JPG

Shah & Tribals.jpg

Shah at platform.jpg

Young Shah salutes in Egypt.jpg

Shah granting awards.jpg

Shah, Farah at formal reception.JPG

Shah inspects US Navy.jpg

Shah salutes to the Flag.JPG

Military hand kissing of Shah.JPG

Shah visit.jpg

Shah with Pope.JPG

Shah & Nixon walking.JPG

Generals are Hand Kissing Shah.JPG

Shah looks.jpg

Jacqueline Kennedy, Shah, Farah, John F Kennedy.JPG

Alahazrat look.JPG

Shah & Soraya in classroom 1950.jpg

Tehran 1977.jpg

Shah at factory.JPG

Woman seeks to talk to Shah.JPG

Shah, Alam and brother.jpg

Shah meeting.jpg

Shah of Iran salutes.jpg

Farah, Shah formal reception.jpg

Shah & Lyndon B Johnson.JPG

Shah & Richard Nixon.jpg

Shah & Colonel Vojdani.jpg

Shah & General Zahedi.jpg

Alahazrat at study.jpg

Alahazrat at diplomatic visit.jpg

Shah & Farah official visit.jpg

Shah reviews papers.JPG

Shah in plane 2.jpg

Shah in plane 3.jpg

Shah visits Churchill.jpg

Eisenhower and the Shah 1959.jpg

28 Mordad Coup de Tat.jpg

Shah's Inspection.JPG

Land Reforms, White Revolution of Shah & People.JPG

Shah & Nixon chatting.JPG

Harry S Truman & Shah.jpg

Alam, Shah & Farah.jpg

Land Reforms.JPG

Land Reforms 2.jpg

Hand Kissing at Land Reforms.jpg

Shah & Stalin.jpg

Shah, Zahedi meeting.jpg

The Alahazrat Look.JPG

Shah & Carters.jpg

Foot Kissing of Shah.JPG

Shah's youth.JPG

Shah riding horse.JPG

Shah & Plane.JPG

Shah & Ski.JPG

Shah at work.JPG

Shah inspects troops.jpg

Shah visits farmers.jpg

Shah navy visit.JPG

Shah & Kennedy.jpg

Teen Shah of Iran.JPG

Shah signs book.JPG

Shah handkissing.jpg

Shah Speech.jpg

Shah salutes.JPG

Formal Shah.JPG

Shah's childhood.jpg

Shah & Carter toast.JPG

Shah & Harry Truman.JPG

Shah & Dwight Eisenhower.jpg

Rastakhiz Party Official Meeting.JPG

Shah's Navy.jpg

Shah Collage.JPG

Shah with Winston Churchill.jpeg

Shah navy party.JPG

Shah & War plans.JPG

Shah of Iran looks.JPG

Shah in long overcoat.JPG

Young Shah & Foreign Dignitaries.jpg

- Shah 5 Dinar Stamp.jpeg

Shah with Nixon.jpeg

Shah Official Visit.jpg

Shah at Land Reforms.jpg

Shah at military graduation.jpg

Shah with Kennedy.jpg

Shah & Zahedi in plane.jpg

Shah of Iran pose.jpg

Crown Prince Mohamad Reza Pahlavi.jpg

Shah on Paper.jpg

US - Iran Meeting.jpg

The Shah look.jpg

Shah Carriage.jpg

Shah waves.jpg

The formal Shah of Iran.jpg

Shah at Caspian Sea.jpeg

One of Shah's dobermans.JPG

Shah having tea.jpg

Shah & African Dignitary.jpg

Gerald Ford & Shah 1975.jpg

Shah official visits.JPG

Eisenhower & Shah of Iran.jpg

- Shah 5 Rial Stamp.jpeg

Eisenhower & Shah.jpg

Shah in Fighter.jpg

Shah in Hamedan.jpg

Formal visit.JPG

Shah in thoughts.jpg

Shah of Iran Portrait.jpeg

Truman & Shah.jpg

Shah in Russia.jpg

Shah visits Sports Club in Tehran.jpg

Shah visits Flood areas of Yazd.jpg

Shah inspects Airforce perseonnel.jpg

Shah & General Zahedi talking.jpg

Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi in Honolulu with movie star Ann Sheridan & his cousins Dot and Joe 1958.jpeg

Press conference after 2500 Years Celebrations in Persepolis, Yazdanpanah is standing behind Shah.jpg

Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi in Germany's Baden Baden Casino, 1967.jpg

Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi arriving in London for a State Visit met at Victoria station by Princess Margaret 1959.jpg

Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi in hospital recovering from an assassination attempt by a Tudeh Communist Party member 1945.jpeg

