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Helped the Rise of IRI to Power

Yasser Arafat and Palestinians Helped the Rise of IRI to Power
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: August 31, 2011
2nd Edition: May 19, 2019

Yasser Arafat and Palestinians helped the rise of IRI to power.
In returns, IRI has been supporting Palestinians with attaches, guns and funds since 1979.
IRI and Palestinians have unbreakable ties. Islamist Brothers in Arms!

Never Forget and Never Forgive
Every Time You Feel Sorry for the Palestinians
Every Time you Feel Sorry for the Jebhe Meli Members in Evin Prison
Read this Article and Look at the Photo Gallery
These are the People who Brought IRI to Power
Yasser Arafat, Palestinians, Jebhe Meli, Democrats and
Jimmy Carter, the Oldest US President who is Rotting but Not Dying!
For Arafat and Palestinian Services to IRI
Until this day, IRI Supports, Funds and Trains
Al Fatah, Hamas, Al Jihad and Palestinians
Mullahs starve Iranians but Send the Money to Palestinians!
Until this day, Palestinians & Other Arabs are a Solid Base of IRGC
Never Shed a Tear but Keep the Hate Alive
This Constructive Hatred Will Aid You to Revolt and Revive Iran
Never Forget and Never Forgive

What Would You Donate to Jimmy Carter?

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

The Reaction: Islamic Revolution Lampoon - An-Qolab! (Satirical Poetry Hajv)

For Imam, with Love! - Baraye Emam, ba Eshq! (Satirical Poetry Hajv)

Yasser Arafat is the father of Palestinian Nation. Imam Ruhollah Khomeini is the father of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran), designer of the Neo Islamic Fundamentalism and the spiritual inspiration to the global Shiites. Yasser Arafat, PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), Al Fatah (Military Wing of PLO) and Palestinians were one of the important factors towards the rise of IRI to power.

Yasser Arafat was nothing but a great showman with a great Victory Gesture gimmick.
Arafat was a corrupt opportunist who gathered wealth any which way he could.

Yasser Arafat had despised Shah of Iran and the Imperial Iran. Shah used to always refer to him as a Terrorist (which indeed was true). Before 1978, Arafat and Palestinian Guerrillas used to train the Iranian Mojahedin (today’s PMOI), Fadaian Islam and other Islamist Guerrillas in Palestine. In the 1970s, MKO (Mojahedin Khalq Iran) or today’s PMOI had close ties with the PLO. Once these Iranian guerrillas were well trained, on 1978 they were exported to Iran to fight the Imperial Armed Forces and the Anti Islamist Forces.

L- R: Imam Khomeini, Yasser Arafat, Seyed Hassan (Khomeini’s Son) and Ayatollah Khalkhali (Khomeini’s henchman) at Paris 2 days after Shah had left Iran on 1979.

Yasser Arafat had also ordered PLO and Al Fatah to send guerrillas to Iran, fighting the Imperial Regime. During the bloody days of 1977 and 1978, Palestinian Guerrillas had an active presence in Tehran and other major cities of Iran. They were requested to be there by Imam Khomeini and the direct order of Yasser Arafat. In many occasions, Iranian Revolutionaries refused to open fire on the Iranian soldiers and Anti Islamist Nationalists; however, Palestinian Guerrillas did not think twice to shoot every Iranian which stood on the way of Khomeini’s Islamic Revolution! Palestinian Guerrillas were extremely brutal, fierce and well trained to massacre Iranian Nationalists, Imperial Soldiers and specifically the Immortals (Gard-e Javidan). Immortals were the elite units of the Imperial forces.

Fathon Qarib!
Nasr-o Men Allah-a va Fathon Qarib … (1979 IRI Arabo-Islamic Slogan)
“The Amazing Victory” was what Yasser Arafat had called the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
Arafat and his spiritual leader Khomeini are hand in hand celebrating the departure of Shah.

I specifically recall that our main estate was located directly across the Military Academy in Sepah Avenue. Our estate was practically a full street block and it was strategically important. To the left of our house was the Senate Building, on the back of it was the Prime Minister’s Palace, further to the left backside of it was one of Shah’s palaces and directly in front of it across the street was the 2nd gate of the Military Academy.

Another recorded (see the tape recorder) Arafat - Khomeini session holding hands and more …

During the revolution, Immortals were defending the Military Academy. Islamists including Mojahedin, Fadaian, Palestinians and other Islamist Revolutionary Guerrillas plotted a plan to go on the roof tops of the buildings across the 2nd gate of the Military Academy to logistically gain the best location to shoot and slaughter the Immortals from these locations. Please comprehend that the rooftops in Iran are flat and are used for activities, parties and sleeping during the hot summer nights.

