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Mohamad Reza Shah and Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi's Coronation
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This is the most complete selection of the Coronation Ceremonies held in Tehran. On 1967 a magnificent coronation was held in Tehran. The coronation ceremonies were celebrated for a week. It all started with the preparation days in Tehran, Imperial Cortege in streets of Tehran, coronation ceremony at Golestan Palace, outdoor walks and carriage rides, evening fireworks at Tehran's Hilton Hotel, Roudaki Opera House gala performance, Marble Palace birthday Party for Shah's 48th birthday, Coronation Parades at Amjadiyeh Stadium (next day) and daily firework shows in Tehran. Imperial Family spent the night before the coronation at the Niavaran Palace. The cortege started from the Marble Palace. Imperial Family road the carriages to the Golestan Palace where the ceremony was held at the Grand Hall and the outdoor area. The weeklong ceremonies where simply fabulous. Foreign guests and domestic officials and prominent families were participating in the events. Tehran had celebrated for a weeklong glittering event. The Coronation week was an unforgettable event. Please enjoy the coronation album.

Darbar Shahanshahi Emblem.jpg

Pahlavi Crown 02.jpg

Jewels Pahlavi Empress Crown.jpg

Shahanshah Coronation.jpg

Coronation Empress Farah.jpg

Coronation of Shah and Farah.JPG

Cortege Farah walks.jpg

Coronation Ceremony.jpg

Coronation of Shah.jpg

Coronation of Farah.jpg

Cortege Farah Walk.jpg

Coronation Tehran 2.jpg

Coronation Empress Farah Pahlavi.jpg

Coronation Asadollah Alam and Shah of Iran.jpg

Coronation Ceremony 01.jpg

Parades of coronation.jpg

Cortege Shah walks 2.JPG

Coronation Prince 02.jpg

Coronation Family.jpg

Jewels Farah Necklace.jpg

Coronation of Farah Pahlavi.JPG

Coronation Farah Pahlavi crowned.JPG

Coronation of Shahanshah Aryamehr.JPG

Coronation Reza Pahlavi at the ceremonies.jpg

Coronation Prince.jpg

Coronation Tehran 1967.jpg

Coronation Farah.JPG

Cortege Mohamad Reza Shah walk.JPG

Coronation Farah Seat.jpg

Cortege Carriage.JPG

Coronation Guests at Tehran.jpg

Parades at Amjadiyeh for Coronation.jpg

Cortege Shahbanu Farah Walk.jpg

Coronation Reza Pahlavi walk.jpg

Coronation Farah Throned.jpg

Coronation Farah Pahlavi 1967.jpg

Cortege Farah Pahlavi in carriage.jpg

Fireworks for coronatiion.jpg

Coronation Terhan.jpg

Coronation Farah after coronation walk.jpg

Coronation Reza Pahlavi.jpg

Coronation Reza Pahlavi sitting.jpg

Coronation Farah, General Badrei, Shah.jpg

Coronation 03.jpg

Coronation Farah and Maids.jpg

Coronation Reza, Farahnaz and Farah Pahlavi.jpg

Pahlavi Crown 03.jpg

Shah of Iran with Scepture.jpg

Coronation Shah of Iran.jpg

Coronation Farah Pahlavi.jpg

Shah waving.JPG

Naderi Throne 2.jpg

Jewels Empress Farah Pahlavi Tiara.jpg

Coronation Farah Pahlavi Tehran.JPG

Coronation Fatemeh, Shahnaz and Farahnaz Pahlavi.jpg

Guard at Imperial Iranian Coronation.JPG

Coronation Pahalvi Family.jpg

Naderi Throne.jpg

Jewels Empress Farah Tiara 2.jpg

Coronation of the Pahlavi Family.jpg

Coronation Shah climbs the throne.jpg

Coronation Stamp 03.jpg

Coronation Shahbanu Farah, Shah and Crown Prince.jpg

Cortege for Coronation Tehran 1967.jpg

Coronation Farah Crowned.jpg

Coronation 02.jpg

Coronation Shah receiving the crown.jpg

Coronation time Farah.jpg

Coronation Guests.jpg

Cortege Shah Coronation 01.jpg

Coronation Imperial Family Tehran.JPG

Coronation Reza Pahlavi walks in coronation.jpg

Coronation Reza Pahlavi walks in coronation ceremony.jpg