Mohamad Reza Shah meets Marshal Bulganin at a Kremilin conference 1956.jpeg

Shah & US generals in Iranian desert.jpg

Mohamad Reza Shah playing tennis 1962.jpg

Mohamad Reza Shah visits earthquake of Boein-Zahra 1962.jpeg

Mohamad Reza Shah, Mohamad Eqbal, Abolfath Mahvi.jpg

Shah in plane.jpg

Asadollah Alam at back, Shah sitting.JPG

Nixon & Shah 1954.jpg

Nixon, Shah , Soraya 1954.jpg

Fereydoun Hoveyda & Shah at Noshahr.jpg

Shah with Malek of Egypt.jpg

Shah speaks, Kennedys listen.jpg

General Badrei shakes Carter's hand, Shah watches.jpg

Shah & Soraya in Bonn, Germany 1955.jpg

Very young Shah of Iran.jpg

Shah & Land Reforms of Iran.jpg

Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran.jpeg

Carter's Island of Stability Speech.jpg

Shah & Educational Revolution.jpg

Mohamad Reza Shah of Iran.jpg

Young Shah visits Egypt.jpg

Young Shah of Iran.jpg

Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran.jpg

Shah & General Nader Jahanbani.jpg

Farah, Shah with Carters at US.jpg

Rishard & Patricia Nixon, Peter Falk & Shah 1973.jpg

Shah in plane 4.jpg

Shah in plane 5.jpg

Shah in plane 6.jpg

Shah in plane 7.jpg

Young Portrait of Shah.jpg

Shah & Farvahar.JPG

Return after the Coup of 1953.jpg

Rosalynn & Jimmy Carter, Shah & Farah.jpg

Shah in USA.JPG

Shah with Harry Truman.JPG

Shah reads.jpg

Madam de Gaulle, Shah, General de Gaulle & Farah at formal visit.JPG

Shah and Generals Khatami & Rohani.jpg

Shah & Soraya in Switzerland.jpg

Shah Chahar Shanbeh Suri.jpg

Shah, Farah & Kennedy's 1962.jpg

Shah & Soraya horse riding.JPG

Shah & People at an event.jpg

Shah in formal uniform.JPG

Shah standing.jpg

Shah looks down.JPG

Shah & Ashraf Pahlavi.JPG

Hoveyda, Shah & Farah.jpg

Shah Assiting Queen Elizabeth 1959 England Visit.jpg

Kissinger, Shah & Zahedi.jpg

Shah of Iran smiles on people.jpg

Mosadeq hand kissing Shah.JPG

Shah & Darbar Logo.jpg

Return of Shah from Rome, after Coup of 1953.JPG

Shah in Turkey.jpg

Shah with Fighter Plane.jpg

Shah & Malek Hussein with gun.JPG

Shah in cadet school.jpg

Shah with the Mayor of Brussels 1960.jpg

Shah & Harry S Truman at airport.jpg

Young Shah & Lions.jpg

The Shah and Ardeshir Zahedi during state visit to Germany on the River Rhine, city of Cologne,1970's..jpeg

Shah visits school of Orfanage.JPG

Shah & Industrial Revolution.jpg

Shah, Richard Nixon, Patricia Nixon.jpg

Shah with Turkish head of state.JPG

Late Shah of Iran.jpg

Shah visiting.jpg

Shah with General Zahedi the Coup Maker.jpg

Foot Kissing of Shah of Iran.jpg

Joseph Stalin, Shah of Iran & Vyacheslav Molotov.jpg

Shah granting Land deeds to Varamin Farmers.jpg

- Shah 2 Rial 1963 White Revolution Stamp.jpeg

Shah at Tehran Conference with Roosevelt.jpg

Shah at an event.jpg

Zahedi, Hoveyda, Shah & Farah.jpg

Shah at Hoveyda's graduation from military academy.JPG

Shah, surrounded by three borthers, opens new session of parliament in 1961.jpeg

The Shah of Iran greets President Eisenhower 1959.jpg

Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter, Shah and Farah 1977.jpg

Shah with people.JPG

Harry Truman, Shah visit.jpg

President Eisenhower and the Shah 1954.jpg

The White Revolution of the Shah & People.jpg

Ardeshir Zahedi, Shah at diplomatic meeting.jpg

Bess & Harry Truman with Shah.jpg

Carter, Malek Hussein, Shah & Farah 1977.jpg

The young Shah of Iran.jpg

Shah in ceremony with Miller.jpg

Shah granting medal of honor to Ms. Miller.jpg

Zoka'-ol-Molk, prime minister & Shah 2.jpg

Zoka'-ol-Molk, prime minister & Shah.jpg

Shah granting land deeds, White Revolution of Shah & People.jpg

The Shah of Iran Poses 1.jpg

Shah & General Zahedi the executioner of the 1953 Coup.jpg

Shah & statue of Reza Shah The Great.jpg

General Fazlollah Zahedi, Shah.jpg

Shah, John F. Kennedy.JPG

Formal Inspection.jpg

Shah & General Eisenhower in Tehran 1959.jpg

Crown Prince Mohamad Reza Pahlavi 1931.jpg

Jimmy Carter and Shah.JPG

Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia & Shah.JPG

Shah & Officer, Hoveyda at background.jpg

Shah in US.JPG

Shah with French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing.JPG

Shah, Hoveyda visiting.jpg

Shah & US Admiral.jpg

Shah puts on life saver jacket for helicopter trip in US.jpg

Shah & Soraya.jpg

Shah the Caballero Gaucho inspecting irrigation system near Phoenix, Arizona, US.jpg