Famous Islamic French Kiss!
Yasser Arafat and Imam Khomeini’s famous hug and kiss after Arafat’s famous victory dance at Khomeini’s celebration banquet for the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Every other neighbor except us had allowed the Islamists to gain access to their roof tops. Our house was specifically important because it had 2 floors and on top of the second floor roof top (Teras) where we held banquets was the perfect location to locate snipers to shoot the Immortals across the street.

Yasser Arafat whispers sweet nothings in the ears of Imam Khomeini.
Arafat: Ya Imam, I’ll do anything for you; just send a river of dollars my way to Qods!

My mother’s brave refusal to allow Islamists access to our roof top was a major factor which the battle for the Military Academy had prolonged and the lives of many Immortals had been saved. Later on, after the battle was lost, my mother allowed a great number of Immortals to refuge to our house. My mother did hide the Immortal Guards and Officers in various locations of our estate and then assigned various numbers of our employees (butler, chef, cook, chauffer, servants) to lead the Immortals to various other safe houses (our family and friends) in the dark of the night. She managed to successfully hide and escape the Immortals from the immediate danger.

Arafat on Khomeini’s feather bed mattress, holding hands after having tea.
Who knows, maybe same as Khamenei, Arafat was also Khomeini’s boy toy!

My mother saved the lives of many Immortals and they were always in debt to her. My mother became a local heroine after his incident; however, she always claimed that she was only doing her national duty.

Yet another intimate moment of eroto-spiritual  climax between the guru Khomeini and the disciple Arafat. In this session Arafat is locking hands with Imam like there is no tomorrow and this may be his last chance at holding hands! In fact in this session Arafat was very close to giving a Halaal Islamic blow job to Imam!

Yasser Arafat and PLO were an important factor to the rise of IRI. Arafat worked hand in hand with Khomeini to gain power and establish his Islamic Republic. After the victory of Islamists, there held a massive party in Tehran and Arafat is well known for his famous victory dance, hugging and passionately kissing Imam Khomeini at the victory party. Imam Khomeini referred to him as an Islamic Hero and Arafat referred to Khomeini as the Spiritual Leader to Muslims all around the globe. The funny thing is that all of this love affair between Khomeini and Arafat had faded away during the Iran - Iraq War! Once the integrity of the Arab lands was in stake, Arafat went to Baghdad and did the same hugs and kisses and victory gesture routine in Baghdad with Saddam Hussein! In fact, Yasser Arafat was nothing but a great opportunist, showman and a con artist.

Jebhe Melli Group Erection
L-R: Abbas Amir Entezam, Seyed Mehdi Bazargan and Dariush Forouhar are climatically reaching orgasm due to severe joys of gaining power and control in Iran. Jebhe Melli (Iran National Front) had successfully created the first cabinet for IRI, kissed Imam’s hand and betrayed Iran. Islamist thugs were slaughtering people in the streets like lambs and these Jebhei bastards (Bazargan’s Administration) were ejaculating in joys! Down the road, “Revolution ate his children” and their Imam had paid back to them what they have deserved. Bazargan got fired, Amir Entezam jailed and Forouhar murdered. Have you heard of Karma? What goes around, comes around!

After the establishment of the IRI, by the order of Khomeini, Arafat received yearly funds from IRI for helping the IRI victory. Palestinians have had this fund shipped to them since and they have an annual budget from Iran Since this victory.

Jebhe Melli with Yasser Arafat
L-R: Dariush Forouhar, Karim Sanjabi and Seyed Mehdi Bazargan are having an Islamic Orgy with Yasser Arafat! Bazargan’s cabinet are jumping in joy and French Kissing the Arab Mercenary responsible for the murder of thousands of Iranians.

Yasser Arafat is the father of the Palestinian nation. Arafat, PLO (founded on 1964) and Al Fatah (Military Wing of PLO founded on 1959) have helped IRI to come to power. Once IRI established herself as a regional power, Tehran planned to help create various Islamist Terrorist Groups around the Middle East. Amongst them were Hezbollah of Lebanon, Hamas of Palestine, Afghan Shiites, Tajik Fundamentalists, Bosnian Islamists and many others.

IRI Cabinet with Yasser Arafat
Our Rendezvous in Tehran!
Look at Bazargan’s face having an orgasmic smile and an eroto-spiritual moment due to Arafat’s visit to his cabinet in Tehran!

Later on, Hezbollah of Iran was created as a solid para-militia wing in support of the IRI Regime. Iranian Hezbollah (Ansar Hezbollah) had played the role of the Storm Troopers (Nazi Germany) to suppress all domestic opposition. Later on IRI created Hezbollah of Lebanon (on 1982) and participated in creation of the Palestinian Hamas (in 1987). This is how IRI had eventually established her satellite terrorist groups around the region and established herself as a regional super power.

Group Interview
Islamic Baboons in the Mist!
L-R: 3 in the center sitting: Ayatollah Montazeri, Yasser Arafat and Ayatollah Rafsanjani (then a Hojatol Eslam) are amongst a group interview in Tehran.