Coronation Ashraf, Shams, Farahnaz and Shanaz Pahlavi.jpg

Cortege Farah Pahlavi after coronation 1967.jpg

Cortege Imperial Carriage.JPG

Coronation Ashraf Pahlavi.jpg

Coronation Shah throned.jpg

Coronation Shah of Iran crowned.jpg

Coronation Shah with Crown.jpg

Jewels Princess Shams Earrings.jpg

Cortege Shah and Farah Pahlavi.jpg

Coronation Stamp 04.jpg

Pahlavi Crown.jpg

Coronation stamp.jpg

Coronation Collage.jpg

Coronation Stamp 02.jpg

Jewels Farah Pahlavi Crown 2.jpg


Jewels Princess Shams Necklace.jpg

Party Queen Mother, Shah, Farah.jpg

Coronation 00.jpg

Coronation 04.jpg

Pahlavi Coronation Souvenir.jpg

Cortege Farah in the Imperial carriage.JPG

Coronation portrait of Shah and Empress Farah.jpg

Cortege Carriage Tehran.jpg

Jewels Princess Fatemeh Tiara 2.jpg

Coronation Alam, Badrei, Shah and Farah crowned.jpg

Parades at Amjadiyeh for coronation.jpg

Shah of Iran coronation 02.jpg

Coronation Farah Pahlavi at coronation 1967.JPG

Golestan Palace.jpg

Jewels Shah of Iran Royal Sword.jpg

Cortege Reza Pahlavi in carriage.jpg

Jewels Princess Ashraf's Tiara.jpg

Jewels Princess Shahnaz Tiara 2.jpg

Jewels Princess Fatemeh Tiara.jpg

Coronation in Tehran 1967.jpg

Golestan Palace outside.jpg

Evening at Roudaki Opera house, Princess Ashraf Pahlavi.jpg

Jewels Princess Shahnaz Tiara.jpg

Cortege Shah Coronation 1967.jpg

Cortege Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi.jpg

Coronation Shah of Iran 1967.JPG

Coronation General Badrei and Shah of Iran.jpg

Naderi Throne at Golestan Palace.jpg

Jewels Farah Jewel-studded Coronation Cape.jpg

Coronation Badrei, Shah and Farah.jpg

Jewels Princess Shams Coronation Tiara.jpg

Events Coronation at Tehran 1967.jpg

Cortege Reza Pahlavi walk coronation.jpg

Fireworks for coronation at Hilton Hotel.jpg

Coronation Farahnaz Pahlavi at coronation.jpg

Coronation Shah, Farah and Prince.JPG

Jewels Princess Shahnaz Earrings.jpg

Parades at Amjadiyeh a day after the Coronation.jpg

Party Shah & Farah at Shah's birthday party.jpg

Coronation Empress Farah and Maids of honor.jpg

Golestan Palace where coronation was held.jpg

Evening at Roudaki Opera house, Shapour Qolam Reza, Shahnaz, Shah and Farah.jpg

Evening at Roudaki Opera house, Shah & Farah.jpg

Parades Shah & Farah leaving the Imperial Box at Amjadiyeh.jpg

Jewels Shah of Iran Emerald Belt.jpg

Darbar Pahlavi Court Imperial Coat of Arms.jpg

Evening at Roudaki Opera house, Imperial Box.jpg

Parades Shah saluting the Coronation Parade.jpg

Jewels Princess Shams Coronation Tiara 2.jpg

Coronation Ashraf, Shahnaz, Mohamad Reza, Farah, Shams, Reza and Farahnaz Pahlavi.JPG

Cortege Empress Farah at the Coronation 1967.jpg

Coronation Farah and Maids of honor walk.jpg

Cortege Coronation Walk of Farah Pahlavi.jpg

Cortege Farah Pahlavi outside coronation aria.jpg

Coronation General Badrei, Asadollah Alam, Shah.jpg

Coronation of Imperial Iranian Family.jpg

Coronation Iranian Coronation Ceremony 1967.jpg

Coronation of Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi.JPG

Coronation Pahlavi Imperial Family at coronation.jpg

Coronation Shah of Iran at coronation.jpg

Coronation Shah, Farah, Reza and Farahnaz.JPG

Parades Farah watching the coronation parade.jpg

Evening at Roudaki Opera house, Hoveyda, Shah, Farah, Alam.jpg

Cortege Imperial Carriage and Darbar Guards at coronation 1967.jpg

Jewels Sea of Light Diamond for coronation decoration 195 Carats.jpg

Fireworks Shah & Farah at Hilton watching Coronation Fireworks.jpg

Parades Shah & Farah watching Coronation Parade in Amjadiyeh Stadium.jpg

Party Shah, Farah, Queen Mother, Shams, Shahnaz at Shah's Birthday.jpg
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