Asadollah Alam, Henry Kissinger, Ardeshir Zahedi (back), Shah & Richard Nixon (front).jpg

Shah granting land deeds to farmers at Land Reforms, White Revolution of Shah & People.jpg

Shah at formal reception.JPG

Shah receives Pilot Diploma.JPG

Shah US visit.JPG

Shah, Farah, Hoveyda at formal visit.jpg

Shah inspects Commando Units at Bushehr.JPG

Shah at classroom, educational revolution.JPG

Shah, Zahedi with foreign dignitaries.jpg

Shah at palace.jpg

Shah granting grants and loans to farmers, Agricultural Reforms.jpg

Shah the young pilot.jpg

Shah & Soraya visiting a villiage house 1950s.jpg

Shah inspects troops on victory anniversary of army over Azeri separatists Dec 12, 1977.jpg

Shah & Photo of Soraya.JPG

Shah granting loans and grants.jpg

Shah inspects.JPG

Eleanor Roosevelt and Shah of Iran in Teheran 1959.jpg

Young Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi.JPG

Shah, General Zahedi at 28 Mordad Coup.jpg

Shah inspection.jpg

Shah, Jimmy, Farah, Rosalynn at 1977 USA.jpg

Shah & People.jpg

Shah & Siblings.jpg

Shah of Iran, early days.JPG

Young Mohamad Reza Pahlavi.JPG

Shah's Swiss College Team 1935.JPG

Shah the ladies man.JPG

Shah & Land Reforms.jpg

Hand Kissing Shah of Iran.JPG

First group of Navy students sent to England, visit Shah at palace.JPG

Shah participates in mediterranean naval maneuver.JPG

General Khatami & Shah.jpeg

Shah formal visit.jpg

Shah & Winston Churchill.JPG

Child Shah of Iran.JPG

Shah Childhood.JPG

Shah lights candle.JPG

Shah & Queen Elizabeth.JPG

Shah & Soraya observe parade.JPG

Shah & Dog.JPG

Shah, ladies & officers.JPG

Shah & Anwar Sadat official visit.JPG

Shah & valery Giscard d'estaing.JPG

Shah & General Zahedi at 28 Mordad Coup of 1953.JPG

Shah & Dwight Eisenhower 2.jpg

Shah & Dwight Eisenhower in US.jpg

Shah examines gun.JPG

Shah cries due to police tear gas against the Iranian demonstrators in DC.JPG

Shah cries due to police tear gas against the Iranian demonstrators in DC during US visit.JPG

Shah at Land Reforms Ceremonies.JPG

Shah Coronation.JPG

Shah signs.JPG

Shah in youth.JPG

Shah military visit.jpg

Shah in a theatrical occasion.JPG

Shah grants medallions.jpg

Shah respects the national anthem.jpg

Farah, Queen Elizabeth, Shah & Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh.JPG

Shah with Amir Abbas Hoveyda's Cabinet.JPG

Shah of Iran look.jpeg

Ardeshir Zahedi with Shah and Shahbanu at Marble Palace in Tehran.jpeg

Chinese state visit at Tehran 1978.jpg

Eisenhower greets the Shah of Iran & Empress Soraya 1954.jpg

Shah occasion.jpg

Heydar Ghiai with Shah.jpeg

Jackie & John F Kennedy with Shah & Farah.jpg

Shah & General de Gaulle at Elysee Palace France.jpg

Indira Gandhi, Shah & Farah in India.jpg

A Shah of Iran look.JPG

Shah with Iran's Ambassador to UK before his departure for London, Mehrabad Airport, Tehran 1976.jpg

Shah & Soraya visiting General Zahedi at Villa Les Roses near Montreux.jpg

Shah of Iran with Truman.jpg

Mohamad Reza Pahlavi & Empress Farah leave restaurant 1974 France.jpg

Shah drives.jpg

Mohamad Reza Shah in Cairo, Egypt 1939.jpeg

Shah, Amir Sabah of Kuwait, Malek Faisal of Saudi & Malek Hussein of Jordan.jpg

Shah & valery Giscard d'estaing president of France at dinner.JPG

Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi pose 1950s.jpeg

Marshal Tito & Shah of Iran.jpg

Shah, kennedy, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, Johnson1962.jpg

Shah, Queen Louise, King of Sweden, Princess Birgitta, Prince Bertil, Prince Wilhelm & Princess Margaretha. Stockholm, Sweden 1960..jpg

Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi at Washington's Logan Airport before meeting President Eisenhower 1958.jpeg

Carter's Famous Iran, the Island of Stability Speach, right before Revolution!.jpg

Qazi Mohamad and Sadraq Qazi Kurdish Separatists, hung after this event with Shah of Iran.jpg
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