Many Iranians do live in poverty; however, IRI has her annual budget for Palestinians, Lebanese and other Arab and Non-Arab organizations and terrorist groups around the region.

Proud to take picture with Arafat!
L-R: Ebrahim Yazdi IRI Cabinet minister (then) and IRI Reformist Opposition (now), Yasser Arafat and Seyed Hassan Khomeini (Ayatollah Khomeini’s son) are having an eroto-spiritual Islamic moment of victory. Ebrahim Yazdi is one of the greatest opportunists of all times. His political career was based on running in the direction of every which way the wind had blown, until the wind had blown the Reformists (his IRI Fraction) out and away from the power!

Arafat was a wealthy man at the cost of the Palestinian people’s poverty. In addition to his annual salary from Tehran, he also received yearly funds from USA to keep the peace with Israel. Arafat had also received various amounts of annual funds from Saudis, other Arab Nations, Arab Charities and UN Aids Organizations.

Yasser Arafat and Ayatollah Taleghani
L-R: Seyed Hassan Khomeini, Yasser Arafat and Ayatollah Taleghani
Front: 2 Boy Toys are also hanging in the front!
Even Ayatollah Taleghani (spiritual leader of Mojahedin) was getting in the game. Arafat and PLO had a long lasting relation with Mojahedin (today’s PMOI), way before 1977 and all through the 1970s; so naturally now that the Islamic Revolution was succeeded, Arafat had to come and pay his respect to Mojahedin’s spiritual leader in Tehran! In this picture Yasser Arafat is demonstrating the use of new machineguns to Ayatollah Taleghani. Seyed Hassan is also indifferently vegetating on the corner and pretending that he is interested in the rhetorics!

Arafat pocketed and slushed most of the money in to his bank accounts while his people were starved! He lived a life of luxury while Palestinian kids were running the streets with bare feet throwing rocks at the Israeli tanks!

Old photo of Arab brothers Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat

Throughout his life and even now after his death, Palestinian people have supported him and worshiped him as a hero. Like Cattle, Palestinians have followed him, become his pawns, worshiped him, fought for him and died for him. Arafat was a great con man, charlatan, double crosser, showman and a fraud. He has been offered by Israel and America (in various occasions) to make great deals with Israel to own a good amount of land for the Palestinians, so they could create their own independent nation but he refused (simply due to the greed).

Arafat Goes Rogue!
Once the integrity of the Arab lands (Iraq) had become in danger (Iran - Iraq War), USA and Iraq had both loosened  the tip tie to the dollar bag and dropped some in Arafat’s lap; therefore, Arafat suddenly flown to Baghdad, French kissed Saddam Hussein and fell out of love with Imam Khomeini! Lady had become a Tramp!

Arafat was surely the great Father of the Palestinian nation and the most corrupted Palestinian official indeed. The misery of Palestinians today is largely upon his shoulders.

Hero becomes Zero!
Headlines in Tehran had suddenly changed and the Hero of the Iranian Islamic Revolution had become a Zero! How could this infidel (Arafat) align himself with that Ba’ath-i (Saddam)!
…. At the same time in Baghdad more Islamically Halaal French Kisses were getting traded between Saddam and Yasser! Arafat was one of the greatest opportunists in the history of the Middle East politics!

Al Fatah Palestinian Commandoes Nazi Salute
Isn’t it amazing how all the Arab Islamist Terrorist Groups have adopted the Nazi Salute as their own official Salutes!

Al Fatah Palestinians Nazi Salute

PLO Palestinian Police (on the payroll of IRI) Nazi Salute

Hezbollah Lebanon Nazi Salute
After the success of Hezbollah of Iran (Ansar Hezbollah) suppressing the domestic opposition, in 1982 IRI had created a new Terrorist Satellite named Hezbollah of Lebanon Organization. Since then IRI has been supporting the Hezbollah with military attaches, guns and funds.

Hamas Guerrillas Nazi Salute
Palestinian Hamas Guerrillas ready for martyrdom, Nazi Salute their leader Ismail Haniyeh. On 1987 IRI helped creating Hamas. Even though IRI had close ties with PLO, Al Fatah and Palestinians (IRI repaired the relations after Khomeini’s death), yet they needed a direct and obedient satellite in Palestine; therefore, Hamas was created. Since then IRI has been supporting the Hamas with military attaches, guns and funds.

Jimmy Carter and Yasser Arafat, who got the best smile?
Butt Buddies are Holding Hands!
Jimmy Carter the father of American Liberal Democrats and the 2nd worst president in the history of America (Obama is the worst) is holding hands with Yasser Arafat the father of the Palestinian Nation and the Greatest Terrorist in the history of Middle East.

Obama vs. Carter Cartoons: Who’s the Worst US President Ever?

Obama at the Islamic Mosque

May this article and photo album shed some light on the true nature of Yasser Arafat’s legacy.

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